Late Dundee gamble fails, Police Scotland watch anti-Irish racism


Credit to Dundee, who for 94 minutes defended like their livelihoods depended on it, but they were undone by a rash hope to win the game and sheer fatigue.  Manager, Jim McIntyre, gave an insight into their downfall immediately after the game.

After being under pressure throughout the first half, Dundee had a chance to take the lead seconds before the interval.  In his post-match TV interview, McIntyre said how he urged his players  to take chances like this in the second period.

As it happened, Dundee broke away four minutes into stoppage time, with five players piling forward in a hope of winning three points.  The move came to nothing as Scott Bain easily collected the ball, but for a moment, the pitch was stretched.  Celtic’s forward balls were poor all day and Dundee had a chance to clear one final time but, stretched and tired, it did not happen.  Odsonne Edouard and James Forrest combined to give Celtic yet another last minute winner.

It looked cruel on Dundee, but what on earth were they doing chasing a winner with so many players forward in the 94th minute?  They were clearly tired and Celtic needed to draw them out.  The subsequent goal was a direct consequence of McIntyre’s desire for the win.

The net effect of the weekend’s games is the likely spread of Celtic’s league winning margin moves to 15-18 points.  This is below the record levels achieved the last time Neil Lennon was in charge of the team but is none too shabby.

The sight of stewards working on behalf of Dundee FC yesterday confiscating an Irish flag is another disheartening sign of the country’s slip into intolerance.  Officers from Police Scotland watched on, legitimising the act of anti-Irish racism.  It is to credit of the dispossessed Celtic fans that they conducted themselves so well in the aftermath.

There was a Croatian flag yards from me at Celtic Park recently, and there has been Italian and Canadian tourists in our section at the last two home games.  Scotland remains a tourist destination and visitors will be not expect their national symbols to be viewed with hostility.

Celtic Park will remain open to all, but do not think police and steward-authorised racism will remain limited to Irish identity at other grounds.  When the police authorise the confiscation of property because it bears the colours of a neighbouring country, it is time to speak up.

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  1. “Trading update





    Celtic PLC is pleased to provide the following trading update in respect of the period to 30 June 2019.



    The Club has continued to enjoy favourable trading performance, including receiving a material compensation payment in respect of the departure of Brendan Rodgers to Leicester City FC.



    Because of this, Celtic now expects to exceed market expectations for the current financial year. The Club’s financial performance continues to remain subject to the outcome of a number of key events and fixtures, which typically are not known until the end of the football season”.




    The fitba is guff but the money is great.

  2. Paul 67 said:” The subsequent goal was a direct consequence of McIntyre’s desire for the win.” …and further higlights the stupidity of his ` We never get six minutes when we need it. ”




  3. Terje Vigen


    If you think the football Celtic play is guff, I would recommend you follow another sport. Rugby and cricket offer differing but appealing aspects.




  4. Paul 67


    I didn`t know about the Irish Flag incident. On what grounds was it confiscated? Bad enough anytime but on St Patrick`s Day? This highlights how bitter some in Scotland are and makes the oft expressed view that this is a `West of Scotland` problem laughable.




  5. Paul67



    Disheartening indeed.



    The last time they tried to take down the Irish Tricolour? Bob Kelly spoke out, alright, ‘Scotland’ perma anti Irish raging on St Patricks day is shameful, again and reports suggest it was mayhem for the away support in Dundee.



    Celtic football club is proud of its Irish roots, maybe topically time for the club to ‘speak out’.

  6. Paul 67,



    I don’t agree with boycotts, it is the individual’s choice to go or not to go. However I’m sure many Celtic fans who follow Celtic everywhere must be reconsidering.



    Imo give your money to a welcoming club or pub and enjoy the surroundings.



    And in the interests of safety give the huns no tickets for Parkhead. It eliminates sectarianism and completely solves segregation at a stroke. This must be the obvious consequence from the crushing that occured the last time.




  7. 50 shades of green on

    When Bain collected that ball 4 mins into injury time and with 5 Dundee players forward with nose bleeds, I was screaming for him to punt it long and when he rolled it out, I let a few expletives out, just shows you what I know…?.



    Although I’m pretty sure I let a few different expletives out when we scored ?

  8. Greenpinata


    Agree wholeheartedly with your suggestion of giving the bigots no tickets for the upcoming game. After all, look at the damage caused to Celtic by the 800 who sully our door. Ban them, get the meeja talking and tell them why


    MIT you’re up sharpish this morning!!!




  9. GG


    Prayer will be said for your brother and your family. May he RIP.





    Prayer forthcoming for the hopeful success in your treatment.




  10. My initial thought when seeing the clip of the tri-colour being removed was it couldn’t stay there as it was covering an advertisement , bit of a stretch to label it as anti Irish racism imo.




  11. DBhoy



    Somebody on twitter showed the Huns at Dens Park with tonnes of flags over the advertising hoardings during a game.



    I’m sticking with petty anti-irish racism with that evidence in mind.

  12. glendalystonsils on

    I think I read somewhere that there were other Irish flags removed which were not covering adverts.

  13. 50 shades of green on

    DBHOY on 18TH MARCH 2019 11:52 AM


    My initial thought when seeing the clip of the tri-colour being removed was it couldn’t stay there as it was covering an advertisement , bit of a stretch to label it as anti Irish racism imo.







    My initial thought was the same, however why not find out who the flag belonged to and ask for it to be removed….And I’m afraid that leads me back to the racist attitude of which I’ve first hand experience of the Dundee stewards and police.

  14. Big Wavy



    They seem immune to almost any type of rules or regulation , wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.



    As far as yesterday goes I’m still not certain it was done with anti Irish sentiment in mind , difficult one to prove .




  15. Fair play to the Celtic fan for going and getting his flag back from the steward who tore it down without simply going up and politely asking him to remove it.



    Pity fan got thrown out of the ground for covering an advertisement, or did he?

  16. probably at the dundee and hun game you wouldnt be able to tell who was who …….both hun teams

  17. BSR, 50 Shades



    Do we know for a fact that the steward didn’t ask him to remove it ?



    If he did ask and was ignored that could explain why he seemed to snatch it down in rapid style.



    Not being awkward or looking for an argument here. Sometimes things seem to get blown out of proportion , could be a mountain out of a molehill .




  18. Celtic’s Supporters Liaison Officer is looking into the policing of yesterday’s match at Dens Park.



    A number of troubling videos have appeared on social media that appear to show an incredible over-reaction to visiting supporters with the Irish tricolour a particular target.




  19. This over-policing is a direct result of the dog whistles by Diddy David Hamilton of the Police Federation (one time supporter of a “West of Scotland” Football Team) who was banging on about banners being used to smuggle in flares, ergo, all banners are fair game.



    This guy is a little control freak on the make.

  20. How the hell can you give credit to Dundee after that performance…….scared to cross the half line all afternoon…..feel sorry for the poor souls who payed to watch that crap…..hope they go down and stay there …..fighting for there lives…aye when it comes to playing Celtic …they are more suited to the lower divisions

  21. Never mind the flag in the ground.



    There is footage of a fan being arrested outside the ground before the game fir having one.



    Happened tae me many years ago at tynecastle, my bro, floored the fekr.

  22. 50 shades of green on

    DBhoy,,,,I dont mate, but as I said experience tells me that it was the sight of the flag that caused the stewards reaction, I would bet my last 2 cents that the same steward wouldn’t bat an eyelid if the zombies came to town.

  23. I have curtailed my visits to away grounds because of the treatment by Police and Stewards. I am at a stage where I don’t accept the manner in which I am treated meeting hostility and rudeness. In every confrontation.



    I am at a stage in life where if I feel poorly treated in a shop. Pub or restaurant then I don’t go back.

  24. glendalystonsils on

    Watching that game on Sky yesterday , for the first 20 mins of it , 50% of the commentators commentary consisted of the words ‘Kenny Miller’.

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    And all on St. Patrick`s Day , which is celebrated all over the civilised world.

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