Late Dundee gamble fails, Police Scotland watch anti-Irish racism


Credit to Dundee, who for 94 minutes defended like their livelihoods depended on it, but they were undone by a rash hope to win the game and sheer fatigue.  Manager, Jim McIntyre, gave an insight into their downfall immediately after the game.

After being under pressure throughout the first half, Dundee had a chance to take the lead seconds before the interval.  In his post-match TV interview, McIntyre said how he urged his players  to take chances like this in the second period.

As it happened, Dundee broke away four minutes into stoppage time, with five players piling forward in a hope of winning three points.  The move came to nothing as Scott Bain easily collected the ball, but for a moment, the pitch was stretched.  Celtic’s forward balls were poor all day and Dundee had a chance to clear one final time but, stretched and tired, it did not happen.  Odsonne Edouard and James Forrest combined to give Celtic yet another last minute winner.

It looked cruel on Dundee, but what on earth were they doing chasing a winner with so many players forward in the 94th minute?  They were clearly tired and Celtic needed to draw them out.  The subsequent goal was a direct consequence of McIntyre’s desire for the win.

The net effect of the weekend’s games is the likely spread of Celtic’s league winning margin moves to 15-18 points.  This is below the record levels achieved the last time Neil Lennon was in charge of the team but is none too shabby.

The sight of stewards working on behalf of Dundee FC yesterday confiscating an Irish flag is another disheartening sign of the country’s slip into intolerance.  Officers from Police Scotland watched on, legitimising the act of anti-Irish racism.  It is to credit of the dispossessed Celtic fans that they conducted themselves so well in the aftermath.

There was a Croatian flag yards from me at Celtic Park recently, and there has been Italian and Canadian tourists in our section at the last two home games.  Scotland remains a tourist destination and visitors will be not expect their national symbols to be viewed with hostility.

Celtic Park will remain open to all, but do not think police and steward-authorised racism will remain limited to Irish identity at other grounds.  When the police authorise the confiscation of property because it bears the colours of a neighbouring country, it is time to speak up.

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  1. If you watched World news yesterday you would have seen multiple examples of the celebrations of St Patricks day where people of all Nationality’s claim Irish Descent and all things Green



    Meanwhile, in one of the neighbours of Ireland they were tearing down Irish Flags. What a bitter wee country we have

  2. 50 Shades



    Wouldn’t disagree with you there . Rules rarely apply to that mob or their followers .



    Just watched another video on it.



    Seems like the guy was asked to take it down and was going to do just that but the steward jumped the gun and snatched it down before the guy could do it.



    Overzealous stewarding by the sounds of it .




  3. If I was asked to ‘ pick a ba’ it widnae be one of those mould masters , brutal bloody things when it was scudded at you with pace on a freezin winters day ;)))




  4. Sincere Condolences to GG on the tragic death of his brother.


    Best wishes to MAH as he continues his battle to overcome that bastard disease,


    I will remember both in my prayers.

  5. mike in toronto on

    King Lubo



    I would like to put it down to good strategy…. but, nothing as complicated as that …



    I often catch up on CQN while I eat my breakfast and lunch. It seems that P67 often posts a new article around his lunch time which just happens to co-incide with my breakfast/reading time …



    or, of course, I could be part of the secret CQN cabal who are given a heads up on new article times, so that we can share in the glory that only those of us who have achieved a first will ever know (mwah, hah, hah …. that was supposed to be ‘Dr. Evil’ type evil laugh).



    ” Signing Defoe and Davis is a game changer for Rainjurz ”




    Chris Sutton


    Big Sutton was right.

  7. We all know that whatever Messi ever amounts to means feck all just like Maradonna,Pele,Zindane…..you have to play in the best league in the world [England] to be the ultimate world player.


    That’s what I am told down here.


    Besides they have 4 teams in the last 8 of the champions league you know?…this proves it I am told.






    Funny how their status as ‘best league in the world’ was unnafected when the spanish teams dominated the latter stages of the champions leaugue.

  8. Was out yesterday in Dublin celebrating St. Patricks day and recorded the match for viewing later. Watched it this morning without knowing the result and game lokked to be heading for a dropped two points when the recording stopped in the 94th minute. Checked CQN and couldn’t believe when I saw that Celtic had snatched a winner at the death. Just seen the goal on youtube and of course who else but the class of Forrest and Eddie who could contrive such a brilliant goal in the twinkling of an eye. A tough grind but a great three points to finish.

  9. I’ll try and pre-empt to avoid the usual back-lash. As I have seen numerous fans make the comment that there are other Celtic fans willing Lennon to fail.



    I would say straight away, that that nonsense. Fundamentally all Celtic fans simply want what is best for the club / team. We all want a winning side, that functions well, and if they can generate impressive performances a long the way then all the better.



    Something I take issue with Neil so far, and it is just an observation is his default stance to : fatigue and the players have played too much football. On the surface some would say he is correct, in saying they have played European football, Domestic football, and International football. But if you want to analyse the team that took the field yesterday vs Dundee, hardly any of the players except for maybe James Forrest, can lay claim to exposure to fatigue. Callum McGregor yes, before his recent injury lay-off. But even he has had 3 to 4 weeks recuperation now. Run right through that side yesterday, and even the slightest claim of fatigue is off the mark.


    Edouard : Whether through injuries, or non-sensical team selections. His full 90 minutes of football of late have been minimal


    Mikey Johnson : Barely played double figures in games.


    Sinclair and Forrest : Probably the only 2 that have played a lot of football.


    McGregor and Brown : Winter break in Dubai, plus injuries. Neither should be overly tired at present.


    Toljan : Same as Johnson. Barely played double figures


    Tierney : Long lay off. Just getting back up to full speed. Should be buzzing for minutes at moment


    Centre Halfs : 2 centre half positions have been like revolving door. So none could lay claim to being over-played.


    Scott Bain : Only been a starter since January

  10. Big Packy


    Hopefully there will be an abundance of laughing gas and tears of joy next time we skelp sevco at Celtic park to put the icing on the cake.





    I find it somewhat ironic that many on here cannot celebrate a win without having a dig at Celtic supporters.


    It happens often.

  12. Reading Paul’s piece and reference to racism, over a half million people attended the big St Patrick’s day parade in Dublin yesterday and thousands from all over the World happy to sport the green. This is a massive Worldwide occasion.

  13. Neil Lennon, seems intent to give them a rest whenever he can. Told them to take a couple of days off after Hibs game. Had them all down at Cheltnham after the Aberdeen game. After Dundee it seemed he was glad of the International break.


    Well I would counter and say, that the team yesterday looked like a side that hasn’t invested sufficient time on the training pitch with the new manager. The direct style of football, hasn’t been practiced.


    If Lennon see’s himself as the lead contender to manage us full-time… then he needs to become a full-time manager. Should thrive on every available second, to get the players on the training pitch.


    Anyway… much work to be done if we’re to win the treble treble. I genuinely hope Neil Lennon succeeds. And shuts the likes of me up.

  14. It struck me immediately that the banner had been taken down because it obstructed an advertising hoarding and if that was the case, fair enough. Those hoardings cost money. We’d hear from Eden Mill soon enough if their branding was obscured at Celtic Park.



    Coincidentally, the banner was an Irish tricolour. Next time, try a green and white banner or a supporters club banner and see what happens. My bet is you’ll be asked to take it down, or it will get taken down. I don’t think this was an incidence of anti-Irish racism; if it was, at worst the police and stewards have plausible deniability.

  15. The owner of the Irish flag now has it back in his possession. He vaulted over the exit concourse doorway, confronted the steward responsible and got his flag back. A picture of him with it was posted on FB last night. Someone caught the confiscation of the flag on video and the response of the Celtic supporter and posted it on FB on the CelticFC page last night.

  16. MadMitch



    I saw your comments about James Forrest yesterday. I thought it was probably the poorest comment I’ve ever read on CQN. James is a great Celtic player and has had an outstanding season for us.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Disappointing to have lost the verve and goals of a few weeks ago and, although it would be better to be winning the league in style, points are the key thing at this time of the season.


    Did absolutely nothing to disrupt their shape and in the end had to wait for them to disrupt it themselves!


    Will need to be FAR better against Aberdeen. They will be a much tougher proposition.




    I think the loss of Brendan has become a concern, more than i had hoped at this stage. The players appear to lack confidence and cohesion. You could not really tell what we were supposed to be doing yesterday. To be fair to Lennon lets see how things go with Christie, Rogic and Ntcham available. Aberdeen game is huge.

  19. HANKRAY on 18TH MARCH 2019 1:53 PM



    Just seen the goal on youtube and of course who else but the class of Forrest and Eddie who could contrive such a brilliant goal in the twinkling of an eye. A tough grind but a great three points to finish.



    *the move is actually started by our goalie and when the ball reaches Jamesie he contrives tae give it away with a poor pass, however our captain courageous retrieves it with a fierce tackle and then starts the move that results in the winner. Scotty is a great Celt and captain.

  20. If results are the only criteria, then Neil Lennon’s results since he hurriedly took the reigns are superb.


    Realistically to date, I doubt Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola could have achieved better. ( And how much would they have cost us ? )



    Going forward we will see, but NFL deserves our support.




  21. David17



    I am more worried that Lenny brought in Johnston (clearly underdeveloped as a man for this league and needs to go through that process), Lustig at CH (when a fit Benkovic was on the bench) and without the variety of a Bayo (for crosses) or Burke (for physicality and pace).



    Compper back in the reserves and noises that Allan to make a return?



    Trying too hard to stamp his personality and pitch for the job?



    Neil worries me. I hope we stay lucky.

  22. This “different” handling of Celtic fans is not new by any means. I remember in the late 60’s / possibly early 70’s we were playing the Edinburh huns at Tynecastle on the same day Scotland were playing Ireland at Murrayfield.


    When my mate and I got off the train at Haymarket, we were treated very badly by the police , while at the same time the Irish rugby fans were engaging in fun and frolic with them. It was palpable the difference.



    But hey ho, that is Scodland.


    On to young Odsonne. I reckon he is not an out and out striker. When you study his games it is apparent that his best most productive work is coming in from the wings like and old fashioned inside forward.


    Anyway, what do I know,eh





  23. !!BADA BING!!



    It would be interesting to compare the number of games each played in to score that amount of goals.



    I would guess Jimmy McGrory would have played in less games therefore was more prolific.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    Looking at all the criticism of Lenny’s tactics and performance over the past few days would make you think that this didn’t happen under Brendan Rodgers formations?

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