Late Dundee gamble fails, Police Scotland watch anti-Irish racism


Credit to Dundee, who for 94 minutes defended like their livelihoods depended on it, but they were undone by a rash hope to win the game and sheer fatigue.  Manager, Jim McIntyre, gave an insight into their downfall immediately after the game.

After being under pressure throughout the first half, Dundee had a chance to take the lead seconds before the interval.  In his post-match TV interview, McIntyre said how he urged his players  to take chances like this in the second period.

As it happened, Dundee broke away four minutes into stoppage time, with five players piling forward in a hope of winning three points.  The move came to nothing as Scott Bain easily collected the ball, but for a moment, the pitch was stretched.  Celtic’s forward balls were poor all day and Dundee had a chance to clear one final time but, stretched and tired, it did not happen.  Odsonne Edouard and James Forrest combined to give Celtic yet another last minute winner.

It looked cruel on Dundee, but what on earth were they doing chasing a winner with so many players forward in the 94th minute?  They were clearly tired and Celtic needed to draw them out.  The subsequent goal was a direct consequence of McIntyre’s desire for the win.

The net effect of the weekend’s games is the likely spread of Celtic’s league winning margin moves to 15-18 points.  This is below the record levels achieved the last time Neil Lennon was in charge of the team but is none too shabby.

The sight of stewards working on behalf of Dundee FC yesterday confiscating an Irish flag is another disheartening sign of the country’s slip into intolerance.  Officers from Police Scotland watched on, legitimising the act of anti-Irish racism.  It is to credit of the dispossessed Celtic fans that they conducted themselves so well in the aftermath.

There was a Croatian flag yards from me at Celtic Park recently, and there has been Italian and Canadian tourists in our section at the last two home games.  Scotland remains a tourist destination and visitors will be not expect their national symbols to be viewed with hostility.

Celtic Park will remain open to all, but do not think police and steward-authorised racism will remain limited to Irish identity at other grounds.  When the police authorise the confiscation of property because it bears the colours of a neighbouring country, it is time to speak up.

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  1. ..



    Melbourne Mick..@11th March 2019 10:05pm..



    Thanks for giving My Ghirls @TheCelts a Big Shout out in The Chaos Cup Last Sunday for International Women’s day..It was a Fantastic Day all the Ghirls enjoyed it and we stayed behind to have a Few Beers and Watch one of the Semi Finals..We made sure We thanked all the Volunteers and will be back Next Year..



    l was a Wee bit disappointed We never qualified from the Group A to reach the Semi Final especially with Ringwood City ‘Orange’ lying in wait from Group B..I’ll tell you why Next time We meet.. the last part of their Name might give you a Clue but We had a Bad experience in our final game of the Season last year at their place..



    As You mentioned they are a Great Bunch of Ghirls although We need a Full Squad of Big Jocks to keep a eye on them to keep them off the Drink on a Saturday Night for our Early Sunday morning Kick Offs..Ha Ha



    A Big thank You to the Poster Person down at your club for ignoring Spell Check and Renaming them St Kilda ‘Clets’ if you could have seen them All around Midnight Sunday ‘The Chaos Clets’ was a Ap Name..;-)



    I seen a Pic on FB from Paddy’s day of Persian Pat looking resplendent in a Green TuTu et al..Tell him TheCelts are still Looking for a Keeper this Season if he wants a Trial..Ha



    EnyWhooo..Mick..I’ll have more Time for the Craic N Guiness Next time we are Down at your Club..as we are trying to arrange a friendly with Your Ladies team before the Season Starts Proper in April..



    Say Hello to Pat for Me tell him.. l might see him for the Game against the Olde Enema in a Couple of Weeks where Hopefully We can relieve them of 3 Points.. dock their Goal difference Tally and Give the Sheep a Leg up into 2nd place..









    Ps..a Big Hail Cesar.. to All the Guid People I’ve met on CQN over the Years..It’s been a While..

  2. Neil Lennon may not be the most complete coach that Celtic could employ but he is the best coach available to inflict the most pain on der Hun and her complicit Brit hoor allies. Keeping our feet on Sevco’s squirming throat is our primary task and duty, improved soirees into Europe is of a secondary want. That’s where we’re at.


    Fidem servate. Ave Ave

  3. GG



    Prayers offered to you and your family for the loss of your brother.,may he rest in peace


    God bless




  4. Good mornings nag CQN from a mild Garngad



    MAH, keep on fighting, best of luck and prayers from the Garngad??



    DD- not seen you on for a while, hope you are well. ?



    D. :)

  5. In ither news…………………



    “am gonny need loatsa money soon, *cough*………so we aww need tae keep this hing gaun for as much time as a kin…………….. spin hings oooot……………… – am also ready tae pit ivry Tim a kin oan that carpet, no matter wit…….”




    EmptyAuldTrackie CSC

  6. Allan Patridge -feckin brilliant, but he will get banned from the BBC probably, then again it’s not BBC Scotland.



    Has anyone seen the clip going about of the amateur boxer Conlin at Madison Square Gardens??? Superb, I don’t know how to post it though.



    Do :)

  7. If Alan Partridge caused one person to look up ‘Black and tans’ to find out what they were, and the atrocities they committed, then last night’s episode will have achieved something much more than humour



    HH jg

  8. Delaneys Dunky on



    All well here pal. Been on here at weekends lately. Hope you are good.



  9. The phrase, “Scottish football, watched by hundreds, run by idiots” was used on here yesterday.



    Given that thousands paid thousands over 10 years to watch, in ignorance, a rigged game, with no redress or action being taken on their behalf by either their clubs or the complicit “authorities”, and given that it is officially recognised in Scotland that a 7 year old club has won 54 League titles(!) making it the most successful in the country, might some not be right in thinking that the above quote, with the removal of the letters ‘d’ ‘r’ ‘e’ and ‘d’ from a word in the first part, could be reversed?

  10. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this on cqn but McIntyre seems to have missed the 5th minute of injury time penalty missed by Dundee against I think Murderwell last month? Neverget5minsinjurytime CSC

  11. One of the most pleasurable experiences as I meandered across the globe delivering enlightenment and entertainment to the uncivilised masses, was educating the eager students (especially ma English pals) in some of the imaginative features of the Scottish Lingua Franca (albeit that that may be a paradox).



    One particular ‘moment for pause and reflection’ was triggered as I prepared to go out for the night and was just getting my hair perfect for the lassies in the Top Rank in Brighton.



    “Will you hurry up in there Matt. I need to pee or something else”



    “I’ll be out in a minute. I’m jist puttin a shed in ma hair”



    “You’re putting a what in your hair?”



    “A shed”



    And the house went quiet.



    Anyway, considering hair, haircuts and barbers and how languages sometimes deviate from a standard model or with reference to the above tale…..’Parting is such sweet sorrow”…, me and Tony came out of Cairns’ bar in Miller street yesterday and chanced upon the Safehands Barber’s notice.



    No ‘essential maintenance’ here!






    Hail Hail




  12. Stanthemam



    There’s your problem right there mixing up BBC and ‘football expert’. They are almost to a man Hun apologists, out and out Huns or cowards too afraid to speak out for fear of losing their gig and /or their front windows

  13. McIntyre was obviously gutted at losing such a late goal, and his comments at 6 mins being added are maybe understandable, notwithstanding that the 6 mins added was indeed justified. Even the Celtic TV commentator expressed surprise when the extra time board was shown.


    The MSM are simply trying to assuage der hun that we are jammy, another 2 or 3 marquee signings and they’ll catch us, etc etc.


    10 points clear, 8 games to go. Magic!!

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