Laying commercial roots in Australia


This morning, Celtic announced an Academy link with a Sydney-based organisation to deliver a youth tournament ahead of the club’s visit there in November. Since the Ange Coming Home Tour deal was signed, the club have been looking at ways to broaden our footprint in Australia. Where you see ‘youth football tournament’, I am inclined to read, ‘laying down commercial roots’.

Our domestic market is fixed and, if anything, is likely to be butchered with young eyeballs migrating to the English Premier League. The great waves of Scottish migration to Australia and North America have been little more than trickle for decades. There is just not the same number of ex-pats there to sustain valuable streams.

Ignore these demographic trends and Celtic will shrink. It is difficult to swim against the EPL tide, but whatever we can do to irrigate new territories is worth trying. The more obvious question is what to do about Japan? I don’t see encouraging signs of building a Celtic oasis there. Pity.

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  1. Toaty Trot @ 10.25



    Interesting how the mentalist left / Qatari quasi state media suddenly want to howl about stuff in the Labour Party just as the Tories implode economically and the WC is about to start.



    It is almost as if they were trying to hide something.



    So we can now add Sock puppet for the Qatari establishment to your growing list of sins.


    I’m surprised you haven’t set yourself up as a travel expert on Qatar.


    Maybe you are waiting for your freebie trip.



    Tax cheating to monarch supporting erse wipe — the charge sheet grows.






    I still maintain Billy McNeill got the moniker Caesar (not Cesar) after Julius Caesar, when he stood holding the big cup at the top of the white stone platform (like the Coliseum) in Lisbon. I’m pretty sure it was John McKenzie who described him as “standing majestically like julius Caesar” in the Daily Express the day after the game. The name stuck after that article.



    I’m sure i heard wee bertie alluding to that too.

  3. catching up with weekend events and news and that.



    Wasnt that lovely at the labour party conference opening, a fine rendition of the British National Anthem.



    Ireland wearing orange, Sinn Fein meeting Charles, more catholics in the north.



    at the match, saltires with top and bottom blue, left is green , right is orange, with the white diagonal cross in the middle, I bet they will be seen at celtic park soon.



    the world has gone mad i tell yeese.

  4. KK is not lasting well in the limelight.


    Adrian Mole aged 46 and three quarters trying to be Gary from Accounts.



    He is so wet behind the ears you could go fishing with a trawler.


    Not good.

  5. Tiny Trumper @ 10.25



    Any thoughts / feedback on the Italian elections?


    You know real world stuff.



    Or are you offering your services as a travel guide for the next march on Rome?

  6. MADMITCH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 10:58 AM



    I’d hardly class Peter Oborne as being of the mentalist left. He’s a Tory.



    Even Michael Crick has conceded the media failed. His excuse that it was all just too complicated is of course utter bullshit.



    ‘Michael Crick






    23 Sep


    Every political journalist should watch the film & decide for themselves. I agree with Peter Oborne that the media – including us – should have looked into this far more. Trouble is every story in the saga was very complicated & disputed & it was hard to nail down the truth.


    Show this thread’

  7. MADMITCH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 11:03 AM


    KK is not lasting well in the limelight.








    He’s not even a real Kwarteng.

  8. Wonder how the squad will settle down for the 5 week sprint to the WC?



    26 might be a focused / energised squad — 3 x GK / 2 x 10 outfield positions / 3 spares.


    But we need to have people in the B team ready to step up if things start to get a bit thin.



    CB looking thin.


    CF looking thin.



    Not seeing the talent in the B team ready to fill these gaps.


    Hopefully AP in Aug 23 will have these issues fixed.

  9. EL @ 11.15



    I agree that the press / media have been used by external forces to do down JC for a variety of reasons. Indeed far too many were happy to have a go at him without the goading of others it just came naturally to them.



    The UK media is a disgrace with its knee jerk support for the Tories and its inability to deal fairly with any other progressive voices in England — Not Jacinda gets an easy ride by London as some sort of balancing effort to make up for all their recent BoJo luv.



    Newsnight last week — “VD / dressed for radio totally changed her tone and attitude when discussing a Tory car crash with the Economics burd from the TUC.



    Real when did you stop beating your bloke type of stuff — questions spat at her because she was questioning the Tory line and the media’s blanket acceptance of the economic tropes behind it.



    I did not think VD was a Tory ultra — however put her on Newsnight and she is putty in the producer’s hand seemingly.



    Not good.



    AJ output — they are financed by Qatar so you have to keep asking why regarding their output.

  10. How many strings can someonee have to their Bow?.


    Stand builder,,Football club,CEO/ Finance expert,Political correspondent,City finance expert.Team coach,/tactician.


    The list goods on.

  11. Fourstone Copi


    I can remember Mike Jackson who was not with Celtic in 67 saying that Big Billy used to pick him up to go to training. He was the only one with a car hence Cesar after Mr Romero.


    Remember our players were all young guys watching the “King of cool” in Ocean’s Eleven although in 67 Big Billy was the “Emporer” with the Big Cup. For me its Cesar