Laying commercial roots in Australia


This morning, Celtic announced an Academy link with a Sydney-based organisation to deliver a youth tournament ahead of the club’s visit there in November. Since the Ange Coming Home Tour deal was signed, the club have been looking at ways to broaden our footprint in Australia. Where you see ‘youth football tournament’, I am inclined to read, ‘laying down commercial roots’.

Our domestic market is fixed and, if anything, is likely to be butchered with young eyeballs migrating to the English Premier League. The great waves of Scottish migration to Australia and North America have been little more than trickle for decades. There is just not the same number of ex-pats there to sustain valuable streams.

Ignore these demographic trends and Celtic will shrink. It is difficult to swim against the EPL tide, but whatever we can do to irrigate new territories is worth trying. The more obvious question is what to do about Japan? I don’t see encouraging signs of building a Celtic oasis there. Pity.

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  1. How to stop EBT’s — the easy way.



    Get US Vulture capitalists to buy up all the old schemes for buttons and then ask for the loans to be repaid.



    Playthemattheirowngame CSC.



    Next up — image rights.

  2. GREENPINATA on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 12:38 PM



    Agreed, it would make sense to let them develop in their own countries and come over at the right ages rather than come earlier and get pinched by EPL clubs.

  3. Now for something completely different.



    How’s that rocket getting on in its endeavour to get to the moon. ?


    Nae such problems in the summer of 69.



    Tee Hee.

  4. You do get an idea from even this little microcosm of the unionist Kult



    Yep it makes sense why they are unelectable.



    Total confusion.



    Remember,no Scotland no happy wi that.



    Oh I see Liz has uncapped bankers bonuses.



    Vowing to emulate Gordon.



    How noo is that?

  5. Greenpinata


    Good news this season I think that will be a common occurrence.


    Particularly after an international break it makes you appreciate club football so much more!


    Regarding Lafferty the 6 Counties have probably found a footballer and replaced him for that lump of wood

  6. Ballots after wage offers — very sneaky.


    Loads of offers each with a small increase – ballots will cost the unions a lot of money.



    Slavery will soon be back on the agenda.


    New Age Serfdom vs indefinite indentured servitude — discuss.

  7. Tiny Trot @ 12.45



    Any chance you could communicate in a recognised language?


    Moon howling is beyond Google Translate.

  8. The blog turns into the usual political punch and judy show faster than a Russian conscript can leave their country.

  9. TMcl @ 1.03



    Not one of your better mornings.


    I think you should take a nap.


    You will feel the better for it.

  10. McPhail


    The Irish FA said on Friday that it “notes an investigation has been launched into the video” by the club.



    It said a “minor back problem” had also prevented Lafferty training this week.




    It’s noted that he hasn’t been described as an ex-ranger

  11. Micro Marxist @ 1.02



    For an ex City bean counter you don’t seem to engage with / understand economics.


    I was expecting more from the Tech.

  12. The Quiet Man


    no they never are and I see that Tony Stokes was described as ‘former Celtic footballer’ just the other day when he failed to attend court. He left Celtic in 2016 and has had 7 other clubs since (I looked it up!)

  13. And for a troll your poor.




    Bean counter,Tech ?



    Your very boring,tell us a bit bout yourself? (Or whoever is typing.)



    All this one sided gleaning and zero bout your anonymous self,we know you don’t go near Parkhead.



    Your poor as a troll team too.



    Think I might ask Paul to replace you

  14. Tiny Trot @ 1.13



    Are we playing the crossword clue game?



    Or are you encouraging the Nat to vote real progressive in the GE of 2024 or sooner?


    Real progressive politics = Labour north of the border?



    I fear that the LT / KK free market 159.0 shambles will turn turn England red at the next GE — this budget is a high wire act juggling flaming torches blindfolded in a high wind without a safety net.



    It might work but the chances are now down to 2 and slim is about to leave town.


    And even if it works the morality of it stink.



    The Tories are an empty suit standing only by way of the dirt and sleaze they have picked up in 12 years.



    BoJo was the last throw of the dice — LT / KK are the skidmarks of his failure.



    They have nothing left but Gary from Accounts doing his best Adrian Mole aged 45 and a quarter impression.



    Brexit cannot last forever.

  15. I thought people were joking about Madmitch being impersonated. Assumed it was sarcasm aimed at one of his comments.

  16. Worcester warriors will be liquidated next week – think they owe the tax man among others some money.


    Wasps are also in trouble.

  17. GREENPINATA on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 1:15 PM






    Was that deliberate with the initials.



    Scotland no power .






    What are you interpreting? I am intrigued.



    My post to trollteammitch above,


    No Scotland no power-is expressing the reality that whatever form of marketing developed by keev,they will not get elected in Scotland,and no Scotland no power. You know that deep down.



    And re tax differences,once you get onto that higher strata/echelon the range of specialist advice that opens up to a person,let’s say it becomes larger.


    I think what others have been suggesting is if he has a good agent,compensating benefits will come in other ways.



    Is it just with Celtic players and the potential loss of a player that drives your question?


    Or do I assume you agree with his shitewipe of a budget on the whole? Cause its war on the poor and all you seem to be interested in is how it affects Celtic(which is shallow imo)




  18. Tom mcLaughlin



    For full existential breakdown go to 21/9 bout 6.43.







  19. Toaty Trumper @ 1.44



    Surprised — even with your City background — that you want footballers to engage in tax gymnastics to reduce their tax bills.



    Cannot believe that you are suggesting that we as a club engage in rampant TFOD1.0 behaviour to aid footballers in paying less tax in Nat Scotland.



    Incredible that you are willing to highlight / publicise such behaviour on CQN.



    So much for progressive Scotland — fellow traveller demanding tax avoidance / tax gymnastics to the club and the squad.



    When does the avoidance stop and the evasion start — when the IR wake up?




  20. AT,



    Yes I am interested in how the mini budget affects Celtic. After all this is a Celtic blog.



    Generally though I don’t agree with any measures that helps the super rich get richer. Especially if the government is borrowing money to fund this.



    I am currently in a boozer in Aberdeen and the general consensus is favourable.



    Personally I seem to have much more in common with the people of Liverpool than many in Scotland.



    Hope and trust all is well







    there was a really hilarious (well for me anyways) episode the other day were in a period of 20 posts or so


    MM posted, then another MM posted, then first MM posted, Paul I am being impersonated someone has hijacked my account and you P67 need to fix your security, then the imposter MM posted “naw am imny”


    your impostering me, am no impostering you, and it carried on like that.



    Last night again, MM posts and another MM posts.



    so either someone is impersonating him, or he is throwing his voice to pretend he isnt really



    I think the blog will desceneds sometime soon that everybody posts as MM

  22. Trollteammitch






    I know we don’t want to be looking at all those tax policies which were initiated and rolled out under


    Gordon of the 11 fingers.


    Yeh the offshore market which grew under the Bankers chancellor is all part of the selective amnesia.

  23. Can someone let on how to create an identical MADMITCH profile so we can all have profiles called MADMITCH



    YOu never know one of the MADMITCHES could turn out to be interesting



    But I doubt it

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