Laying commercial roots in Australia


This morning, Celtic announced an Academy link with a Sydney-based organisation to deliver a youth tournament ahead of the club’s visit there in November. Since the Ange Coming Home Tour deal was signed, the club have been looking at ways to broaden our footprint in Australia. Where you see ‘youth football tournament’, I am inclined to read, ‘laying down commercial roots’.

Our domestic market is fixed and, if anything, is likely to be butchered with young eyeballs migrating to the English Premier League. The great waves of Scottish migration to Australia and North America have been little more than trickle for decades. There is just not the same number of ex-pats there to sustain valuable streams.

Ignore these demographic trends and Celtic will shrink. It is difficult to swim against the EPL tide, but whatever we can do to irrigate new territories is worth trying. The more obvious question is what to do about Japan? I don’t see encouraging signs of building a Celtic oasis there. Pity.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    How do you solve a problem like Sevco?



    Refusing to sign the only TV deal in town, because of the Cinch refusal. Refusing referees by the bushel, refusing access certain pundits, refusing to allow a normal ticket allocation.



    Hell rub it into the SPL Hampden huns and their continual failure to police Refusal FC

  2. AN TEARMANN on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 1:54 PM







    ‘No Scotland no power.’








    Didn’t that cult grifter the Rev whatever his name is (I’ve forgotten, I think he lives in Bath or somewhere round that way) disproves that argument, using evidence and facts and all that hoity toity stuff that you don’t burden yourself with?




    But even if it’s true, what it would mean is that the SNP, as king makers in a hung parliament would be choosing to have a Tory government rather than a Labour government.



    I think even the most obsequious of the cult members would struggle with trying to justify that to the people of Scotland.



    Though doubtless one or two of the clowns on here would give it a go.

  3. Stx2 @ the madam



    No thoughts / feedback on the ferry article?


    Given your background / hometown I thought you would be all over it.



    You seem to spend far too much of your time chronicling the efforts of my doppelganger.



    Not good but illuminating.



    Sherlock Holmes is now off hire.



    ‘How do you solve a problem like Sevco?’








    You do your level best (geddit?) to ensure that they survive and prosper sufficiently to provide a degree


    (there’s another one) of competitiveness in the domestic game.



    But only because deep down it’s what your own fans want, though some might like to pretend otherwise.

  5. ernie lynch on 23rd September 2022 2:14 pm



    Everyone here knows you would rather have the tories running the UK forever than an independent Scotland so don’t push supporting the tory union onto others. Its your skin, you need to own it.

  6. TIMMY7_NOTED on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 2:22 PM




    That’s dim, even by your demanding standards.



    The reality is that the SNP prefer to have a Tory Government rather than a Labour one, because it suits their purposes.



    Have you considered who the SNP should support in the event of a hung parliament?



    Labour or Tories?

  7. From Paul’s article…


    ‘The more obvious question is what to do about Japan? I don’t see encouraging signs of building a Celtic oasis there. Pity.’



    An an expat Sellik fan of decades longstanding, there’s a definite arrogance in P67s idea that foreign climes are just waiting for Celtic to make a move on developing some commercial links. Aside from the fact that the SPFL league is guff and no-one can name more than 2 teams other than the olde firme – the SPFL is the stepping stone equivalent of hop scotch; ie play there until you can hop to a better league if yer any good.



    Meanwhile the Aussie rules machine (in AFL) will maintain a vice-like grip on sports deals downunder for aeons, while the A-League’s off-field performance continues to pale against its ever-improving on-field product. Oz media interest will follow Ange when he joins an EPL or – IMO – a big La Liga side. Course, maybe that’s why Ange brought young Hazza onboard; succession planning, Aussie style ?



    As for Japan, fact is that baseball continues to be more important there than football is…hang on, what if we did a branding deal with the Boston Celtics… ?




  8. T7 @ 2.22



    Your analysis is totally inside out / upside down.



    Have you made a typo?


    Had an off day?



    BoJo and Not-Jacinda — match made in Old Money Gland heaven.


    It was always thus — the Scum in perfect harmony north and south of the border



    The issue is not the Tories in power forever.


    It is a case of offering a progressive alternative for the UK.



    It is easy to run away — Nat tactics.


    The hard bit is too stand and fight and beat the Tory / right wing mentalist ideas at source.



    Running away to hide in Natland will not defeat their ideas and attitudes — far too many old school Nats actually believe in them anyway — it will just delay their introduction.



    The Forger’s Gazette is a big seller here as well as down south.


    Too many in Scotland follow its world view and will demand that they are introduced into any future Natland.



    We are not the nation of Scandi progressives that many claim we are.


    26 county tax avoidance / tax gymnastics is the best we could hope for.


    Stealing bread out of the mouths of poor American children is not the future I want.

  9. Defenders of the union rise to the call!!! They never want an independent Scotland but somehow those who do are tories? They need help.

  10. QD @ 2.31



    If AP is only half way there playing in the SPL — then why is he such a big noise in Aus?



    The SPL is bigger than us and our friends in Govan.



    The fact that the SPL are so lazy that they just want to live on our coat-tails is an issue for them and their engagement with the Scottish Cringe and an acceptance of a low energy easy life.



    Football is growing.


    We need to try and catch some of that growth.



    Aus will catch up with the rest of the modern / civilised life soon enough.


    Sophistication does not come easy to a society that picks up tenners off / out of the ground.

  11. Stx2 @ 2.40



    Still nothing about the ferry deal / ferry article?


    I hear they talk of nothing else down in the Port.

  12. TIMMY7_NOTED on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 2:43 PM



    So in the event of a hung parliament who do the SNP support?



    Labour or Tories?

  13. Tom – thanks for the correction; attempted joke that fell flat.






    Wasn’t it just a few years back that the SPL’s death was predicted if ye olde firme joined Engerland comps?


    The SPL has a quality problem that can’t just be cured if and when the scotch game maisters decide to get their marketing digits out of their clackers.



    As to the point ‘if AP is only half way there playing in the SPL — then why is he such a big noise in Aus?’



    Simple answer; Aussies’ soccer inferiority complex actually out-does the Scots. But as he’s the first fair dinkum manager to make it to the big dance on several fronts – Asian Cup, JLeague and now ECL (Celtic, not the SPL is a kent name) we love that he’s our ambassador showing we do know a thing or two about the round ball game.



    BTW, Kev Muscat is another Oz coach doing ok in Ange’s old gig; mibby the Govanites will hire him next??

  14. Just read sourness comments, god he didn’t half try to scupper our sponsorships . You would think he would lie low.



    Had a read back. I picked the wrong day to give up large vodkas.



    Vodka? You another OOT commie types?

  16. Why do you keep replying to the obvious nuggets???



    It’s not hard



    If you ignore them, they get more desperarte for attention and then post something that gets them banned

  17. Mod88 @ eagle eyed



    1 vs I — tells you if you are dealing with the real deal



    I = Authentic


    1 = Kid on / high factor walloper.



    Interesting that I am worth the effort.



    In other news Stx2 still to offer comment on the ferry crisis.


    Not such what he up to at the moment — 1 to watch out for.

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    “They really are the most dreadful people “. Jim Craig, European Cup winner 1967. Comment made on Celtic tv broadcast v the huns support at Paradise.

  19. Mod88 @ scattergun central



    What is going on?


    Why all the posts being deleted?



    Surely with your inside view you can tell who is real and who is fake?

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