Laying commercial roots in Australia


This morning, Celtic announced an Academy link with a Sydney-based organisation to deliver a youth tournament ahead of the club’s visit there in November. Since the Ange Coming Home Tour deal was signed, the club have been looking at ways to broaden our footprint in Australia. Where you see ‘youth football tournament’, I am inclined to read, ‘laying down commercial roots’.

Our domestic market is fixed and, if anything, is likely to be butchered with young eyeballs migrating to the English Premier League. The great waves of Scottish migration to Australia and North America have been little more than trickle for decades. There is just not the same number of ex-pats there to sustain valuable streams.

Ignore these demographic trends and Celtic will shrink. It is difficult to swim against the EPL tide, but whatever we can do to irrigate new territories is worth trying. The more obvious question is what to do about Japan? I don’t see encouraging signs of building a Celtic oasis there. Pity.

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  1. QD @ 3.01



    Not sure I deserve all the Aus lingo but thanks for the response.



    The SPL could be a lot better than it is if it moved away from the “OF easy sell”.


    Actually tried to sell itself to the world rather than hide in the shadows and take the bigot pound / deliver Reformation Street Theatre to the world.



    We are one step up from bullfighting.



    No matter Aus needs a shining light to drag itself towards sporting modernity — we can be that light.



    Plus we might earn some money.



    In AP and his growth agenda we trust. .

  2. Football and economics — we are in a bad place.



    Stuck on the high tax side of the fence.


    Soon to be priced out of the Euro / $ / AUS$ / Yen markets as the GBP falls of a cliff.



    Is it possible to be worse than the fat waste of space that was BoJo?


    In less than a month LT / KK have done the impossible.



    LT — Out in 6 months?

  3. AN TEARMANN on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 2:06 PM



    Trollteammitch, hahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahaha



    I know we don’t want to be looking at all those tax policies which were initiated and rolled out under Gordon of the 11 fingers, yeh the offshore market which grew under the Bankers chancellor is all part of the selective amnesia.



    *kid on socialist tae who gave a peerage to bader as well as the Ballymena demagogue







    GP- Yes I am interested in how the mini budget affects Celtic. After all this is a Celtic blog.



    AT at 1.15 you replied asking about initials? I(still)am intrigued.- No Scotland,no was in relation to Labour at this mo in time electorally


    -Your use of the blog is authentic Gp,Your a Celtic man here for its betterment.


    -I am against all of this budget,totallyin a prev answer I suggested those with good agents can work and gain benefits in other ways,but in short it won’t alter the lure of Celtic at this time.



    GP-Generally though I don’t agree with any measures that helps the super rich get richer. Especially if the government is borrowing money to fund this.



    AT- I differ from you here Gp,I don’t agree with any of this budget,in any way shape or form,


    Celtic will have a review on how the budget and impact them in short,medium and long term,the budget has implications not on corporation,capital gains,tax,n.i,past tax,present tax,future tax,it’ll be looked at I am sure.


    The borrowing bit has been goin on since the napoleonic wars,all govts do it and have done historically,take the kudos and votes now and future generations will pay



    GP- I am currently in a boozer in Aberdeen and the general consensus is favourable.



    AT- I disagree Gp as said above,and would dissent your groups concensus on the budget.



    GP-Personally I seem to have much more in common with the people of Liverpool than many in Scotland.



    AT – I don’t know if the good people of Liverpool would have you🤣if the concensus at your pub thinks that was a good budget🤪



    GP-Hope and trust all is well



    AT-as you say the journey continues,




  5. To be fair to Gordon Brown, most of the people who slaughtered him, and still do to this day for bailing out the banks, have not the slightest inkling as to what would have happened to our savings, salaries and pensions had he not done so.

  6. TT @ 4.37



    Stick to the history lessons — politics is a bit beyond you.



    GB was a kid on socialist by your way of thinking.


    I would be interested to find who you class as a real socialist?



    Compare and contrast.

  7. Tontine



    Your no allowed a memory lols.



    Yup Sir Hunner of Pence, for use of and court testing of ebts 🤣



    and the right reverend



    The offshore( dave king:-)) industry grew exponentially under him,good if you could afford access to it,



    Hope all well on your side of pond




  8. AT @ 4.52



    Funny how GB / TB actually managed to generate a budget surplus for their sins.



    Plus rebuild the public realm and develop / improve public services.


    Real socialism to me — not sure it will clear your high bar.

  9. Toaty Trumper @ 5.16



    Offshore industry — given your City background in bean counting you would know all about that?



    Don’t be shy — spill the beans.


    You counted them so you know where they are.

  10. Scotland, highest taxed in europe now , but at least we have the first class education service and Health services for this , MM , thing you will need to buy some more string , 😂

  11. Why does this site now attract complete nuggets? wastes it for people who actually want to talk about Celtic and not make everything about them.



    F@@k off and start your own page up instead of mucking this site up with your politcial soap boxing and the club is crap stuff, do one.






  12. Scotland 46%


    rest of UK still 45% for now.






    Below are the maximum personal income tax rates as of 2022 for every EU state (in descending order):



    Finland – 56.95%


    Denmark – 55.90%


    Austria – 55.00%


    Sweden – 52.90%


    Belgium – 50.00%


    Slovenia – 50.00%


    Netherlands – 49.50%


    Ireland – 48.00%


    Portugal – 48.00%


    Spain – 47.00%


    Luxembourg – 45.78%


    France – 45.00%


    Germany – 45.00%


    Greece – 44.00%


    Italy – 43.00%


    Cyprus – 35.00%


    Malta – 35.00%


    Poland – 32.00%


    Latvia – 31.00%


    Croatia – 30.00%


    Slovakia – 25.00%


    Czech Republic – 23.00%


    Estonia – 20.00%


    Lithuania – 20.00%


    Hungary – 15.00%


    Romania – 10.00%


    Bulgaria – 10.00%

  13. so low tax regimes for wealthy individuals doesnt appear to make a country any richer in the wealth tables.



    rich people as likely to buy a property abroad with their money than at home.



    the trickle down effect is a myth.

  14. Just took a quick look at the site for the 1st time in quite a while. Couldn’t help but notice the two Ultra Unionist windbags Ernesto Lynch whose so full of himself he calls himself after a real Socialist hero. Then we have Mad Mitch who calls himself after a

















    Just looked into the site to see if anything has changed. I’m afraid not, the two Ultra loyalists [to the British Labour Party] Unionists are still spouting their anti Independence bile. Congratulations to Ernie and Mad Mitch in your loyalty to the British Establishment


    Roll on the 1st Oct when the real football starts again.

  15. Off to watch Italy – England. In part because I want to see what Channel 4 brings to the football party.


    A possible rival to Sky Sports? Not if Paul67 et al have any say in it!




  16. Absolutely amazed that on the very day that the Tories abolish the 45% higher tax rate, the resident unionists immediately attack the Scottish Government for having a 46% rate, which they’ve had for years with nary a word of criticism, until today.



    Just proves that Madmitch and Ernie Lynch are Red Tories at heart. Your cover is blown.





    Dim and dishonest poster being dim and dishonest.

  18. Kevin Las Vegas



    How dare you? These people that you choose to describe as ‘Complete Nuggets’ are amongst the most vital and original thinkers in the North Atlantic Archipelago. Why, they sometimes go a whole 8 minutes without repeating the same point – a point they had been repeating for years when I stopped contributing regularly to this blog several years ago.



    Now I have met one of the regular contributors to the political point scoring (current score -998 to the power of five to -998 to the power of 5) at a Hootenanny Lite c March 2015 and he was a lovely chap and whilst I disagree with Ernesto’s politics quite a lot his acid putdowns and always literate retorts suggest to me that I would like him if I met him (assuming I have not). However Mad Mitch – original Mike Winters Version with an ‘I’ -seems like someone I would be less keen on.



    His contributions suggest a personality that admires the bonhomie and style of both the 45th President of The United States and C R McNamara as portrayed by James Cagney in the film ‘One, Two, Three’ but minus the charm of ‘Mac’ at least. Fond of obscure abbreviations ( ‘ABs’ for All Blacks in a thread that had hitherto made no mention of rugby or New Zealand ) and that sometimes do not abbreviate – JPNF instead of Jota for f*ck’s sake- his basic approach is not dissimilar to a regular poster to this site in the middle of the last decade who went under a number of aliases including a character mention by Derek – or was it Clive? – who I freely admit reduced me to a state of screaming teetotal abdabbery for several months. As he might describe himself, he is a total WS. (Think about it).



    I’ll be taking my leave of this site soon, as I do not wish to return to where I was in 2015 and I want to watch the obscure 1960 Hammer Movie ‘Never Take Sweets From A Stranger’ which is getting its first airing on any British Channel ever tonight at 9. Good luck to the Celts and to all of you.



    Jimbo 67

  19. MODERATOR1888 on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 3:32 PM




    Why do you keep replying to the obvious nuggets???



    It’s not hard



    If you ignore them, they get more desperarte for attention and then post something that gets them banned.





    Moderator –


    that’s a poor post



    Truly. You don’t do anything about abuse.


    Do not pretend you are not aware,Paul too.


    Your in full knowledge of who is abusing.


    You do zero bout it..



    On reading today I see trolls changing title freely,encouraging each other in trolling as well as politics.Surreal Not much Celtic,they don’t like that



    Credibility for the live blog is going round the ubend.



    So instead of us coming on and scrolling thro trolls goading,baiting, any topic bar Celtic types how bout you banning,not blocking,banning get the ip to f###


    Have a process 1,2 3 etc out



    One man one moniker mate,it would be a simple thing to do,


    Build confidence and trust in who your talking to.



    If you need a hand ask.i want a better Celtic blog too.




  20. the quiet man



    An added bonus


    And another thing, Raheem Sterling’s going down quicker than the £




    You even got one of your 7 dwarfs to post on CQN – I love Ernie Lynch and Madmitch.

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