Laying commercial roots in Australia


This morning, Celtic announced an Academy link with a Sydney-based organisation to deliver a youth tournament ahead of the club’s visit there in November. Since the Ange Coming Home Tour deal was signed, the club have been looking at ways to broaden our footprint in Australia. Where you see ‘youth football tournament’, I am inclined to read, ‘laying down commercial roots’.

Our domestic market is fixed and, if anything, is likely to be butchered with young eyeballs migrating to the English Premier League. The great waves of Scottish migration to Australia and North America have been little more than trickle for decades. There is just not the same number of ex-pats there to sustain valuable streams.

Ignore these demographic trends and Celtic will shrink. It is difficult to swim against the EPL tide, but whatever we can do to irrigate new territories is worth trying. The more obvious question is what to do about Japan? I don’t see encouraging signs of building a Celtic oasis there. Pity.

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  1. Lionsroar


    I live in England so only a couple of times in the past few seasons. My brother in law usually manages to get me a ticket when I visit.

  2. Simon & Garfunkel:



    Bridge Over Troubled Waters was and still is an absolute classic, loved all they did in the late ’60s and ’70s. My younger sister bought me Paul Simon’s first solo album as a Birthday present, magic ,por cierto

  3. The Tories know that their time in office is over after the next general election. That “Shadow” Budget is a payback to all their chums in the city before they are ousted. Though, the cut in the 45% rate makes it harder for Labour to reintroduce it any manifesto and still try to secure the votes of those who pay it. Mind not need them though, but boy are we going to suffer in the next 2 years, por cierto

  4. Sources: Celtic ready ‘huge’ Ange Postecglou offer after Premier League club move



    Celtic are keen to tie Ange Postecoglu down to an improved long-term deal after he was shortlisted by Brighton, sources have told Football Insider.



    The 57-year-old has been linked with Premier League clubs and elite teams overseas following his transformation of the Scottish giants.



    Celtic want to make it harder and more expensive to lure their manager, who they expect to be on the hit list of many clubs this season.




  5. TMcL @ 7.44



    You are coming over all GOP with your comments.


    When the facts go against you — just make them up.



    Comments about the 46% tax rate in Natland had nothing to do with its political / economic significance or relevance — just a case that it would make it harder to recruit players when the top rate down south was 40%.



    As you would have noticed I posted heavily yesterday on the unfolding LT / KK omnishambles then unfolding — nothing I wrote could be seen as any form of support / agreement with it or any other of their other desperate tax rabbits being pulled out of a poly bag.



    However no matter the detail — you do the normal Nat reaction when dealing with issues that you neither understand and so cannot properly engage with …



    You just shout Red Tory and make stuff up.



    Not good.

  6. LR67 @ 2.32



    You might want to look into the history of such chanting and what issues / situations have aided its development.



    WC90 — no memory of such chanting then.

  7. I hope the other MadM1tch turns up today.



    I am going to give the blog a miss for the whole weekend, the goon show can take care of itself,

  8. Stx2 @ 10.48



    Still no comment about the LRB ferry article?


    Must be the talk of every steamie in the Port.



    Maybe you need time to reflect.




    I scrolled past after first sentence so won’t be able to respond. Don’t know what GOP means so no point in going any further.

  10. Do the trolls on CQN not have a union ? do they get paid by the number of posts?



    Zero hour contracts shifts going for CQN, pick up your list of tropes/Insults must include







    Going to Celtic musical tonight with top CQN



    aff oot for the weekend

  11. lionroars67 on 24th September 2022 11:58 am



    Enjoy the show.



    Off shopping and then watching Ireland beating Scotland.



    🇮🇪 🇮🇪 🇮🇪

  12. So Why will The war criminals party remain unelectable in Scotland



    Will it be the alignment to tory finance policy?


    (Just like in 97)



    Will it deregulated any union laws?


    (Last time – zero) not very socialist



    And the banking crisis- there was not one banking law restricted or limited.? Limited,just like the excusary of a big banker from yon big global banking came and stole it aw- or maybe Gordon of 11 fingers didn’t add up



    Why are they unelectable and remain unelectable?

  13. Afternoon all.






    I sent BIG JIMMY a text earlier this week, said he had not been feeling to well after last weekends gathering.



    I called him last night, his phone rang out, so I left a voicemail. Hopefully he is feeling a bit better.




  14. bigrailroadblues on

    BelmontBrian 12.56.


    I’m not surprised the big chap is unwell after being in the company of that rabble.

  15. SAINT STIVS on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2022 10:48 AM



    I think I shall join St Stivs for a wee spell.


    To paraphrase the Great Mr Stein:


    CQN without football is nothing.



    Cheerio for now.

  16. BRRB



    Hope you are enjoying your break, I’m surprised you have not bankrupted your resort in Zante.



    I believe you were mentioned in dispatches at yesterdays mini budget, a lot of hostelries are depending on you keeping them afloat. :)

  17. Tiny Trot @ 1.05



    You might not be a Nat but your views / analysis / comments are straight out of the Nat book of deny / deflect / ignore / make up school of politics.



    Sailing very close to the misogynist wind with your recent comments.


    The mucky schoolboy angle regarding her physique must have you shouting nurse / nurse at the top of your voice.



    Hopefully no-one can hear you.



    Not having a great few days — yesterday it was tax cheating / what the squad needed to do to escape the 46% tax rate and now you are getting all Benny Hill with a woman you don’t know personally.



    Not good.

  18. Not been on or lurking for a few days.



    And today we once again have Ernie the flag shagger Lynch.



    Telling everyone how wonderful life is with the butchers apron flying overhead.



    Calling everyone Cult members.



    Ernie explain to the people you patronize and insult why Scotlands sea border starts at Arbroath and who changed the sea border and most importantly WHO OR WHAT GAVE THEM THE RIGHT?



    Am of Ernie the flag shagger Lynch Quick News is the same old same old

  19. Labour are unelectable in Scotland.



    The wee fake tax chasing(what match up to more Tory policy) sophisticated socialists,my how the cancer of thatcherism and individuality raped them.



    To the madmitch brennans.- I see you.