Lazio can be a stage for Edouard


Every scout reporting back on Celtic for Lazio will deliver the same message, “Don’t give Odsonne Edouard an inch.”  The France under-21 international has sailed through the season so far, for club and country, but this test will be the most difficult he has faced in current form.

Lazio started their Serie A campaign conceding only four goals in their opening seven fixtures; a feat that would be impressive in the Scottish Premiership, never mind against the likes of Roma and Inter.  The wheels fell off the bogey in their most recent two league outings, conceding two to Bologna and three to Atalanta, with the latter game still fresh in the mind, I expect Lazio to keep it very tight at the back.  Deny Celtic space in the final third and stay touch-tight to Odsonne.

The one thing we can all agree on about this Celtic team is that there is more to come from Odsonne.  He is growing as a player before our eyes.  What he needs most, is a stage.  A Serie A defence at Celtic Park tomorrow should suit him.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Worth noting the tendency to hold opponents from the Big 5 leagues in high esteem, with folk applying the Serie A or La Liga quality mark to a given team and reciprocally underestimating Celtic’s chances.



    Lazio are in most respects a financial peer of Celtic. Revenue and budget are a little higher, but not greatly so. Compare Lazio’s wages of £69M to Celtic’s of £60M, for example. There’s not a lot in it.



    If we’re going to perform well in Europe this season, Thursday’s match is one to win. I’d say it’s something of a weather vane for our season in Europe.

  2. YogiHughes


    Good news. I’ll give you a wave from my seat in the North Stand.




  3. TBB


    Good point…..and it ties in with the `inferiority complex` I suggested has been engendered in Celtic supporters in (Un) Fair Caledonia.

  4. Forster


    Elhamed Julien Ajer Bolingolo


    Brown Mcgregor


    Forrest Christie Elyounoussi





    Personally, I would rather see Biton instead of Julien but I suspect Lennie knows a wee bit more than I do.

  5. From the Sevco statement:



    `There must be no singing of songs, or behaviour which UEFA could deem unacceptable `



    ie The songs are fine by us but you know what those sensitive wee souls at UEFA are like.




    There are similarities between the two teams, like you said the revenues and wages are similar, and they also have a business plan that also involves buying younger players and selling for a profit. Their owner is extremely unpopular with the fans because of his stubborn refusal to deviate from the plan and because he seems to take great pleasure in reminding everyone how he invented the self-sustaning model and how successful the club has been because of it.



    There are big differences as well. They earn over €60m in TV revenues, they spend more on transfer fees and they don’t own the ground they share with Roma, although Lotito has been talking about building one for a while now

  7. If big Odsonne Edouard scores tomorrow he will be tracking to hit 70 ( personal) goals this season.


    He will be tracking to hit 50 goals for Celtic this season.


    He is on 22 for the season right now…


    All against full-time professional teams with 11 men.



    The best attribute he has though is scoring goals when we need them…..he doesn’t score many ‘meaningless’ goals.



    You won’t read or hear any of the above in the Scottish media.



    It reminds me of the times when we had VVD playing in Scotland, and ( even then, most football people could see he was terrific and going to be a mega-star) and the football writers gave Craig Gordon POTY because they didn’t want to enhance VVDs reputation and value.



    Think we’ll win 3-2 tomorrow night.

  8. Hot Smoked.



    Yep, their inherent and perpetuating sectarianism will , I am sure, be brought to a cessation by another wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed conduct themed statement from the Sevco PR peepil. Aye right !! Once fuelled by the bevvy in Catholic Portugal the songbook will get laldy albeit probably not in the stadium. That presumably will be fine with the Sevco executive fraternity.




    The fascism stinks but they’re a fascinating club.

  10. Lazio have fascists in their support. Simple, we don’t give them anything to sing about. On the pitch we should swarm all over them and our support should drown out their songs of hate. We have had plenty practise.



    Leave the politics aside we want to win for our own reasons

  11. Nally81 – For Celtic I undersand that Eddie has scored 10, 4 in Europe and 6 in the league. Has he really scored another 12 for, presumably, the French U21’s?

  12. Hot Smoked



    Personally, I would rather see Biton instead of Julien but I suspect Lennie knows a wee bit more than I do.





    Crazy talk. A converted midfielder with at least 1 lapse in concentration at CH per game, up against one of Italy’s finest forwards, where tight largins will count.

  13. Jimmynotpaul – thanks. I didn’t include his header at the weekend as, opinions aside, it’s been credited as an og. So it looks as if Eddie’s currently on 19 for the season which is still a fantastic tally.

  14. Bog Wave / Hot Smoked – I think Bitton might start but alongside Jullien, in place of Ajer. Less likely to give away a soft penalty?

  15. Jobo… I thought 9 for France…. 12 for us and one from Saturday which he never got?



    I’ll check again.



    Anyway, I’m sure you know what I mean👍

  16. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Roccobhoy – you lurk ?



    bright and breezy day like today – I’d murder a pint in the Porterhouse!

  17. I just caught up with Simon Ferry’s April 2018 interview with Gordon Strachan.



    It seems very candid and open but I am sure it is told from his point of view. It is also revisionist, in the sense of he is looking back with hindsight, but there are a few surprising revelations about Balde, Agathe etc;

  18. For the love of God, please go back and look at Nir Bitton at Astana. He is not a CH at this level.



    I like Nir by the way but at this level play the players in their right positions. It’s Callum at Left back stuff.

  19. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Hmmm, there’s a picture of christie beside the word racist on the bcc website – hmmmm

  20. Their goalie is probably unfit for tomorrow night and they’re resting their first choice centre back and right wing


    JUST on sky news CELTIC are playing in ROME tomorrow night.TROO.



    crowd will be limited .part of stadium closed because of fan’s behaviour.

  22. Games for the chosen. Would you look at who the ref and the fourth official are at the Slavia – Barcelona game are! Obviously a Dallas selection as they cannot be there on merit.

  23. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I put my head to


    a glass of brandy


    It was my fancy



    night night y’all

  24. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a very warm and sunny Melbourne morning, 32 degs expected


    today, tonights training on our plastic park will be a bitch, but it won’t


    deter our young bhoys and ghirls learning to play the Celtic way.


    Big shout out for our very own CQN stalwarts BIGYINMILAN and


    PADDYMACOZ, both been very ill at the moment with the big yin hospitalized.


    Lets hope a great Celtic victory tonight gets them up and running again.




    H.H . Mick

  25. glendalystonsils on




    To be fair , Madden had a decent game . Probably because he was under a much brighter spotlight than he is in Scotland . I noticed ‘no penalty’ Clancy was fourth official too , so obviously competence has nothing to do with these appointments . Dallass must have a lot of clout.

  26. BADA


    No Scottish refs will be on the same field as Messi next season. It’s going to hit their pocketbooks. Maybe they will start lobbying for VAR, as experience with it is the only way they will get back into Europe.



  27. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on






    Prayers from me and WeeBGFC for BIGYINMILAN and PADDYMACOZ (a couple of great blog names !!).



    Get well soon down in Oz-land, Bhoys !!






  28. Good morning CQN from a dark, dry and very mild Garngad



    Firstly – get well soon Bigyinmilan and Paddymacoz.



    Another short read back, although I am in the prefer Sunday over tonight camp, I do hope we win every game of football we play. Confused????



    How do you think I feel.😂







    D. :)

  29. By the way I would go for and take Benkovitch back on loan in a heart beat.



    We should want as many good players as we can get.






    D. :)

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