Lazio can be a stage for Edouard


Every scout reporting back on Celtic for Lazio will deliver the same message, “Don’t give Odsonne Edouard an inch.”  The France under-21 international has sailed through the season so far, for club and country, but this test will be the most difficult he has faced in current form.

Lazio started their Serie A campaign conceding only four goals in their opening seven fixtures; a feat that would be impressive in the Scottish Premiership, never mind against the likes of Roma and Inter.  The wheels fell off the bogey in their most recent two league outings, conceding two to Bologna and three to Atalanta, with the latter game still fresh in the mind, I expect Lazio to keep it very tight at the back.  Deny Celtic space in the final third and stay touch-tight to Odsonne.

The one thing we can all agree on about this Celtic team is that there is more to come from Odsonne.  He is growing as a player before our eyes.  What he needs most, is a stage.  A Serie A defence at Celtic Park tomorrow should suit him.

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  1. Good morning friends from a too dark to see East Kilbride but it feels very mild.


    As always, really excited with the thought of taking my place tonight to roar The Bhoys on to another famous European victory. We need one of those performances that then gives us all a headache when trying to decide who our top 3 performers were.

  2. Good Morning all in the land that is Celtic


    Is it not just great to as men up a Tim?


    Looking very much towards this game tonight


    Christie back in? Frimpong left out? Shape of team playing the 3=5=2 of Lazio..


    Look forward to meeting the odd Lazio fan too,fitba fans are the same all over,let not a fascist minority taint them all.i go wi an open mind and looking forward to a Celtic victory which hopefully strengthens our group position.



    Enjoy tonight Celts,be safe in your journey to our home,,the excitement is different,phone already pinging from Celts heading to the game from all over place.its great and will be great to shake their hands and take in the game with them.hh :-))



    I expect one of our toughest games of the season tonight.Lazio come with pedigree and with the weaponry to do damage to us,we will need to be at our best,work hard for each other.Lazio like Cluj and unlike in Scotland will not sit in behind the ball,10 men behind ball etc,they have the players and skill to harm us.



    In saying that we are playing well and are looking to augment our position.i believe we have the work ethic to do this and get a result


    Forza Celtic :-)



    Hail Hail




  3. Good Morning, Mild Autumnal Morning In The Chilterns.






    “If we’re going to perform well in Europe this season, Thursday’s match is one to win.



    Yes, too true and it’s a match we can win. Lazio obviously have more than one eye on the league at the moment and we should have the strength to deal with Lazio at home and Aberdeen.



    Best team available for each match please, it doesn’t have to be the same team.



    As you are a financial whizzzz



    Your figures intrigue me.



    Now you say our wages are 60M, it’s a figure I’ve struggled to get my head around before.



    Say we have 30 players on high wages.



    Now, we are talking I believe of upping OE’s wages, talk of 30K, Calmac’s also.



    Yet even if our AVERAGE wage was 30K and we know that’s far too high, our wages would still be only 47M.



    If our AVERAGE was the ridiculously high 25K a week then that would be 40M.



    My feelings would be our average would be around 15K, that would mean realistically the first team squad wages were 24M, a far cry from the stated 60M.



    Also maybe you could please explain this.



    PL has a great reputation for controlling costs.



    He also has a great reputation for getting great deals for upping revenue.



    When PL arrived 15 ling years ago our turnover was 70M.



    Now it, 85M.



    Average 1M per year when football inflation and prize money has rocketed.



    Our costs are now 87M, 2M above our revenue, is that really cost control?



    I’m baffled!?!?!? And genuinely concerned.



    Have a great one and…






    Hail Hail

  4. Always buzzing about big Euro nights at CP.



    The games against the top seeded side are always an education. We can win this one but it is still a tall order even though this is not Barca or Bayern or PSG.



    I will be surprised and delighted with a win. I will be hugely grateful for a draw and I acknowledge beforehand the strong possibility of defeat against a battle hardened Serie A team.



    Our top attackers, Edouard, Forrest & Christie will be tested by a cynical and well drilled defence but our young and inexperienced defence will need every inch of protection by Broony and Calmac to prevent clever movement exposing the slowness of Julien and the immature aspects of Ajer’s defending. Above all they will look to the spaces behind advancing full backs to discourage us from being too gung ho.



    Having said that, we can do damage to them if we keep 11 on the park and keep our tactical discipline too.



    It’s gonna be a fun night finding out which way this will go. See you there!

  5. Chairbhoy


    Perhaps TBB`s figures included ALL staff and not just players.



    SFTB said:


    ` exposing the slowness of Julien and the immature aspects of Ajer’s defending.`



    That is a worry for me and why I suggested Bitton instead of Julien.Nir is no slouch.

  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning CQN from a bright and sunny, but windy and chilly Central Highlands. I would take Benkovic on loan. He is more two footed than our current central defenders, and can play left Centre very well. He knows the club and we know that he can fit in our team no problem.


    Feeling good about tonight. If we play well, we can win. I am not overconfident, and I don’t think that the players will be either, but if we play as well as we can, and concentrate, I believe we can triumph at home. The crowd, as always in these games will have their part to play too.


    Forza Celtic



  7. ‘Remember that UEFA has already imposed a sanction on Rangers so we must be vigilant and give them no cause to take further and more serious action against us.


    The behaviour of our fans in recent times has been exemplary’







    So their view is that UEFA have imposed a sanction on them even though their behaviour has been exemplary?



    Clever stuff.

  8. Quick trawl of some sites before heading out-



    “Lazio have been a long way from their best.The defending is a mess and the goalkeeper has the jitters.Inzaghi will do his habitual turnover.It’s predicted the mysterious Vavro will start.A two part mystery- why was he signed and is he really as bad as he looks.? “

  9. Tonight’s opponents are a level above what we experienced so far this season, their result v Cluj apart. They are battle hardened Serie A campaigners and we need to be on our mettle from the start. Although the result and performance v Ross County was very pleasing, we should be wary of assuming that this will translate into a similar sort of match where we can steamroller over Lazio. We need to keep it tight at the back and take any chances which arise. Above all, do not give the ball away cheaply. A win would be fantastic, a draw more than welcome. Looking forward to it already, to paraphrase JJHS, only 6 hours until the Arbroath Emerald CSC Express departs



  10. Pundit on the radio claiming that Lazio will play their habitual 3 5 2 .He stated that the 2 up front will be Caceido and Correa .Ecuador /Argentina.


    Both are consistently inconsistent.Serie A (Rube excepted) is littered with inconsistent players.

  11. The Battered Bunnet on




    Celtic employ around 500 fholk to manage and operate the business, of which around 170 are footballers or football staff. The remainder work in assorted admin, sales, retail, grounds, etc departments.



    Accordingly, the wage costs published in the accounts are those of the whole entity, not the first team in isolation. That’s the same with all other clubs, hence the comparator is apt to overlook differences in business model – some clubs outsource more or less of the support functions, for instance.



    Last year the figures for Full Time Equivalent employees at Celtic were given as:



    Players and Football Admin: 174


    of which, 68 are Footballers or coaching staff


    Admin and Retail: 348



    However, because clubs generally do not reveal specifically first team or football department costs, the total wage cost declared in each club’s accounts is taken as the most reliable point of comparison.



    For an idea of Celtic’s football budget, consider that the average full time wage in Scotland is £29,000, and expect Celtic to be in line with that for non-football staff. There are 348 staff in admin and retail plus (174-68) 106 non-football staff in the football dept, total 454 staff, giving an expected cost of £13M per year.



    The balance can largely be assumed to be footballers and coaching etc staff, being around £46M last year. It’s fag-packet stuff, but the base data is factual, the assumptions broadly reasonable, and I’d say the figures are not a million miles away from reality.



    Unfortunately, I don’t have the same data to hand for all the other clubs we face each year, so the gross wage cost figure remains the only one with which to draw comparisons, as is the usual form in such reporting.




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