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  1. It’s what we’re up against that makes it all the more special…..one of the tabloids dedicated a full page to “ Celtic’s dirty dozen.” Celtic, don’t you know? Haven’t managed to beat an Italian team on their home soil for the last 12 times. Well…..they fuckin have now…

  2. Hard shift picking 3players for Jobo but what a pleasure.Bhoys were tremendous but for me Jullien was the man.time to go to bed and dream, see who are numbers two and three

  3. Wow just wow!!!! Thought Nitcham had gone too wide, fantastic ‘Tic!


    Safe home bhoys!


    Hail hail!!

  4. Jobo


    Once again, it will be just before the 10pm cut off tomorrow before I finalise my top 3 performers.



    Damn that Neil Lennon!



    That was absolutely heroic tonight .

  5. From pre kick off


    I did add the bold


    ‘GG on 7TH NOVEMBER 2019 5:52 PM


    I’m not expecting a lot here. We are still a team in development.



    Growing but not yet fully developed.



    I will be content with a decent performance.



    Happy with a draw.



    Delirious with 3 points.

  6. Celtic. Absolutely magnificent.



    I have now watched the Ntcham goal on repeat for 20 minutes now.



    Feck it. Going back again. Chris Sutton screaming in the background said it all.



    Brillant. Well done Neil.

  7. fourstonecoppi on

    Up there with the best……….magic lenny and the bhoys. this is a cracking team and many will be very very wary of taking us on. I know there is a long long way to go and many a fine team in the mix but ‘Dark horse’ anyone?

  8. glendalystonsils on

    Rob McLean has just remembered he’s Scottish.



    Or maybe he just doesn’t like yellow strips.

  9. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Elyounoussi & the wall & broony. I thought Elyounoussi played his best game tonight & Forster is also improving game on game.

  10. Brilliant that we’ve got 9000 over there at the game. Wish I was one.


    Say what you like about his music, but Rod Stewart is a great ambassador for Celtic. Scarf oot the windae of his limo!

  11. fourstonecoppi on

    tell you what,


    any player that gets their head turned in the january window and leaves……may well live to regret it. This is a fine celtic team in the making.

  12. Out for a curry in Spain, forgot the early kick off. Only saw last 15 mins. End-to-end stuff thought they looked like sneaking a late winner. Forster saves were nagnificent. ON – welcome home.



    (Just read back the first few pages on here – sounded like we were going to get humped. )

  13. Bhoyfromsky


    Ntcham …a Henrikesque finish….👏👏👏👏👏



    That’s exactly the thought that crossed my mind. Superb finish under pressure

  14. fourstonecoppi on

    Broony is generally always my man of the match. I think broony should go out and find his young understudy. Only he knows what it takes. imho

  15. SOUTHSIDE on 7TH NOVEMBER 2019 8:20 PM



    Say what you like about his music, but Rod Stewart is a great ambassador for Celtic. Scarf oot the windae of his limo!





    OK – I LOVE Rod’s music!



    The guy is class.




  16. Just watched a few minutes of the Sevco game. Apart from the fact that Porto should be ahead, the thing that caught my attention was the reaction of the hordes when the ref played by the rules !!! They are not used to that.

  17. EspiritoDeCelt on

    Have shown some great away form this season: Lazio, Sevco, Aberdeen, Cluj, Stockholm, Motherwell, Rennes. This may indicate that we are an attacking team and very good on the counter, but we also press very high up now and can also hold a high defensive line. What do we now need to go one more step and maybe dominate possession more away in Europe, so that we don’t have so many open games like tonight? I also think Ryan Christie is so vital in away games with his amazing work ethic and high pressing energy, this change from Christie to Rogic is one of the main reasons we are improving. Rogic has his strengths but I personally feel he is better suited to slower pace of the Scots Prem.

  18. BBC match report referencing flares by our support, speculating about another fine coming our way.



    How much are they hurting ?

  19. Still coming down off the ceiling here lads absolutely BUZZING that was BRILLIANT & fully deserved. I had a funny feeling when the travelling faithful starting singing “faithful through & through” heading into injury time!! I had a flash back to a Glasgow derby in strachans time we were 1-1 at home & singing that when 1 of our CSC started giving out that it was a defeatist song!! Just as I finished telling him to shut the f@#k up Jan venegoor planted a diving header into the net!! cue bedlam

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