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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Wonderful stuff. A very proud night.



    Well done Neil and the team.

  2. Watching Sevco match. They’re a very dogged team. They’re nowhere near as dynamic or easy on the eye as us but they are dogged.



    Come the cup final we need to be clinical.

  3. Evening folks,



    Still on cloud nine after a wonderful performance and excellent result. Well done to Lenny and the bhoys and the magnificent support out in Italy. Hope they enjoy the rest of their evening.



    HH Dan

  4. It was about 73 or so minutes on the clock when Chris Sutton informed the viewers across the Celtiverse that “You can feel the tension in the stadium”.



    I smiled a little as I realised that he had just confused ‘the stadium’ with ‘my underpants’.



    I shifted in the couch to relieve the pressure and for some strange reason I thought of Celtic By Numbers; I knew that he would be gathering facts, figures and stats to graphically demonstrate how the game had flowed, ebbed, peaked and troughed.



    But my little smile in response big Chris’s knowledge of my y-fronts expanded into a huge grin as I knew that ‘good as CBN’ is, there were far more important key measures that dictated the outcome of the match….measures that even the most assiduous student of the game would be regretfully unaware….for they took place off the park, far from Rome, and under the gaze of only me, two pigeons on my window sill and her acroos the road with the zoom telescope trained permanently on my living room.



    So when it comes to analysing the game, here’s what transpired in the heady atmosphere of couch, cooker and cludgie….and all by me!



    Shots on target…224.



    Shots off target…0.



    Coffee tables kicked….1



    Passes made….182



    Saves made….67



    Pieces’n’cheese made….4



    Spicy chicken wings cooked….24



    Spicy chicken wings eaten….23


    Cups of tea drank….8



    Goal-line clearances….7



    Bowel Clearances….2



    Bladder Clearances…4



    Corners headered…7



    Ceilings headered….7



    Commentary ridiculed….95.



    Without a shadow of doubt it is such unseen effort as this that culminated in keeping alive the wee Gdansk gleam.



    But just to round up…..



    1. Who were the clowns who predicted 1-1? How far aff the mark was that?…you really need to up yer game. 😊


    2. If anyone….ANY EFFIN ONE…even thinks of deleting my recording of that game, they will be hung, electrocuted, beheaded, poisoned and forced to watch the huns for effin eternity…..and think themselves lucky cos I’m in such a good mood.😁



    Here’s some pictures from Rome……






    Hail Hail




  5. RT @StanCollymore A black muslim scored the winner for Celtic, witnessed by the Fascist Ultras of Lazio. Sometimes, God really goes shine his light in some fantastic ways. “Un buon fascista è un fascista morto” ☘️

  6. FRANNYB67 on 7TH NOVEMBER 2019 9:40 PM


    Thought Johnny Hayes was immense tonight HH






    He gives everything for Celtic, everything.

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Ma Canadian bet… cashed out on £3.67. The 67 got me. £1.02 profit.


    Beating the bookies is a long game 🤓



  8. Melbourne Mick on




    A wins a wins a win.


    Stick it on the bhoys to win the Europa.


    H.H . Mick

  9. How can we condemn Gascoigne and quote Stan Collymore.



    Both liberty takers who should not be given airtime on the day of our fabulous result.




  10. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Neil should have stood up in the middle of that press conference and shouted…………………………………..




  11. One of our best results in years. They had chances and we rode our luck a few times but we also played some great football. I watched it in raucous pub and will need to rewatch it when I get home tomorrow before I finalise my 3. Forster is a definite and I thought Elyounoussi was fantastic as well. So I have 2 and I have the 3rd place narrowed down to 9.

  12. Philbhoy



    Aye Celtic are special ….we were probably all thinking please hold out for a point …. But the players wouldn’t lie down …



    That is a good result for the hun tonight but it’s still hard for them to qualify …


    We’re through …Up the hoops

  13. P.S. Thought the Ref & his team were excellent. Wasn’t that happy with the 5 minutes extra time initially but am happy to admit I was wrong and the Ref was 100 % correct. God Bless him.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Still on cloud nine.



    Tonight should be all about us and that brilliant result.



    What others said and did tonight? Irrelevant.



    Top of two leagues.



    Have Celtic ever reached 10 points in. Euro group?



    Can’t recall.



    Now we have 10 with 2 games to play.






    Hail hail

  15. MATT STEWART on 7TH NOVEMBER 2019 9:41 PM



    Glad I wasn’t drinking coffee and near a keyboard when I read that. Funny as.



    Still Game-esque.

  16. Just in from taxi duty.



    Wee half in hand.



    Now away to look back at the goals and the joyful posts that followed.

  17. supersutton…. Spicey Chicken Wing will be kept by window to wave at pigeons and remind them what will happen if they shite on the sill!



    Hail Hail




  18. Just had a peak at the French league table.



    Rennes are 14th!



    Whoodathunkit when the draw was made?

  19. On my second, ahem, wee half.



    What a great read back!



    How good is it to be a Tim?






    I too would like to apologise to Lenny.



    (bows head in shame)

  20. Mind you, I’ll qualify my last post by saying that although I didny fancy Lenny as our new manager, I would support him.



    (lifts chin from chest and sips his whisky)

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