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  1. Good morning, good morning I’ve danced the whole night through – repeat



    From a cold, dark but very happy Garngad



    Let’s lap up all the praise then move on to the Murderwell.






    D. :)

  2. Posted missing yesterday as I celebrated 1 year from losing my Auld Mum






  3. Good mirning friends and a Big Happy Last 32 Friday from a gorgesous looking cold and frosty (ice scrapers ready) East KIlbride. Still euphoric. BUt time for work, resplendent in my bright white shirt and very green tie!


    Don’t forget (and don’t be shy / don’t be a stranger!) to narrow down your top 3 players and email me at CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM . Looking forward to this evening and wading through the dozens of emails.


    Life’s Good!

  4. The “Ugly Kid Joe” from Colombia scores at Ipox against a very average Porto team…and Millions is added to his transfer value, according to the Scottish Hun Meeja………..



    Meanwhile over in Rome…James Forrest and Ollie Nitcham score against a very good Lazio outfit….and NO Mention is made of any ££££’s being added to their Transfer value by the Scottish Meeja ?



    I have no desire to sell James and/or Ollie obviously, but IF we agree that “EVERY Player has his price”…then why is it ONLY The Snorting Buffalo who’s value goes up whenever he scores…..It couldnt possibly be a determination and a desire to SELL That Buff chump as soon as possible….could it ? LOL



    I also refuse to accept that ” only Celtic rode their luck at times”….from my view point… BOTH Teams rode their luck at times, as Lenny said afterwards Celtic could also have scored MORE that Two goals.



    What are UEFA…and what are the Bosses at Lazio saying/doing about Lazio animals who deliberate set out to use Knives, Machetes and Petrol Bombs on opposition Supporters ?


    I havent read or heard anyone from Lazio FC CONDEMN their support !


    Obviously, I hope all Bhoys and Ghirls get home as safely as possible. It was great to hear the Celtic Supporters singing their hearts out throughout the match.



  5. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Young gifted and black as the song says


    Quite apt that it should be someone with “abnormal” skin,who scores the winner

  6. I went to bed happy.


    Woke up happy.


    It was not a dream.


    NL has made us a credible European team once again.


    It is all we ever ask.


    We will have many more lows but ultimately I am positive we will have many more highs.


    This club unfortunately is directly linked to my mental health a bit like the happiness of my children.


    Never felt this proud to be a celtic supporter since the halcium days under M.O.N IN EARLY 2000’s.


    God bless Neil Lennon.

  7. McCann on radio Scotland last night was having a laugh with Dodds and Richard Gordon about m and ms he was eating I’m sure i heard him say but no green ones causing more hilarity, reptile.

  8. Huge apologies to the incredible…







    James Forrest






    big julien


    big ayer


    johnny hayes


    big fraser



    Any one of the above could have credibly been man of the match and in my top 3.



    But messers BROWN,MCGREGOR and CHRISTIE…..three scottish players that continue to get better and better and better…incredible

  9. Radio Scotland,B T Sport’s Sky, Sport’s Soon as one of the Sevco Players retires,or near enough,bang they turn up either on the T V or Radio,oh I forgot add Clyde on that list,I wouldn’t mind the names of these Sports Editors,so as I could ask them why they favour Rangers player’s over other teams player’s.

  10. To be fair BBC shortbread do have two of the best also.


    The immense Michael Stewart and now James Mcfadden.


    Two players who never played for Celtic or Rangers who call things perfectly as they see it.


    The anchor man Richard Gordan and Willie Miller are both excellent too.


    After that it is a struggle amongst the whole lot of them including sadly our very own packie bonner who is all over the place.

  11. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood moring















  12. Alasdair MacLean on

    On Saturday Neil said that Ryan Christie had a knee problem … that would probably be a long term thing – yet he came on as sub against Hibs and played last night.



    Was that just “tactics”?

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all.



    Wonderful to wake up after that result then savour the comments here.



    Hrvatski Jim – cloud 7. Brilliant!



    LazyD – good call. I despise BBC Sport Scotland’s editorial meltdown and feel sorry for the good guys who have to work there – Gordon, Stewart, Miller, Beattie, MacLeod (Rhona).



    All – please don’t let the other media whores – who peddle their worthless wares to a dwindling demographic – get you down.



    They live in a parallel universe.



    They are happiness thieves.



    Today in particular, your emotional banquet hall is full of like minded Tims from all over the globe.



    Lock out all others and enjoy the feast.



    Hail hail

  14. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Result apart,thought it was a proper game of football with both sides going for the win,none of this 10 men behind the ball stuff.Brave Celtic did us proud in the end resulting in euphoric scenes that will live long in the memory………………referee excellent but Elyounoussi better,top top player with more to come.

  15. Well done to Johnny Hayes. Like many Celtic fans I worried about him at Left Back…



    Give him another year’s contract Celtic.

  16. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Make no mistake about it, after a few years of watching our proud European home record take a bit of a nosedive, we are a threat to anyone again. Teams will have to play VERY well to beat us.



    And that is down to the tactics and organisational skills of Neil Lennon.



    Yes sports science is extremely important and vital in many respects but football is a fundamentally simple game and while it has evolved over the years, it hasn’t changed as much as many would say.



    I think Lenny strikes the balance perfectly.



    Us trying to reivent the wheel tactically was never going to work and the ridiculous overpassing in Europe cost us some more victories over the last 3 years and contributed to a couple of poundings away from home. Rodgers gave us great times domestically but was an idealist and had no plan B.



    Ultimately Europe is where we need to be showcasing our club and players and right now we are giving ourselves a fighting chance every time we go out on the pitch.



    Well done Lenny! The skys the limit.




  17. Good morning from a wet Rome. Off to visit the Ancient Sites soon. Still buzzing. The stadium literally errupted when Ntcham scored. Seriously. It was orgasmic !. We got out of the stadium before our comrades and you could here the singing a mile down the road. So proud.

  18. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Well, thats me back in, my permanently super sized grin is


    still there, slightly inebriated but after all the accolades from Aussie


    soccer fans i feel i need to watch the game again, only this time i


    think the big screen is safe from any kind of splattering lol.


    Big day tomorrow, not for me but for our Celtic ghirls wetting the


    weans heid, just as well our rebel town knows them all, Boadicea


    and her female army would find it tough against these ghirls 8-))




    You got it, in a nutshell mhate.


    H.H . Mick

  19. Down to cloud 7 this morning, still basking in the glow of a great European performance by the Bhoys. Well done Celtic, Neil Lennon and his team and the supporters who were heard above the Lazio supporters for most of the game.



    As an aside, how far have Porto fallen? Watched the game up until SEVCO scored two quick goals, it was awful stuff.



    Aff oot on this lovely morning in Ayrshire. Enjoy Roma all who are there and safe home.

  20. Good to see CQN posters beginning to warm to the idea of NFL as Celtic manager.



    Better late than never.



    I said when he was appointed that it would be a rollercoaster, and in line with that, I wouldn’t be too surprised, or unduly perturbed, if points are dropped at the weekend. Hopefully not though.

  21. Lifted from CQN facts article.



    “CELTIC won away from home against Italian opposition in European competition for the first time-ever at the 13th attempt.”



    Hmm… I know we’ve made Lisbon a home from home since that wonderful day in May 67, but surely we won away from home against Italian opposition that day.

  22. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 8TH NOVEMBER 2019 10:49 AM


    Good to see CQN posters beginning to warm to the idea of NFL as Celtic manager.





    I was on board from the start. I think it was important to separate any misgivings about the process of being ‘offered the job in the shower’ (not his fault!) or the lack of interviewing anyone else from what he would bring to the club in the future, and its important to add, already had in his first spell as boss and when he came in and did all that was asked when Rodgers jumped ship.




  23. Half time and Celtic coming more into the game, looking


    good , this could go any way.


    C’mon Ernie , you know you’ll always get the stray fish


    looking for a bite.


    Why not try enjoying being a Celtic supporter, it’s easy


    H.H . Mick

  24. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Star Bar. Curer being quaffed, game on phone. Not many huns in here yet. We may have spoiled their night. 🤣🤣

  25. My brother meets up regularly with a Roma fan on holiday. The Roma friend told him that its common knowledge that any Lazio fan wishing to become a member of the elitist Ultras they have to prove they are capable of attacking/stabbing an opposition fan. There’s a surprise …not !