Leader, motivator. One more for the captain


Spending £4.4m on a 22-year-old Hibs midfield player in 2007 was a significant demonstration of faith by Gordon Strachan and Celtic.  A year later, Rangers owner, David Murray, said he was not prepared to meet the wages Celtic offered for Scott Brown, a player both clubs wanted to sign.

Murray was not known for underplaying his financial clout, this comment felt more like a taunt, implying Celtic were rash in spending so much on a player who was still bedding into life at the top.  That first season at Celtic ended with Scott watching Barry Robson play a magnificent cameo as Celtic came from behind to win the title, the first of 22 major honours won as Celtic player and captain.

His off-field persona could not be further from the strutting bulldog he is on the park.  Mixing with fans he is understated and generous with his time, there are no signs of the laser-focussed leader he becomes in short sleeves.

The No. 6 role does not provide many scoring opportunities but Scott has had his fair share.  Defenders never figured that showing him onto his (apparently) weaker left was not a good idea.  If you close your eyes and picture his goals you’ll repeatedly see him drop the shoulder before striking with his left.

The passage of a decade probably diminishes the importance in my memory of a Scottish Cup equaliser, when he led 10 men off the ropes at Ibrox, somehow the joy of a last minute winner against Hamilton feels more important than the rest.

Captain for 11 years, he motivated and disciplined the playing squad.  He led by example of professionalism; the kind of player every manager loves to have in the squad.

In Celtic history there is only one captain who could relate to leading men through such a period of domination, Billy McNeill.  Billy was also 35 when he left Celtic, also after the first title loss in a decade.  Our greatest captain went out held shoulder high after winning the Scottish Cup.  Scott Brown deserves no less.  One more for the captain.

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  1. is it possible that Celtic’s owner is of the mind that the huns need a period of domination to consolidate their finances to ensure the long term survival of the Old Firm, without which his game plan of gaining entry to the EPL is doomed?

  2. Happy Friday all! Been a while since I grabbed a podium.



    Mixed bag yesterday. Our fearless leader off to the sheep (good luck Scott, great servant for 14 seasons) and RK rumour mill in overdrive.



    Please lord no.




  3. AIPPLE on 26TH MARCH 2021 12:05 PM


    Happy Friday all! Been a while since I grabbed a podium.







    If you snooze, you lose.

  4. Always remember that tackle by Barry Robson, in the first minute of a must win game against the Huns when he flattened their so called hardman Lee McCulloch. McCulloch never got near Robson again.



    Paul Hartley sorted a few out early doors that night as well. That pairing drove us to the title that year.

  5. Another week drifts by,and Celtic have still got nobody in to start on the absolute mess the Club is in.

  6. fourstonecoppi on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 26TH MARCH 2021 12:05 PM


    is it possible that Celtic’s owner is of the mind that the huns need a period of domination to consolidate their finances to ensure the long term survival of the Old Firm, without which his game plan of gaining entry to the EPL is doomed?



    Interesting and would not put it past this board but which manager would accept such failure?. Unless it was a



  7. squire danaher on

    FOURSTONECOPPI on 26TH MARCH 2021 12:11 PM



    B Rodgers eventually thought enough was enough

  8. ‘One more for the captain.’



    Sounds like motivation enough, you might think.



    However, with this team. who underachieved so disastrously this season, it would be a major surprise if they did.



    The one steading influence on the pitch will be gone soon and God help us.

  9. The time I think is right for Broony to move on. His contribution to Celtic will stand the test of time. Best of luck, Scott.



    It’s a bit disconcerting that Scott has maybe opted for the security of a two year contract at Aberdeen because no one at Celtic is currently in a position to tell him what will be happening at Celtic in two months time yet alone two years.



    We continue to drift towards next season.



    As for the Cup, I’m surprised by the number of fans that seem not to care and want the season done. It’s a tournament we must win for me and I’m looking forward to it although admittedly this current squad look a long way off winning it.

  10. Paul



    You will remember during the transfer saga Scott was touted as part of a double act at that time with a guy who went on to be a Rangers squad player before slipping down the leagues whose only claim o fame was giving away a rash penalty to us and then feigning injury.



    Murrays taunt was that Diedco had the better of the deal . Like most things that with Murray that turned out to be spin and lies.



    I am sure Scott will echo Jock Steins words. Celtic may not have been his first love, but it will be his last.

  11. Garngad to Croy on

    Scott Brown the 10 men equalizer at Ibrox. A fine memory and a great day out, with thanks to a dear friend who gifted me a spare that day.

  12. I don’t know if the board conspired to ‘lose out’ on 10iar, or not. If they did they would have needed the players on board – surely an unlikely, if not an incredible proposition?



    I don’t know if it was the players who just ‘downed tools’ this season – did an unsettled core infect the whole squad? – if so, will the reason(s) ever be known?



    But what I do know, is that if Scottish football ever permanently lost one of the “big two’, it would be doomed. The ‘big two’, notice no ‘old firm’ from me, each represent 40% of the money generated. They attract sponsorship & TV contracts because of their ‘special’ rivalry, and of course their travelling support pour tens of thousands of pounds into the coffers of other Scottish clubs.



    So should one of the ‘big two’ ever be rendered defunct, over time all other clubs outwith the remaining ‘big one” would probably have to go part-time, and/or, employ low grade players to the detriment of the league.



    Ergo, common sense says that the ‘big two’ should be mindful of the other’s welfare – there is mutual dependence. A move to another more lucrative and competitive arena would require the ‘big two’ to come as a ‘package’ – anyone who disputes this is burying their head in the sand.



    All very well – but the Ibrox club don’t play the game fairly – their long-standing win at all costs and under any circumstances philosophy is supported by a fan base held together by sectarianism.



    There lies the conundrum for Celtic, it’s officers and supporters.

  13. On the debate about Roy Keane, has anybody thought that perhaps he has been interviewed and has came out with a progressive plan in which he ticks all the boxes for a modern club who need to invest in the future. It is also a matter of record that the english MSM give gerrard a much higher profile than any normal sevco manager and so Keane would also raise more interest in England, where DD wants to be

  14. MURSHEEN on 26TH MARCH 2021 1:08 PM



    At an interview, surely the CV will be looked at too. I bet there are better managers than Keane that won’t even get to the interview stage.



    I’ve seen a few justifications on here for Keane – “Sticking it up to the media”, “raising our profile”, “no time for slackers” etc but I’ve not seen one convincing footballing argument and surely that has to be the number one criteria.

  15. squire danaher on




    “A move to another more lucrative and competitive arena would require the ‘big two’ to come as a ‘package’ – anyone who disputes this is burying their head in the sand.”






    Had Celtic been sufficiently ruthless and looking after our own interests after 2011, there would no longer have BEEN a ‘big two’.



    The Absentee Landlord would have got his EPL desires had he the inclination to pursue it, and there would’ve been no Huns to terrorise the general population.

  16. Desmondos dream of playing in the EPL or a merged UK league may not be so far away as people think, lots of serious proposals emerging around in the football world on merged leagues, the financial toll from Covid affecting football clubs world wide giving serious concerns, what was once unthinkable…………..



    Infantino upbeat about a possible U.S.-Mexico merged leaguehttps://uk.yahoo.com › sports › news › infantino-upbea…


    7 days ago — FIFA president Gianni Infantino says a merger between Mexico’s Liga MX and Major League Soccer (MLS) would be seen positively by the game’s



    Football clubs in Belgium vote to merge with Dutch league …https://www.euronews.com › News › Sport


    16 Mar 2021 — Belgium’s leading football clubs have supported a proposal to merge their league with the Netherlands. The Belgian Pro League has …

  17. Sad to see Scott Brown going.


    We’re going to need some big characters brought in this summer.



    DESSYBHOY, I agree.



    I actually believe that Nicola Sturgeon was guilty of subconscious bias in how she reacted to us and Sevco. The contrast in how she reacted was stark. Absolutely bealin when it was us, but not so later on. She should be made aware of that

  18. Res12 aficionados will recognise the name of Andrea Traverso, alarming levels of club debt



    Describing Covid-19 as an “unprecedented and unforeseen disruption”, Traverso laid out the extent of the crisis that, he said, had “affected football at all levels.”



    “The ability for many clubs to operate in current circumstances – in particular to continue to pay wages and transfer fees – has become very challenging,” he said.



    “Match day revenues, broadcasting and sponsorship revenue streams have been affected, causing widespread liquidity shortfalls.



    “For the first time, club football revenues are shrinking and we are yet to understand the direct fallout on most clubs and national associations and indirect results of changed consumer behaviour.”



    Devastating picture



    Traverso said that transfer activity had dropped 40 per cent during the summer window and 56 per cent in January, leaving “clubs who relied on a steady stream of transfer profit to balance their books particularly exposed.



    “This had most heavily affected clubs in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Balkans. 200 hitherto profitable clubs had moved into what he termed “loss-making territory.”



    “Current FFP regulations are not adapted to current circumstances,” he said.



    “It is necessary to address these issues with a new approach. We need to act now and in full unity in order to restore confidence in the market and to better equip European football for the future.”



    Future of FFP



    Traverso pointed to the temporary relaxation of FFP UEFA introduced last March and said “it remained to be seen” whether they would continue into the future, or if “new adjustments were needed.”



    Pointing at speculation in the Italian media this week that suggested UEFA was prepared to ditch FFP altogether, Traverso said that this was just “speculating.”



    Club structures have become more and more complex, with subsidiaries and holding companies based in different territories


    “The solution obviously is not easy,” he said. “You can imagine you have to deal with more than 700 clubs in 55 different territories.



    “These situations are very different between the territories and also within one country. The situations are very heterogeneous. So in this respect, we have to be very careful. We have to analyse the situations in there. And we have, of course, to consult with all the stakeholders and then – and only then – a decision would be taken.”

  19. Scott Brown a true legend.



    Playing in an position that never achieves its rightfull plaudits by the many. As time has moved forward a lot more people appreciate the position that Scott made his own.



    A great player/captain/team mate/employee.



    Thanks Scott and good luck on the next part of your journey in life.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  20. I suggested Keane would put refs and media in their place but I also advocated him having a modern, pro-active assistant.



    Like Queiroz was with Ferguson at Man U. That caveat was clear from the beginning.

  21. Talk of Barry Robson…………..



    I always liked him – do you think we could hire him back for a bit?



    Could he be our “Attitude Coach” or something?




  22. squire danaher on

    LIONROARS67 on 26TH MARCH 2021 1:21 PM



    I understand the logic but – although my earlier comments may suggest otherwise re: DD aspirations – cross border leagues are a non starter.



    If you have a e.g Holland-Belgium super league, the top teams there will eventually agitate for a merger with the Bundesliga or Ligue 1. Austria/Swiss the same.



    Ultimately this would take power away from individual federations and UEFA.



    The inevitable end game is a European Super League outwith the remit of UEFA whose Champions League model will be a busted flush.



    Can’t and won’t happen.

  23. MARTIM1980 on 26TH MARCH 2021 11:00 AM



    There is no direct correlation to being a Celtic supporter/Irish descent/Catholic and voting for the SNP.



    i think that has changed Martim if you look at voting since labour turned there back on their core support.



    and one thing the Celtic sypporter/ irish descent/Catholic has never been us pro unionist.


    however keep fighting your cause,in labour its lost..

  24. Martim………It’s a nice thought……….



    Big Timmed-up Celtic manager….( with a great *pedigree)……


    but he ain’t putting the media in its place or sorting out the Refs…………..






    The meeja would be selling tickets to niggle him and dig him up………Sleekitry would be re-defined.


    The refs would have a field day and Roy The Bhoy would set a world record for watching games from the stand. He’d eventually have enough blow up and head back to his Cheshire mock Tudor…….







  25. Amazing to think we were almost all in agreement that he wasn’t a central midfielder and that he would be best played on the right flank.



    Also amazing that the Broonie first saw the light of day ten years ago. Just goes to show how long he’s been the dominant player in Scottish football.



    That he didn’t take the easy option at the end of the season says a lot about his attitude. Hopefully that mentality will translate into success in his new career as a coach.

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