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You could make an argument that last night’s game was the most important of the season. A win away to Hearts, bereft of captain, top striker and creative fulcrum is statement football.

It says we have the wherewithal in the squad to overcome what continues to be a campaign plagued by plague, among other things.

Yesterday we spoke about the need for new leaders.  Matt O’Riley, Reo Hatate and Giorgos Giakomakis stepped forward.  They will continue to improve as Ange Postecoglou shapes the team.

We are far from certain of winning this league, but it well take an exceptional side to stop us.

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  1. I can’t remember when we had this much quality throughout the squad.



    We also have a very good Celtic manager

  2. PAUL ….



    if Rangers win this league they will be far from exceptional…..what with the favours being doled out every week from the brethern in the middle allowing assualts on our players and a helping hand with their ….. decisions to the benefit of one club…….



    On the other hand IF, we win this league that would truly be exceptional with New manager , New recruits , massive injury list and the obvious biased ( cheatin) refs…….



    COYBIG 🟩⬜🟨☘⚽🍻

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  4. Ange should look at Ross County winger Charles Cooke he has scored 9 goals which is good for a winger ,could be a good addition also a good replacement for James Forrest

  5. Matt O’Riley with a flawless 45 mins was one of the best debuts i have witnessed since Reo’s debut last week

  6. An exceptional side ………or……… a side which gets lots of penalties awarded, does not get penalties given against them, gets one red card in over 2 years (which becomes the source of public attack an a referee), has many red cards given to opponents………………………………………I could go on.



    Get the points on Saturday and play them off the park next week Celtic.

  7. Here on CQN last night , I said I thought Bitton was doing a great job as stand-in captain (though personally I think Hart is a much stronger candidate). He was playing well and was right in there when things were kicking off after the Jota challenge.



    Second half, he started to revert to the Bitton of old. The one when you watch knowing he is going to make a daft mistake. He could have been red carded last night for a silly hand ball (not the penalty one) and needless fouls when we were under the cosh.



    He needs to think more clearly when the pressure is on instead of letting the “anger” mist cloud his judgement.

  8. With a full compliment of players,we could have taken off Hatate,O Riley,Gio,Forrest,and put on,Rogic,Calmac,Kyoto,Maeda last night.Just think on that.Even Scales or Jullien ,in defence.


    This is what Ange is building toward.Incredible vision and know how.I am leaving out Turnbull and Gucci there as well.


    Such a pity we have been decimated by injuries.

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    Outstanding first half from Celtic, strength of character and will to win saw us through a tough second half.


    Great result at what is almost always challenging and always full of vile hostility.


    Game had hardly started before the Paedo chants began. No mention of this by the commentary team or other media outlets.



    If we can beat the hun twice at Celtic park and draw at “the pox” , the league will be ours.

  10. Garngad to Croy on

    Excellent result and performance especially in the 1st half, there were a lot of tired and bruised legs after 60 minutes but the Bhoys did well to see out the game.

  11. P67 — the other side of your article is that we still have enough ability / talent in the squad to play teams like hertz off the park?



    No need for the captain / main goal threat / most creative player.



    The only issue from last night is that we can only give it full throttle for 60 minutes until the lungs give out and the legs get a bit sore from all the opposition clogging.



    We still need to ask for more from the team / squad.



    AP — More flexibility when playing it out from the back — keeps the opposition on their toes.


    AP — More front foot substitutions / not waiting until players are out on their feet.



    JH — More effort to come off his line / command his box.


    CCV + CS — More effort to keep it positive and hold onto your confidence.


    JJ — Play the simple game with a bit more focus.



    GT — More speed and more focus / the step is working so it can be done.


    NB — More NT style effort.


    CMcG — Learn how to tackle.


    TR — Keep it calm and less huffing when it goes wrong.


    IS + JMcC — More effort in training and admit the SPL can be tough at times.



    GG — Keep plugging away / effort is rewarded in the SPL.


    MJ — Learn to play the team game.


    JF — Chase everything / stop giving up too easily / play your original game.


    LA — Learn the wing game to add to your natural striker stuff.



    The improvements are there just a case that it can be a bit patchy.


    NB really stretching the game / his game last night was the stand out.


    Never seen him do it before — seeing the space / opportunity and really going for it.

  12. It’s a return to league action for the Celts this weekend as they welcome Dundee United to Celtic Park on Saturday, January 29 (KO 3pm).



    It’s a sold-out game, but you can still catch every kick of the ball and enjoy all the live match action from the comfort of home, with StreamDigital’s pay-per-view service available to buy online now, priced £12.99.

  13. As a longtime admirer of Forrest, I am starting to wonder if he will ever get back to his best. Seems to be just that bit slower and that bit less deadly with everything he does. Reminds me a bit of Sinclair’s last season when I was willing him to come good every time he appeared but the spark seemed to have gone.

  14. I thought G Mak really stepped up last night against 2 physical CBs,he gives us a different type of striker,i thought him and Jota looked really sharp after a long time out.

  15. garygillespieshamstring on

    I’m afraid it is starting to look like James Forrest’s days as a top player for us are numbered unless there is a sea change in his performances.


    At the moment, Maeda and Jota are way ahead of him for the wide positions, both in terms of getting past players in attacking positions and work rate out of possession.



    Hard to see him starting too often if he can’t up his game to fit into the system.



    At the moment, fighting with Abada for sub spot imo.

  16. Celtic v Raith Rovers Scottish Cup tie,moved to Sunday 13th February, 4pm ko,live on Premier Sports



    You are correct about Bitton. Very lucky to stay on the park.


    He’s learned nothing in 9 years and never a captain.

  18. Reo & Matt, on last night’s first-half performance will be difficult to leave out. With Calmac, Rogic, Turnbull, Gucci, Bitton & McCarthy available, we are well-served. Four centre-backs available when Jullien finally returns – good news. Tony & Jura at right-back – Taylor & Scales on the left – more good news.



    What do we still need?



    A fourth striker – maybe Kenny will step up?



    Cover for Jota & Forrest(still short of his best)



    Who knows maybe Ange has a couple of loans lined up from down south.



    Like to see Barkas,Ajeti, Boli & Soro moved on in this window.



    Hope is building!!!

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    Thought Biton played well in parts but agree that his continued failure to realise that his actions will cause us harm just does not go away.


    James Forest has been a great servant to Celtic but looks a shadow of his former self.

  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Last night was epic. All 3 of those guys, plus all the others were superb.



    Problem we have is that the huns are just as consistent as we are. Our record in the last 15 games is W13 D2 L0. There’s is W12 D3 L0.



    If we had our full squad available for next week I would fully back us to beat them. However, as you saw last night, we don’t have enough strength on the bench to adequately replace tiring players. We consistently fade in the last half hour. That’s where the huns will see their opportunity.



    If we win next week we go on to win the league. It’s still 60/40 in their favour.

  21. A Couple of comments about Bitton ,correct he really hasn’t learnt from his many mistakes,but to give him a bit of praise his last few games he has been very good,was he playing in the same position last night or did Ange change his slot,and personally he should have been giving a second yellow not once but twice ,I think O ,Riley saved him from being sent off which led to Hertz penalty and again we looked a tired team late in the second half.

  22. In my defence of Taylor last night.I am not blinkered.If there is someone better to take his place,get him in.Maybe Scales,I don’t know.That’s just it,nobody knows..I think Scales,for his height could do the job.Ange likes Taylor because he does the job he wants.If and when he finds someone better,he will be in.


    Until then,just get off his back.No use saying you trust Ange,then criticizing his selections.

  23. Great result last night and I was mighty proud of the team!


    But, for me, there is one one question that has to be asked.


    Has James Forrest lost his appetite?


    Don’t get me wrong, I know the James of old was capable of winning games on his own but now he very rarely hits the byeline and when the opposition play out from the back, or at a throw in, he stands in no man’s land, looking lost.


    He then waits till his opposite number, with all the space in the world, receives a pass before flapping his wings to go and intercept but by the time he gets there the ball is long gone!


    I don’t expect him to make tackles which he is not capable of but at least he should make it difficult for his opposite number to receive a free pass!



    Hail! Hail!



  24. NB and his brain fart.



    He was saved from a 2nd yellow by a MIB who knew that if he was sent off there would be more scrutiny on his other decisions and the general battle royale tactics from hertz that he was happy to allow and if required treat leniently.



    We should be going over last night’s game highlighting the stamps / kicks / rakes that the hertz players were handing out on a regular basis.



    The stamp on GG’s Achilles was particularly bad and worthy of further consideration.



    The MIB are happy to let us win as long as we pay a physical price.


    Eventually the injuries by way of on-field assaults will hurt our performance.



    They are playing the long game.

  25. I thought Bitton was outstanding in the first half last night, but i think he struggled when Reo and Matt tired after about an hour….we lost the MF after that IMO

  26. This is what does my


    Nut in.Now they come on after an epic win,and 3 of the players getting criticized .That’s Taylor,Jamesy,and now Biton,one of the top 3 players on the park.


    Why,just why do you have to do it?.


    Can’t be arsed.

  27. Some of our build up play is a joy to watch …. all that is lacking is a more regular killer touch and this will come with time , this time next year we will walk through the Jambos 3 or 4 comfortably.

  28. Recent games seem to be following a pattern. We dominate, creating and missing lots of chances. The opposition create few chances but still manage to score.

  29. TB @ 1.38



    Epic win …



    Against a second rate hertz team?


    I fear you hit the hyperbole all too easily.



    Our first half performance deserved 3 or 4 goals.


    Therefore we have work to do.



    Better to greet now than after the TFOD2.1 have won the league.


    Have you learned nothing from last season?

  30. AN TEARMANN on 27TH JANUARY 2022 1:29 PM


    Folks if I may,remember them and the genocide.



    Holocaust memorial day.



    God bless all who perished at the hand of hatred
















    It’s difficult to find words to adequately describe the sheer, naked, unbridled evil of the Nazis towards the Jews and certain minority groups like the Roma and homosexuals. I’ve read and watched books, newspaper accounts and watched countless TV programmes about it. I’ve visited the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Centre in Berlin built on the site of the destroyed Gestapo headquarters. It often leaves me in tears and It also leaves me in a rage.



    However, what I find really inspirational is the individual stories of those who survived. How they coped with the loss of their families and friends and made lives for themselves in countries throughout the world.



    I know that millions of people around the world share my views but when you watch the news and pay attention to what’s going on in the world, the right wing is on the rise at home and abroad and there are new Nazis of whom we must be wary.



    We must never let this happen again.

  31. Westcraigs


    We can hardly blame the team for conceding an offside goal and a non-penalty. I agree that we need to convert more chances.



    Refs definitely influence games.



    We’re not paranoid enough.

  32. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Re. the MIBS – SMSM all over them.



    Any marginal/“controversial” decision in Celtic’s favour is scrutinised to the nth degree.



    Throw Crawford in to the mix and you can see why the MIBS don’t want to do their jobs properly. It also helps their team.

  33. I empathise with you TURKEYBHOY @ 1.38


    Some of the posters doth protest too much. what would it be like if we had drawn!!



    Nice one Giakou , nice one son, nice one Giakou, let’s have another one!



    Timbhoy163 @12.25 – Good shout on Charlie Cooke. Always good to have wingers in a squad.

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