Leaders found


You could make an argument that last night’s game was the most important of the season. A win away to Hearts, bereft of captain, top striker and creative fulcrum is statement football.

It says we have the wherewithal in the squad to overcome what continues to be a campaign plagued by plague, among other things.

Yesterday we spoke about the need for new leaders.  Matt O’Riley, Reo Hatate and Giorgos Giakomakis stepped forward.  They will continue to improve as Ange Postecoglou shapes the team.

We are far from certain of winning this league, but it well take an exceptional side to stop us.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    What a carve up.






    Met: We are NOT investigating


    Civil Service (CS): We are


    CS: We’re making progress


    Met: Can we see?


    Met: We’re now investigating


    CS: We’re ready to publish


    Met: hang on. We’d rather you didn’t.




    Outcome: The can successfully kicked.




    Beware the three “P”s.



    Interactions between any 2 (or more) of Press, Police & Politicians routinely reek of corruption, self-interest, and a total lack of self awareness.

  2. Three comments on big win over Hearts:



    I. Love Jota’s reactions during Reo’s goal.


    2. Loved how the Celtic players all rushed in to protect a fellow Celt when they were assaulted.


    3. Would love Matt O’Reilly to opt for Ireland.

  3. scullybhoy


    Point 2 i agree however we had 2 booked in that incident, Taylor and Jota when it looked as if Devlin was trying to twist his knee.

  4. watched the highlights of hearts game and never really took in the after goal scoring celebrations ( to busy celebrating myself 😁😁) watching live …


    After the two goal scorers celebrate and take the plaudits from team mates ,they are straight over to Ange … This whole squad is really together ..


    Up The Hoops

  5. DESSYBHOY on 28TH JANUARY 2022 10:35 AM


    Breaking News?






    Don’t be a tease Dessbhoy, tell us

  6. How can the Met interfere with an ‘independent ‘ report? Saying they want ‘minimal reference ‘ to the parties? WTF….

  7. As a younger bhoy I would often spend the summer vacation, doing what was called InterRailing round europe, basically travel round cheaply by train. I think the ticket was about 90 quid and you could travel everywhere in Europe for a month at a time.. We usually kipped on the trains to save even more money for beer and the occasional bit of food. One year while going through Germany we did the Dachau visit. Incredible experience that lives with me forever. In fact I lifted a wee stone from the ground which sits on my desk at a home as a reminder.


    The thing was they had several foreign language films narrating actual footage from the camp- we misjudged our times and sat thru the german one first, obvs, yer man’s insane ranting was not dubbed into english but it was all the more chilling and horrible for that. never forget it. Horrible, nutcase huns.



    Every German I’ve met or worked with since has been brand new but they can be incredibly officious when at work and obsessed with status, rank and supriority.

  8. hi Bankie..



    once they are told that where ever I stand is Scotland …



    smiley they are as good as gold thing




  9. My friends in Celtic,



    Many of us were ridiculed and classed as conspiracy theory nutters when we urged caution over the draconian emergency powers in Scotland. We stated that once they have the power they would be reluctant to part with it.



    And so it comes to pass.



    A bill is being prepared to keep them.


    Sweeping powers that subjugate the people. Powers that make the OB act seem trivial.



    A poignant reminder yesterday with powerful and vivid CQN stories of what can happen when authoritarian and extreme nationalism entwine.


    How can some of us class ourselves as Rebels, when we meekly accept.



    Be wary , be very wary.




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