Learning to punch like Dutch and Portuguese sellers


Josip Juranovic, who was recently mentioned as a target for Atletico Madrid and Chelsea, is reported by Sky Sports to be heading to Monza, currently 15th in Serie A, for around £7m.  It is neither the move nor the fee I was hoping for Josip.  His spectacular World Cup performances, especially in the quarter final win over Brazil, had me expecting he would move on for a more substantial fee and to a tier one club.

Celtic put the For Sale sign up for Josip since before he headed to Qatar, unusually announcing they were unable to agree a new contract for a player with 3.5 years left on his current deal.  He was given the responsibility of going to-to-toe with Neymar, a test he passed with merit.  Still, there are no big bidders.

Despite the balance on his contract, with his replacement already starting at right back (and looking like an upgrade), we are at peak value for Josip, so should move him on.  Potential buyers will be less keen to cough up a large fee if he has been playing backup or putting in mixed performances at left back.

The fee is less of a disappointment than the lack of interest from a top club.  Kieran Tierney remains the only player to have left Celtic to a genuinely wealthy side since Henrik (Lyon were close).  Kieran, a genuine talent, has had mixed success in London and his most often second choice left back at Arsenal.  This is not helpful to Celtic.

For Celtic’s business model to flourish, we need to punch the same weight as Dutch and Portuguese sellers.  If you are a pathway to Arsenal, Barcelona or once-removed to Liverpool (Virgil), you find it easier and cheaper to recruit players with potential.  To make any of this possible, Champions League results are necessary, performances SPFL just don’t count.  There is a lot of work ahead.

Should Premiership teams play Sweet Georgia Brown when Connor Goldson walks out of their tunnel?  If you know, you know.  Sunday’s ‘arms by his side’ nonsense at Tannadice was the worst yet.

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The SFA are now using the GAA Rulebook, Where hand blocking tackles and the hand pass are an integral part of the game.

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    BIG Jimmy @ 12.39


    Agreed with you about Steve Ellis…very good singer.My late sister’s favourite group.

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Two other recruits Miss Prestonpans and my brother, may be another lass but depends where the Ayr bus parks…..



    The SFA are now using the GAA Rulebook, Where hand blocking tackles and the hand pass are an integral part of the game.




    I remember us coming unstuck against Rangers around 1990 when ex GAA player Anton Rogan palmed the ball away , way over his head , and gave them a penalty

  5. bournesouprecipe on




    The longer it goes on, the more exposed VAR becomes with every game, you can’t defend the indefensible. There are very few if any Celtic supporters daft enough, not to know that they are being cheated, regardless of who Sevco play, they are Celtic’s closest rival.



    SMSM are delighting in their newly created mess of handball rules, where there is Sevco handball, and handball for the rest, wait till you see their offside interpretation.



    Apparently 33 years to yesterday’s date Steven McLean the referee was the Rainjurz mascot against Dundee Utd.



    You couldn’t make it up CSC

  6. Kick Off Times



    After planning a pub crawl with my pal before/after the game at Hampden this Saturday; I realised the game is 5.30 not 3pm.



    If we get extra time and pens, I’ll have to march promptly from Hampden to to town and head for airport.


    That cuts out a trip to the Vicky Bar!!!



    The week after, we have moved from 3pm to 12.15 for cooncil telly. I had planned a few pints with BRRB pre match but likely to be a quick meet up in Central!



    3pm is the perfect time for a game – someone clever obviously worked that out eons ago. Socrates or some other player

  7. I saw the reference to brother McLean the mascot yesterday. He’ll be on the after dinner circuit for the hun clubs before long.

  8. Prestonpans bhoys on




    I read somewhere that the mascot thing was said on…………Rangers TV!

  9. bournesouprecipe on




    Yes it was, but not on air and was a reply from them to a Sevco supporter.

  10. Defensively, at least, Johnston looks better than Juranovic, which makes us stronger for next years champions league coming out of this window.



    Every sale and every purchase we make must be with improved performance in the CL in mind. We have a CL quality manager, we need to roll the dice on finding better than most of our squad if we can find buyers at decent prices for them

  11. Happy Birthday CORKCELT – hope you’re having a grand day….



    Aff oot



    Hail Hail

  12. Garngad to Croy on

    With the lower offer than expected for JJ which looks likely to be accepted and the lowball offers now going in for our signing targets there seems to be a recent change in our signing policy (can’t think why?)

  13. Juranovic has never struck me as a very good RB.Very adequate would be more in line.When a big,raw,but very determined,Tony,can keep you out the team,says it all.What would Tony be worth ?,yet when he plays,does anyone miss JJ.AJ has come in seamlessly.I would have though the price would be nearer 10 million,but looking at it,realistically,if we can sell JJ,and Gio for 11 million,and have Johnston,and the Korean boy,for 4 million,what’s not to like.Age does come into it.If we can get the Korean that is.Should be able to.


    Ange has told us how it will work.Just have to go with the main man.

  14. JJ was found out in the Champions League this season, Leipzig attacked us down our right side and scored two goals at Celtic Park. The lightning fast Shakhtar left winger left JJ in his slipstream home and away to score the two goals in both 1-1 each draws. Sakala’s speed left him floundering at Ibrox last week , in my opinion he is a pretty good player going forward but defensively suspect against wingers with pace.


    I did hope that we would have got an 8 figure fee after his World cup exploits but quite honestly I think Johnstone will prove to be an upgrade eventually and will add some height to our defence.


    In Ange I trust.

  15. I think Johnston could be an upgrade on JJ.Never a great defender as we all witnessed at Ibrox last year,when caught ball watching,allowing Kent to get way behind him for their goal.Not running the guy down.Just think we will not notice a great difference when he goes.And millions for new players,who Ange thinks,will.

  16. JJs big strength is going forward.9 times out of 10,with Croatia,he is played like a right winger.Really high up,as they play with a 3 at the back.Whatever,wish him all the best.Been a success for us,all round.

  17. No matter what happens with our two,let’s get the Korean boy in ASAP,before some struggling EPL mob come in for him.

  18. Hopefully learning to punch like the Portuguese only includes their transfer dealings






    We could certainly learn from them when it comes to timing the sales of their best players. They bought Nunez for €24m and sold him two years later for €85. It looks like they’re about to sell Enzo Fernandez for €100m+ six months after signing him for €10 rising to €18m (for 75% of his economic rights)



    In order to break the ceiling price for players from the SPL Paul67 is spot on, they need be showcased in the CL, but we also need to start signing better prospects players for higher transfer fees to be moved on quickly. The only way to generate the funds to pay those fees and the increased wages they’ll demand is to make more money from player sales. We have a progressive manager who seems to see this big picture, but just as importantly we seem to have a recruitment department capable of finding talent from all over the world.



    A couple of 30-40m players could open the door for some consistent punching.

  19. bigrailroadblues on



    All welcome for the Vicky Bar on Saturday. Make sure your daughter has her credit card to buy her Dad, Uncle and impoverished BRRB plenty beer.




    You really must sort out your social diary. 😂


    I’ll see you outside Paradise before the Morton game to return season book. Boooooo. 😂

  20. TurkeyBhoy and MMCCARTNEY – on JJ, I agree with both of you. He rarely plays at his best for us and looks well short of CL standards.


    Croatia system may suit him better or maybe he is just more motivated to play for his country than his club?



    AJ looks promising so far . . . and big Tony rarely lets us down.

  21. I have a few pairs of old tatty gardening gloves that I can take along to the next Huns game and let big Connor have them , suggest the same for any folks with a bit of spring cleaning coming up.



    Re VAR watch this weekend, the big Killie oaf who kept falling down ; why wasn’t he booked for diving in the first minute or so when it got referred back to VAR, not seen any playback on it but it looked as clear a dive as you’ll see , from my vantage point in the North Stand




  22. BRRB



    All the best things come to a (temporary) end!



    I’ll be wearing a green and white scarf in a rakish style.



    Can’t miss me

  23. 7m seems low. Was really hoping 10m+



    Happy REAL birthday Corkcelt and it would appear the MOD is a real person and also has a birthday today.

  24. Just received a tweet from Daily Record which disappeared within a minute from my phone saying that Rangers are set to battle Celtic for signature of Cho.



    Naked attempt to push up the price?

  25. bigrailroadblues on

    Coneybhoy 4.15


    Aye indeed, the Dublin Rake. You won’t be able to miss me either. Red hair, eyes and nose with a bad attitude. 😂



    BIG Jimmy @ 12.39



    Agreed with you about Steve Ellis…very good singer.My late sister’s favourite group.



    *aye up there with Steve Marriott, it’s one of the highlights of the “Belfast” movie, that and watching Caitríona Balfe dance to it.

  27. GENE on 9TH JANUARY 2023 4:45 PM


    Gareth Bale retires at 33




    Didn’t know he played cricket, oh wait…..

  28. You mean Bale isn’t going to Ibrox? Perfect place for him to pick up a salary for enjoying a few months of physio.

  29. I think this team does better with proper #9 holding the ball up and getting on the end of crosses. Kyogo is not good outside the 18yard box and play breaks down. We played much better 2nd half when gia came on.



    In terms of strikers available , I’d take casper tungstedt before the Korean – he has the lot for a 6ft player



    finally and for the 5th transfer window – I’d like a proper physical left back – bernabei won’t make it and Taylor is too wee for the position (defensively only) .



    thot Mayo looked great against maeda – pity he can play on the left

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