Learning to punch like Dutch and Portuguese sellers


Josip Juranovic, who was recently mentioned as a target for Atletico Madrid and Chelsea, is reported by Sky Sports to be heading to Monza, currently 15th in Serie A, for around £7m.  It is neither the move nor the fee I was hoping for Josip.  His spectacular World Cup performances, especially in the quarter final win over Brazil, had me expecting he would move on for a more substantial fee and to a tier one club.

Celtic put the For Sale sign up for Josip since before he headed to Qatar, unusually announcing they were unable to agree a new contract for a player with 3.5 years left on his current deal.  He was given the responsibility of going to-to-toe with Neymar, a test he passed with merit.  Still, there are no big bidders.

Despite the balance on his contract, with his replacement already starting at right back (and looking like an upgrade), we are at peak value for Josip, so should move him on.  Potential buyers will be less keen to cough up a large fee if he has been playing backup or putting in mixed performances at left back.

The fee is less of a disappointment than the lack of interest from a top club.  Kieran Tierney remains the only player to have left Celtic to a genuinely wealthy side since Henrik (Lyon were close).  Kieran, a genuine talent, has had mixed success in London and his most often second choice left back at Arsenal.  This is not helpful to Celtic.

For Celtic’s business model to flourish, we need to punch the same weight as Dutch and Portuguese sellers.  If you are a pathway to Arsenal, Barcelona or once-removed to Liverpool (Virgil), you find it easier and cheaper to recruit players with potential.  To make any of this possible, Champions League results are necessary, performances SPFL just don’t count.  There is a lot of work ahead.

Should Premiership teams play Sweet Georgia Brown when Connor Goldson walks out of their tunnel?  If you know, you know.  Sunday’s ‘arms by his side’ nonsense at Tannadice was the worst yet.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    Goodnight all from Heraghtys. I must away to Inisfree before Mrs BRRB catches me…

  2. SAINT STIVS on 9TH JANUARY 2023 8:24 PM



    Anthony Stokes


    Craig Gordon


    Steven Presley


    Paul Hartley


    Mo Johnston

  3. I’d rather have the casper lad than the Korean boy – celtic board will fancy the Korean for marketing purposes tho!

  4. Whit? It’s January 9th and we’ve already got 3 players in the door!



    One played in the derby the day after the window opened

  5. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Happy birthday, mines tomorrow, the best are born at this time of the year 😉

  6. I don’t recall Kenny missed winning a cup with us or le petite merfe winning one with them



    Shout out for stokes did he score for both us and hibs.



    Did Henderson make a cup final squad for us ?

  7. In my 20+ years downunder, I’ve moved house a few times.


    IME, most estate agents come in and assure you they can get a healthy market price.


    Often, there’s an outlier agent who believes they can get considerably better than that.


    And their belief does prove to be the difference in the sell price attained.


    Yes, there’s that old adage that a house is only worth what the market will pay for it.


    But in my experience, the way the sale is profiled; the way the market is educated to perceive the property and the way prospective buyers are handled and persuaded as they consider a buy, can make a very big difference.


    If Jura teams up with Silvio BungaBunga, it suggests our club may need a better player marketing capability.


    I think most of us believe that JJ is a 10mill player – but IMO not much more given this age, lapses and likely sell-on potential.


    Remember, we only got 1mill for Chris Jullien and nothing for the clutch of 6 free transfers we’ve let go in the last 2 years.


    Plus, we still have the challenges of the asset/loaners like Hazard, Montgomery, Johnston, Urhogide, Scales and Shaw to sell back to the market.






    Btw; Happy birthday Corkcelt

  8. Oh and btw, nice Celtic TV interview Tomoki. Welcome to Celtic.



    Looks like the lad already speaks a smattering of English.



    Now, get yerself off to Taylor Fergusons for a wee bit aff the sides, eh ;)

  9. Back to basics way ages ago.:-)



    B2B-Respectfully – why did you cut and paste this rubbish word for word onto the blog?



    AT- of course-to read,to shed light,closest there is to an error on each line,to look at the English used,to ask why more and more shill comment is behind paywalls,this one is.its about week4 and now its networking out into dailys and evening shitewipes.


    Showing it as an example of English without memory(2012) it all changed after that.



    B2bThe rag in question does not have a good word to say about our club.



    AT-Do point me to which rag has a good word to say of Celtic? Man in know back at our foundin?



    B2b-The rule Britannia brigade are the target demographic – not us.-



    AT- if so b2b its online behind a paywall? You learn a lot of them in the english used,how narratives are attempted,seeds planted so they can mix shite at some future date,as i said you already see how Ange has their fake establishment tales riled



    B2bAnd the named hack is a well known idiot of several years.



    AT-Keep shining a light on the idiot then,



    B2bApologies to An T for earlier singling out.



    AT- lol no need(dinnae be daft),i have no probs.;-)



    B2B-On reading back – my tone more aggressive than intended.



    AT- i would maybe know bout the use of aggressive English 😇 yir fine😇😇😇(dunno if enough lol)



    B2b-Joe McHugh at Video Celts is trodding the same path this morning.



    AT – noo you are been offensive.:-))) gee thanks!






    AT- you ok? Dont be falling asleep at the wheel!



    B2b-Why bother providing vital oxygen to the former Daily R@nger tea boy?



    AT i didnt post it on a Celtic site to give oxygen to an ex reporter,its the english used,bogus narratives been set,hunsgoodCellicshite,all written as tho 2012 didnt happen.we have plenty of matching shoit on Celtic sites.



    Take care,thought the dr.julia post more pertinant




  10. bournesouprecipe on

    VAR summit next week it is then.



    League to explain why all Sevco penalties are part of a new hand ball rule change and every other hand ball in Scotland shall since VAR was introduced wasn’t



    NoLaughingattheback CSC

  11. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes to the Bhoys that I haven’t already thanked, no more please as I’m going to bed and won’t be around to respond.


    God Bless All, ye are a great bunch .

  12. glendalystonsils on



    VAR summit next week it is then.



    Crawford Allan , Shug Dallas and Kenny Clark as technical advisers to the discussion? Mibbe Jim Traynor taking minutes?

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An T.



    Lol. Cheers.



    Opened your link.



    Saw the clip was 6½ minutes.


    (Normally beyond my attention span)



    Started watching. Couldn’t stop.



    Compelling, informed and passionate.



    One observation – she is fighting the good fight against a powerful and influential enemy.



    Whereas some of ours are spluttering indignantly about the opinions of assorted halfwits whose platforms used to project their silliness have shrunk 90% in 25 years.



    DR, ET, Hootsman, Herald plus others?



    We know exactly what they are going to say about our club before they even say it.



    As for the hacks and ex-pros?



    Trained monkeys paid peanuts.

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