Leaving out the loaners paying dividends


It was a performance of unfettered gallus-ness from Celtic at Pittodrie yesterday as the champions finished off a perfect week by extending their lead at the top of the table, albeit by goal difference.

Derek McInnes must have pondered his wisdom in rejecting offers for Scott McKenna when Odsonne Edouard turned him left and right before sweeping a shot out of the reach of Joe Lewis to open the scoring.  We have come to expect the exceptional from Edouard and this effort did not disappoint.

Within five minutes, the advantage was doubled.  18-year-old right back Jeremie Frimpong, on his third senior outing, played a give-and-go with Edouard before knocking the ball over the line for his first goal, amid a crowd of opponents inside the six-yard box.

Hatem Elhamed was unsurprisingly missing from the starting line-up, after leaving the field on Thursday with a knock, but I expected Moritz Bauer to get the nod for a game that, on paper, looked more challenging than Frompong’s previous outings against Partick Thistle and Ross County.

Just as he did last season, when on-loan Filip Benkovic was left on the bench, Neil Lennon is giving priority to permanently signed Celtic players.  The decision to start Jeremie paid off in spades.  There will be tougher defensive shifts ahead, and at 5’ 7”, there could be games he is omitted from due to his height, but he is as exciting an 18-year-old full back prospect as we have known – and we have known some special players in this area.  This one will make you forget Mikael Lustig.

James Forrest’s goal was both a joy for Celtic supporters and a concern for Aberdeen, who were statuesque as Celtic passed and moved around them.  Mohamed Elyounoussi added the fourth just before the break, another exquisite effort.

I was just as pleased to see Celtic take the foot off the pedal in the second half.  These players have a lot of football to play in the next two months.  They are not machines; despite all those trebles!

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  1. I expect us to kick on now with three home games to look forward to, let’s see if the Newco can keep pace.

  2. I’m not sure we took our foot off the pedal 2nd half.


    We were maybe just not as ruthless. But we were still creating, and still dominating and controlling the play.



    I’m sure Lenny said himself, that despite being 4 goals up, he was pleased with our application and control of play 2nd half.

  3. Got my attendance card and poll card for the AGM on 27th November.



    Ordinary Resolution 12 asks-



    That the Board take steps to refer certain matters relating to the licensing processes of the Scottish Football Association to UEFA or City of London Police.



    Is this resolution included with the knowledge that the major shareholders have ALREADY agreed to vote against it

  4. The form says I can vote online.(Just received the form today remember)



    Online says proxy voting is now closed!



    WTF is going on?

  5. More selective nonsense from the increasingly erratic P67?


    Conveniently overlooking Forster & Elyounoussi who are keeping permanently signed Celtic players out the team, while suggesting that a teenager with 3 appearances to date will be enough to make us forget a winner of 16 major trophies…

  6. If Paul 67 has access to the views of our CEO, then I would have thought an article on Res 12 would be in order.

  7. We really need a meaningful article on here,re the elephant in the room, blogs like this really need to challenge the Board ,on certain matters .

  8. A quick one for the R12 guys…


    If, by some miracle, Ordinsry Resolution 12 gets passed at the AGM, what, in simple terms, do you hope to achieve from this? That the club takes the SFA to court, arguing that the granting & retention of the UEFA licence in 2011 was in contravention of UEFA Fair Play Articles 50 & 13?


    What then? All of us already know that this was a fix. What is the benefit to Celtic in taking the corrupt SFA to task about its interpretation of the even more corrupt UEFA governing body’s regulations?


    Can any R12 bod tell me what the ideal/dream outcome of all this would be?

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    Quick question for Audheid/Canman/BRTH…



    If there is evidence of a criminal fraud (there appears to be), why have you asked Celtic to report it to CoL Police? Surely any person in possession of the evidence can/is obliged to make such a report? What am I missing?

  10. Whether you want to vote for the 2 loanees who did start yeaterday or the other 12 performers who are permanently with us, just stick the names of your 3 best performers in an email and send it to cqnpoty@gmail.com before 10.00pm tonight. 55 have already done that so, fortunately we are currently Going For 56 ;-)

  11. Remaining league fixtures this calendar year: I know which ones I’d prefer. 7 at home v 3 at home?


    Celtic Sevco


    St Mirren (H) Ross Co (A)


    Motherwell (H) Livingston (A)


    Livingston (H) Hamilton (A)


    Ross Co (A) Hearts (H)


    Hamilton (H) Aberdeen (A)


    St Johnstone (A) Ross Co (H)


    Hibs (H) Motherwell (A)


    Aberdeen (H) Hibs (A)


    St Mirren (A) Kilmarnock (H)


    Sevco (H) Celtic (A)

  12. Paul67



    Funny the Aberdeen are shyt* brigade only appeared yesterday? see BBC and most MSM outlets.



    Celtic are a better side than we were in May the last time Aberdeen were shyt* and we only won 0-3.



    The better grade of player will win, and we had better in spades yesterday, we’re top of two leagues, and NFL has the players eating out of his hand.



    Tom Rogic stepped up, and Jeremie Frimpong lights up the support, bring on the Saints



    Hail Hail

  13. The Johnatron


    Displayed well enough for me to understand !



    On another matter.



    We have played a beautiful passing game of late. This, I feel, suits Tom Rogic and I anticipate him going from strength to strength now.

  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I do miss Moussa Dembele, he was a great player for us and relished hammering sevco almost as much as we do, re the young Dembele, reminds me very much – whits fur ye will no go by ye and whits no fur ye y’ll never see. Of course hope the young lad does make it, but we’re not gonna miss something we’ve never had.

  15. Rock tree Bhoy



    I, too, rated Moussa very highly but Odsonne may turn out even better.


    re young Dembele. have you heard something?

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    bournesouprecipe on 28th October 2019 1:31 pm






    Huns 5 Sheep (with many injuries) 0 equates to Huns being great


    Sheep (without those injuries) 0 Celtic 4 equates to sheep being shite and certainly not us being great.

  17. Those asking for more comments on Res 12,there are plenty of discussions on it throughout the Celtic blogs.Why do you need more?.Will it change anything?.We are due countless posts on the subject,no matter what header Paul puts up.Our Board have acted abysmally on this since day one,we all know that..This is to their eternal shame.We know every single shady,murky ,underhanded ,fact of the story.What more do some want?.More discussion that will result in hee haw?.Everyone and their Uncle has already posted countless times on the subject,to no avail.Of the 58,000 who were at the Lazio game,how many really know or care?Only a small percentage are on the Blogs.GFTB,was correct recently when he stated,that too many,not that interested.Sad,but true.IMHO,what’s needed is a rammy at the AGM,shout them down,have scores ejected.It won’t happen,but endless posting among bloggers,will do nothing.


    Sadly,the days of Celts For Change,with the boycotts,protests,mass meetings,seem to be gone.

  18. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I don’t think I have criticised Paul67 on his choice of subject matter for the Leader of his own site before. However, given that the Board’s attempt to scuttle Res12 is all over every Celtic leaning site or blog on the Internet, I have to say I find it’s omission from these pages, extremely disappointing. 😢



  19. Philbhoy



    It is standard practice to publish resolutions and response in the AGM notice.



    The idea in theory is to give shareholders enough info to persuade them to vote one way or another.



    That is why it was important to get enough shareholders to sign up in plenty of time to let that happen.



    It had to be tabled to end matters one way or another.

  20. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Hot Smoked



    No I haven’t heard anything but wary of the impending hype and the possibility of him doing an Islam Feruz.

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Omg, I just remembered I have to do an interview with the BBC this week, and I have… eh… forgotten where I put my Poppy. I wonder if the BBC would have one I could use? 😂😂😂



  22. Paul 67 et al



    A new sub-editor might be in order Paul.


    That said no taking away from a great week of results for the Bhoys so well done Lenny. Pleased to see both Rogic and Frimpong get some more game time, Nir too, with a strong bench on standby and Ryan Christie on furlough and more than a few injured parties stuck on the sidelines. (And I’m not talking about the Resolution 12 petitioners here)


    Hell of a run of games from here to the New Year (thank you Jonatron) not to mention both the League Cup and Europa League, into the bargain, but the most important one by far is the one against St Mirren, you know, the next one.

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    When our leader – big Dermot not PL – came out with this in Oct 2012….



    “Rangers are a fantastic club with a great history. They will, in not too long a time, be back in the SPL. I have no doubt about that.



    “And they’re needed for Scottish football because of their following, the size of the club and especially their history. We certainly would like to contest with them every week. We believe we have a better team and management structure.



    “For us, it’s disappointing that they are not there but that’s decisions by the various clubs and leagues and we accept those.



    “Rangers are one of the great clubs in Britain and we have to acknowledge that”



    Big Peter’s card was marked for him from that day onward.

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