Leaving out the loaners paying dividends


It was a performance of unfettered gallus-ness from Celtic at Pittodrie yesterday as the champions finished off a perfect week by extending their lead at the top of the table, albeit by goal difference.

Derek McInnes must have pondered his wisdom in rejecting offers for Scott McKenna when Odsonne Edouard turned him left and right before sweeping a shot out of the reach of Joe Lewis to open the scoring.  We have come to expect the exceptional from Edouard and this effort did not disappoint.

Within five minutes, the advantage was doubled.  18-year-old right back Jeremie Frimpong, on his third senior outing, played a give-and-go with Edouard before knocking the ball over the line for his first goal, amid a crowd of opponents inside the six-yard box.

Hatem Elhamed was unsurprisingly missing from the starting line-up, after leaving the field on Thursday with a knock, but I expected Moritz Bauer to get the nod for a game that, on paper, looked more challenging than Frompong’s previous outings against Partick Thistle and Ross County.

Just as he did last season, when on-loan Filip Benkovic was left on the bench, Neil Lennon is giving priority to permanently signed Celtic players.  The decision to start Jeremie paid off in spades.  There will be tougher defensive shifts ahead, and at 5’ 7”, there could be games he is omitted from due to his height, but he is as exciting an 18-year-old full back prospect as we have known – and we have known some special players in this area.  This one will make you forget Mikael Lustig.

James Forrest’s goal was both a joy for Celtic supporters and a concern for Aberdeen, who were statuesque as Celtic passed and moved around them.  Mohamed Elyounoussi added the fourth just before the break, another exquisite effort.

I was just as pleased to see Celtic take the foot off the pedal in the second half.  These players have a lot of football to play in the next two months.  They are not machines; despite all those trebles!


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  1. First time to see young Frimpong in action and I must say this lad was impressive. very quick and seems to have great upper body strength for a lad of his size. Definitely one with a bright future.

  2. According to our official Website, we have SIXTEEN midfielders, eight defenders, five goalkeepers and three strikers. The three includes Griffiths.

  3. Thanks to both Auldheid for the reply and to BRT&H for the explanation. While I admire your tenacity and perseverance, it’s not in the best interests of our board, the rest of Scottish football, the SFA or UEFA to see this through. Hope I’m wrong though…

  4. HS



    Aitchison is doing well out on loan, Ryan Christie is the top scorer, and we have other midfielders that weigh in with goals.



    The unknowns are Griffiths and Bayo, who should get us to the review period in January, where would you believe I reckon we’ll sign another midfielder.

  5. news just in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, genital election it



    all them billboards and lampost with posters and other such shit spoiling the true commercial meaning of christmas.

  6. father jack



    I look forward to you raising the question of Celtic’s involvement in the 5 Way Agreement at the upcoming AGM!


    Good luck with that!

  7. That clown Clancy on Wednesday, the guy who denied us 2 penalties a couple of weeks ago, Sevco have drafted Madhun in for Ross County



    I wouldn’t waste my breath, our board are as corrupt as the rest of those who run the game in Scotland.


    Still, if you believe that they had nothing to do with the 5WA, carry on believing.

  9. Father JAck / Celtic Mac


    What’s surely agreed is that Celtic couldn’t have been a signatory to the 5WA as it wouldn’t have been a 5WA ;-)

  10. jobo baldie



    You’re trying to get all technical now Jobo, introducing facts and things of that nature.


    It won’t work!

  11. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Given that our esteemed club Chairman has gone on record stating that Rangers are a Great Club, it was a shame that they were Relegated, and the sooner that ‘they are back’ the better for everybody – because we need them, most likely it would follow that this logic would permeate its way down thru the staff and effectively become the clubs official position on ‘the rangers’.



    IMO, when they are considering Resolution 12 and what to do, this position would definitely have an impact on their thoughts re the best way forward.

  12. So we had a director on the SPL board, one of the signatories of the 5WA, if you believe that Celtic weren’t aware and approved, what’s the point, you keep believing.



    SORRY FOR SHOUTING (just looked up!)

  14. As it is breakfast time in Sydney, I would have though that the eponymous Tim might be on expressing his pleasure that james Forrest is hoping to complete the signing of a new contract that would keep him with us unti the end of his playing career :-))

  15. Just had alook at some of the betting odds for the SPL.


    We are 4/9 and Sevco are 6/4. fair enough.


    Aberdeen are 100/1 whilst the other teams range from 200/1 t0 1000/1. Do the bookies really feel that Aberdeen have a better chance of finishing above us and them than any other team?


    Also, they have Defoe at 6/4 to finish top scorer ,Odsonne at 100/30 and Morelos at 11/2.


    Does that mean they think Alfredo is for the off in January or is it that he will serve many suspensions?

  16. I was reading one of Phil’s articles and it reminded of conversations with my mother, born and bred in the Calton who mentioned that the adult members of the family had to be on duty to protect the kids making their First Communion in St.Mary’s from the Billy boys.



    Always made me realise the level that the other side would stoop to

  17. Rumour had it the 5 way agreement was constructed with Rob Petrie representing SPL or was it SPFL ? Or even both ??


    Who was the other 2 who have mysteriously disappeared from Scottish football scene, and I’m not referring to Reagan ??? ( was one of them not with Airdrie)


    Wonder where and what role Mr Petrie is in now





    Thanks for the tips/advice re Lourdes / Rome .


    Unfortunately my lack of confidence in my driving abroad means it will be more likely to be a packaged trip.



    It will probably be that the Vatican trip will be a seperate trip due to costs.



    The Virgin branding…..that can keep till Aberdour ;))))




    Good to have some info on the situation from someone who know how the police force work/think.


    Sounds daft but i’m excited and scared in equal measure



    Excited about the trip, meeting and celebrating with new fans / friends, the atmosphere , the game itself.



    Scared how the police will treat us and how the Lazio fans react to Celtic fans singing and dancing before and after the match regardless of the result.



    And most importantly the safety of my daughter ………



    ghuys who do this all the time will be like WTF…. I’ve always been a worrier :))))))



    thanks again S O T.

  20. Jobo, 10:30 is like 11:30 in old money. I’ll be in my bed long before then. It will morning before I get to see how much my choices differ from the majority – which it usually does.




  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    I went to Barcelona a few years ago (the 6-1 game 😢) with my daughter in what was only my second trip abroad to follow Celtic. We had a ball, and it is a great shared memory and experience for both of us. I am sure your trip to Rome will be a great success. Just relax and go with the flow.





    My mother,God rest her,made her First Communion from St Mary’s,in the Calton.She often told me,that on the way from the Chapel on their wee procession,the Billy Boys,ran through them causing havoc and fear among the kids,attacking the parents.



  23. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I heard from a taxi driver that knows Ross Hall that Jamesie’s new contract would have been signed last night except that they couldn’t find the Invisible ink.


    ….. I’m here all week, try the lamb 😃






    Honestly can’t wait , like a big (old) daft kid. telling everyone i meet, “im going to Rome to see the Hoops” :))))) …..


    as if im the only person ever who has followed them abroad lol.



    Yip , I’m going to treasure it :)))

  25. Re resolution 12, my concern is not the SFA taking action against newco – they’re a new club and should not be held to account for the past of their predecessor club despite an agreement.



    I want the SFA to make public what was submitted to them, what actions they took and how they will learn from this to ensure it can’t happen again. I want them to publicly call out the old rangers board for their lies and dishonesty. Finally I want them to apologise to Celtic and every other team in Scotland that year on year submit truthful information to them.



    Then we move on. I’ve no interest in Newco being held to account for Rangers cheating. The trophies are not theirs and neither is the responsibility for the past. The club responsible is liquidated now.


    CELTIC MAC on 28TH OCTOBER 2019 5:28 PM



    You raise a good point – It was indeed RFC who took the preliminary point before the Judicial Panel and that in itself is an interesting story.



    So pin back yer lugholes and consider the following:



    1. Having conducted an investigation into the UEFA licence grant etc, and having decided that there was evidence which pointed to both SFA and UEFA rules breaches and so the SFA decided they now had no option but to bring charges.



    2. But who do they charge? The Company formerly known as Rangers PLC in liquidation? The current company? Who?



    Well, having peddled the continuation myth they decided to charge …….. “Rangers Football Club” – whoever that may be.



    3. Needless to say the charges feel to be defended by the company which currently runs “Rangers Football Club” and as we understand things they may have decided to whip out a mythical agreement which might just say that the new company which runs Rangers Football Club can’t be liable for the transgressions of the old company which used to run Rangers Football Club.



    4. So, when the Judicial Panel meet to consider the charges, RFC take a preliminary point which says the SFA can’t prosecute this case and at the same time appoint those who determine the case because the SFA were party to an agreement which might form the basis of a legal defence to these charges.



    In essence, when these charges are considered it could be the case that the SFA might just be the prosecutor, witness, expert witness and the ultimate judge who determines what punishment should be handed out in the event of a guilty verdict.



    Clearly that cannot be allowed in law and so it was argued that the entire matter should be referred to the Court of Arbitration for sport.



    The Judicial panel agreed — any competent legal judge would have reached the same conclusion.



    5. And so we now await the SFA implementing the verdict of the judicial panel by referring the whole matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.



    Of course, the nature and detail of the preliminary point considered by the judicial panel – including the terms of the mythical agreement — would also be before the Court of Arbitration for sport and that court can stop and consider what the mythical agreement says, what it was meant to say and the court can examine its very purpose when interpreting its provisions.



    For some reason I suspect that this makes some people nervous and explains the 16 month delay we have seen so far.



    As I said earlier – if the entire matter had been referred to CAS 6 years ago there would have been cheering.



    So, I have no trouble at all with the fact that it was RFC who formally moved that the charges be referred to CAS – in fact it was a great idea.



    But the SFA seem to be nervous about doing it and so they should be encouraged.



    As shareholders in Celtic PLC we have asked Celtic to encourage them.



    Celtic say they have done this but can’t get support from within the SFA as they are only one voice – which is true.



    So the resolution asks Celtic to take the matter away from the SFA and refer it to UEFA who invited Celtic to do just that.



    Celtic say that the SFA are still the right body to deal with this and presumably the board still believe that the SFA will take the matter to CAS despite the long delay.




    I hope the board are correct – but we have our doubts.



    In the event of the SFA not acting we think we may have a legal remedy through the courts, but it is only correct that we should formally ask Celtic to refer the matter to UEFA or the Police if that is appropriate.



    The board have a different view which is fair enough.



    Thus far we have been right in just about all we have said and the charges and the judicial panel ruling completely vindicates the initial reasoning behind the resolution. Indeed the preliminary argument presented by RFC helped prove the point.



    It is important that as many shareholders support the Resolution as possible as that would be good but if the board ultimately vote against it and defeat the resolution it doesn’t end anything and merely means that we may be forced to go down a different route which we have already discussed at some length.



    Father Jack



    Celtic were not a signatory to the 5 way agreement but we are aware from certain e-mails and minutes that a former Celtic Director was present when a version of the then draft agreement was circulated.



    I doubt the content of the agreement will come as a surprise to our board — although it should be noted that its terms seem to have been completely forgotten by the former CEO and Corporate Compliance officer of the SFA and as a result they have walked face first into an almighty mess of their own making.

  27. CONNAIRE12



    My email addy has been forwarded onto you from a friend .


    I’m confident between yourself , THE BATTERED BUNNET and NORRIEM’s DAUGHTER my wife and i will get sorted for next year.



    Bring on the Buddies…..TMS :))

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