Legends, history, £6k and tens of thousands of Celtic fans


Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 9-in-a-row CQN Charity Golf Day at Aberdour in Fife, yesterday.  The event, auctions and raffles leading up to it raised £6000, the bulk of which will go to the 1254125 appeal, while some will go to Clic Sargent, who help families with children with that dreadful disease.

Lisbon Lion, Willie Wallace, and his wife Olive, were fantastic guests, who enjoyed spending a day with 70 or so friends.  It doesn’t matter how far away Lisbon Lions live, you always find them the same way.

My sincere thanks to everyone who came along, bid of the auctions or bought a raffle ticket, all in aid of people you will never know. Thank you from all of us to John, Kevin and John, for their stressful work in pulling the event together, for the ninth year!

125 years ago a handful of people, living in a community devastated by hunger, destitution and TB, but who could make a difference, decided they would make a difference.  As a result, Celtic was born.  Celtic is not just something to brighten up your weekends, it’s not purely there to build friendships or to create common-interests across the generations, it is a movement you are required participate in.

The clarion call to all Celtic fans this year is to do more than just put your hand in your pocket, the spirit which gave birth to the concept of Celtic will only survive if those who can get involved, inspire a fresh generation by doing so.

Go register for 1254125, and commit to doing something to raise £125.  It can be anything.  You can walk a 1888 meters, go to the barbers and get a baldy to celebrate the signing of Amido Balde, it doesn’t need to be as ambitious as the 150 brave souls who right this very moment are atop Ben Nevis about to undertake the world’s highest huddle.

If you believe in this club, don’t leave it to someone else to take care of what’s important.  The same goes for your season ticket.  It has been over a century since we have been as close to the founding spirit of our club, but the sporting dramas which inspire us all are not achieved by new strikers, they are the fruits of tens of thousands fans buying season tickets.

Go stake your claim on Celtic.

You can buy Willie’s autobiography below:

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  1. leftclicktic on

    Till later all



    starry plough


    How blessed are we ?


    I hope you are well my friend and only good things come your way today.


    Hail Hail

  2. Can I ask a favour please?



    Willie Wallace Heart of a Lion is selling really well on the blog, at Waterstones and at the Celtic stores. As you all know we have been working hard on this, the first ever book from CQN.



    Anyway we have not persuaded the buyer at WH Smith to order it yet and we really want to get Willie’s book into their shops. If you go in you will see they have all the recent books on Scottish football – except Heart of a Lion.



    So the favour is this – if you are passing a WH Smith over the next week or so could you ask if they have Heart of a Lion by Willie Wallace? They wont have it so you can express your disappointment etc – hopefully the interest will filter back to London…

  3. Just when the iPad cuts out saying needs to cool down, should have taken into pool with me.



    Hail Hail CRC





    My Dad deserves a medal for putting up with me when I was younger-now he canny wait to join my latest episode of bampottery!



    My Mum,on the other hand,deserves more than mere baubles for putting up with the pair of us,but don’t tell her….



    A guid dayoooot in his company will perk you up no end,a guid dayoooot in the company of both of you is likely to make me more homesick than normal.




  5. celticrollercoaster on



    13:26 on


    15 June, 2013



    Yes, Not like the 5s!!!



    Double top today :-)







  6. emusanorphan on

    This is a brilliant link! Get it out there! Send to every Tim you know!…and any Sevcovians!



    An Tearmann


    11:36 on


    15 June, 2013


    For any Celtic fan to read whilst sharpening their blade of truth






    lets Re-redact history.facts then facts now truth forever.





    If you don’t repost that story-end of previous article-about yer auntie and the walk,I’ll have to do it myself!



    Brilliant stuff…..

  8. The ever classic line on ‘The Sweeney’ there’


    Carter” Assault with a deadly weapon,GBH and attempted murder,what are


    they rangers supporters?”

  9. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers


    13:22 on 15 June, 2013




    Ditto dots.


    So teaspoons,as above.


    Running outa skwerr as I write….


    Thanks I’m gonna give it a whirl the day.. I can smell them from here. Starving

  10. BMCUW



    Howdy bud!



    Wtf are you doing on here at this time on a Saturday afternoon?!



    Have you not got a ‘day oot’ to attend?!




  11. Lovely morn here in Toronto…24 c and not a cloud to be seen. Would have swapped it no problem foot a good game of golf and a nice roll and sausaage..

  12. celticrollercoaster on

    Well done to the golfers, the drinkers and the organisers!







  13. A Stor Mo Chroi on




    I was a pupil at St. Peter’s back in the sixties. I was five years of age when I first encountered sectarianism. There were two of them, to this day I still remember their names, Norman and Gordon Smith. I got hurt a wee bit but I hurt them both enough back that they never, ever came back for more.



    I could’ve just rolled over and accepted my beating, but that would’ve entailed my dad disowning me and my being, in my own heart, being worthless.





    I’m dayoooot-ooted after the last few weeks,awright,months.



    Had planned to wrap myself round a £20 bottle of 12yo Glenfiddich but the local co-op ran out!



    Looks like concoctions from the cocktail cabinet for me..



    Hark at him,more likely chucking whatever’s left in the cupboards down my neck!



    Chucking it down in Swindon,hope yer daughter got her tent sorted.

  15. leftclicktic



    I am well mate and hope you are too, every day a wee bit better, the usual ups and downs of course, progress not perfection!!



    Home today with my two girls, the sun is coming and going and the fridge is full of grub, that’s a great start..



    Have a good day Pal..

  16. A Stor..,


    we were at St Peters around the same time, I was 5 when we won the big cup

  17. A Stor..,


    I dont remember any Norman Smith, I remember one Norrie who was in and out Carstairs

  18. leftclicktic on

    winning captains


    Took the lazy mans route and emailed them expressing my disappointment that I could not buy the book that every football fan in Scotland is talking about in any of their Scottish stores




  19. The Stones Roses.



    According to Miss Tally they were ‘ok’ at the Isle of Wight last night.



    Excellent rendition of ‘I am the resurrection’, ‘tho.






    Tent seems to be ok – she thinks! They’re in Weatherspoons at the moment!




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