Legia less appealing, Man City under-grad


Surprised we got two in yesterday, as Manchester City under-grad, Jason Denayer, signed for a year-long loan last night.  The 19-year-old has yet to play first team football so is likely to be considered as backup at Celtic, though reports are promising.

Not surprised that Legia Warsaw have lodged an appeal to Uefa to be re-instated into the Champions League, they have to try everything possible.  It has not been confirmed what ground Legia have appealed on, however, at the weekend, Polish FA chief exec, Zbigniew Boniek, suggested an appeal would be made on two grounds:

That only one member of the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body was at the hearing to made the decision, and

That Legia were not given the chance to make a submission to the Body.

There are 10 members of the Disciplinary Body and rules state that decisions require the attendance of at least three, unless the case is “urgent”, when a decision can be taken by one member.  To defend their process, Uefa need to insist that the circumstances were urgent, probably citing the Champions League play-off draw, which was due to take place two hours later.

While the Disciplinary Body allow submissions to be made prior to a hearing, Article 34 authorises the Body to undertake a hearing without submissions and “in the absence of one or all of the parties”.

In the unlikely event Legia won an appeal on procedural grounds, a subsequent hearing, perhaps with more Disciplinary Body members in attendance, would take place, and would inevitably reach the same conclusion.

Article 21, paragraph 2, of the Uefa Disciplinary Regulations state, “A match is declared forfeit if a player who has been suspended following a disciplinary decision participates in the match.”  There is no ambiguity or lateral for the Disciplinary Body to exercise a different reprimand.

Legia’s appeals can carry on all the way to the Court of Arbitration for Sport but Celtic will not be involved in any future issues.  NK Maribor represent a vastly, vastly, greater risk to their Champions League aspirations.

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  1. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on

    11 August 1962



    Lisbon Lion


    Bobby Murdoch


    makes his Celtic debut




  2. Jeg er Ronny Delia on

    James, Courtois was just a young player with potential who was available on loan and fitted what Atletico were looking for and would not have been available to them on loan. Atletico shop at a far, far higher level than we do. The kid from MC may not be a world beater, but we are hoping that he is better than what we currently have, or that he gives us more strength in depth. What is wrong with that?

  3. derbyshirebhoy



    11:43 on 12 August, 2014



    bada bing



    No but the timing is wrong to spend now till the appeal result is known


    Totally immaterial if LG appeal is successful or not, a convenient excuse .So if we don’t make Europe, ST holders can take a bath for their money? We needed a striker and a playmaker this time last year, and look how that turned out in the CL last season….

  4. Jeg er Ronny Delia on

    traditionalist88 – ok, let’s. what is your new strategy and how will we achieve it?

  5. Just Another Tim on



    12:41 on


    12 August, 2014


    Just Another Tim



    Spot on, we have this tendency to have players who are not doing the business and clearly not good enough to hang around for years before punting them. I’m pretty sure Paddy McCourt got more of a chance to shine than Niall McGinn. There was only one winner there and that was Aberdeen. And what the **** is Beram Kayal still doing anywhere near CP?








    Add to that what it must do for these players confidence when they see another youngster coming in on loan who plays in their position. If the manager or club feels they are not good enough then why are we wasting resources on them? It makes no sense whatsoever. As for Kayal, I can only assume he will be with us until his contract ends as it’s obvious no-one rates him enough to buy him from us.




  6. Big Wavy



    Don’t know if you’re around as I’ve not read anything this morning.



    I pointed out last night that I think we desperately need a goal scoring striker, not necessarily spending fortunes but someone who has been hitting the back of the net regularly.



    I emphasised this by pointing out that we scored one goal (from a midfielder) over two legs against Legia.



    Do you seriously think we don’t need an addition up front?

  7. Can’t be bothered with all this first post malarkey…….



    How childish…………………………..




  8. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on

    Jeg er Ronny Delia:



    Nothing’s wrong with it. You’re right. I’m wrong. The strategy that’s brought us five European humiliations, surrendered three league titles and nine domestic trophies, which saw us enter every round of European competition last season weaker than we were before it, which sees us weaker here in August than we were in July and that has already seen us destroyed in Europe this season and has positioned us nicely for a double dose of humiliation … it’s all good.



    I am a clearly a malcontent or a hun. Nothing wrong with this picture at all.

  9. bournesouprecipe on




    Yes, that’s right.



    Even if the European Court of Human Rights or any other court for that matter managed to find in Legia’s favour, UEFA would ignore it precisely as they did in the case of Sion.

  10. Jeg er Ronny Delia


    12:47 on


    12 August, 2014



    What’s wrong with giving our own youngsters a chance?


    We have 3 young centre halves, one a year older than Denayer and two the same age as him.

  11. From previous






    There is a danger in engaging with you in such a mood. They are all opinions fella, your quest for being in a superior place than the rest of us comes through some time too much fella.



    Courthois is a perfect example just played out in a richer playground. Take the player, play him as your number one and develop him as we will want him back as our number 1 soon.



    The world is changing fella. Shopping in a global talent pool and being less obsessed with the contractual commitments of those who ‘work’ for you will be the norm. The players hold all the cards and will continue to do so. We need to adapt. A talented guy in our ranks for a season or maybe more getting better to our benefit shouldn’t be quaffed at.

  12. Just Another Tim on

    Want to show Ronny Deila how it should be done? Think your better than Stein? Do you have the luck of Celtic or the administration talents of Legia? Then here is the invite code to the CQN Championship Fantasy Football League, we now have over 100 teams entered.






    You have 4 days left to register your team & join the league.






    As an added incentive I’ve decided to offer some prizes for the top 3 come the end of the season. The winners will each receive items of their choosing from the Official Celtic Webstore to the tune of



    1st £100


    2nd £75


    3rd £50



    Or alternatively, winners can choose to donate any winnings to a Celtic charity of their choice.



    Also if by some miracle I end up in the top 3, the winnings will be passed onto the next placed team.




  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    12:48 on 12 August, 2014




  14. Paul67



    Thanks for clearing up the grounds for Legia ‘ s appeal.



    The one I saw reported without its supporting context suggested to me they had a chance but if it is on the grounds you lay out it is going to be a case of tough tatties.



    You know what I mean, but kids might be reading.

  15. HamiltonTim



    Apologies fella. I thought I did come back last night in a rather smartarsed cryptic manner – we need a striker like the desert needs the rain…



    We desperately need a forward in simple, plain language. Apologies.

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Gary67. It is a slap in the face to our young centre halfs as good as saying to them your not up to it.H.H.

  17. Gary…



    Fully understand what you’re saying tho I have seen very little of any of these young players.



    The loan system is IMO an iniquitous thing anyway. The super rich clubs just hoover up all the best young players at silly prices (but peanuts to the super rich) knowing a very small percentage will actually ever break through.



    It can be said Celtic are developing a player for another club. On the other hand it could also be said Man City are giving a player unlikely ever to play for them an opportunity to assess career prospects elsewhere!

  18. Jeg er Ronny Delia on

    Gary67 – nothing. but i take it that the manager has seen enough in this kid to think he can do a job for us – and if our own kids are not up for that challenge, then they are not cut out for it anyway.



    James – wow! I was asking specifically what is wrong with bringing in on loan a promising player from a top club who has potential, a strategy successfully pusued by other clubs who operate under limitations, as we do. your sarcastic answer seems directed at a different question.

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    james forrest is praying for the unconquerable oscar knox



    12:51 on 12 August, 2014



    I take it you have studied the accounts, James. ….!!??

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I think before we sign a striker we need to learn to get the ball up to the front in the two Legia games we were poor we could sign Drogba but he wouldnt score goals without service. H.H.

  21. Legia have no grounds for appeal.



    Clear cut breach of a stated rule.



    They can class it as an administrative error all they like.



    We will play Maribor, prepare for it.



    I would play the team to start against Maribor on Wednesday & Saturday – no chopping or changing – I don’t care if Maribor have scouts in attendance – lets get 2 games under our belt and achieve a level of consistency and understanding.



    Oh & Griffiths through the middle please Ronny.

  22. • Joe Filippis Haircut


    12:54 on 12 August, 2014


    Gary67. It is a slap in the face to our young centre halfs as good as saying to them your not up to it.H.H.




    Good point……………………………..






    Competition is a good thing, challenging for places, brings out the best in people.





  23. traditionalist88 on

    Jeg er Ronny Delia



    See previous page.



    Sign the best young players in the SPFL and don’t haggle over a couple of hundred grand which caused us to miss out on McCarthy and Russell.



    Fewer ‘projects’ – Amido Balde was clearly a project but he wasn’t 15 years old. There was only so much more developing he was capable of and it was never going to be enough.



    No loans without an option to buy unless it is a proven star.



    Punt the duds off the wage bill even if it costs us a settlement fee. It’ll save us in the long run and won’t drag everyone else down with them when they inevitably get game time for whatever reason.



    Don’t let youngsters go for being too small(Robertson) particularly when they are about 15 years old and have huge potential.



    Do all of this and we may avoid hitting rock bottom every 3/4 years and have a solid base to work from when there is a change of manager.

  24. The importance of the champions league is lost on me, not as a supporter that loves football and wants my team to be involved with the big boys, I would guess we all want that?.


    What puzzles me is that we have went to the last 16 and the group stages in the last 2 years, bringing in in the region of £40mil thanks to Lenny and the team. In what way, if any, has the financial windfall benefited the team?, after all, that’s all I care about.




  25. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on

    big wavy:



    Maybe I’m too stupid to understand the first paragraph of your reply, but I’m not going to ask you to explain it. It’s fine.



    If I thought this WAS to Celtic, the club’s, benefit I would agree. The balance sheet will certainly be better off, but I would wager that only a handful of us will ever want to tell the grandkids about the proud day we posted record profits.



    We’re a football club funding a business. That’s the reality. If that reality makes you happy, then who am I to intrude on it?



    Let me repeat: my objection to this is threefold.



    1) Loan signings will NEVER run through walls for you. They are not dedicated to your cause but to their own. Pure and simple. When the going’s hard they drop off the face of the Earth. It’s natural.



    2) For every player from another club we “develop” by giving game time, one of our own young players withers on the vine.



    3) The manager has EXPLICITLY said he is against this … and he’s done it not once, not twice but THREE TIMES now.



    I am not saying he’s been over-ruled. It’s entirely possible his mind has been changed.



    There are a lot of ways to change a man’s mind.

  26. James Forrest



    From previous.



    Agree with you 100%. Also like that you were concise and to the point while backing it up with some factual info re. trophy haul of last few years which has been poor.



    In our position with our financial strength we should have rag dolled 3 trebles.



    Albeit Neil Lennon was a successful coach getting us to CL twice he managed that with his hands tied and with financial support and the choice of his own signings would have done much better.



    Ronny’s signings are not his own. He is being directed. IMO. I am basing that on his comments previously with regards loan signings. Although that said I imagine he would have preferred his first loan signing to be a proper signing as he has previously worked with the lad but alas as the board have employedan assistant manager as their first choice it appears they too do not trust his judgement. Again IMO.



    MWD says AYE

  27. justafan


    12:55 on


    12 August, 2014



    So we’re either developing and giving him experience to return to City and challenge to get in their squad, or we’re being used as a shop window to sell one of their players!!


    Either way, its not appealing to me.


    Agree with you re. the loan system. Chelsea have made a mockery of it with their 30+ players out on loan last season. They should introduce a new rule limiting the number of players a club can loan out in the same way there’s a limit on the number of players you can loan in. I’d say 4 or 5 max. That would stop clubs like Chelsea and City hovering up young players from across the continent just to stop others getting them.

  28. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Auld heid …… Were BDO etc told to ‘hold fire’ until the GCG’s got the use of ipox for the rugby 7’s ,,,,,!!!???

  29. Still feel sorry for Legia………………………..







  30. “We needed a striker and a playmaker this time last year, and look how that turned out in the CL last season”



    It could be argued that is why Pukki and Balde were brought in, the success of that is a different question

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