Legia less appealing, Man City under-grad


Surprised we got two in yesterday, as Manchester City under-grad, Jason Denayer, signed for a year-long loan last night.  The 19-year-old has yet to play first team football so is likely to be considered as backup at Celtic, though reports are promising.

Not surprised that Legia Warsaw have lodged an appeal to Uefa to be re-instated into the Champions League, they have to try everything possible.  It has not been confirmed what ground Legia have appealed on, however, at the weekend, Polish FA chief exec, Zbigniew Boniek, suggested an appeal would be made on two grounds:

That only one member of the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body was at the hearing to made the decision, and

That Legia were not given the chance to make a submission to the Body.

There are 10 members of the Disciplinary Body and rules state that decisions require the attendance of at least three, unless the case is “urgent”, when a decision can be taken by one member.  To defend their process, Uefa need to insist that the circumstances were urgent, probably citing the Champions League play-off draw, which was due to take place two hours later.

While the Disciplinary Body allow submissions to be made prior to a hearing, Article 34 authorises the Body to undertake a hearing without submissions and “in the absence of one or all of the parties”.

In the unlikely event Legia won an appeal on procedural grounds, a subsequent hearing, perhaps with more Disciplinary Body members in attendance, would take place, and would inevitably reach the same conclusion.

Article 21, paragraph 2, of the Uefa Disciplinary Regulations state, “A match is declared forfeit if a player who has been suspended following a disciplinary decision participates in the match.”  There is no ambiguity or lateral for the Disciplinary Body to exercise a different reprimand.

Legia’s appeals can carry on all the way to the Court of Arbitration for Sport but Celtic will not be involved in any future issues.  NK Maribor represent a vastly, vastly, greater risk to their Champions League aspirations.

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  1. JC on now…



    Didn’t know much about Jason but the manager certainly did.



    Don’t want to bring players in just for the sake of it…that’s no good.



    Fast attacking football with goals…always the Celtic way.



    Celtic fans always follow the team.

  2. ‘But I would watch five hundred players


    And I would watch five hundred more


    Just to be the man who watched a thousand players


    To fall down at your door’



    ‘When I’m working, yes, I know I’m gonna be


    I’m gonna be the man who’s working hard for you


    And when the money comes in for the work I do


    I’ll pass almost every penny on to you’



    Yeah, right!

  3. Awe Naw



    See Ronny’s words at today’s press conference….



    A plausible ‘to date’ summary could be :



    1. Berget knows my system and I want him.


    2. Show me who we have on file that we’ve scouted and can operate within my system on the wing – looks a raft of them and settles on Tonev.


    3. Go get me the centre half at Man City I know.



    Not entirely unbelievable is it ?

  4. Personally I’m pleased we have added to the squad even if 3 loanees and a free.



    I hope they all have a successful time at Celtic starting at Perth tomorrow.



    As for the existing squad, did they all become useless diddies in the past couple of weeks?



    C’mon Ronny, you can fix it!!

  5. Snake Plissken on

    BBCKheredine ‏@BBCKheredine 5m


    Ronny Deila also admits Jan might be a more fruitful transfer window for him than this one, as assessed his squad and the “hard” market




    Retweeted by We Won It First 1967


    BBCKheredine ‏@BBCKheredine 6m


    Ronny Deila says he’s very happy with Tonev and Denayor, two loan signings, and hopes to get another player in before Maribor next week, CLQ



    Retweeted by Michael Thomson


    BBCKheredine ‏@BBCKheredine 8m


    The #Celtic manager Ronny Deila says he has “a lot” of money to spend on players but wages are the problem, not transfer fees

  6. South Of Tunis on

    DBBIA @14 16 .



    Dim Lights etc 1967 .



    A great compilation . A great series.!.



    Last thing I bought ———–



    7″ —–Sitting There Standing ———-The Chocolate Watch Band ( Tower )



    A gem . Cost a euro at a car booty in Giardini -Naxos

  7. Martim1980,



    You take my post very personal and defend Lawwell or Peter as you prefer.



    Hate is not an emotion I have or jealousy as they eat the person who has them.



    The facts are the club is in decline and the CEOs strategy has failed. A significant element of the Celtic support has had enough and Maribor will be the Rubicon.



    Now you can keep the green tinted spectacles and plod on to irretrievable decline or recognise that change has to be made. The current CEO shows no sign of changing the strategy….with the beancounter approach in full swing.



    As I have posted before a straightforward strategic investment in 3 players would have secured this years CL Group stages and been a massive step to next years with the BT increase resulting in securing up to 60 mil of revenue. If it failed we always had an asset to sell like Forster or Virgil.



    A decision had to be made and the current CEO decided to continue with cost cutting. So we tackle Maribor without Forster, Sammy and Brown who are 3 key players for the club. Now if you think that is a clever approach , good for you. I would have preferred to play Maribor with 3 new key players. I am sure Ronny would too….but he is only the manager and it’s not his call.



    We both want the same thing. However the current approach is doomed to failure. The current CEO is so set on his path that he cannot change. Time for some fresh ideas.

  8. hun skelper



    14:06 on 12 August, 2014


    That’s us in trouble now. Legia have a twitter thing on the go #letfootballwin and the Huns are all over it like the stinky rash they are, they seem to think that UEFA are under pressure because of it, rules are rules play a suspended player you lose 3-0. End of HH




    There was Hun involvement in that polls letter to Celtic, make no mistake about that, and no one. Will tell me any different, bringing up the names of Our past heroes did not come from any poll rest assure yourself on that, it had Hun paw marks all over it.

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Big Wavy



    unbelievable no apart grom Tonev. I will take that one with a pinch of salt.



    Naive …. lets wait and see




  10. traditionalist88 on

    Fascinating insight there – former Stromsgodset manager feels he has ‘a lot’ of money to spend on transfers.



    Its all relative, eh.




  11. Latchford – “As I have posted before a straightforward strategic investment in 3 players would have secured this years CL Group stages”



    Piece of urine this old management malarkey isn’t it ?





    the singing detective demands the resignation of campbell ogilvie



    10:36 on 12 August, 2014




    KevJungle is a Celtic fan…not a supporter.



    10:21 on 11 August, 2014






    10:13 on 11 August, 2014





    The only time that you engage with me is to take a cheap shot so, there is an agenda and yes, it is sinister – in your part.


    There are times when ye try to be cute with yer, faint praise that drips of slime.


    Only the way that I see it. ok.






    My Dear KevJ….



    I Salute Your Dazzlin’ Pespicacity…!



    You Have ‘NAILED’ The Swindon-Sleazer….



    [And Then Some..! Ed ]



    Along Wi’ His Pal…’The Beast Of Cambuslang’..



    THEY Are The MANIPULATIVE ‘Sleakit Sweety-Wifes’…



    Of This Sainted Blog…..



    Who Spread The Poison To Their ‘Twitterazzi Clique’….



    An’ ‘Boast’ About Discussing ‘Other Posters’…



    With Whom They Have Their Differences…



    With The ‘Host’ Of This Fine Blog….



    (When They’re Not Boring Us With The Details Of Their ‘Faux-Hedonistic’ Lifestyles………………..Zzzzzzzzz!)



    ‘Course…You’ll Never Catch Them Actually ADMITTING…



    To This ‘Underhand Behaviour’…



    Boabby FartPants Plays ‘Hilda Ogden’..



    Tae SFTB’s ‘Ena Sharples’……



    But Ah’ll Tell You This..Palomine!



    Annie Walker Had Their Cairds ‘MARKED’…..



    Lang Afore They Ever Set Foot……



    In The CQN-SNUG…..



    Ain’t That The Truth….Virginia !



    GodBless KevJ….CQN Leghend!



    P.S. ‘Bouquet Of Barbed Wire’…











    Blinkin’ flip.



    If you can judge a person by their friends,I’m delighted never to have met either of you.



    You have nothing in common with each other,bar an irrational dislike of certain people.



    Myself included,but no problem with that.



    I think you really need to get out more.



    But obviously not when I’m out with my clique.



    Now,having been rather pleasant in my discussions with you in the past,allow me to point out that I do not like being lied about.



    This must stop. Say what you like about me,but do not lie about me.

  13. From February. This is entire club’s strategy from top to bottom. Everybody knows this at the club. It’s free for all to see. The only way you’ll change is to buy the club.


    Good luck.


    Warning- there are success stories on this page look away if this does not suit your agenda.




  14. Beamishismypint on




    ‘Fascinating insight there – former Stromsgodset manager feels he has ‘a lot’ of money to spend on transfers’.



    Ronny must have told PL he’s thinking of buying a number of season books for the family and PL’s default speel on the transfer funds available just flowed on automatic!

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on




    Deffo, excellent background info in the booklet. Ole POrter Wagoner led a colourful life.


    COSY CORNER BHOY. 1154, last thread.



    For me,it was always gaun tae Parkhead. Or Parkheid,tbh!



    Then when I came back from England in 96, I discovered we had moved to Celtic Park!!



    I reckon Fergus was the catalyst for that,though others clearly have different recollections.



    Parkheid for me,Celtic Park when I’m talking posh.



    Where did your Dad tell you he was taking you when you were a kid?



    I think that is probably the answer for most of us,we call it what we were tod to call it from the off.

  17. Do we need ‘scouts’ outside of Scotland since no doubt the bigger and richer clubs have competing scouts throughout Europe and will get first pick of any likely lads?

  18. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    Retweeted by Michael Thomson


    BBCKheredine ‏@BBCKheredine 8m


    The #Celtic manager Ronny Deila says he has “a lot” of money to spend on players but wages are the problem, not transfer fees






    What’s our highest earner on, anyone know?

  19. traditionalist88 on



    14:44 on


    12 August, 2014





    ‘Fascinating insight there – former Stromsgodset manager feels he has ‘a lot’ of money to spend on transfers’.



    Ronny must have told PL he’s thinking of buying a number of season books for the family and PL’s default speel on the transfer funds available just flowed on automatic!








    Funnily enough I just had a look at the online ticket system and a lot of seats now unavailable that were available a few weeks ago, particulary at the 2 ends of the North stand.



    Ronny must have a big family:)




  20. BMCUW, Being slagged off by The Sick Dick is almost a badge of honour. If he feels the need to have a go at you, then you must be doing something right. There are quite a few nutters on here but TSD is held in almost universal disdain. My advice just ignore him.

  21. Martim1980,



    There has been no investment in the Team this summer unlike the prudent investment mentioned as part of the strategy.



    Secondly let’s see the operational highlights at the end if this season.



    Finally, to change the strategy does not involve buying the club. The strategy is developed by the CEO and his team and approved by the board. As in most publicly quoted companies if the CEO is not delivering the results he is replaced and in most cases the strategy is revamped.



    Celtic are at a similar juncture. Maribor will be the litmus test for the current CEO. the sad thing he has had plenty of time to do something about it and has chosen not to.



    C’est la vie.

  22. BMCUW



    I just recently registered for twitter but I have yet to make my first tweet.



    I tend not to gossip about any other poster when I am in CQN company but I am constantly being met with the advice, from posters and lurkers, to “ignore that b**t**d TSD, he’s never a Tim!”. That’s the rep he has out there in the real world and it has not been spread by me.



    The delusional fantasies that he is being talked about are worrying. In all honesty, I think there is a case for professional help being needed, and that is not a jibe or an insult.



    For all the abuse I have dished out, I do think there are problems there which are not easily addressed and the last place to help you in losing a sense of persecution and paranoia is the internet. I think there is a case for us backing off from the personal stuff. Lying about us is unlikely to do damage to either of us.

  23. tonydonnelly67 14:53 on 12 August, 2014


    To many unceltic minded (it’s my word ok) on today, plus the durty sleekit Huns in the bushes, two both sets of CHANCERS, GIRFUYs




    It’s an open forum and their ‘right’ to post what they think – and try to influence support against Celtic. Just ignore them if you don’t like it.

  24. latchford



    Unless our 4 signings are of the GAA volunteer type then they are being paid a wedge, ergo investment in salary terms.

  25. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    snake plissken



    Yes that’s what I thought!



    Strange RD can’t find any decent talent for 25k or less a week in the 500 players he’s looked at? Seems like a very convenient excuse for our lack of ambition in the transfer market. It’s a bit like saying, I can afford a Ferrari but only have £50 a year budget for insurance.

  26. Ellboy – I believe Broony is on £26k per week plus bonuses. Sammy used to be the second highest paid.

  27. glendalystonsils on

    I’ve just had a brilliant idea. If we want it to look like we have a sustainable wage strategy yet still attract the top stars, why don’t we start an EBT scheme?


    Perhaps we could get advice from a club who have tried it before?>}

  28. South Of Tunis on




    By coincidence ————–the original Rubber Room man .



    Remember watching an interview with James Brown where he recounted a tale re the man taking him to the Opry .



    The country soul choons he produced with Joe Simon are great -highly recommended !

  29. Assuming we’re not willing to go over £20k pw for a player – ie no one above Brown or other senior players.




  30. Big wavy,



    If they are investment we can sell at an appropriate time.



    If we don’t invest we wither and die.




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