Legia less appealing, Man City under-grad


Surprised we got two in yesterday, as Manchester City under-grad, Jason Denayer, signed for a year-long loan last night.  The 19-year-old has yet to play first team football so is likely to be considered as backup at Celtic, though reports are promising.

Not surprised that Legia Warsaw have lodged an appeal to Uefa to be re-instated into the Champions League, they have to try everything possible.  It has not been confirmed what ground Legia have appealed on, however, at the weekend, Polish FA chief exec, Zbigniew Boniek, suggested an appeal would be made on two grounds:

That only one member of the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body was at the hearing to made the decision, and

That Legia were not given the chance to make a submission to the Body.

There are 10 members of the Disciplinary Body and rules state that decisions require the attendance of at least three, unless the case is “urgent”, when a decision can be taken by one member.  To defend their process, Uefa need to insist that the circumstances were urgent, probably citing the Champions League play-off draw, which was due to take place two hours later.

While the Disciplinary Body allow submissions to be made prior to a hearing, Article 34 authorises the Body to undertake a hearing without submissions and “in the absence of one or all of the parties”.

In the unlikely event Legia won an appeal on procedural grounds, a subsequent hearing, perhaps with more Disciplinary Body members in attendance, would take place, and would inevitably reach the same conclusion.

Article 21, paragraph 2, of the Uefa Disciplinary Regulations state, “A match is declared forfeit if a player who has been suspended following a disciplinary decision participates in the match.”  There is no ambiguity or lateral for the Disciplinary Body to exercise a different reprimand.

Legia’s appeals can carry on all the way to the Court of Arbitration for Sport but Celtic will not be involved in any future issues.  NK Maribor represent a vastly, vastly, greater risk to their Champions League aspirations.

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  1. mullet and co 2 on

    I think 15k a week is now th accepted ceiling with Brown and Commons as the outliers.


    Commons will be asset managed out and Broonie to follow next year unless he fancies the drop.

  2. latchford …



    Like my note to James F earlier I’m not unsympathetic to your view. Couple of things though…



    You say Maribor will be the Rubicon. Do you mean this only if we lose?



    You say a 3 player investment would have secured our CL qualification. How much do you think we’d have to spend. Which players would you like to have seen at CP? Do you think FF was bound to leave? If yes would one of the three have been a GK?



    As I said at the outset and in my post earlier to JF the declared Celtic strategy is not what is actually happening. We ARE developing and selling for profit but we ARE NOT using that profit to improve the quality of the squad remaining. In that sense you are right to be calling out for change.

  3. South Of Tunis on

    DBBIA .



    Recommend ———— I Lived To Tell The Tale -George Jones .



    Not least for the recounting of a tale re George and Porter meeting in a Nashville toilet.

  4. Beamishismypint – brilliant!



    I see Ronny is still making PR mistakes – lots of money to spend but wages are a problem. God PL is clever eh. You can spend money on players but only if they agree to work for buttons.



    Or in other words – you dont have lots of money to spend on players!

  5. Re Parkhead or Celtic Park…



    Think 30/40/50 years ago it would have been overwhelmingly Parkhead (Parkheid).



    Fergus certainly made clear that after rebuild it was Celtic Park.



    For my own part I don’t much mind, except….



    It makes the media have to say or print the word ‘Celtic’ more often and that’s not a bad thing.



    In fact it means I say the word ‘Celtic’ even more too…happy bhoy. :-)

  6. Ho ho – I missed Ronny saying that January might be a better transfer window.



    And then in January we will be told no clubs sell (well apart from Celtic)



    And its all too hard!



    Jam tomorrow – wooooohoooooooo!!! Just like the old days on CQN!!

  7. Of course there are better players out there, available to be signed by us, and whom we have not yet signed. The trick is in finding them.



    Nobody is saying that our recent signing record has been good. VVD, Izzy, Efe, Matthews, Lustig, Commons, Johansen, Stokes, Griffiths and Biton can all be put on the positive side of the ledger. Pukki and Gordon are in the “Hmmm let’s wait and see” category, and Balde, Boerigter, Kayal and many of the recent departed are more clearly on the failed signing side.



    The Exiled Tim and I discussed the option of cheaper Spaniards before but we have to be wary there too. We were both very keen on Ivan Ramis who nearly joined us but got a better offer from Wigan. In season 12/13, he made 16 appearances before he had an anterior cruciate ligament rupture and missed the rest of the season as the team got relegated. He got back to the Wigan team halfway through the 2013/14 season and made 15 league appearances and 3 FA cup starts including the quarter and semi-finals but he did not finish the season or feature in the play off matches. In fact Wigan had tried to off-load him twice, once to Cardiff and once to Palace, but he failed both medicals.



    Now, he was not a huge signing but he was a good example of the type of player we could have got. Good enough but not great. Loovens/O’ Dea level, maybe a little better but, certainly not since the injury.



    Now other Spanish defenders have come to these shores. Some have done well and some have done badly. They remain punts with no guarantee of success.



    We need to see whether our scouts can turn their recent bad form round and get back to the days when our winner:loser ratio was higher.

  8. the glorious balance sheet on

    Strange that of the 500 players that ronny has watched the players that have been signed:



    – were already teed up (CraigGordon)


    – were at the top of the Celtic scouts pre-existing list (Tonev)


    – come from a club where Pedro Lawwell’s son works (denayer)



    Only Berget to my mind seems to be a signing instigated and chosen by Ronny

  9. Martim – you will find that only some CEO’s get the kind of money that PL is on. Most are paid nowhere near what PL owns and for a turnover the size of celtics I would reckon no comparable CEO’s would come close to PL’s earnings!!!

  10. What is the Stars. We tried that plan then abandoned it; think it had something to do with Tony Mowbray.

  11. Just Another Tim on

    Just out of interest to the more financially savvy of the blog. What would be the effect on our finances if we had say 2 players on £50k a week?



    Before you all jump down my throat with ‘We will never..etc etc’ I am not saying we should sign players on this wage I would just like to know what the impact of the hypothetical would be.

  12. Afternoon Timland from a seriously hot [ mid 40s ] hun free mountain valley.



    Just caught up from last night, some very good posts, from both sides I may add, but, and always the but, the defending of the indefencible is quite astonishing.



    Some say we are in transition…..why are we in transtition, we were a CL group team, we even got the last 16, on merit I may add, yet we are supposed to accept we are in transition, that defies comprehension.



    The club are a selling team, we all know this, yet we don’t seem to have a plan to replace what we sell, or we replace them with projects, not good enough imo.



    We are making money presently, but after VvD, Mathews, Lustig and a couple of others go, we have not a single player to sell, this is where the plan has taken us to.



    I agree with the policy to an extent, just not the rigidity of it.



    Pedro may well be doing his job as the board wish, but we have no continued growth plan.



    They signed up to a TV deal that is a joke, they are not using the brains that they have re the internet, which has been mooted on here by a few quality posters.



    We are still allowing the referees to influence games as they please, anyone would think the suits want the OF back.



    As for the scouting, maybes the likes of Vic once every few seasons is good enough for the policy, just seems like an awful lot of kissing frogs to find the next Vic.



    Happy enough if it’s a loan with the option to buy, don’t understand it without the buy option.






    Aye, tis only my opinion, but I know what I see, and something is no right presently.




  13. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    Ron Bacardi




    14:57 on 12 August, 2014




    tonydonnelly67 14:53 on 12 August, 2014


    To many unceltic minded (it’s my word ok) on today, plus the durty sleekit Huns in the bushes, two both sets of CHANCERS, GIRFUYs




    It’s an open forum and their ‘right’ to post what they think – and try to influence support against Celtic. Just ignore them if you don’t like it.




    That’s a fair point, but when you are scrolling past 90% of the posts, it just becomes tedious.



    Apart from informed opinion, much of what is posted on here is simply made up.



    People with “knowledge” of how Celtic operate, how the various managers had different relationships with the board, how the players are sourced, how the budget is managed.



    I’m all for debate but to fabricate a scenario and then use that fabrication to slate the club just isn’t right.



    …and to those who state that they are no longer going to the games until things are to their liking, please set your standards high.

  14. tgbs….



    Ronny explained at his news conference that he knew all about the MC kid because the Norwegian club had a close association with MC.


    This was confirmed later during a sky interview with JC who stated he knew nothing about the player but that Ronny knew all about him.



    So (on this occasion) it looks like 2 out of 3 lol

  15. Richie #TeamOscarForever on




    15:31 on 12 August, 2014


    back to basics – no PL bought those players – these are not decisions that NL made.






    A perfect example of made up shite.

  16. Just Anothet Tim.


    The impact, if you take the 50£50k alone would not harm us.


    If you add in the effect on team morale, and the effect on the bargaining position of other, less talented players, it could be catastrophic.

  17. Always been Celtic Park for me since 1981.



    What is more amazing is I watched us for years and years in the old ground = 14 seasons.



    The new stadium was only built a few years ago = 19 seasons!



    Where has the time gone?

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    This is a c&p from TSFM.



    For me, it explains the root of the anger that is expressed on here and other Celtic sites.



    It is a justified anger, which I share, but, much of it is targeted in the wrong place.





    John Clark says:


    August 12, 2014 at 1:19 am


    78 2 Rate This



    Big Pink says:


    August 12, 2014 at 12:29 am


    ‘.. We have come to the point of no return for TRFC – a point that needn’t have been arrived at had the lessons of Murray and Whyte been heeded.’




    And a point that would NOT have been reached IF certain personnel in the SFA had been properly and honestly attending to their duties to Scottish Football as a whole.



    Instead, those personnel, having personally benefited from an arrangement under which a club cheated the whole of Scottish football,chose to be derelict in their duty to guard the integrity of the game. Chose to remain silent about side-letters and untaxed payments etc etc.



    And thus allowed the shocking regime of cheating, by a KNIGHT of the Realm of the UK, to take place.A regime that exulted in the accumulation of wholly unmerited honours and titles to the gratification of a man so up his own hubristic arse as to be bordering on madness.


    And, worse, a man so liberal in feeding succulent lamb to our hacks that scarce a one of them ever challenged him, or said a critical word about him, or questioned how he could spend 10 for every 5



    Or questioned the disgraceful and morally repugnant capitulation to falsehood and deceit of the Football Authorities.



    The dirty, evil, cheating mentality of a SDM is one thing. The readiness of the complicit authorities to refuse to deal with that cheating in the way it ought to have been dealt with is on a different scale of evil.


    And the readiness of our football hacks to refuse to investigate that evil is on an even more wickedly corrupt plane.


    In my opinion.


    The survival or death of the illegitimate TRFC is not actually the main focus. It looks as if it will die. What we have to watch is how our Football authorities will deal with that death.


    And we watch, because we know already that they are men of no integrity.


    And that, I regret to say, is where we are.In Scottish Football.


    I know it, you know it, the hacks know it, and the SFA and SPFL board members know it.

  19. Just Another Tim






    Why would it be? It’s widely reported that managers such as Arsne Wegner have used Football Manager in the past as (at least) an initial scouting tool for promosing youngsters. The database in the game is made up of volunteers and fans from all over the world, people who might not have played the game at the highest level but are highly interested in the sport.



    Some fans can spot a player, others cant. But when there’s a top young player developing in an obscure league then the people watching that unfancied league are going to have their ears closer to the ground than most scouts.



    Of course it doesn’t replace going and watching players to see if they are indeed good, but I don’t see what is wrong with it as a starting point. It’s basically an amateur scouting report for the whole world’s football leagues..












    Fed up mentioning how Porto spend more on transfers than us but a fraction of the wage. We pay too much on wages (there are some reasons for this but it has to be lowered as an average otherwise there’s no room to go up).

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Reading that Denayer is in the squad for Wed but Tonev has a knock. I hope our new signings are first team players rather than bench warmers, we have enough of the latter.


    I also hope that they don’t play with their socks over their knees a la John Terry………



    Auldfashioned CSC

  21. glendalystonsils


    15:38 on


    12 August, 2014


    Reading that Denayer is in the squad for Wed but Tonev has a knock




    Tonev already looking like a Celtic winger.

  22. glendaly…



    Socks over kness…



    At last we’re getting onto serious issues!!!




  23. snake plissken



    14:35 on 12 August, 2014



    BBCKheredine ‏@BBCKheredine 5m


    Ronny Deila also admits Jan might be a more fruitful transfer window for him than this one, as assessed his squad and the “hard” market


    That will be the January Window , that every manager tells you it’s very difficult to sign anyone half decent? We are all being sold a pup here ,including the manager.

  24. Bom dia,



    TGBS 15:28 – Not sure if you’re highlighting the history of “RD’s signings” so far, as a good or a bad thing?



    Surely, the fact that (at least) two of the signings were already a well established part of the Celtic system show that (like any good operational model) the “system” continues to function regardless of who’s in the managerial seat ? (I nearly said “who’s in charge” there, but that MAYBE an entirely different matter).



    Only my opinion, like.

  25. Ryan Gauld not ready for Celtic midfield? Wow. You would think Peter Housten advised Lenny this. Beram Kayal ( more bookings than goals) or Ryan Gauld in midfield?


    Strange how the young Celts bossed young Utd midfield with Gauld playing.


    I Have more faith in young Celts emerging under RD than Lenny.

  26. justafan


    15:14 on


    12 August, 2014


    latchford …



    “As I said at the outset and in my post earlier to JF the declared Celtic strategy is not what is actually happening. We ARE developing and selling for profit but we ARE NOT using that profit to improve the quality of the squad remaining. In that sense you are right to be calling out for change”……….





    The essence of the PLC dividends, PL bonuses, lack of football progress and the general PLC/Celtic Support conundrum?………very possibly.

  27. glendalystonsils on




    The blog could do with a bit of lightening.


    Now,…….where do you stand on ponytails?

  28. Just Another Tim on



    15:34 on


    12 August, 2014



    Just Anothet Tim.



    The impact, if you take the 50£50k alone would not harm us.


    If you add in the effect on team morale, and the effect on the bargaining position of other, less talented players, it could be catastrophic.





    I’ve never bought into the team morale argument Doc. Why is it it other clubs can have a scaled wage policy but not us? I agree it can cause disharmony within teams. To the extent of being catastrophic I don’t know.



    I know it is a bad example to make but take some of the big teams who have players on 30k a week up to your world class on 200k a week. Somehow these clubs are able to make a scaled wage policy work without it causing a complete breakdown in the dressing room.

  29. the glorious balance sheet on

    Justafan cheers



    I’ve just seen that quote and also that Denayer has been given assurances by Celtic that he’ll play.



    Are we really that bad that we’re promising first team football to an untried 19 year old? Or is he the new Beckenbauer?



    In which case why would he join us because nobody wants to play for Celtic, you know :)

  30. the glorious balance sheet


    15:46 on


    12 August, 2014



    When VVD leaves in a week or two there will be a place for him partnering Efe. There’s a baptism of fire for the young man!!

  31. Just Another Tim on

    Malone Bhoy


    15:37 on


    12 August, 2014



    I was not aware it was already being used by managers so the article was a little surprising. I’ve since been reading about it and completely agree with you, it is a very valuable source of information. I can just imagine comments though if RD came out and said he scouted our players on it.

  32. Sporting bought Ryan Gauld for something like 3 mill, not sure if that was euros or brit pounds.



    As soon as he signed his 6 year deal, they slapped a 30 mill release clause on him, maybe they see something in the young fella.








    I remember that.


    Personally I was more thinking about middys than defenders.



    Problem we have is the footballing enviroment they have to play in.



    Guys like Xavi, Innesta etc and the like would struggle here, quality players are not allowed to express themselfs in scotland.



    Until this is addressed, we as a club, along with the national team will always suffer on the bigger stage.




  33. Justafan,



    The rubicon will be CL exit. That will see a dramatic decline that not even a Sevco return will prevent.



    On investment I believe good keepers especially experienced ones are available. Broto is a good example , pity he was not in goals in Seville.



    The spend must not be on projects….the whole team is a project now. We need some experience. The scandanvian market where Lustig and Mjallby came from needs to be explored more. Also the Dutch / Croatian markets ….altho Dirk is a warning. These markets do not command big fees.



    Money has been reinvested in last 2 seasons , however we have always went for the cheap option hence throwing good money after bad. Fingobassen versus Pukki/BAlde is the prime example.



    The strategy could work if the investment was done properly. However we have seen the beancounter option has taken hold —there is no point of any more projects at Celtic for the forseeable future. It will only weaken the Team further.



    If were to beat Maribor and invest we not only secure the club for the return of Sevco we give ourselves a better chance if securing the inflated CL income next season.



    This transfer window is about 2 CL revenues and domestic dominance. Maribor is the club and current CEOs rubicon.



    It’s a situation of Lawwells making and he can only blame himself if Maribor win. Ronny has been out in a straightjacket for the qualifiers.