Legia looming


Celtic have played four games against Polish opposition, losing to Legia Warsaw and Wisla Crakow in 2006 friendlies, drawing thanks to a very late Kenny Dalglish goal against Wislaw, before losing the return game. We’re going to need to break new ground if we’re to reach the Champions League play-off round.

As I predicted, you can ignore the 1-1 draw with St Pat’s last week, Legia are a far better team than that result suggested and it now looks like they have thrown off their summer slumber.

Time to hit form, Celtic.

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  1. saltires en sevilla on

    Great show last nite, the park looked superb!



    Hope Fergus enjoyed a wee dram n a smile.



    Legia tough opponents and cannot wait for those 2 games

  2. saltires en sevilla on




    Thought 1 billion people had googled Celtic and found CQN – crashed the server ;-)




  3. I only logged in cos i had a quiet minute in work



    And bam!







  4. Welcome back CQN ! Sleeping indeed Paul ;-)



    So looking froward to the Legia games. We should be fit and ready for them ! Let’s get a result away from home then a full house at Murrayfield to ensure progress to the Play Off round.



    CELTIC will play the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Third Round qualifier against Legia Warsaw in Poland next Wednesday, July 30.



    Details of the tie have been confirmed today, with the first match taking place at the Municipal Stadium (Pepsi Arena) in Warsaw (Kick-off: 7.45pm Celtic Park time).



    The return leg will take place at the BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh on Wednesday, August 6 at 7.45pm Celtic Park time.

  5. Tommy Gemmell and John Hughes will both be in the Celtic store in Coatbridge this Saturday from 12 noon until 3pm to sign copies of their books and to meet the Celtic supporters. Coatbridge is Yogi’s home town so he is looking forward to this one. Tommy hasn’t been well recently but is now feeling better and is keen to get out, meet the supporters in Coatbridge and sign some copies of All The Best.

  6. Tough games against Legia Warsaw and a real test for the players and new management team. Hopefully they will play a more open game than our last opponents and we will be able to exploit that.

  7. Delighted that the talk is back to football. Watched most of the Pats/Legia game last night but turned off when Legia got 2nd goal so missed the late avalanche. Initially I wasn’t overly impressed by Legia, they do pass it around a bit at the back but were not averse to lumping a few forward either. It will be a stern test no doubt and the Celts will have to bring their A game to the table. If they do am I confident we will get through.

  8. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    The Legia Warsaw tie is going to be hard enough, but the fact we are going away to play friendlies against St.Pauli and Spurs within days of the two legs is outrageous.A good few of our squad are a cert to be involved.

  9. bournesouprecipe on




    Legia Warsaw progressed as expected despite St Pat’s away goal in the first round. I reckon they are a step up from KR, but a few steps behind Celtic, glad the first tie is away.

  10. Legia will be no walk in the park and a bit of a baptism of fire for the new hands on deck.


    Having run out of clichés. …





    I enjoyed reading your review of the opening ceremony. I was torn between the dancing giant teacakes and the two person ballet to an unusual renditioning of The Proclaimed 500 miles as my highlights. Perhaps the gap between the ridiculous and the sublime was indeed intended.



    Sidney Tim


    To part quote from the opening para of a Long Glasgow Kiss by Craig Russell



    “Three concepts alien to the Glaswegian mind. Salad. Dentistry. Forgiveness.”



    Perhaps had Christ said “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are missing ” instead of ” don’t know what they are doing” it would be easier for Weegies to take on board the message.

  11. The star of the Empire/Commonwealth games last night was the beautiful Paradise. Many tried to upstage the arena but couldn’t.


    A wee fella in a bunnet would have been sitting in a comfy armchair last night feeling awfy proud last night as his dream and creation was beamed across the world. Fergus was not mentioned once and I would imagine he wasn’t in the slightest bothered but by god he must have been beaming.


    What a fantastic and adaptable arena we have. I don’t mind much about whether the queen was there what was played or who flew over head. I was marvelling at our wonderful stadium bathed in lights and colour it has seldom looked more impressive.


    I have often spoke on here about the long term goal of Celtic FC. We as football fans think sort term. We want players, cups leagues, European success, unbeaten runs, etc.


    What we do have to appreciate is that having an arena like Celtic Park and the infrastructure that goes with it outside and inside the ground is an asset that can’t be understated. The surrounding area is now at a standard to match the inside of the stadium and there is more to come. This wonderful stadium is our greatest asset after our wonderful support.


    Celtic as a club on and off the pitch have never been stronger in our history. We could dominate at home for decades. We have a healthy bank balance. We have a great arena. We also have a coach who seems to be as hungry as the fans are for success.


    There are always going to be things people are unhappy about. When you have a diverse support like Celtic it will always be the case but I prefer to look at the positives and last night was a huge positive for Glasgow and Celtic. What a wonderful occassion to add to the grounds CV.


    Meanwhile I believe Michael Kelly sat in a darkened room muttering about the evening not being a patch on the Jungle’s last stand – there wasn’t even any green ginger.




  12. I watched the Legia team last night against St Pat’s, good team going forward with a winger and CF capable of taking chances, their midfield worked hard without really catching the eye, my main interest was their defence which the few times St Pat’s did put them under pressure seemed to open like the Red Sea to Moses, they won’t want to be doing that against us I reckon.



    Tough game but over two legs should see Celtic in the next round, also glad the first leg is away..

  13. Think the friendlies will see 2 different teams getting 45 mins each (as in previous friendlies) as they still need match sharpness and familiarity with the new manager’s tactics.



    Nothing beats match practice – ask any player – but I don’t think anyone who has a niggle or needs a rest would be risked. We need to go into the Legia games hitting the ground running. Lack of preparation would be criminal

  14. The Honest Cover-up on



    The policy of RCs in Royal family is expected to change. Indeed, Lizzie and the new Pope are understood to have had many positive discussions about the future of their churches working together.



    Last night was fantastic. Celtic Park looked absolutely glorious on TV. People sang, danced, laughed and had fun. And lots of money was raised for charity. To think a poster here yesterday described the occasion as a “stain” on our history.


    Haha, the truth is these people are decreasing in number every year. In fact, it is they who are becoming history. While the Queen reconciles with Ireland and pays her respect to the Boys of the Old Brigade they are still twisted with hate and rage.


    I genuinely hope they can let it go and come and join the party. It’s much better over here.


    Here’s to a great Games.


    Hail hail!

  15. My friends in Celtic,



    Legia Warsaw will be no easy task and we will need all of our players.



    We cannot prevent speculation but the powers that be know to sell any of our players or indulge in any bids ( No matter the price ) will be treated as an act of betrayal.




  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    embramike- not sure about the timing of Saturday’s game, Lennoxtown for a few days might have been better before LW game.

  17. Livibhoy. Indeed financially our club has never been better , cash in the bank ( don’t know how much we got for the butchers games.)


    But sadly we watched last year when we played top teams in Europe and we were poor , we watched as Aberdeen walked thorough our midfield as we lacked investment


    No new investment in our team is forthcoming unless we reach CL


    We will sell one of our top players to show off the balance sheet at AGM


    It’s all about opinions


    Some People want to see healthy balance sheets and other People want to see exciting players on the park



    Legia are a good side and the gamble of getting an easy side in this round has not paid off



    Time to buy some players


    And listen to no offers for players

  18. LB



    I thought the red arrows smoke trail looked blue white and purple, the colours of the mascot, but maybe that was just the tears in my eyes laughing at the wise cracks on CQN during the ceremony ;-)

  19. My only concern is that as the competition intensifies , we could get caught with the possession game from the back. You need a high skill level to keep playing that way without losing possession. Efe had a penchant for doing it before it came fashionable and gave us a few bad scares. Now that it is Company policy and they are all at it I would suggest a couple of Valium in the back pocket.

  20. “There are two ways to go. To buy players, or develop them. Celtic is a big club and we need to develop players to European standard.”



    Ronny Deila Celtic Manager

  21. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternnnnooonnn














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