Leicester first to move for Edouard


You can be sure there is something firm in the story when Sky Sports and The Guardian both report Leicester City have opened talks with Celtic over the future of Odsonne Edouard.  Like a few in the squad, Odsonne has made it clear he wants to move to England when, or before, his current contract expires in June next year.

The player’s form suffered from illness and two periods of self-isolation last season, these are mitigating factors but it’s fair to say some among the support would be happy to take the cash and move our prime talent on, irrespective of the end of his contract looming.

Tapping up is, of course, illegal, but I would be surprised if Leicester had not made their terms to the player clear in a indirect way.  If Odsonne wants to team-up with his former Celtic boss he is likely to get his way.  Once Celtic are through with all their other priorities, they will doubtlessly try to get another club interested.

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  1. The Glazers didn’t just pitch up from nowhere and buy United



    They weren’t potless chancers like TGEF, they owned enough stuff that the banks knew they were serious people with valuable assets. And they also had experience of owning sports franchises. They were a decent bet.

  2. i wannaa’d eddy bhoy to stay…………….


    obvs i know nowt about fitba’ but i wanted us to get a manager in who would have inspired him and re ignited his quality. he’s head an shoulders above scoddish fitba – just likie Celtic.



    When he goes minimum 20 million, despite what the wee sleelkits an the rekord says….




  3. …and with what’s at stake I am extremely upset that we are in effect gambling on beating hundom to the prize of CL monies.



    I don’t share the maniacal antipathy towards DD or esp Big Peter………….most of these opinions are drunks in need of attention, mid-morning beers or some vague sort of bad undergrad angst / edgy relevance.




  4. Sorry but there is no such thing as a bidding war where modern transfers are concerned.


    Edouard, Ajer, Christie, McGregor and their agents will decide which club they go to… They will probably know by now where they want to go.


    Anyone who thinks they will be sold to the highest bidder and be forced to go really have obviously been in a coma for the last 30 years.


    What next?…. Pay as you play deals?

  5. Bigbhoy: from last night.



    In all the years I’ve been travelling over to matches I have never had a negative experience from Scottish based Tims, or any other Tim’s for that matter, inside or outside Paradise. In fact, quite the opposite.



    Although in fairness, there was the one time jamesgang stole my chips in the Blane Valley.

  6. LAXALT on 8TH JUNE 2021 3:52 PM



    Not been in a coma. Bidding wars have happened in the last 30 yrs. Release clauses negate this as I admitted, clearly.



    And agents don’t always decide who a player goes to.



    Also have no evidence but don’t think Calmac will go.



    Funnily enough there is no evidence to the contrary. Simply conjecture.

  7. ROLLING_STONE on 8TH JUNE 2021 12:07 PM



    A bit sensationalist to say we were going burst in 2004.



    *get a grip and I don’t mean the third knuckle FFS. The Bank of Scotland, at the behest of the mendacious Ayrshire rag and bone man as well as basterton, informed Celtic on 3 March 1994 that it was calling in receivers as a result of the club exceeding a £5 million overdraft.



    Ex-pat businessman Fergus McCann, however, wrested control of the club from the family dynasties which had controlled Celtic since its founding, purchasing the club for a reported £9 million.



    According to media reports, McCann took over the club minutes before it was to be declared bankrupt, in fact he had John Keane rush round to the bank with a cheque for 1m, with no guarantee of ever seeing it again, to save it from the ignominy of going out of the game, that’s 1m not 1 pound.



    The Bunnet could have got the club for nothing if he had let it go under. As he said at the time “it would’ve cost less, and left the previous owners with nothing, to go into liquidation. But it would also be humiliating for Celtic. So we paid all the bills. Celtic means the same to me as it does to other fans. I identify with the club and wish to be proud of it”.



    Do you honestly think we would have been allowed tae retain our name and identity and all the trophies, including the Big Cup, we had previously won, we would probably have had tae dump the Hoops tae.



    Question: if Ange leaves his club in Japan mid-season is he then a ‘rat’ from their perspective? We don’t want to be hiring a guy who is a rat, surely?




    *Aw FFS again, try separating apples fae oranges, pun intended, the fraud was on his way out ant the end of 2018, his last game was a loss at hades and he was moving tae the midlands and too be honest we widnae have missed him as the fitba was putrid at the time as unknown tae us he had thrown his toys out of the pram as the big bad DD widnae let him leave.



    However, under fire Claude Puel had a bit of a reprieve with victors over chelski away and man city, so the move was put on hold. BTW I watched his final game and IMHO the players threw him under the bus.



    Fraud went away with the squad for the winter break and when he returned we were a different side as he started tae take the job seriously again, we won all our games scoring 18 goals for the loss of 1 and even that was controversial and he spent the rest of the day railing about it.



    However word was emanating fae down south that the Foxes had now turned their sights tae big Raff who agreed but wanted tae see his position at the Toon out until the end of the season, what a novel idea.



    He sent his rep down telling them he would start right away and within 2 days he was there, big grin and all, he never said good bye tae his squad and only sent the rep tae Lennoxtown who was hunted by allegedly Broonie, KT and our goalie coach.



    That’s what I call a member of the Murinae family.



    Big Angie isnae walking out he spoke with the management over there and agreed tae take one more game, a cup tie, this weekend. Nae different fae the Big Mhan and Hibs.

  8. Martim… Not wanting to argue but tell me a couple of examples of any Celtic player being the subject of a bidding war?


    I cannot remember a single one.


    I know that it happens in computer games but not real life.

  9. Rolling_Stone on




    A lot of speculation in there.



    Who is the bigger rat: the guy who leaves the club with £40m+ in the bank, having won every trophy he entered, with a 8 point lead in the league, £9m in our pocket as compensation and a strong team to build on…






    The guy who leaves the club 2 games before the league is lost, having had the opportunity to resign when it was salvageable? Who then goes on to criticise fans for being entitled while failing to recognise any of his failures or the complete mess he left us in?



    For all the vitriol BR haa received, he hasn’t criticised the fans.

  10. I live in the Rebel County………..


    the Tims that I know here wax lyrical and long about my home town and all evangelise about their trips to Paradise.



    There is an unbroken link forged between our countries and Celtica is the grateful recipient.



    We Are Blessed.




  11. LAXALT on 8TH JUNE 2021 3:52 PM



    No worries. Not wanting to either.



    We only find out the team who the player signs for.



    All the bids for anyone else aren’t generally published. There is often more than one team interested. Celtic officials themselves have admitted to such, without naming them.



    Hmmmm computer games i wouldn’t know much about.



    Suprised anyone could be so forthright in opposing this.

  12. Brendan never criticised the fans right enough but thousands of us believe he lied about Leicester insisting on an immediate start.


    Thousands of us believe that the players (Dembele, Boyatta, Tierney, Brown) had started to see through him.


    Thousands believe he was scared of Slippy and Sevco.



    Even if it was true about the timing could he not have waited 5 days?



    Great manager but not to be trusted.

  13. squire danaher on

    RC on 8TH JUNE 2021 4:35 PM



    So we’re not even turning a profit.



    Bought him for £9m, sell for £15m with 50% sell on fee leaves us £7.5m and a £1.5 shortfall.



    Thank God were such a well managed club.



    Otherwise we’d go bust like the Huns!!!

  14. RS



    Neil wasn’t a rat in leaving. He stayed and fought to try to win back a losing situation; he never wanted to leave but was eventually forced to face reality.



    All it takes nowadays is one lost league. MON was allowed 2, WGS only one and NFL lost only one in each of his 2 spells with the club. Ronnt Deila was sacked/ mutualled without even losing a title. That’s where we operate now.



    Well, we got a wake up call this season. I hoped it might unite us in greater support and less entitlement but it seems we prefer to blame this all away on our scapegoats

  15. Quadraphenian



    Interesting summary of AP’s current team. Sounds like we’re going to need a top class goalkeeper and some quick centre halves who don’t mind being in a race from the half way line to the penalty box!

  16. The sell on fee is usually the difference between the purchase price and the selling price although I believe in one instance we got the full whack.

  17. Thousands believe he was scared of Slippy and Sevco.





    I agree with most of what you said Laxalt, but the scared stuff is HUN propaganda.


    Is it not 50% of the profit.



    Buy 9 sell 18 . PSG get 50 % of 9. ie 4 1/2 .



    CELTIC get 13 1/2. Less £3mil for £awell.



    Fitbas a doddle.

  19. Sell on fee usually a percentage of profit rather than overall sale price.



    That does not stop plenty of clickbait sites on newsnow having a punt at what’s in Edouards highly confidential, legally binding contract with the club.

  20. Some good craic about Ange’s teams, style, tactics etc and how our players(?) might fit in there.



    Only problem I see is that, at the moment, Ange is as much our manager as Howe was before he drifted off into the sunset. Unless I’m missing something of course. Like an announcement or some news and information directed towards the supporters that I missed!



    I only hope that this lack of communication is absolutely NOT down to The Dom and that for the foreseeable his hands are tied (for some reason). Otherwise shoite, creek and paddle come to mind.



    Thank God I have a well developed sense of stumour.

  21. Martim… Thanks for reply… We’ll agree to differ on this one.



    Scully… As you know, I’m not a currant but I believe BR was scared

  22. So we should all sit in silence.



    Anyone for toast ‘n’ cheese with Lea and Perrins and white pepper? 😉

  23. FAVOURITE UNCLE on 8th June 2021 5:13 pm



    Is it not 50% of the profit.


    Buy 9 sell 18 . PSG get 50 % of 9. ie 4 1/2 .


    CELTIC get 13 1/2. Less £3mil for £awell.


    Fitbas a doddle.




    I don’t get the real put the boot into Peter Lawwell all the time. If he was just looking money out of the French Eddie transfer, surely he would have wanted him sold when he was valued at 30 million. He thought Eddie would do the bizz, Celtic would win the 10 and Eddie could go on his merry way. The gamble backfired big time.



    I know I’ll now be called a Lawwellite (sounds like a low calorie beer) but I can live with that.




  24. Almore 💚



    BR feart of Gerard? Only BR can ever answer that honestly.


    By the time he left, he/we had more cause to be concerned. Other SPL teams had pretty effectively worked out how to nullify the tippy tappy, back and fore stuff and the ploys of previously-effective defence breakers like Sinclair.



    And the Stickies had demonstrably closed the gap in terms of performance and goal margins. Partly cos they’d recruited something better than pub team players.



    10IAR would have been challenging to achieve had BR remained. Albeit not as ‘challenging ‘ as transpired IMHO



    HH JG


    SCULLYBHOY on 8TH JUNE 2021 5:48 PM



    It will all come out in the wash as they say. Someone will catalogue all his mistakes and it will be a best seller. It will make your eyes pop out.




  26. BR couldn’t do anything about COVID, Injuries and poor recruitment – the latter really frustrated him and that’s the reason he left.



    He wanted to take Celtic beyond winning domestic but wasn’t given the support needed/required.



    Ange is ambitious and likes it done his way! He can be successful if the board let him build and support him with the quality of players needed. Lengthy haggling has lost us players – its like we do the donkey work for the other teams!

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bhoys- someone kindly posted a link to a sweepsheet of the Euro Group Games……cant find it, could you post it again please, thanks

  28. Hi Bada



    I don’t have a spreadsheet for the Euros but if you enrol on Superbru.com you can host a Pool of your own with a Private code to allow only those you want to join. Once your pool particpants put in their predictions, the site keeps track of scores and awards points and positions in a closed league table. Takes a lot of hard work away from the host

  29. Spartim @2 40



    Charlie Christie said no such thing, he said his son was good enough



    to play at the top level in England

  30. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Brendan Rodgers was scared of Sevco and Slippy G? Thats stretching a bit, he’s hardly hiding in a cave somewhere.

  31. RC on 8TH JUNE 2021 4:35 PM


    “OE cost £9 , sell for £15 give PSG 50% , not a lot left.”



    Oh man

  32. On the Edourd sell-on clause…



    Celtic have NEVER EVER disclosed a sell on fee so the only people who had this ” whopping 50%” figure (surely the highest in world football history if true) was the Daily Record.


    They know they will never be called out on it so they just put up an anti-Celtic story.


    I can’t see PL agreeing to that.




    I reckon it is a (still high) 20%.

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