Leicester first to move for Edouard


You can be sure there is something firm in the story when Sky Sports and The Guardian both report Leicester City have opened talks with Celtic over the future of Odsonne Edouard.  Like a few in the squad, Odsonne has made it clear he wants to move to England when, or before, his current contract expires in June next year.

The player’s form suffered from illness and two periods of self-isolation last season, these are mitigating factors but it’s fair to say some among the support would be happy to take the cash and move our prime talent on, irrespective of the end of his contract looming.

Tapping up is, of course, illegal, but I would be surprised if Leicester had not made their terms to the player clear in a indirect way.  If Odsonne wants to team-up with his former Celtic boss he is likely to get his way.  Once Celtic are through with all their other priorities, they will doubtlessly try to get another club interested.

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  1. RC on 8TH JUNE 2021 4:35 PM


    “OE cost £9 , sell for £15 give PSG 50% , not a lot left.”



    Oh man

  2. On the Edourd sell-on clause…



    Celtic have NEVER EVER disclosed a sell on fee so the only people who had this ” whopping 50%” figure (surely the highest in world football history if true) was the Daily Record.


    They know they will never be called out on it so they just put up an anti-Celtic story.


    I can’t see PL agreeing to that.




    I reckon it is a (still high) 20%.

  3. Christie will not sign a new contract he has to be sold now. He has only 6 months remaining.



    He has been criticised for his performance which deterioated last season. his father give an interview asking EPL clubs to come and get him. Christie changed his game and resorted in trying to score goals from outside the box often shooting when a pass was a better option. Bhoys analytics had him 1 on target for 51 attempts. he also forced himself on free kicks and corners. He was a poor team player and was disgruntled.


    There is no way back, he needs to go.



    Griffiths has had his chances and has been supported well by the club, he can no longer be trusted to keep fit and live the life of an athlete. He has to go and as no-one will buy him he needs to be freed unless he can be a makeweight in an incoming transfer deal.



    Eddy, Ncham Ajer Bitton need to go also they cannot be trusted,



    Barkas Boli and Shved needs to go before their values drops any further. Rogic should stay to help his former Manager bed in,



    The rest should be kept for Ange to decide



    With the 4 loanees gone and the above 7 means we need 11 to make up the squad. Connell etc will fill some places but we need at least 8 new players to replace the want aways and non triers

  4. If we sell Eduoard for £15m. we get £15m. We have a payaway of £3m so we then have £12m.



    If we try and keep him then he leaves next summer for zero.

  5. Rodgers scared of rookie Gerrard? With his ego/confidence?



    I’m not buying that. In fact, the opportunity to put Gerrard in his place would have been the only thing tempting him to stay – unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

  6. lets all do the huddle on

    If we sell Eduoard for £15m. we get £15m. We have a payaway of £3m so we then have £12m.



    If we try and keep him then he leaves next summer for zero.






    but if he stays and gets us into the CL group stages we get 30 million



    because you can guarantee we wont be signing any other players capable of doing that



    though i dont think edouard would either so selling him suits all parties

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    Rodgers scared of rookie Gerrard




    i wont be reading back far enough to pollute my mind with how that nonsense started

  8. LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE on 8TH JUNE 2021 8:05 PM


    Rodgers scared of rookie Gerrard



    i wont be reading back far enough to pollute my mind with how that nonsense started





    Sounds like the sort of thing that starts in the playground :)

  9. Squire Danaher



    Apologies for delay in reply. Been a busy afternoon.



    Yes I do see that and the problems is causes.



    Ironically though I also see that the strongest chances of our generating a decent level of structural change within the game to remove the glass ceiling and allow Celtic to become the global brand it can be, is by the marketability of Scottish football and its rivalries enabling it to show value to wider tv audiences.



    Specifically The Championship in England wanted both clubs for TV box office back in 2004 ….Murray was keen as the realisation was dawning on him….. we were less so.



    Any regional system such as Holland / Belgium would see the value in a strong Scottish game ( eg Scotland and Scandinavia ) at its core and not just one club.



    Any negotiating is at national level and so combined strength is of value.



    Above may not be palatable to many but it is a harsh reality.



    I have no doubt we have a more marketable and scalable global brand but we don’t have a TV stage worthy of it save for a handful of European games each year.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Think your talking nonsense with this leader Pablo.



    I seem to recall being told clearly on here a few weeks ago that Leicester were not interested in Edouard.




  11. ROCK TREE BHOY on 8TH JUNE 2021 7:09 PM


    Brendan Rodgers was scared of Sevco and Slippy G? Thats stretching a bit, he’s hardly hiding in a cave somewhere.




    At the time that Ibrox approached Gerrard, Celtic were untouchable as far as they were concerned. There seemed no credible path to stop Celtic. They did not have the money for a decent transfer budget that would attract a top manager. However egged on by Dalglish and others at Liverpool, who knew both Rodgers & Gerrard, it was probably suggested that the appointment of Gerrard, although a rookie, may be a way to unsettle Rodgers and get a blow into Celtic.



    Brendan thinks a lot about himself and would have known that in a two-horse race unexpected things may happen. The damage to his reputation and future prospects would be serious if he was beaten by a rookie manager who not so many months before called him “boss”.



    I think that immediately Gerard was appointed he told his representatives to find him another club. At the end of 2018 it was ‘nip & tuck’ at the top of the league – it looked like Ibrox were up for a challenge.



    Brendan new that it was time to wind up the Brendan Rodgers project at Celtic as soon as possible – the rest is history.



    I have heard other bits of gossip about Liverpool’s ‘help’ for Rangers & Gerrard – but the goings on that surrounded the transfer of Davies from Preston to Liverpool, when it looked like a deal had been done to bring him to Celtic, smells a bit – the guy has yet to make an appearance.



    So I think all in all, bringing Gerrard to Ibrox was a shrewd move by King. King also forecast that if they won one title we would collapse “like a pack of cards” – not totally wrong there either.



    We should not be fooled – it seems to us that Ibrox have a lot a crap on their plate with losses & court cases aplenty. Be in no doubt, they know what they are doing and the “crap” doesn’t seem to hinder them.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting chat re Glazers & Man Utd.



    Securing finance against the asset you plan to purchase is not illegal.



    But, IMHO, it is immoral.



    In this tale of pure greed (again just my opinion) there is one part of the equation that often goes unmentioned.



    “Hi – do you want to sell me your shareholding at a significant profit?”



    “Aye – go on then”

  13. Just watched The Three Kings about Busby, Shankly and Stein



    Passion. You can win a lot just with passion.



    HH jg

  14. JHB on 8TH JUNE 2021 8:29 PM



    Please stop talking about sevco at length.



    They cheated in every way before they died and they are now financially, on the park, diving, fowling. Test results, cover ups.



    Shrewd? No



    Crooks? Yes 200%

  15. JAMESGANG on 8TH JUNE 2021 8:57 PM


    Just watched The Three Kings about Busby, Shankly and Stein



    Where can I find it please.




  16. JAMESGANG on 8TH JUNE 2021 8:57 PM



    It’s excellent! Watched all the football docs recently

  17. BELMONTBRIAN on 8TH JUNE 2021 9:01 PM


    JAMESGANG on 8TH JUNE 2021 8:57 PM





    Just watched The Three Kings about Busby, Shankly and Stein







    Where can I find it please.













    Away to watch it




  18. squire danaher on

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Three Kings



    I also watched the new A Ferguson doc on Amazon Prime and followed a link there to find one on Sir Bobby Robson.



    I always had a soft spot for his Ipswich team of 1975-81. I also recall he referred to us in the local media after the Allan Hunter testimonial in November 1981 as “bloody marvellous people”.



    Spends some time examining his time at Barcelona and how they sold him down the river bringing in LVG and basically forcing him upstairs and out in 1997 despite winning a treble.



    A thoroughly decent man and RIP.

  19. Belmontbrian



    You might need some tissues.


    Squire D – I was a kid when the great Ipswich side emerged. Totally cosmopolitan with 2 furriners – albeit from just across the sea!


    Bobby Robson always came across as a total gentleman.



    I’m saving the Fergie one to watch with my son



    HH jg

  20. fairhill bhoy on

    So BR was scared of slippy 🤷🏽‍♂️


    Last week it was EH didn’t come because of the George square and PL stuff.🤷🏽‍♂️

  21. Bigbhoy




    I now hear from our Irish followers that there is a hostility to the Irish from our Scottish supporters. They dont feel welcome to be at Celtic park and this new breed of supporters are suspicious and hostile and comments such as “irish Bastard” are not uncommon.



    hear from who?


    hostility from who?


    Who does not feel welcome?


    made unwelcome by who?


    “new breed” ? who


    when and where exactly did this happen?



    Genuinely intereated in an explanation.




    One Celtic since 1888.

  22. squire danaher on

    JAMESGANG on 8TH JUNE 2021 9:20 PM



    Yeah, Thijssen and Muhren were tremendous players.



    If they had had a bigger squad they could’ve won Aston Villa’s league title, they fell apart on the run-in. A bang average Man City beat them in FAC SF after extra time and they deservedly won only the UEFA instead of a treble.

  23. Squire



    I loved how in those days, great teams could just emerge and succeed



    Changed days from the ever increasing closed shop of today.






    HH jg

  24. Tontine@404pm…great read as usual but only thing I would say is that John Keane didn’t really run errands for people…. It was John Keane’s own money that was banked that morning (surely the greatest off the field story in our history…. Phoning his lawyer at 2am… ‘Meet me at George Square at 830am… Bring £1m…We’re going to save Celtic’).


    John Keane, especially in the early Fergus years, was never a junior partner to Fergus and anything we achieved since is down to him and Fergus mostly.


    A real quiet Mayo man who Paul Larkin or one of the other excellent Celtic authors or filmmakers should look at telling his life story.

  25. prestonpans bhoys on




    Daughter and her pals going, not a ticket amongst them but fully vaccinated and pubs open🍺🍺🍺

  26. Following Scotland.



    In the square were i lived ,4 neighbours (men) decided to go down to Wembley . One was taking his 2 sons (my friends) and asked my mum did i want to go . i was a Scotland diehard in those days ….so it was amazing to get the chance to see my heroes play against the AULD ENEMY.



    One of the neighbours wives made me a tartan waistcoat which i still have to this day .


    We set off in the cars (my mum in tears) Travelling down the motorway passing cars and buses of jubilant Scotland fans singing and displaying scarves and flags from any opening they could ,it was an amazing sight .



    Stayed in LUTON …….i’ll never forget the poor souls who almost made it to the game but falling at the last hurdle (Wembley way) due to, to much drink.



    The game itself was the best we had played there for a while in my memory anyway , dominant , creating good opportunities…..



    We’ve all witnessed BIG BILLY scoring with powerful headers for me that day in 77 was up there as headers go , Gordon McQueen scored with one of the best headers ever for a Scotsman….imo.



    When Kenny scored the second i thought we would score another 2 or 3.



    They get the penalty and i’m thinking gawd no, a nervy end and the final whistle goes Q bedlam……..



    seemed like an eternity for everything to calm down and we’re heading off the park a couple of Police on horseback stopped us and asked if we had any turf ….😂😂😂



    A wonderful trip ……the boys i went down with turned out to be FAIRHILL BHOYS brother in laws .



    SCOTLAND had wonderful talent at the time .



    Unfortunately my following has soured due to how the governing body treat Celtic and the players …….



    Still wish our bhoys well …….





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