Leigh, Kieran, marking your card


The most important result in international week is that we get all our (33) players back fit and ready for Saturday. That looks to be the case, although I hear Erik Sviatchenko had a close shave at Hampden. The job now is for Ronny Deila to assess the preparedness of his squad for the Hearts game. All may be fit, but it’ll be impossible for the likes of Tom Rogic to be at his best after coping with a 12,000 mile journey home and the necessary body clock adjustments.

Ronny will also have to counsel Kieran Tierney, who has had another big week. Teenagers often progress in waves, after with each crest there’s often a trough. The focus for Kieran right now has to be 100% Hearts.

I read Leigh Griffiths had an uneventful game against Denmark. Don’t bet against him shining on Saturday. He’s a player who flourishes with a point to prove.

I’ve not written much on Resolution 12 recently and I don’t see that changing for a few weeks (despite the trolls), but I have been very active on the subject. Anyone who thinks I’d skip over this is welcome to self-certify as a mindless troll below (I’m counting on at least one being sufficiently mindless…).

What I’d like to do is mark your card on this one. Completely erroneous claims have been made. Outrageous things have been written. There’s a Kangaroo Court underway which would do Salem proud. Let the loons run with their agenda of running Celtic down, but be circumspect. Your card’s been marked.

You are being played, all right, but not by Celtic.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    KEVJUNGLE on 31ST MARCH 2016 10:39 AM


    Macjay1 for Neil Lennon










    why would it be ‘impossible’ to over throw the board ?





    They are there to collect ‘your’ money.





    So, don’t give them it.






    How many Celtic fans have you got on Board ( geddit ?) with that proposal ?




    On a subject of far more significance ……..



    Hope your health is behaving itself.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    “A mug, is a mug, is a mug,….no matter how they try to dress it up.”



    So, what you wearing , Kev.?



  3. PS


    “You know some people actually go and just watch football, good or bad por cierto”



    Good or bad football, not the people por cierto :)

  4. Greenpinta,


    You ask that more lurkers come on and post, so here I am. I haven’t posted for four or five years ( and was an infrequent poster even then ). I was put put into this site by a friend in its first year and never let a day go by without reading Paul’s leader. This site, Phil Mac and The Clumpany are embedded as favourites and currently I keep a watchful but wary eye on Johnjamessite ( sometimes he has interesting thoughts about the SFA ).


    One of the problems with posting infrequently, and I think this may apply to a lot of lurkers, is that it can be difficult to engage other posters. This isn’t to suggest that there are cliques, just that establishing yourselves into ongoing conversations isn’t easy ( try butting into a pub conversation involving a lot of people ).


    Getting involved takes time and patience and many lurkers may only have small amounts of time to follow what’s going on.


    Also , sometimes there is a negative, aggressive energy on the blog ( especially after defeats – I usually avoid reading comments for four or five days after defeats as I don’t like the often fractious nature of the debate at these times .


    My brother ( Jungle VIP ) still posts Farley regularly and my brother in law ( Rascar Capac ) used to be a regular.


    Generally I like the varied nature of the debate and find it funny ( peculiar ) that some people are so glass half empty ( or like Kevjungle actually empty ) and others are so glass half full ( they know who they are! ).


    Res 12 issue is currently proving quite contentious and I feel a different perspective being taken by Paul as that of The Clumpany and Phil Mac. They are all usually well clued up so it is a bit disconcerting seeing them a bit uncertain as to what is happening.


    Like lots of people I would like more info from the club but understand there might ( maybe ) be good reasons they don’t say more. I keep feeling that great leadership would find a way of connecting better with the fans ( whilst thinking that generally we have mostly good leadership ).


    I think a great leader would have found that there were actually commercial opportunities created over last few years rather than trying to limit damage from lost income streams.


    I do think that there has been a huge shift in football finances in last 10 years and we have been left behind by issues of concern but where we have no real influence. We had a few good years in transfer market but last 3 years we seem to have mostly squandered our transfer budget.


    I love Celtic, know that we have major challenges ahead and that the road is not necessarily straight but we’ll never walk alone along it.

  5. Timbhoy 3


    I’m sure you are a good Celtic man, and it’s obvious you’ve been one for a very long time. I truthfully hope you maintain good enough health to keep watching the hoops for another 20 years at least.


    I genuinely didn’t want to insult a good supporter and hope you’ve realised that wasn’t my intention.


    We are different only in the fact that if I’m getting taken for a mug and it’s proven that’s the case, I wouldn’t be able to put another penny piece into a Celtic under the current board.


    Fingers crossed that never materialises.


    Hail hail and good health to you timbhoy 3




    I think Phil has better contacts in Sevco than he does inside Celtic Park. The Clumpany is an honest blogger and his opinions are valued but still only opinions, like the rest of us.


    BRTH has the facts and has laid them out in front of all of us, thereby taking away the indecision as to who knows what. Good to see you posting, hope it’s not another 4/5 years till your next one :) por cierto

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GER57 on 31ST MARCH 2016 11:25 AM


    The hounding of Jeanette is disgraceful!






    But not the hounding of P.L.

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 31st March 2016 11:08 am – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/leigh-kieran-marking-your-card/comment-page-15/#comments



    I never gave up the law because I didn’t like reaseraching, examening and applying the law itself or because I didn’t like representing people or getting things done for them.



    I just morphed into a different kind of business offer for clients and more and more formal legal practice was being left behind.



    In my last few years I looked upon a Jury trial or a civil court appearance as a sort of holiday away from the day to day and that was great fun.



    I still take the odd busman’s holiday to the courts or a hearing of some kind every now and then.



    However, when someone else offers you the chance to be the secret diner in a restaurant chain they are thinking of buying and pays you for it, it is very hard to say no.



    Weeks of checking out different dishes, cocktails, drinks, prices, staff levels etc followed by the boring due diligence bit and the purchase agreements and then setting up the management structure … and then on to something completely different.



    Variety is the spice of life.

  9. Bashi-Bazouks,



    Great post, welcome.






    Thanks for the clarifications. I bet it will be a great relief when the mandates are submitted and an investigation commenced within the timeframe. Thanks for your continued efforts,






    Here’s something to keep you out of trouble for a while and sharpen up your Latin. Perhaps you can translate it all for us and come back when your done:))



    Digitalised version of The Book of Kells from TCD.







  10. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 31st March 2016 11:38 am



    Re JF and PL hounding…one takes £1m+/year out of the club for his troubles…

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Hounding was the issue.


    Not remuneration .

  12. I have to admit, the park at Hampden does have me worried for the game against Sevco.



    It was in poor condition for the Scotland game. What kind of condition will it be on the 17th after Hibs and Dundee United will have played on the surface the day before.



    In our last game against a poor Sevco side we only managed to win 2-0 because the pitch was so poor. It really is a leveler.



    The stars are aligning for them. Who would have thought?

  13. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    I see Ronnie Corbett has died.



    That is a shame. He was a funny wee man ….. and a nice wee man at that.

  14. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    TIMALOY29. Fella we could play the tribute act on an Ash park and we should beat them our only concern is complacency.They are not a great team as was shown again at Ibrokes when they lost 3 goals to Queen of the South.This will be the biggest game many of there players have ever played in and nerves will play a part. H.H.

  15. Big Peat of Islay on

    Just reading the London Times…


    Scottish football chiefs have secretly opposed new laws to give fans more say in how clubs are run, The Times has learnt.



    Celtic, the Scottish Premiership champions, have also attempted to block government plans to give supporters more control over their teams following controversies over club ownership.



    The stance of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) is revealed in a submission by Celtic to a consultation on the plans.



    While Celtic published their response, which was “in conjunction” with the SPFL, league chiefs asked the Scottish government to keep their own views confidential. They have now admitted that they do not back a “one-size-fits-all solution” for all clubs.



    Fans’ groups last night expressed their concerns that the SPFL was among those “shutting the door on new ideas” and urged it to lift the “veil of secrecy”.



    The consultation comes after several years of turmoil in Scotland regarding ownership, during which many fans’ groups believed they had been excluded from being able to influence the future of the teams they supported.



    In September, the Scottish government launched a consultation on the plans to provide enhanced rights for fans as part of the Community Empowerment Act. The proposals would enshrine the rights of supporters to influence their club, give them more governance power and a right to bid in a possible sale. Falkirk and Dunfermline also chose to make their views public, and both teams were critical.



    In a seven-page submission, Celtic appear to tell Holyrood to stop interfering in the sport, stating that fans’ involvement is a “matter for the clubs and football authorities”. The club say that the proposals are not “necessary, workable or appropriate”. It claims that plans to give fans a right to bid “would not produce any benefit” and would also “create financial insecurity” — and this view was shared by the SPFL.



    Celtic even go so far as to suggest that introducing a right to buy would be “inappropriate and incompatible” with existing law and could “prevent future investment in Scottish football, at a time when Scottish football is in need of investment”.



    The planned legislation “would prove detrimental to the stability of clubs in Scotland”, the club said in their submission. Suggesting that the SPFL shared the same views, Celtic say that their position is based on “the reasons set out in this response and in the SPFL’s submission”.



    The SPFL did not answer questions on whether it agreed with all of Celtic’s points. The organisation would not explain why it asked for its views to remain confidential.



    Simon Barrow, chairman of the Scottish Football Supporters Association, which represents 64,000 fans, said: “Shutting the door on new ideas about how to bring fresh resources into the game is not wise for any of us. Genuine partnership between private owners, community owners and fans has to be the way forward. ”



    He added: “We have published our thoughts on these issues, and would welcome and encourage such transparency from others.”



    Hamish Husband, of the West of Scotland Tartan Army, said: “One can only hope that the veil of secrecy is short term, and the SPFL will let us know in the near future what their plans are in Scottish football.”



    Joe Di Paola, chairman of the Celtic Trust, said he was “disappointed” at Celtic’s opposition to the plans and also urged the SPFL to publish its views.



    He said: “What have they got to hide? What is their problem? It’s a public consultation. If they are [sure] that they have the best views on it, they should tell the world.”



    A spokesman for the SPFL said: “The SPFL responded to this consultation on behalf of the league and its member clubs, with a number of those clubs represented on a working group set up to discuss the issue.



    “Everyone at the SPFL recognises that supporters are the lifeblood of Scottish football, of great importance and influence to the clubs they back.



    He said: “All clubs will have their own preferred model for engaging with fans. It’s vital that we allow the various models of fan engagement to thrive and that we do not damage clubs and the strong bonds [they have] with fans in the pursuit of a one-size-fits-all solution.”



    A spokesman for Celtic FC said: “Celtic’s supporters are the lifeblood of the club. We already enjoy very close and meaningful liaison with our supporters and are always committed to further enhancing supporter involvement and engagement.”

  16. Time to expose myself to Glasgow’s spring sunshine….but just had a link from the European Space agency with a picture taken from the Space Station of a huge iceberg….and it is called……



    TIM’S Iceberg….



    I think it is on the lookout for RIFC Titanic…will keep you informed…






    Hail hail




  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    I see Ronnie Corbett has died.



    That is a shame. He was a funny wee man ….. and a nice wee man at that.






    Loved him.


    Frost Report…………………”I know my place”

  18. Poe Cierto, Clogher


    Many thanks,


    I may have missed the post where BRTH has given latest update on Res 12 and where we and club are,


    Any links to it?






    And I’ll try to make more posts





    Don’t be a stranger,welcome back!



    BRTH is at 1047,page 15

  20. Bashi @ 11:32



    The only time I’ve seen you have a problem working your way into a bar room conversation is when it’s your shout … !




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