Leigh, Kieran, marking your card


The most important result in international week is that we get all our (33) players back fit and ready for Saturday. That looks to be the case, although I hear Erik Sviatchenko had a close shave at Hampden. The job now is for Ronny Deila to assess the preparedness of his squad for the Hearts game. All may be fit, but it’ll be impossible for the likes of Tom Rogic to be at his best after coping with a 12,000 mile journey home and the necessary body clock adjustments.

Ronny will also have to counsel Kieran Tierney, who has had another big week. Teenagers often progress in waves, after with each crest there’s often a trough. The focus for Kieran right now has to be 100% Hearts.

I read Leigh Griffiths had an uneventful game against Denmark. Don’t bet against him shining on Saturday. He’s a player who flourishes with a point to prove.

I’ve not written much on Resolution 12 recently and I don’t see that changing for a few weeks (despite the trolls), but I have been very active on the subject. Anyone who thinks I’d skip over this is welcome to self-certify as a mindless troll below (I’m counting on at least one being sufficiently mindless…).

What I’d like to do is mark your card on this one. Completely erroneous claims have been made. Outrageous things have been written. There’s a Kangaroo Court underway which would do Salem proud. Let the loons run with their agenda of running Celtic down, but be circumspect. Your card’s been marked.

You are being played, all right, but not by Celtic.

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  1. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on

    Good Afternoon,



    On browsing your website (http://spfl.co.uk/clubs/rangers/), I note two inaccuracies on the page for “Rangers Football Club”, when compared with the factual details, as stated on the entry ob the Companies House website (https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC425159), as follows:



    (a) The title of the entity (Company No. SC425159) is “The Rangers Football Club Limited”, not “Rangers Football Club”



    (b) The year of foundation is stated as 1872, whereas the actual year of foundation is 2012.



    In the interests of transparency, and to protect against potential accusations of bias, would you not agree that the above inaccuracies should be corrected on your website?



    Please advise.



    Thanks & Regards,

  2. For Saturdays game







    Lustig. Eric. Mulgrew. Tierney



    ————-BROWN. BITTON————-



    —–GMS. Mcgregor. Armstrong—






    The 3 behind Griffiths are key, and should all be fresh.


    I’d like to see P.Roberts and Rogic introduced around 55mins mark.

  3. “You are being played, all right, but not by Celtic”



    Paul – I couldn’t agree more. Some posters seem trapped in a Level 5 agenda driven by the same media they purport to hate.



    Keep up the good work.




  4. Craiginho



    The reason the media might not be covering is that what may emerge will be a lot more damaging to TRFC and the SFA than Celtic.



    That imo is why they have never picked up on the kind of info Med Tim posted that has been put in the public domain since 2013. Provenance has been their shield but behind it lies an incredible story.



    The LNS aspect has been served to them on a plate and they have refused to publish for the same reason they stay silent now. The party damaged will not be Celtic.

  5. I would interpret that last line as


    Celtic know what they are doing,


    Be calm.we are one club..


    Envy eh!







  6. Geordie Munro on

    Saturday game, decent opposition, sun starting to shine…and what feels like AAAAGES since the last home league game.



    All good reasons.



    Shame I can’t make it :(




  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “it’ll be impossible for the likes of Tom Rogic to be at his best after coping with a 12,000 mile journey home and the necessary body clock adjustments.”




    Very good point, Paul.


    Anyone know why a Celtic-Rangers game in February 2009 was scheduled for four days after a World Cup qualifier between Shunsuke Nakamura’s Japan and Scott McDonald’s Australia?

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I mean – a Glasgow derby only FIVE GAMES after the previous one????


    Is that normal?


    Has that ever happened before? (scheduled games, not re-arranged ones).



  9. Thanks Auldheid.



    Like I said, in the absence of media coverage or comment from Celtic, the fans have to join up the dots themselves. My take on it is that the media don’t want to cover the story as it damages Sevco. The more damaging aspect for Celtic is that the fans have to guess why Celtic are not commenting and, given the board’s lack of comment on the Rangers liquidation thus far, many assume that Celtic are not interested or want to preserve the Glasgow rivalry that is, like it or not, box office.



    I want the issue resolved properly but suspect that the board will not come out all guns blazing unless the big tax case is finally determined in the Supreme Court and EBTs are ruled unlawful. My fear is that resolution 12, tax evasion, breaches of player registration rules will all go unpunished (there has been no meaningful punishment thus far) and many fans will drift from the game as a result.




  10. Easy for Me to say on

    Can anyone help me with this? I had heard that the whole resolution 12 thing was limited by a 5 year kind of statute of limitations, menaing that come June 2016 anything after June 2011 was inadmissable as such. Is that correct? may thanks if anyone can help.













    IMO,Regan was out of his depth on all this from Day One,and relied on the advice of his more experienced colleagues.









    That they were more experienced in covering the illegal actions of one club rather than the administration of Scottish Football in general,will have come as a shock. Now,this far down the road,he is complicit with the cover-up,and can only continue down the same path.









    He is a knave rather than a schemer.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/assessing-defenders-and-graduating-talent/comment-page-12/#comment-2802924




    I agree. So who were the schemes? Hint see my comment copied from JJ site.



    The question is how can what took place be prevented from happening again?



    Jim Tim


    Aberdeen have a group interested. They have put up banners.


    The Reiver chap whose efforts are to be applauded is a Hibee.


    Supporters of other clubs read SFM where both Res12 and LNS get coverage so there is a growing awareness that change is needed.


    Had a proper accountability arrangement been in place none of this could have happened.

  12. Easy for Me To Say



    That is our understanding of the position but there are circumstances where that can be waived. Criminal behaviour for example which may well turn out to apply.


    It’s a technicality that if invoked would be difficult to apply given when SFA first knew there may be an issue.

  13. Craiginho



    Your fear is shared by many and the very possibility it might happen strengthens the commercial case to make sure it doesn’t. (Apart from the ethical and integrity adpect)

  14. Good news…….



    “There is ALWAYS gonna be a show………..”



    And when the showdown comes, Tims will be there in their thousands upon thousands – roaring their support.




  15. Ruggyman


    I would not play Armstrong, he appears to be struggling for confidence and a high pressure game like Saturdays where it will be mega competitive sanctioned of course by the ref wont be his cup of tea

  16. 33 players on international duty and we are still shite.



    No settled back four, poor gutless midfield and ONE striker.



    Canny wait for next season.

  17. I would play Johansen left side of the 3 again he needs to up his game but some signs of improvement when he is allowed to go forward

  18. Biton and Armstrong have been playing poorly, sometimes, very poorly, all season.



    Why pick them now?



    A don’t underson fitba, a reely don’t.



    Oh no I forgot, Keiron will beat Hearts on his own on Saturday……..if selected.

  19. mike in toronto on

    I have to say that I am disappointed in today’s article.



    I am sure that there are a few trolls on here. But I cant think of too many that I would say ‘for sure… that one is’. Most, I just put down to honest disagreement.



    I dont always agree with the keep quiet strategy, and in fact, sometimes have disagreed strongly with it, but have not doubted the good faith of fellow CQN’ers who espouse it. Similarly, while I dont always agree with some of the more angry posts of some of the more strident mine-shafters, I dont question their good faith when they say they, too, believe that they have Celtic’s best interests at heart.



    I can see the merits to both sides.



    Based on the evidence that is available to me, I tend towards the negatonian side. But, if confronted with evidence to show I was mistaken, I am prepared to hold my hand up and say I was wrong. If someone has evidence, but chooses (for whatever reason) not to share that with me or others, I dont think they can then criticize if we dont simply take their word and ‘trust them’.



    More to the point, I think it is almost certain that the truth, when it does come out (if it ever does) is not going to be completely on one side or the other. Truth is usually found in the middle of two positions.



    Further, regardless of which side is more right or more wrong, I think both have a part and a role to play in moving Celtic forward. I have always thought that there was not only room, but a need, for both camps at Celtic and on CQN.



    It is perhaps easy for me to say, as I haven’t really been the subject of some of the more strongly worded posts (hell, nobody cares what I think, and I’m okay with that), but I am disappointed to read about people’s cards being marked.



    To me, that is what the others want.



    And this past weekend should be a stark reminder of what happens when brothers (who want the same thing but disagree on how to get it) start marking each others cards.

  20. Below is a message I got from


    I got this message on FB from Glasgow Gaels GAA.


    I think their season starts soon.




    Calling all Gaels, friends, family, and supporters! As many of you know the Gaels in partnership with several other sports club are working tirelessly to help secure a new sports and community facility in the Clydebank area. We ask kindly that you help support this project proposal by sending a quick email of support to: development.management@west-dumbarton.gov.uk. Five minutes of your time could go a long way to helping support this endeavor! Thank you for your continued support of the Gaels! ‪#‎gaelforce‬ ‪#‎gaa‬ ‪#‎peoplemakeglasgow‬

  21. Geordie Munro on




    Do you genuinely think Bitton has been poor to very poor all season?



    Or is it simply noisy time again? :)




  22. ruggygman on 30th March 2016 1:33 pm



    I think Ronny will stick with the 4-3-3 formation he’s been using recently for Saturday. The keeper and defence pick themselves (until the next disaster), the middle three will be Brown in the centre, McGregor to one side and either Johansen or Bitton on the other (I’d prefer SJ). Up front will be Griffiths plus two from GMS, Commons or CKR, probably the first two although I wouldn’t have Commons any where close to the team at the moment given his poor form.

  23. Geordie



    In my opinion, compared to last season he is poor.



    Ghuys on here were saying he was PL’s new baby and would be away for £10,000,000.



    He is physically slow.



    He slows the game down when he gets the ball.



    He canny tackle.



    He is no good in the air.



    He has the very occasional telling pass in him.



    Automatic first pick?



    No for me.



    (I huvny posted fur ages tae)




  24. Geordie Munro on

    “Ghuys on here were saying he was PL’s new baby and would be away for £10,000,000.”







    I know. That was my point.



    We’re only a few months on from when he was playing well and was pl’s next bonus payment from the shafters and our next bright thing to build the team around from the clappers.



    He hasn’t been at his best since returning from injury but I’m not sure how much this has to do with Broony who has completely lost his swag’




  25. Delaneys Dunky on




    Thanks for posting the message from Glasgow Gaels GAA. Their season starts on Saturday and they are currently playing home matches at Peterson Park Yoker. They are looking to move to their own pitch at Whitecrook Clydebank to share with Clydebank Rugby Club. Emails to West Dunbartonshire council would be most welcome, especially from Clydebank residents. Glasgow Gaels GAA are constantly looking for new players and supporters.

  26. Delaneys Dunky on




    Broony and Nir have been in very poor form of late. This puts increased pressure on our defence. Both look very jaded recently.

  27. I am always wary of a newish poster who no CQNer has met in person and who suddenly is leading the charge in any campaign. Huns in Green clothing are clever, they will have a Celtic minded moniker, post ultra Celtic hardline posts they will agree with existing posters & forge a kind of on line alliance with genuine Tims. Then once they gain a level of acceptance they just continue to stir trouble.



    I don’t know if that is what Paul is referring to when he says “we are being played”. I know if a poster is suspected of being a Tim on a Hun website he gets banned straight away.

  28. Geordie Munro on




    True dat neebs :)



    I thought the international break would do Broony the world of good but after last nights showing I’m not convinced.




  29. I do not trust the Celtic PLC board to have the best interests of fans at the heart.



    My distrust began when we were informed by a member of the Affiliation of Celtic Support, who resigned his position, that Celtic were acting against a section of the support by holding secret meetings with The Association, The Affiliation and the Irish Association in order to turn fellow supporters hearts and minds against a section of our support.



    This is on record!



    It is my opinion that The Celtic board are not acting in good faith now with regards Resolution 12 and are undermining the hard and long efforts of the requisitioners by not taking this to UEFA when there is a possible time bar on this action forthcoming. Dermott Desmond wants his Rangers back in the same league and PL is working at his behest to make sure nothing gets in the way of that IMO.



    Cards marked or unmarked I care not a jot. I have read many good Celtic men on here question the position of our club and one or two who I may not know personally and might well be trolls.



    Whether a loon or a troll residing over Salem my judgement is based on previous actions and inaction of our PLC.



    MWD Loon of Salem

  30. Delaneys Dunky on




    Sadly, me neither neebs.


    Your fellow Fifer looks well out of sorts just now.

  31. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    I dont think there would be many, that wouldnt put their hands up if they were wrong, me included.


    However…asking people to have blind faith, is another matter entirely.


    Silence does make people suspicious.


    If there are legal reasons for silence, fair enough.


    Im not sure about that though.


    The attempt to hold the huns responsible for their cheating….is floundering badly.


    No trust you see….that is the problem.


    For example, how can you trust a man who waxes lyrical about cheats and bigots, and not only that, who happen to be our biggest rivals…..that doesnt sit well with me.


    Why would you have trust that bs….to be honest, it doesnt look good.





  32. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    PAUL67 – Here Here – my thoughts entirely – that’s why I will always be resolute.



    AULHEID@1:29 – Spot on!

  33. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Pearse park in Cambuslang is in a sorry state


    No goals, overgrown and locked gates


    The wee monument standing alone in a once proud park

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