Leigh, Kieran, marking your card


The most important result in international week is that we get all our (33) players back fit and ready for Saturday. That looks to be the case, although I hear Erik Sviatchenko had a close shave at Hampden. The job now is for Ronny Deila to assess the preparedness of his squad for the Hearts game. All may be fit, but it’ll be impossible for the likes of Tom Rogic to be at his best after coping with a 12,000 mile journey home and the necessary body clock adjustments.

Ronny will also have to counsel Kieran Tierney, who has had another big week. Teenagers often progress in waves, after with each crest there’s often a trough. The focus for Kieran right now has to be 100% Hearts.

I read Leigh Griffiths had an uneventful game against Denmark. Don’t bet against him shining on Saturday. He’s a player who flourishes with a point to prove.

I’ve not written much on Resolution 12 recently and I don’t see that changing for a few weeks (despite the trolls), but I have been very active on the subject. Anyone who thinks I’d skip over this is welcome to self-certify as a mindless troll below (I’m counting on at least one being sufficiently mindless…).

What I’d like to do is mark your card on this one. Completely erroneous claims have been made. Outrageous things have been written. There’s a Kangaroo Court underway which would do Salem proud. Let the loons run with their agenda of running Celtic down, but be circumspect. Your card’s been marked.

You are being played, all right, but not by Celtic.

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  1. the Celtic cause on




    So sorry for your loss.



    Blessings on your special wee gift when he or she arrives.

  2. BSR



    Just red-tape my bhoy – just superfluous red tape………………..


    nothing more.





    All the Kings horses and all the Kings men won’t be able to put these numpties back together again.

  4. 67Heaven…………



    Your JPT response mirrors my own……….



    He’s a lovely lad, immaculately turned out and useful if your Great Uncle from Saskatooon is in town and needs a ticket for the Ross County game apart from that he’s used primairly as a convenient shield to deflect rockets………



    …and I speak as a fully-charged an’ rerrin’ to go….. rocket.






  5. Paul McConville 3 years ago gave a detailed analysis on the SPL board commision chaired by Lord Nimmo, it is definitive for me around the issues on illegall player registrations and league titles being removed, by that i agree with Paul, it wont happen



    Note the ridiculous case presented by Mr Mckenzie on behalf of the SPL board of which Celtic FC had a representative member on the board


    Is The Nimmo Smith Commission Decision Binding? Could Rangers Appeal the Verdict or the SPL the Sentence?


    Can the SPL Appeal?



    What could the SPL appeal against? After all, Rangers (oldco) was found guilty.



    Well, it could, one thinks, appeal against the decision that despite the deliberate non-disclosure there was no playing of ineligible players. But it cannot.



    Mr McKenzie, who presented the SPL case, did not invite the Commission to find that ineligible players were fielded. Therefore, if he did not ask the Commission to make such a finding, then the SPL cannot appeal against that decision.



    First of all, I suspect that the SPL want shot of the whole mess. The prospect of re-opening the wounds will not appeal to them, especially if they are looking to move on and build bridges.



    Secondly, based on the reasoning of the Commission, I see no grounds for saying that the sentence is too light. Lord Nimmo Smith and his colleagues seem to have got matters spot on, taking account of the factors they stated as forming the basis for the decision.



    What if the Upper Tribunal Overturns the FTT Verdict?



    A sensible question arising from the Commission decision is as follows.



    The Commission based part of its reasoning upon the findings in fact and law of the FTT. What would happen if the Upper Tribunal reversed the FTT verdict?



    The answer is simple.






    I say that because of a concession made by Mr McKenzie for the SPL at the hearing before the Commission.



    Paragraph 104 of the determination includes the following statement:-



    The Tax Tribunal has held (subject to appeal) that Oldco was acting within the law in setting up and operating the EBT scheme. The SPL presented no argument to challenge the decision of the majority of the Tax Tribunal and Mr McKenzie stated expressly that for all purposes of this Commission’s Inquiry and Determination the SPL accepted that decision as it stood, without regard to any possible appeal by HMRC. Accordingly we proceed on the basis that the EBT arrangements were lawful.



    So, if the Upper Tribunal decides that the FTT majority got it wrong, it will not affect this case. Mr McKenzie has made clear that the Commission decision is based on the case as it stood following the FTT.

  6. https://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/is-the-nimmo-smith-commission-decision-binding-on-the-spl/



    Celtic FC statement on the Nimmo commission



    IN response to considerable interest from supporters, shareholders and media representatives in recent days, Celtic today made the following statement:


    “We are aware of last week’s Court of Session ruling, which we note is subject to potential appeal.


    “Celtic’s position on this issue is consistent – that this remains a matter for the courts of law and also the Scottish football authorities whose rules are intended to uphold sporting integrity.


    “In 2013, we expressed surprise – shared by many observers and supporters of the game – over the findings of the SPL Commission that no competitive or sporting advantage had resulted. That remains our view.”




    I will continue to have a healthy skepticism around Celtic FC and the SFA on resouloution 12, if you know your history

  7. -marking-your-card/commenCORKCELT on 30TH MARCH 2016 6:29 PM


    No verification of how PL voted or indeed whether he voted at all. Didn’t stop a good few from going ballistic on the night assuming it to be true though.




    Who needs verification when you can have a tear up on rumour.









    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/leigh-kieran-marking-your-card/comment-page-5/#commentst-page-5/#comments

  8. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    We have twenty full internationals from eleven different and diverse countries, within our first-team squad – surely it is obvious that we have not been getting the requisite ‘bang for our buck’.



    Let’s hope the Rogic wonder goal can inspire a run similar to that we went on after Neil’s (in)famous 3-3 at Kilmarnock.



    I would be happy in the summer if we signed – Shay Logan, Stephen Fletcher and John McGinn – of course they must be around eight,or, nine departures.



    Two big months start on Saturday at lunchtime – HH

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I’m still thinking back to last Friday and the time we spent in each other’s company.



    It stated off a bit ropey as I was waiting to be collected at the airport.



    When I was waiting for you at our rendezvous, a car pulled up with headlights on.



    “Here’s my man”, I thought, preceding towards the car.



    Only it wasn’t.



    Out stepped two Gardai, armed with machine pistols.



    I done a quick u-turn, mumbling to myself that “I’m no a Muslim, I’m a Tim”.



    Then it dawned on me that the Glasgow flight must have been due, bearing the usual suspects.



    The St.Kevin’s tournament was a lovely way to spend a beautiful Spring morning.



    I know we were both impressed by the quality on show.


    What made it extra special was meeting a fine gentleman, (Johnny Hennessey)?



    The humility which which he related his own football career was touching and his knowledge of the home club enhanced our experience.



    Once again, I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort in making a connection with a grumpy, old Celtic man, on a day trip to Dublin.

  10. Mountblow tim on

    Proudbhoy Condolences to you and all your family


    In my thoughts and prayers




  11. mike in toronto on







    Puts all the other bickering into perspective.



    Hail hail

  12. Not wishing to start a fleg debate, and have no problem with the Pakistan flag being flown at the city chambers



    Is there any circumstances in which the Irish flag would be flown



    GlasgowLiving ‏@GlasgowLiving


    In solidarity with Lahore, Pakistan flag flies over Glasgow City Chambers. Lahore being twinned with Glasgow

  13. Proudbhoy: So sorry to hear of your dad’s passing.



    Ar dheis láimh Dhé go raibh a anam uasal.



    On the Dublin gig, Celtic Storm would be comparable to your own Pangur Bán. A great night was had by all.



    Best of luck on the birth of your first child.

  14. Proudbhoy.



    Sincere condolences on your loss. I found your post about your dad somewhat uplifting. Very moving.



    Hail, Hail

  15. Well what an interesting afternoon and early evening on cqn it has been.



    Before we go into the whys and wherefores I think that what us heartening is quite the effect that the res 12 situation is having on Celtic. Paul and Celtic are clearly rattled.



    Good. You should be.



    Now onto the more entertaining as EBTs of Paul,s rare (but sadly with no substance) entry into res 12. Now I have no idea if Paul is earmarking me as the so called troll. I most certainly have been calling him out on it. After all I find it rather hypocritical that he is happy to,spend soooooo much time on the dead Huns and their various acts of cheating whilst studiously avoiding what Celtic have or indeed haven’t been doing.



    Does that make me a troll. Well a bit like the OB act I think offence can often tell you more about the offended than the alleged offender.



    Equally I am not so sure about mindless. Then again of course we have no idea as to whom Paul is referring. Winnings I don’t think you should have to second guess whom Paul is referring to. Why doesn’t he just say it himself?



    There is, to some extent, similarities between the criticism of the nameless that Celtic tend to employ and Paul’s post. It’s a nice way however to avoid dealing with the issue in question ( as we saw at the agm).



    But more importantly than all that is the non substance response from Paul. And yet another call the errrr wait (ah I got all misty eyed there thinking about jam tomorrow).



    We are told, somewhat mysteriously, that a kangaroo court is in session. Really? Wow who is that then Paul? Is it the res12 guys? It’s certainly not the msm cos of course they wouldn’t go near res 12 with a bargepole (can’t have the Huns being reminded of their cheating now can we). So who can it be?



    Rather mysteriously apparently our cards are marked and anyone it seems criticising the Celtic board is a loon.



    It seems we are being played but not by Celtic. Who then? The res 12 guys again? Man aren’t they nasty?



    Here was me thinking that res 12 was attempted to,be killed by the board but then they felt they had to play along.



    And here was me thinking that the board have refused to take on the issue and now refuse to take it to UEFA instead wanting some supporters to do it.



    And here was me thinking that the board haven’t even attempted to give an explanation for it.



    But Paul’s rather baffling and info free post errrr attempts to put paid errrr to that.



    No it doesn’t. It simply serves to try and give meaningless succour in a world where evidence continues to mount that our board are on board with the corruption.



    But hey. Let’s call people who think for the,selves as loons and trolls. Cos it makes playing dumb a little easier.

  16. weebobbycollins on

    Proudbhoy…my sincere condolences to you and your family at this sad time. I lost my own dad just a few weeks ago so I know how you feel.

  17. A great post by Mike in Toronto earlier.


    He put it much more eloquently than I could. I agree with him and if I am wrong I will be delighted.


    Paul’s leader and Winning Captains intervention make it like a game of Cluedo on here today.

  18. Proudbhoy.


    My deepest sympathy to you.


    Hopefully your loved ones will keep you strong through this sad and difficult time and then all the emotions that will follow when the baby arrives. Joy and pain to name but two. Without going into detail I have experienced the joy of a beautiful baby and the pain of losing a loved ones just weeks before.



  19. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    I’m not a real celtic man cos I don’t tow the party line … the corruption in the game stinks and if celtic cannot or will not speak up then the smell of sh!te reeks from the stadium on kerry dale st



    My old man and my boy would be totally Sickened by the businessmen who run our club today. … kelly and white families would fit in well .



    My first love turns out to be a cheap whore

  20. Weebobbycollins.


    I was unaware of your loss.


    Deepest sympathies to you too.


    Hopefully you will have many good times to remember to help you through this difficult time.


    Hail Hail.

  21. Just had a wee scan back, been busy… Proudbhoy, thoughts with you and your family on the sad loss of your Dad. HH



    Read Pauls leader…who are these trolls, hope to feck I’m not one considered one :()



    Hitting my kip early tonight to watch 1916 the uprising, narrated by Liam Neeson.



    I saw a few posts hailing the documentary and a couple of blokes in the work also gave me the heads up on it.

  22. Margaret McGill on

    “Who are these trolls and loons? I want to know who these trolls and loons are?”



    man back in the early bampot days “Troll” was a good thing :)

  23. LIONROARS67 on 30TH MARCH 2016 7:46 PM


    Not wishing to start a fleg debate, and have no problem with the Pakistan flag being flown at the city chambers







    Is there any circumstances in which the Irish flag would be flown



    Absolutely none as long as organisations such as Regimental Blues can with impunity publicly make threat laden statements about knowing addresses of councillors.





    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/leigh-kieran-marking-your-card/comment-page-6/#comments

  24. Well said paul67, and not before time



    not friends of the blog and not friends of Celtic in my opinion

  25. Proudbhoy


    Thoughts and Prayers are with your fill family at this time


    May your Dad Rest In Peace, and may Perpetual Light shine upon his soul

  26. The Res12 people have my utmost respect. To keep at it when every barrier is raised against you takes a tough attitude. Being dismissed by the MSM, by people you woundn,t go to the toilet with is easy. To be questioned by fellow fans is par for the course, but there is an air of collusion being bandied about. I’m an old guy now and I’ve been round a few corners. I reckon I can spot a fake. None of the R12 guys fall into this category. A few years ago, after the Dallas episode, there was talk of a dossier. It didn’t appear. Even PMG fell for the fake that is John Fleming, the sucessor to Hugh Dallas. The Mowbray season, the rabid attitude of the MSM, the SNPs catch all football act, all passed without the Board uttering a word. Supporters can only take so much. Kettling. ,videoing supporters at every ground,passes without a word from CFC.Now the club want the Res12 guys to take all the evidence to EUFA. Is there any honour or courage within the Celtic board? Physical courage is to be admired. Moral courage is rarer, and is absent from this board. There is no leadership,inspiration,or backup to those supporters targeted by police and SFA SPFL animus.


    I wish Auldheid and the rest all the best.The board should have a tenth of their tenacity and courage.

  27. MARGARET MCGILL on 30TH MARCH 2016 8:52 PM


    “Who are these trolls and loons? I want to know who these trolls and loons are?”







    man back in the early bampot days “Troll” was a good thing :)



    As I posted earlier, PL could cool things down with a simple statement.



    1. I voted that DK was a fit and proper person.


    2. I voted that DK was not a fit and proper person.


    3. I kept my powder dry and abstained from voting on DK’s fit and proper status.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/leigh-kieran-marking-your-card/comment-page-6/#comment-2803163

  28. FGF


    If still aboooot, did you pick up your prize from Saturday night, ya jammy B :-)


    If possible post a photo of your prize, well worth a wider audience seeing it Bhud


    Oh and your still a jammy B :-)))

  29. Margaret McGill on

    quonno on 30th March 2016 9:01 pm



    Agree absolutely. Wont happen and we all know why. :)

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