Leigh passes to Neil for an open goal


One of Leigh Griffiths charms is his openness.  When asked why he did not get much game time last season, instead of wheeling out the usual “competitive squad”, “fit with plans” gap fillers, Leigh instructed us to go straight to source, “You’d have to ask the coaches at Celtic or Lenny why he didn’t think I was fit.”  So the BBC did.

Neil Lennon was brutally frank about Leigh’s professionalism last spring.  “On full pay for three months lockdown,” the player returned to training “totally out of condition and a stone overweight”.

The manager carries the can for team failures are dramatic as Celtic’s last season and that clearly stings Neil, who added, “The bottom line is if I had a fit and hungry Leigh Griffiths last season, he’d have played because I signed him. We worked incredibly hard with him and he let me and everyone down.”

I have given Leigh Griffiths as much support as anyone but Neil is right to be angry, only managers who didn’t care would be otherwise.  Still, football is not a sentimental business.  Even those who “let…. everyone down” retain some commercial value.

Without a post-Christmas cameo by Leigh in early 2020, I doubt we wold have seen our second nine-in-a-row.  He is clearly a challenge (cough) to manage but I would find a slice of the budget to retain him for at least one more year.  Let’s see what Ange can do with him.

Nice to see some positive transfer stories out there.

Next week, Yoko: “I don’t know why The Beatles split, you’d need to ask Paul.”

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  1. squire danaher on



    “ Being a Celtic supporter is not always easy but it’s always worthwhile “




    Fergus McCann






    Actually FMcC may have stolen it.



    “And You’ll Never Walk Alone” was an early book by the much maligned Gerry McNee.



    It is basically a travelogue of early Celtic European awaydays. Lengthy dialogue in one chapter with McGinley the old travel agent of the time, who I believe may be the father of various bloggers, and who hired several planes for Lisbon after the Dukla SF first leg win in the belief Celtic would see the tie out.



    In McNee’s postscript, he reflects on his own childhood introduction to Celtic in the not so good days and being disenchanted with the team’s inconsistency, moaning to his da about it.



    He quotes his da with giving him that response.



    An interesting old book published circa 1972-3.

  2. squire danaher on





  3. Dom and Ange taking a presser today is hopefully the start of a new engagement with fans. It’s probably come too late for some who have decided not to renew but so long as this type of engagement is continual and not solely rolled out at every renewal then there’s plenty of hope for much better relationships.



    We were always going to drop ST numbers this summer, I think we’ll be doing well to sell north of 45K. A successful season will see plenty pay at the gate but so far we’ve been worryingly slow at rebuilding this side.

  4. Delaneys Dunky,



    Best wishes to all the family. You will all get there.




  5. Matt Hancock having an affair with one of his aides.



    Another tory scumbag who thought he’d get away with it after getting away with murder.



    An utterly horrible human being.

  6. BHOYJOEBELFAST on 24TH JUNE 2021 9:28 PM


    FRITZSONG 8.28


    Paul McGugan not McCormick, would be the player your’e looking for.




    Sorry about the late response but it wasn’t Paul McGugan. The Celtic central defender at Tannadice that day was someone who had made few appearances before that game and even fewer subsequently.


    And, as pointed out, it was Frank McDougall not Joe.

  7. …………….allegedly, mind the picture of him with his hand on her bum might be a wee bit incriminating.



    Tory government = a cesspit of despicable scumbags.



    (Sorry for political posts)

  8. A highly paid professional footballer who returns to training a stone overweight.



    Says it all about Griffiths.

  9. Fritzsong



    what season? 85/86 or 80/81? (based on Love St comment)



    I remember Pierce O’Leary had a mare against Dundee in 84/85 (according to Richard Park on my wireless) and i think Ronnie Coyle may have played at Tannadice in 85/86 but he was a full back. Brian Whittaker was also around then but another full bacl. Lex Baillie was post mcGugan




    80s are still my favourite time watching Scottish football.


    hail hail




    I was sympathetic towards Griffiths but not now.



    I wish someone had paid me thousands of pounds a week to put a stone on in 3 months.



    Easy to do, but in my dreams!

  11. PHILBHOY on 25TH JUNE 2021 10:19 AM


    ‘Matt Hancock having an affair with one of his aides.’







    Of greater concern is that the media have access to CCTV footage from what appears to be his ministerial office.

  12. squire danaher on

    Although looking at the lineup there are various feasible permutations of a back 4 – Celtic trailing 0-4 after just over half an hour being an accurate indication of their worth.

  13. Vale Bhoy



    Like Lennon at the start of 2002/3 season. He missed a bit of pre-season due to knee op but started the season. Against Basle he was overweight and miles off the pace. The op would have slowed his match fitness shouldn’t have got overweight. 2006/7 season his weight issue was obvious all season ending in being subbed in Cup Final. Let them fight it out; they both annoy me to be fair

  14. squire danaher on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 25TH JUNE 2021 10:46 AM



    Maybe ties in with Cummings v Johnson spat Johnson’s apparent view of Hancock, Crimea nonsense and set a squirrel running.

  15. That’s a belter of a comment from BGFC




    I honestly cannot be utraged by news that Matt Hancock is having an affair, other than the poor taste and judgement shown by the young lady concerned. Mind you if she is an aide to the Minister of that Party, she has already let herself down far worse.



    Matt Hancock’s sexual practices are his own and his family’s business.



    He has done far more harm as Health Secretary, as has his boss, and that is what should concern us. As long as the interaction between the two (or three or more) was mutual, their sexual affairs are no concern of mine.

  16. celticforever on

    Government officials both UK and SNP have got away with far more


    during this pandemic than an extrea marital affair



    Blood on their hands is my opinion both BOJO, HANCOCK and WEE NIPPY STURGEON

  17. More importantly, did anyone who makes the Covid rules break them.



    On this occasion, there will be a valid excuse about needing an eye test.



    HH. Smammygitcsc.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Season ticket renewed,need to back AP and Dom….who knows what is ahead, but we always have hope in our hearts..👍

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