Lennon, Duffy and illusive perspective on last season


Last week, Neil Lennon wired into the debate on what went wrong at Celtic last season.  Neil is as much a Celtic man as you or I, so I suspect he’s still as raw as the rest of us on this topic, I’ll therefore cut him some slack.  For me, it is too soon for sound perspective, we need to let it settle for a while before insight kicks in.

To help gain some of this commodity for myself, I switched between the Scotland and Ireland games on Saturday.  Reports of how well Shane Duffy was performing in the English Premier League this season sounded remarkable and I wanted to see with my eyes what my ears did not believe.  All I know for sure on last season is that the Shane Duffy I watched for Ireland is not the same person we had at Celtic.  No DNA test could convince me otherwise.

Ireland’s Duffy did nothing spectacular, but he was where he should be throughout the game, no wandering off, no concentration lapses.  There will be books written on what went wrong last season, I doubt any of them will explain the performance of the player we loaned from Brighton.  That Ireland defender is solid, though, if only we signed him instead.

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  1. FAIRHILL BHOY on 11TH OCTOBER 2021 8:36 PM


    SS-a lot just want Neil to stfu.Stop giving the msm its headlines.







    aye , i know, banish him, never to darken our dorrs again, craggy island or somewhere where he can exist in obsurity.



    its almost as if people dont know what type of charachter he is.



    did anyone really expect him to toddle off ,

  2. its been done to death anyways.



    i still support the man , his last season may have ended in a failure, but really given all the circumstanses around last season, there wont be many who could have succeeded at celtic park.



    i am away to watch andorra england u21s.

  3. park the bus n blootir it on

    How can we move on when the criminals are still in their jobs at Celtic Park ?


    Criminals trashed Res12 / 5WA / Same Club Old Firm ticket pricing collusion in 2016.


    The PLC way of saying “Same Club” sleekitry beyond belief. And Celtic mugs fell for it !


    And the criminals who’ve committed these crimes against Celtic fans interests are still sitting in their heated millionaire seats in the boardroom.


    Who is stupid enough to give ticket money to a PLC board who’ll sell you out without batting an eyelid ?


    Its Celtic you go to see on a Saturday not an old wifies garden fette, or [day oot] as too many lazy folk treat it as, Celtic integrity is so important to be so cheaply underplayed and it is a betrayal of our forefathers and fore mother’s who gave us so much.


    But the establishment that Celtic fans have fought since 1888 are now sitting in Celtic’s boardroom.


    And season ticket holders [fake Irish Paddies] have put them there and sustained them during a decade [that we all know of] and those who hold their noses as they pay for their tickets are equally guilty of deceit corruption and financially sustaining an Old-Firm preservation society that rolls about the bed with Celtic haters, like….


    Rangers PLC












    And many more….


    And last season during the 10 sell out, the CST and the Green Brigade protested in the car park for 6 months and then they filled their pants [fake Irish Paddies] and gave the Tory Celtic PLC custodians their ticket money ?


    These protestors were in the main university graduates ffs !!!


    And identity confusion amongst season ticket holders is rampant beyond belief !!!


    We are Celtic supporters, NOT phantasmagoria participants ffs !!!


    The Kelly’s and White’s wouldn’t have rolled about the bed with David Murray and his establishment companions, indeed Murray and his establishment tried to bury the Kelly’s and White’s !!!


    We’ve got a board like Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.


    Its full of frauds / liars / spies / plants / and sell outs / who’ve chased unthinking and very easily manipulated university graduates Celtic voters running into the grateful arms of an utterly odious Scotsgov.


    A [token] MP with an Irish surname changes nothing because he’s part of this hatred toward our fans.


    Our PLC and QC Paul McBride [RIP] have their colluding fingerprints all over the Celtic fan hating OBAFA designed by a Celtic fan hating Scotsgov and unsurprisingly Celtic PLC and QC Paul McBride signed off on this.


    On the front pages QC Paul McBride was defending Neil Lennon against the Scottish swamp.


    On the back pages, QC Paul McBride was waging war on the Green Brigade and as QC Paul McBride put it….


    ….”We’ll [SMASH] the Green Brigade and their sectarian singing !”….


    I’d say that that was the duality performance of a masonic deceiver.


    There was NO solidarity with the Green Brigade from the other 50k ticket holders.


    …”We’ll [smash] the Green Brigade !”…said PC Campbell Corrigan [RIP] and there was no deceit from him.


    Celtic fans have NO leadership. Who can we trust ?


    The CST who were easily rerouted away from any notion of season ticket boycott’s when David Lowe dropped into the untrustworthy trust and became leader to steer the CST away in a direction that wouldn’t have any effect on his pals on the PLC board. And when season ticket holders sold 53k then all of a sudden David Lowe left the trust. Job done. PLC outflanked the graduated snowflakes on the CST. Who would’ve thunk it ?


    The Green brigade are all talk and no trousers. Protest about PLC frauds for 6 months in car park and then hand these PLC frauds tens of millions in season ticket money, and then….release a sevcolike statement proclaiming “We support Ange – NOT the PLC.” What ?


    How can you give tens of millions of £’s to the PLC, and then claim that you don’t support them ?


    If Rangers fans had said this you would all be wearing the T-shirt’s. Oh yes you would !!!


    The CSA what the f ?

  4. I think I will start making political comments on hear ,seems if you want a sensible debate about the running of the way our club is being run,it’s not negotiable,

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    I suspect the players who didn’t want to play for Neil Lennon are no longer at the club.

  6. Why wouldn’t he? Isn’t it good that the small-minded eejits who see life through the prism of sectarianism haven’t been able to stop him from loving the country he grew up in.






    The country he grew up in was partitioned.



    Like I said, call him anything except a fenian.

  7. Timbhoy 163 , make any comment about the rat nats , and you will get plenty of responses from the nat scum👍

  8. oops there is another, that was a cracker all inclusive SNP political broadcast on the tv after the news, must have meant the unionists had to mobilize.

  9. It was reported prior to last season


    Neil Lennon wanted both Tommy Johnson & Charlie Mulgrew as part of his coaching team (Mulgrew was to be player coach)



    Maybe Neil could tell us why he didn’t get his requested coaching team, and who was making the key decisions on this area he was managing

  10. AN DÚN on 11TH OCTOBER 2021 8:51 PM



    “The country he grew up in was partitioned.”



    You seem pretty keen that he hates the country he grew up in. Otherwise it’s some sort of betrayal. It’s possible that he could be both against the partition and still love the country.



    The dad of my best friend at school was a white South African who had to escape the country at short notice because of his activism. This guy: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonty_Driver



    I knew him during the apartheid era, he’d often cry when he listened to African music or talked about his life there. He was probably the proudest man I’ve ever met.

  11. park the bus n blootir it on

    You don’t need Neil Lennon to tell you anything.


    And what would you do if he did tell you ?

  12. Norrie- the same could be asked of the present manager? Name another Club, where he’s told 2 guys he’s never met are his assistants, total nonsense….and it’s been going on for years

  13. I couldn’t care less about Lennon or his beliefs.



    I take exception to some calling him a fenian.



    He’s demonstrably not a fenian.



    Let’s move on.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    In the Croatian game not only does the ground commentator speck in his own tongue but also English, with an American accent. Don’t know why😵😱

  15. AN DÚN on 11TH OCTOBER 2021 9:10 PM



    There a lot of shut upping going on here.



    It’s a free country you know

  16. park the bus n blootir it on

    Celtic needs to be led by George Galloway.


    Those who don’t like Brexit, don’t want the working classes wages to rise.


    The EU is a warmongering Satanic Cult.


    Watch it falling apart and the more uglier it gets.


    The Scotsgov want to take Scotland back into EU. lol


    The same Scotsgov who wanted to give Scots….


    No deal EUexit and no deal UKexit in 2014 are still lying their asses off to you all.


    And most of you still believe in Scotsgov. lol lol lol lol


    Who in Scotland would be stupid enough to stand up to George Galloway ?


    One name will do !!!


    Or would you rather make do with Bankier ? lol

  17. CELTIC40ME



    I haven’t told anyone to shut up.



    I’m entitled (no pun intended) to decide whether to continue my participation in a conversation. I’m moving on.

  18. your moving on by not accepting that neil is classed as an uppity fenian by the sectrain bigots.



    well done you.

  19. Park the Bus



    I know I said no more from me. A diatribe from you if ever I heard it followed.



    You insulted me, and people like me, before, if not during, the said diatribe. No mention of that during your rant.



    I would not insult you in such a manner. I think this is part of the problem of conversing over the internet. People almost always have have more productive, personal conversation’s face to face. I drink in the Dolphin in Patrick if that is helpful.




  20. park the bus n blootir it on

    MPSHANKS on 11TH OCTOBER 2021 9:34 PM




    I haven’t any idea what your on about.


    Could you show me were I’ve offended you please ?

  21. Ba-da-ba-da-ba-be bop bop bodda bope


    Bop ba bodda bope


    Be bop ba bodda bope


    Bop ba bodda


    Ba-da-ba-da-ba-be bop ba bodda bope


    Bop ba bodda bope


    Be bop ba bodda bope


    Bop ba bodda bope



    Everybody stutters one way or the other


    So check out my message to you


    As a matter of fact, I don’t let nothin’ hold you back


    If the Cashman can do it, so can you

  22. Buffalo Soldier with Uppity Fenian inserted



    Might have been a half decent song for him before he turned all rotten and bad, if he ever wasn’t

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good evening.



    After a few days hiatus I logged on and read Pablo’s leader and four pages of comments.



    As Scott Brown once said to Fraser Forster






    (albeit in different circumstances).



    Where did all this venom, hatred, intolerance and entrenchment come from?



    And barely any of it based on fact?






    I don’t know.



    I THINK he loves Celtic.



    I am ALMOST certain he suffered for being a Celtic player (don’t know his character so can’t say 100% – evidence is overwhelming though).



    I IMAGINE he wants a job in football.



    I SUSPECT the first avenues explored by “his people” were England and Scotland.



    I’d GUESS there were no bites, so next avenue is a domicile with European exposure where English is fairly commonly spoken.



    I would LIKE him not to comment about last season but Evelyn Beatrice Hall and all that.



    Finally, Neil’s been on good earners for c.20 of the last 23 years ….



    …. If he is in the job market I really HOPE he is doing it for love and not money.





    PS – finding the root cause of complex faults can be tricky.



    I watched Shane Duffy’s first game for Celtic and, IMHO, the guy looked well short of physical fitness.



    I watched highlights of Shane Duffy’s first competitive game this season for Brighton.



    Again IMHO, he looked physically fit and sharp.




  24. Park the Bus



    Your post at 3.51pm today (and previous regarding ticket holders) offended me greatly. Probably not only me,



    Dolphin Drinker and Season Ticket Holder

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