Lennon, Duffy and illusive perspective on last season


Last week, Neil Lennon wired into the debate on what went wrong at Celtic last season.  Neil is as much a Celtic man as you or I, so I suspect he’s still as raw as the rest of us on this topic, I’ll therefore cut him some slack.  For me, it is too soon for sound perspective, we need to let it settle for a while before insight kicks in.

To help gain some of this commodity for myself, I switched between the Scotland and Ireland games on Saturday.  Reports of how well Shane Duffy was performing in the English Premier League this season sounded remarkable and I wanted to see with my eyes what my ears did not believe.  All I know for sure on last season is that the Shane Duffy I watched for Ireland is not the same person we had at Celtic.  No DNA test could convince me otherwise.

Ireland’s Duffy did nothing spectacular, but he was where he should be throughout the game, no wandering off, no concentration lapses.  There will be books written on what went wrong last season, I doubt any of them will explain the performance of the player we loaned from Brighton.  That Ireland defender is solid, though, if only we signed him instead.

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  1. Paul merson: Football, Gambling & Me



    Been watching this documentary on BBC1 just now. Includes a contribution by John Hartson.



    Heartbreaking stuff, including an insight into how the betting companies facilitate and encourage addicts and how Football itself is culpable.

  2. park the bus n blootir it on

    Neil Lennon knows how the board works better than anyone of us.


    As an alternative narrative, where would we be if…..




    Celtic clinched 10 in a row in a Treble winning season, with Neil Lennon as manager


    Winning the Treble in a bruising Old Firm SCF 6-2 victory at Hampden.


    The cup final was held up on 6 separate occasions as rioting Rangers fans tried to invade the Celtic end after each Celtic goal.


    Celtic fans taunted their rivals with “Liquidation themed” banners that sparked fury in the Rangers end of Hampden, as Ibrox fans know that their club will now have to go down the leagues again possibly for another 5 years, and what effect that will have on Celtic attendance’s who knows ?


    Rangers fans have burned Hampden and it looks like it will need demolished


    After the game the streets of Glasgow, and indeed all over the West of Scotland it has been reported that Manchester 08 size of Rangers crowds are virtually on every street in West of Scotland, and scenes were reminiscent of the frightening images that we used to see on TV news every day from the six counties.


    In Glasgow, countless dozens of buses, cars, shops, shopping centre malls, Catholic churches and schools, Celtic supporters pubs and clubs, and Celtic shops have all been burned to the ground, and lorry loads, and vans full of Rangers fans descended upon the Celtic Way, and Celtic’s stadium has been severely vandalised and set on fire and might have to be demolished, and Rangers fans have burned most of Hampden stadium and it might also need to be demolished as well.


    Countless dozens of Celtic fans with varying degrees of injuries on them. etc etc etc


    All of that 👆👆👆👆


    Or do what was done by Celtic PLC, Neil Lennon, Broony, player coaching team etc, last season !!!


    Hmmm !!!

  3. Celtic40



    Like it.



    You don’t drink it, you drink in it.



    Message ends, my friend.

  4. MPSHANKS on 11TH OCTOBER 2021 10:38 PM






    Although drinking in a dolphin doesn’t make much more sense to me



    Probably time to go to bed

  5. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Celtic40me on 11th October 2021 10:22PM



    Always on porpoise. Never accidenatally.

  6. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Celtic40me on 11th October 2021 10:48PM



    It was the best box of Xmas crackers my granny ever sold to us.

  7. Hello again all you young rebels.



    As usual catching up on the posts, and it looks like Lenny is


    the main topic again, can’t understand the hatred from some, or


    then again, maybe I do.


    Some hate him, some love him, history will record a successful


    manager of Celtic , end of.




    Great to hear the Dolphin is still going strong, great wee pub


    and one of my subway pit stops back in the day.


    There used to be twin brothers drank in there and always


    travelled on the Celtic bus,can’t remember their names


    But big Celtic Mhen.


    H.H. Mick

  8. Never fails to amaze me why some don’t get Duffy and why he failed at Celtic. Round peg, square hole. He’s a backs to the wall defender playing his best and only in a defence that sits deep. Clearing lines, winning headers – dispatching the baw somewhere safe (take note present incumbents). Feck all use playing a high line defence with Duffy in your team, feck all use at all.

  9. recommendation,



    A life in Ten Pictures



    Mohammed Ali.



    quite brilliant, insights to the younger man.



    on tv now.




    go get some help, take a break from this life, you popped up here recently, but no one can take you seriously.



    take a break, go find yourself and take some deep breaths,



    your rants are a bit heart breaking, go take a break.

  11. MPSHANKS on 11TH OCTOBER 2021 7:37 PM


    An Tearmann,






    Thank you. I won’t get involved in politics but I will respond to what I see as personal slurs by others.



    You seem like a gentleman. Like John Glass and Michael Collins – neither of which were “plastic paddies” although born in Scotland. Neither am I a “plastic paddy”, despite having a season ticket for Celtic FC and being born in Scotland






    May I say thank you for the mentioning this humble tim amid of two titans of Irish and Celtic history.What a history they gave us.defo your tipples owed by me 😊😊


    You and I are Celtic,when I say that I mean also all who gave you Celtic,those you talked of in the 20s and 30s,participating in an identity,doing a wee bit for the betterment of our identity,being progressive and dynamic.just as this blog has shown over the last week,the Celtic identity is alive and kicking.


    My own da came over in 1920s worked various hydros up the west coast.on days of they would give a day to the chapel,building parishes up the w.of Scotland.a lot of the dam project were around Glasgow.men would head for Kerry Corner,the middlebit/donegal -Celtic end were Men would gather to see Celtic,maybe exchange news from home,many a man was seen onto the derry boat to go home for bad news,news of work it was our hub.john fthomson and Jimmy mcgrory are as part of us as Calmac or hopefully kyogo.its all Celtic.yet look at the success they had.it was because it was Celtic.Thats why 1887 counts 1888 counts.Why 1994 counts.next time you come out of Dalmarnock we done that.Celtic. Every bit of its success built and supported by us


    Every bit of rancid fury you read is wrong.he never went then either.


    Me,Celtic is a pleasure,there is always room for improvement its been that way since we left the hall in the Calton.nothing is new,well the venom from those who have split identity for the rest of time after ’12, then try and pap it onto us are met with a swift gtf.


    Conceived made and rolled out death march.d.murray 1987 til one hundred pence《(2x 50p)(10x10p)(20x5p)(50x2p) £1coin》left the huns identity twofold for the rest of time


    Hope all is good bout the Dolphin.


    Always Celtic.







    Said that after his fist game but we seem to be always trying to fit square pegs in round holes.



    We have to get midfielders who can tackle and defend……..we can only hope

  13. Another beautiful sunny day here, definitely beach weather


    but still can’t travel far due to COVID restrictions.


    Need to keep wee Grace occupied today,so down the local


    footy park, old sheet over the crossbar and we have a campsite,


    Homemade sausage rolls made from spagball mince delicious,a


    wee foray oot amongst the bhoys wae the ba, and grandwean


    sitting is made easy.😎


    H.H. Mick

  14. Good morning MM.


    Oooft,some right bitter Bassas posting on here today.


    And here was me believing all that shit about “The Celtic family”.”TGFITW”.”We are all Neil Lennon”,”Faithful through and through”


    Not even giving the guy the honour of being called a Fenian !!!!!.


    Upon my soul,where will it all end.

  15. AN TEARMANN on 11TH OCTOBER 2021 11:44 PM



    and that is why today you KEEP IT LIT.



    hat doffed.




    G’day mhate.


    Yes seem to be getting bitterer , is that a word? by the day .


    H.H. Mick

  17. MICK,



    dont know if works down under,



    it is a brilliant watch, he really is the icon of the 20th century.



    that was my slave name, not my name, he says of his handed down 4th generation name, my great granfather was a slave, he was not named cassius clay.




  18. STIVS



    We get BBC catch up, loved the man, remember reading his autobiography


    and how he threw his Olympic medal into a river after being refused service


    in a restaurant because of his colour.


    H.H. Mick

  19. Nice chatting bhoys, got a tent to make and a wee hooped


    up ghirl to keep happy.




    H.H. Mick

  20. An Dun



    Having read the site for many months, without comment – do you not think it’s now time to move on, move on to a more like minded place where beings may share some of your views. It’s became so hard to take anything you write seriously – if it ever did have any impact is long gone. An Dun I think yer done

  21. park the bus n blootir it on

    MPSHANKS on 11TH OCTOBER 2021 10:15 PM


    Park the Bus


    Your post at 3.51pm today (and previous regarding ticket holders) offended me greatly. Probably not only me,


    Dolphin Drinker and Season Ticket Holder




    It was supposed to make you think in a different way.


    Maybe think about things that you haven’t previously thought about.


    Like how [Celtic] supporters sing amazingly creative songs like the Green Brigade are capable of.


    Then how the Green Brigade throw it all away like when they sing non stop for 90+ mins like they’ve been doing for a while now about the Provos, IRA, Irish rebellions.


    We don’t sing about the Lisbon Lion’s for all of the game, just 67th minute or there about, because the LL era is in the past. it’s gone, but it’ll never be forgotten, and will be treasured for ever.


    The Irish conflict era is gone now, hopefully, but it’ll never be forgotten, and the majority of folk who live in the conflict area would like to live their lives in peace, like you do, and they’d respectfully like to be allowed psychologically, at least, to move on.


    But [Celtic] fans don’t let them do that. Why not ?


    Why the obsession with conflict songs ?


    Is it to camouflage some macho weaknesses ?


    Weaknesses are well known to your immediate enemies, the capitalist PLC board.


    Why don’t the singers in [Celtic] Park not sing “Sack The Board” in [Celtic] Park, but you sing it in the car park ? Why is that ? Has big brother warned you all that he’ll be watching ?


    If so ? Are you not making an ass of yourselves, singing anti imperial songs, but bowing to the capitalist PLC watchers ?


    If only the 50k silent library would take a wee song or two oot of the ole Val Doonican juke box.


    Then again, don’t bother.


    Even [YNWA] is all effed up from a spectacle point of view with PL’s stupid light display ffs !?!?


    We all, well most of us, love, and will always love those songs, always.


    I might be in the minority here but the GB have been amazing with songs that don’t even mention the bad times across the sea, “JCGE” for example, “GG&W” and even just “Celtic! Celtic! Celtic!” you don’t need me to tell you, nor would I try to, over in 6 counties there are our kindred spirits over there in the six counties, our brothers and sisters, always, who would prefer if we discreetly put a lid on it. Well some of them would.


    That’s not book burning, its about being smarter than others, not smart Alec but just plain smart. Not hun.


    People outside of the stadium, or on the TV watching listening to that type of singing, would be thinking that Celtic fc must be a Marxist, socialist, anti imperialist club. We aren’t but we should be. We’ve lost our way a wee bit and our energies are sort of out of sync and need to be channelled properly.


    When we sing about the amazing achievement in Ireland to get UK armed forces off of the streets in both 1916, and 1998 leading to the Good Friday Agreement, these are legendary stories that should be forever refreshed, not diminished by using these occasions at football all the time, and in every game as has been in evidence lately.


    I’ve always thought to myself and I’ve so many times observed that, what inspires the team most, and what gets it right up the opposition fans and players the most, is when we sing chants, not songs, but chants with the word [Celtic] not big long five verses of an Irish rebellions song which takes too long to get to the point, and then the point is lost.


    When we let the listening watching opposing audience aware of just how much we love this thing called [Celtic] it lifts the players to newly discovered heights, and let’s the opposition, scottishMSM, and people watching at home know just how inspired we are by [Celtic] how much it lifts us and what its making us do to the team.


    That’s all I was trying to point out.


    People who aren’t sure about what [Celtic] fans are singing about, the players for example, how many rebel songs does Jota Abada etc etc understand ?


    If folk don’t know you because they never hear you singing your teams name, or any of the players names, they’ll wonder what we’re actually about ?


    If all folk hear from us is rebel songs and anti imperialism stuff, don’t you think they’d be entitled to be shocked to find out that after the song book is out of sight, that [Celtic fc] are run by capitalists and that an entire alphabet soup of capitalist Intel is woven into the structures of the club since we were duped by the capitalist Fergus McCann back in 1999, and we’ve done nothing about it despite singing week in, week out, about rebellions and uprisings ?


    If folk hear that side of our story, then surely their entitled to think, these [Celtic] fans are all talk and no trousers ? No?


    Singing about uprisings in other countries, and yet even though these [Celtic] fans are good folk, ideologically their all over the shop.


    They are so rebellious that they sit at the back of the bus of their own club, and get this, after they’ve injected all of the cashflow into the club ?


    Unfeckin believable !!!


    Where are the Celts For Change 2 guys ? They’ve got a website I think, but I think they had their minds played with by all of this CST be about buying and buying and buying hunners and hunners of shares !!! What ?


    More mugs being driven down the capitalist road ? Thought we were Marxists ? Socialists ?


    Are you even on the pitch ?


    [Celtic] is like a cross between a, “Walter Mitty and Billy Liar” film, ah mean ffs !!!


    These [Celtic] fans are the biggest financial investors into their own club. And yet, even though they sing in praise of rebellions of elsewhere in the past, these fans are content to sit at the back of the bus of their [OWN] club and be ruled by, deceitful, lying, capitalist, charlatans who run their [Celtic] club with a view or policy, of throwing the odd league title to keep their rivals cheats Rangers alive ?


    2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2021 / 2022 ?


    I mean this is Looney tunes material surely ?


    I mean, its more than plastic Paddy territory. Its filling your pants, and then eating them territory ffs ?!?


    Oh, and I don’t drink, especially not dolphins, but have a cyber beer, spirit, irn bru, or whatever on me.


    Amigo. 😉 🍺🍷🍻🍹☕ 👍

  22. park the bus n blootir it on





    “GG&W” = “COYBIG” but you knew that right. 😉👍

  23. park the bus n blootir it on

    SAINT STIVS on 11TH OCTOBER 2021 11:31 PM




    go get some help, take a break from this life, you popped up here recently, but no one can take you seriously.


    take a break, go find yourself and take some deep breaths,


    your rants are a bit heart breaking, go take a break.




    Ah, you just want me off of here so that I’ll not be able to read your reaction when George Galloway becomes the chairman of our club. hehehe


    I know that you don’t like GG, but have you ever stopped and wondered why the election’s he stands in are rigged to keep him out ?


    More later.


    Stay cool Stivs. 👍

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