Lennon, Duffy and illusive perspective on last season


Last week, Neil Lennon wired into the debate on what went wrong at Celtic last season.  Neil is as much a Celtic man as you or I, so I suspect he’s still as raw as the rest of us on this topic, I’ll therefore cut him some slack.  For me, it is too soon for sound perspective, we need to let it settle for a while before insight kicks in.

To help gain some of this commodity for myself, I switched between the Scotland and Ireland games on Saturday.  Reports of how well Shane Duffy was performing in the English Premier League this season sounded remarkable and I wanted to see with my eyes what my ears did not believe.  All I know for sure on last season is that the Shane Duffy I watched for Ireland is not the same person we had at Celtic.  No DNA test could convince me otherwise.

Ireland’s Duffy did nothing spectacular, but he was where he should be throughout the game, no wandering off, no concentration lapses.  There will be books written on what went wrong last season, I doubt any of them will explain the performance of the player we loaned from Brighton.  That Ireland defender is solid, though, if only we signed him instead.

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  1. GETTING_TO_YES on 12TH OCTOBER 2021 12:35 AM



    An Dun



    Having read the site for many months, without comment – do you not think it’s now time to move on, move on to a more like minded place where beings may share some of your views. It’s became so hard to take anything you write seriously – if it ever did have any impact is long gone. An Dun I think yer done






    Are you?



    Looks like it!


    Never posted before


    So first post is to slate another.


    multi variants are doing the rounds.


    Maybe timin is out.


    An D puts their view out there.nowt said of that.pity.




  2. Thanks and good morning Celts.


    Take it easy.


    Easy following Celtic


    Its not hard or full of self loathing.


    Just easy following Celtic.





  3. Rigged = he is unelectable.


    Haha chair of Celtic


    Fail. 0/10.nil point.


    Funny as tho.aff to work laughing

  4. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’ve noticed Chris Sutton has spoken about his last few months spent as a Celt and his acrimony with Gordon Strachan then.



    Brings to my memory a disagreement I had with my brother about an own goal Chris scored at Tannadice.

  5. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Mistyped there.



    To complete the post, I thought then and now it was a deliberate header, intended to hack off Gordon. My brother didn’t think it was at all.



    Irvine Bhoy has match highlights from 30th October 2005 available on youtube. The og was early, Chris went on to score and create another at the correct end. We won 4-2. Good team we had then.




  6. squire danaher on

    SCULLYBHOY on 12TH OCTOBER 2021 8:58 AM



    Unionist catnip.



    I have a time in mind.

  7. You never know ANYTHING.



    Nothing is impossible.



    These are very strange times.



    NJOI the Club…



    Celtic of Glasgow.



    Ange Time!



    What about the day at Ibrox when he threw the towel in and got himself sent off.

  9. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    St Tams on 12th October 2021 11:23AM



    I seem to remember his issue was with the referee that day rather than our manager. I’m not on his case, he was a terrific warrior for us during his time here. Narcissistic like 99% top players demonstrate.



    At any game, the fans recognise when a player has disengaged. They hear it from us. Sometimes then, they’re hooked before they can manufacture a red card.

  10. St Tams/Guido



    I was at that game…wasn’t happy with the big man but could understand his frustration,ref wasn’t let game flow giving them everything…you know?.. the usual.

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