Lennon in no mood to compromise with Rangers


Neil Lennon was in no mood to pull his punches on the subject or Rangers alleged tax evasion for a period stretching over a decade at his press conference yesterday.  Asked if winning this season’s SPL by less than Rangers 10 point penalty would devalue the achievement he said, “If we do win it and people want to throw that at me, I will have plenty to say about devalued titles over the years”.

Peter Lawwell strongly rebuffed suggestions that Celtic were in a mood to show solidarity with Rangers should they lose their tax tribunal early this week and Celtic marked the card of Rangers’ political schemer, Alex Salmond, who tried to tell the world how Celtic fans felt about the issue.

While Neil Lennon was keen to focus on tomorrow’s important SPL game against Hibernian, he dealt with questions on Rangers without flintching.  Asked about “financial doping” he said, “doping is a sporting term for cheating”

Adding, “In athletics, if you are caught doping you are banned. Alberto Contador got stripped of his Tour de France win in 2010, so there are precedents.

“It’s all hearsay and hot air at the minute. I don’t want to comment on it until all the results and all the findings are out. But if it has had a direct effect on me in my playing days, I will come out and say something at that time. As it is now, it hasn’t been proved.

“They are in administration for a reason and I am sure you guys will get to the bottom of it. It’s not my business, not our club’s business, but it will be my business if it has affected me as a player, or previous managers, and has denied us titles and trophies in the past.”

Conspiracy theorists who have tried to convince the world that Celtic and Rangers have been involved in some mutual preservation pact in recent years will be forced to reflect on the accuracy and consequences of their confounded allegations.  As always, our club will only prosper with unity.  Persistent attempts to rip it apart will only cause further damage.

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  1. Neil Lennon says NO to BESNA!! on

    The hun programe today has a quote from bill struth on the cover which they have just read out on SSN.


    Sadly it wasn’t the bill struth quote i was thinking of….



  2. Aye that wee Lennon is getting as big in the


    mooth as Paul67 this weather……………….





  3. Good morning all



    So Craig Whyte’s tax advisor Baxter de Wall is also a porn star who makes his own movies.


    Wonder if he uses Craigy boy to play the part of the enraged husband with the bulging eye look?


    Just the kind of guy you want right behind you in a crisis, eh Craig?


    Every morning I think can’t be more humiliating today then he ho.


    I think ‘them’ will humiliate and embarrass themselves today in full view of the not so compliant press.


    Hope so – have a great day.



    PS. Mrs G watching a place in the sun just now, Marty Feldman lookalike with light grey suit and light blue tie has £24mil to invest in impregnable fortress.

  4. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Brilliant Neil Lennon and I cannot wait until Gary Lineker is asking MON,Gordon Strachan,maybe Paul Lambert to talk about how their careers were affected by the cheating huns in front of millions tuning into MOTD to watch the Euros.

  5. bournesouprecipe says:


    18 February, 2012 at 12:00


    Celtic End at Easter Road – sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Bet it wasn’t a tenner a ticket like


    over at ibrokes.

  6. aldersyde avenue at 11:55



    Hi performances for Derry City were no more stand out than Niall McGinn and in fact only became a regular for Derry following Niall’s move to Celtic.



    There are some very promising players in the Irish leagues but it can be just luck knowing who can take the extra step up. Young McLean didn’t feature at all under Steve Bruce but has come into his own since Martin O’Neill took over and if he keeps up this level of form, he has an outside chance of playing for Ireland in Euros in the Summer. Now that would be a rags to riches story.




  7. Nice and sunny here in Glasgow, warm even; I understand a cold wind is coming, first there will be rain, and then that will turn to snow; it’s due about 3 o’clock.


    The question is, will the hun be stupid enough to belt out their songs of hatred?


    Let it be.

  8. Stephen Black says:


    18 February, 2012 at 11:21


    Said Lizzy to Philip as they sat down to dine, I’ve just had a note from an old friend of mine, his name it is Craig Whyte, he owns my true blues, his letter informs me of terrible news. The Gers have no money they’re going to go bust, Whyte begs me to help them or the club bites the dust, but I can’t stop the taxmen at HMRC, cos I need all the money for my jubilee. I’ll write back to Whyte and wish him good luck, but I want all my taxes you shady wee f**k, that dodgy wee b***ard has pure wrecked my team, now let hell mend them and pass the ice cream!!!






    Class. Thought it deserved a re-post.



    Hail Hail

  9. tommytwiststommyturns on

    amadeus – what have they got to lose? They’re screwed no matter what, it will be fullscale defiance mode….smashing!




  10. amadeus says:


    18 February, 2012 at 12:03


    Nice and sunny here in Glasgow, warm even; I understand a cold wind is coming, first there will be rain, and then that will turn to snow; it’s due about 3 o’clock.


    The question is, will the hun be stupid enough to belt out their songs of hatred?


    Let it be.





    Stupid enough – yes,


    arrogant – defiant – superior – racist.

  11. RATM - A BAMPOT! on




    I think you’d be hard pushed to find any Celtic supporter who doesn’t agree with Neil when talking about their tainted trophies. I doubt it will happen though to be fair. Even if found guilty I don’t think the SFA will have the testicular fortitude to go through with it.

  12. From last thread,



    Football writer Paddy Barclay on SSN this morning asked “how on earth did Rangers get a licence to play in Europe?” and continued “I certainly hope we administer the game a bit better down here”


    Cut to adds amidst nervous laughter. Gold.

  13. Bhoys



    Can anyone post the direct link to today’s Kano predictor, I’ve not been able to access it. Thank you

  14. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year will see me right…..!



    c. Elbow(s) McCulloch




  15. RATM - A BAMPOT! on

    Stripping titles that is.



    Missed a full sentence of my post out…I need a lie down, it’s been a busy week.

  16. aldersyde avenue at 12:06



    Mort – thanks for the additional info. I will watch the boys career with interest starting tonight against the Arsenal.



    Really hoping its not a flash in the pan as I’ve seen that before with promising Irish players going tio England, starting well before being loaned out to lower league sides and never recovering early form.




  17. Lenny putting the boot in and now MadVlad .Gotta keep the pressure on the huns,and let the world know all aboutl the Hungufferry we have to put up with in the best wee country in the world. HH.

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