Lennon in no mood to compromise with Rangers


Neil Lennon was in no mood to pull his punches on the subject or Rangers alleged tax evasion for a period stretching over a decade at his press conference yesterday.  Asked if winning this season’s SPL by less than Rangers 10 point penalty would devalue the achievement he said, “If we do win it and people want to throw that at me, I will have plenty to say about devalued titles over the years”.

Peter Lawwell strongly rebuffed suggestions that Celtic were in a mood to show solidarity with Rangers should they lose their tax tribunal early this week and Celtic marked the card of Rangers’ political schemer, Alex Salmond, who tried to tell the world how Celtic fans felt about the issue.

While Neil Lennon was keen to focus on tomorrow’s important SPL game against Hibernian, he dealt with questions on Rangers without flintching.  Asked about “financial doping” he said, “doping is a sporting term for cheating”

Adding, “In athletics, if you are caught doping you are banned. Alberto Contador got stripped of his Tour de France win in 2010, so there are precedents.

“It’s all hearsay and hot air at the minute. I don’t want to comment on it until all the results and all the findings are out. But if it has had a direct effect on me in my playing days, I will come out and say something at that time. As it is now, it hasn’t been proved.

“They are in administration for a reason and I am sure you guys will get to the bottom of it. It’s not my business, not our club’s business, but it will be my business if it has affected me as a player, or previous managers, and has denied us titles and trophies in the past.”

Conspiracy theorists who have tried to convince the world that Celtic and Rangers have been involved in some mutual preservation pact in recent years will be forced to reflect on the accuracy and consequences of their confounded allegations.  As always, our club will only prosper with unity.  Persistent attempts to rip it apart will only cause further damage.

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I think we have all been blown away by the bidding on eBay action for the signed Celtic top in aid of the Vanessa Riddle Appeal. The auction ends today and currently sits at an incredible £5000. That’s three zeros, count them! I am very proud of you and your club.

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  1. the glorious balance sheet on

    Ugly, stupid and hygenically challenged Orcs in all their gory on BBC Scotland News.



    Orc complete with compulsory goatfiddler keekheid bleach blonde hairdo gives an insightful and perceptive comment on the week`s events:- “We arra people”.

  2. Hector is my hero on

    ” Tragedy”



    In a lost and lonely part of town


    In a wad of tears


    they will slowly drown


    They`ll have no home,


    and will be all alone



    t’s no Tragedy…


    When the bears die


    and best of all


    they all know why



    t’s no Tragedy…


    it’s so hard for bears


    They`ve lost control


    as they didn’t pay



    it’s no Tragedy…


    When the bears cry


    and we all know why ,


    they had to die



    Its No Tragedy…


    When the bears are gone


    singing to HMRC`s song


    Your goin’ down


    and wr are going on



    it’s no Tragedy…


    When your club is gone


    And you can’t go on


    please remember this


    you won’t be missed

  3. I remember the days of the Maestro and Tommy, thinking something wasn’t right.


    The Chinese say that to win at war, all you have to do is sit by the river and watch the bodies of your enemies wash by.


    Well, we are watching now!

  4. If they lose their “Last Hurrah” today at the Bigotdome there will be bedlam.



    Stay safe today Bhoys and keep the faith.

  5. I hope there is a carnival atmosphere at Easter road tomorrow.



    My old paw is going as a dressed as a clown.




  6. Well said Lenny.



    Will they fold or will Celtic have to throw their cards on the table and finish them?




  7. After BSR’s comment above this is probably useless but.



    Trying to get hold of 2 tickets for tomorrow.



    Any help greatly appreciated.


    Will pay for tickets and make a donation to chosen charity if possible




  8. That £5,000 bid for the Celtic shirt/Vanessa is truly astonishing. I would have thought a journalist would have picked up on it . It is worth a story. Surely, the fact that it would reflect well on Celtic supporters is not the reason it has not been picked up? Surely not?





  9. If we cast our minds back to the SFA v Celtic over the Cadette affair, we can draw the same analagy with the question NL is asking! SFA (Farry) was found guilty in court of conspiring against Celtic and it was ‘proved’ if he had been playing earlier (due to goal scoring rate), then we may have won the league! If the case against Glasgow Rangers FC (in administration) is proven, then the unfair advantage of buying players they could afford, should mean the same outcome, but in this case, the championships they won, should be null and void!

  10. tommytwiststommyturns on

    MoTD playing the blues….cue a black n white picture of Mordor. Nearly wet maself !!




  11. Songsheet for today’s bigotfest at the Adminodome :



    A couple from Bonnie Tyler


    “ I Need a Hero”


    “Total Eclipse of the Park”



    A couple from AC-DC


    “Highway to Hell”


    “It’s a Long Way to the Top If You Start a NewCo”



    The Moody Blues


    “Knights in Whyte Satin”



    Bob Marley


    “I Shot the Bailiff”



    and a few songs from the following album:




  12. Amadeus 12.18



    They have absolutely NOTHING to lose by belting out their bile today and they will, they sure will. IF they don’t I promise to come back on here and offer a public mea culpa, but the only way we will know they have up to their knees, etc. is by listening in … the football authorities, the compliant media, the politicians will totally ignore it all. What have they to lose anyway? Points?

  13. I’m really enjoying Gloatfest 2012 but I hope the team doesn’t get distracted or complacent and produces a magnificent 3 points tomorrow.






    Gloatfest 2012……really needs a logo, doesn’t it?

  14. Breaking news” SFA annouced that there is to be a minutes laughter at every SPL game this weekend as mark of respect for the downfall of the orcs”

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    Here’s how Sir Minty felt about poor wee Airdrie in administration



    Provisional liquidators called in to Scottish First Division strugglers Airdrie have expressed hope that the club can be saved. 



    They have voiced confidence that a backroom shake-up would allow new investment to come into the club. 



    The Diamonds have called an extraordinary general meeting to discuss a change of constitution which could ensure its survival. 



    Up until now, no Airdrie shareholder has been allowed to own more than 10% of the shares – a matter which has been scheduled for discussion at Monday’s meeting. 



    Blair Nimmo, head of KPMG Corporate Recovery in Scotland, has been appointed as the club’s provisional liquidator and expressed optimism for the future. 



    He said: “While the liquidation is a serious matter for the club, I would like to stress our focus will be on creating a firm foundation for the future development of Airdrie FC. 



    “The club has first class facilities and is an important institution within Scottish football – it just needs new investment. 



    “Hopefully a new constitution will be the catalyst which enables the introduction of new investors with the funds, and the ideas, to take the club forward.” 



    In the meantime, Mr Nimmo said it would be “business as usual” at the Lanarkshire club, currently lying at second bottom in the First Division. 



    Airdrie’s problems worsened when it was revealed that Rangers had arrested the club’s share of the gate receipts for Sunday’s Scottish Cup tie at Dundee United.



    Mr Murray said: “I feel very sorry for Airdrie and their supporters but we’re running a business. We have given them repeated warnings and felt they were playing on our good nature.” 



    The Scottish Football Association described the move as “a private matter between the clubs” and made clear there had been no contact with either party. 



    Airdrie were at the centre of recent takeover speculation amid reports that Motherwell chairman John Boyle wanted to acquire the Diamonds and create a bigger Lanarkshire club. 



    The worm has turned

  16. celtic *o* lennon on

    I see Craigy is too scared to go to the game today. Can’t say I blame him he may not have survived the experience!

  17. Neil Lennon says NO to BESNA!! on

    Regarding the huns tainted titles.


    Not only did they have a team on the pitch they couldn’t afford.


    They still needed the mib with their honest mistakes to finish above us.


    So even though the huns were cheating off the pitch they still had to cheat on the pitch or the cheating off the pitch would have been for nothing.



  18. Anyone got a link back/ repost of


    Ulysses post last night concerning


    the travails of the fearless Pat Nevin



    Theres been so many posts lately


    my eyes are blurring



    Think I need some jelly and ice cream

  19. Anyone going to the game on Wednesday and travelling from the East coast? Need to try and get over from Dunfermline after work so if anyone knows of any buses going from there could you please give me a heads up.



    Focusing on the games this weekend, wonder what the chances are of the old song book coming out today when the the 50,000 casuals turn up to Ibrox. Wonder if wee Pat Nevin will be at hand to point out any sectarian songs. Wish I had a ticket for our party tomorrow. Noticed there’s an ice cream van parked outside my house today, just asking for a photo to be taken with it!

  20. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on

    May have been asked already, but if you were a player who lost out on bonus money because you came second in the league or lost a cup final to R*ngers who may have cheated by having second contracts etc would you then have the right to sue for loss of earnings?




  21. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Cue David “Beggy” Begg from the Shortbread Loyal at Poundland today-“the Rankers fans in full voice……….” I bet they will be.

  22. Neil Lennon is ainm dom (nohunlover) on

    I hear Charlie Nicholas repeatedly refer to Arsenal as ‘we’ and ‘us’. Do you ever refer to Celtic in that manner?

  23. The comments from Lawwell and Lennon are always strategically managed and usually loaded.



    The strength of the comments recently have been extraordinary.



    There is more to this……

  24. Whats good for our Club …..



    Whats good for Celtic……



    We have Graeme Spiers, Jim Traynor, Chic Young, Billy Dodds, Gordon Dalziell, Keith Jackson and Darrell King amongst dozens of pundits scrambling to tell us what’s good for our Club.



    Well 2 things on that…..



    Firstly….its OUR club. Not one of the above is a Celtic supporter. We neither need nor welcome your input



    There are lots of better qualified , more intelligent individuals who ARE CELTIC SUPPORTERS, who can advise whats good for OUR CLUB.Some of them are on the board, some are in the management team and lots are just ordinary supporters and shareholders.






    Where were you when Rangers were cheating, dodging taxes and stealing from the PAYE and VAT man. What did you say about what was good for Celtic then.



    Or did the outcome of all the cheating, stealing, dodging taxes and lying suit you guys just fine.



    Celtic in second place with no level playing field ……your silence then, should condemn you to silence now

  25. Will all these ‘Famous Rankers Fans’ be at the game today?



    Gordon Ramsey,Andy Fordham,Alan Smith,Nick Nairn,Robert Carlyle,


    Sean Connery,David Sneddon,Robbie Fowler,Kirsty Young,


    Kenneth Branagh,Clive Anderson,Arnold Palmer,Alan Mcghee


    Wet Wet Wet,Ian Mccallum,Andy Cameron,Jonathan Watson,


    Colin Montgomerie,Kenny Logan,Midge Ure,Gary Player,


    Carol Smillie,Jamie Redknapp,Drew Carey,Ryan Moloney,


    Graeme Dott,Marc Warren,AC/DC,Billy Boyd,Ken Bruce,


    Jeff Randall,Stone Cold,Borat,John Smeaton,Frank Lampard,


    Amy McDonald,Alastair Forsyth,Tinchy Stryder,Ron Gourlay,


    Simon Neil.



    I smell shoite



    Hail Hail.

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