Lennon in no mood to compromise with Rangers


Neil Lennon was in no mood to pull his punches on the subject or Rangers alleged tax evasion for a period stretching over a decade at his press conference yesterday.  Asked if winning this season’s SPL by less than Rangers 10 point penalty would devalue the achievement he said, “If we do win it and people want to throw that at me, I will have plenty to say about devalued titles over the years”.

Peter Lawwell strongly rebuffed suggestions that Celtic were in a mood to show solidarity with Rangers should they lose their tax tribunal early this week and Celtic marked the card of Rangers’ political schemer, Alex Salmond, who tried to tell the world how Celtic fans felt about the issue.

While Neil Lennon was keen to focus on tomorrow’s important SPL game against Hibernian, he dealt with questions on Rangers without flintching.  Asked about “financial doping” he said, “doping is a sporting term for cheating”

Adding, “In athletics, if you are caught doping you are banned. Alberto Contador got stripped of his Tour de France win in 2010, so there are precedents.

“It’s all hearsay and hot air at the minute. I don’t want to comment on it until all the results and all the findings are out. But if it has had a direct effect on me in my playing days, I will come out and say something at that time. As it is now, it hasn’t been proved.

“They are in administration for a reason and I am sure you guys will get to the bottom of it. It’s not my business, not our club’s business, but it will be my business if it has affected me as a player, or previous managers, and has denied us titles and trophies in the past.”

Conspiracy theorists who have tried to convince the world that Celtic and Rangers have been involved in some mutual preservation pact in recent years will be forced to reflect on the accuracy and consequences of their confounded allegations.  As always, our club will only prosper with unity.  Persistent attempts to rip it apart will only cause further damage.

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  1. hamiltontim says:


    18 February, 2012 at 12:45



    should be given the judas treatment and be airbrushed out of our history

  2. So much being made of their crowd today – the major difference between this and 1994 is people were stopping fellow Celtic fans from going into the stadium to create something called a boycott to make a point while 50,000 numpties go inside to take their next bit of spoonfed trouble from Craig Whyte who does a runner because he isn’t man enough to be there.




    We’ll see where their fans are when player redundancy takes effect and they’re watching the youth team getting pumped by the other sides in the league other than their pals at Motherwell, Inverness and Dunfermline.



    We’ve seen the movie before.



    Today they will go down like the animals we’ve always called them. Kicking and screaming will be on the park, wailing and spewing forth hatred will be the audio track and our impartial media who know what is better for the game than all other fans who actually put their money in rather than get freebies and their homes paid for as well as free tickets to the football (parasites by any other name) know nothing.



    Well we are all listening for the soundtrack to their bigoted lives and we know you’ll all ignore it – you have been for 139 years so why stop now? It would be too much like growing a backbone, saying you always liked a band when they got famous but never paid attention when they didn’t have a big hit in the charts or most unbelievably claiming to have been covering the in’s and out’s of the Tax case all the way and exposing everything unlike some bampot on the internet who has put an article in the Guardian exposing you all as charlatans and winalot journalists.



    That is a fantasy.



    Anyway, today is a day we have no effect over. All roads lead to Easter Road. One game at a time and they can do not a thing.



    Hail Hail.

  3. voguepunter says:


    18 February, 2012 at 12:47



    Can’t agree mate. His footballing ability aside, he is the antithesis of all that we as a club are about.




    Anyone in Edinburgh tomorrow who can’t get a ticket can watch the game in Aspen on South Bridge.



    It’s a sports pub with about 30 screens and is run by my daughter and her fiance.



    If you pop in, say that I sent you.

  5. HT



    It would be better if we swapped mobile numbers.


    Oldtim will be on shortly to shirick us.

  6. These Lahdan wide boys, posing as “administrators” tried to get fat Cousin on board. What bit of “yer here to protect the creditors” do they not understand? Far too close to the MBB IMO; am still very surprised that HMRC let them in the door as administators of the TFOD.



    HH Gerry

  7. Yesterday Paul67 said this….


    Can you believe these Duff and Phelps people? They can’t afford to pay Rangers taxes, or other SPL clubs monies due, but today they tried to increase their payroll today by asking the SPL to register Daniel Cousin.



    Can you imagine what the out-of-pocket creditors feel about this?



    Probably this




  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Bhoys let the bears have there fun today there wont be many more for them to enjoy starting tomorrow if they havnt already done it yet the administrators will sit down to make a list of who will be leaving Ibrokes.I am certain for most of them it hasnt sunk in how serious the trouble is that Rangers are in but they are in for a rude awakenning. There are so many camera lovers out there who want to tell the world that the orcs going out of business wont be good for Celtic they should stick to trying to find the real story behind Sir David Murrays ruining the imfamous club.H.H.

  9. Paddy Gallagher on

    Never noticed Alfie Conn in a Rangers strip, when he came to us via Spurs I thought ‘very good player’.

  10. GerryBhoy 12.59



    That gobsmacks me as well. How can Administrators, who allegedly are trying to cut costs for a failing business actually try to INCREASE their immediate outgoings, and of course not one so-called journalist asked that most obvious question!

  11. A friend put a union jack bedecked WATP photo on Facebook earlier today. There has been a fair bit of fun putting suggestions on as to what it stands for. Best so far are



    We Avoid Tax Payments






    We Ate The Pies

  12. BT



    I walked into that one, I should have noticed you were around :-)



    MWD? He who looks like Yoda?

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