Lennon in no mood to compromise with Rangers


Neil Lennon was in no mood to pull his punches on the subject or Rangers alleged tax evasion for a period stretching over a decade at his press conference yesterday.  Asked if winning this season’s SPL by less than Rangers 10 point penalty would devalue the achievement he said, “If we do win it and people want to throw that at me, I will have plenty to say about devalued titles over the years”.

Peter Lawwell strongly rebuffed suggestions that Celtic were in a mood to show solidarity with Rangers should they lose their tax tribunal early this week and Celtic marked the card of Rangers’ political schemer, Alex Salmond, who tried to tell the world how Celtic fans felt about the issue.

While Neil Lennon was keen to focus on tomorrow’s important SPL game against Hibernian, he dealt with questions on Rangers without flintching.  Asked about “financial doping” he said, “doping is a sporting term for cheating”

Adding, “In athletics, if you are caught doping you are banned. Alberto Contador got stripped of his Tour de France win in 2010, so there are precedents.

“It’s all hearsay and hot air at the minute. I don’t want to comment on it until all the results and all the findings are out. But if it has had a direct effect on me in my playing days, I will come out and say something at that time. As it is now, it hasn’t been proved.

“They are in administration for a reason and I am sure you guys will get to the bottom of it. It’s not my business, not our club’s business, but it will be my business if it has affected me as a player, or previous managers, and has denied us titles and trophies in the past.”

Conspiracy theorists who have tried to convince the world that Celtic and Rangers have been involved in some mutual preservation pact in recent years will be forced to reflect on the accuracy and consequences of their confounded allegations.  As always, our club will only prosper with unity.  Persistent attempts to rip it apart will only cause further damage.

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  1. Saint Stivs, just read Archie MacPerson’s piece you linked to. Very clever man who knows how to write.



    Kevtic, yes, despite enormous pressure, we have stuck to an excellent plan since 2000.



    NatKnow, excellent point which I completely agree with. Culpability lies both with Rangers and the SFA.



    Ceaser67, I don’t remember them.

  2. On another subject:



    I received over 70 CQN related emails yesterday and have not had a chance to reply to over 60 of them yet. Will get onto it.

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    there might be a wee bit of confusion if the ref turns up with the coin, he could end up buying a pup :o)

  4. Paul67 says:


    18 February, 2012 at 13:59


    Saint Stivs, just read Archie MacPerson’s piece you linked to. Very clever man who knows how to write.












    he was quiet all through the “cheating years”

  5. RobertTressell



    I don’t think they’ll get away with that. I don’t think Celtic as a club will let them away with that.



    By the sounds of it, once the case goes against them, Celtic will have a concerted attack on Rangers and their cheating and will highlight exactly how much their cheating has cost Celtic over the years on lost income. I think after that there won’t be much chance of them getting away with a slap on the wrists.

  6. Posted last night by Ulysses


    For those who missed it



    17 February, 2012 at 20:12


    20.05 and as the rest of us bolt the doors against the storm, Pat Nevin is plodding the touchlines of Ibrox, placing a collection of BBC loaned furry, wind-proofed microphones on the turf. Turning the mics towards the seats. He stops and looks up the the press boxes. His home for the evening. But he knows there will be no sleep. Not for Pat Nevin. No, no sleep for Pat Nevin. The Sentinel for what still passes for decency in this country. Integrity. Dignity, even. He won’t hide from the sectarianism. He won’t look away when the mask slips. He thinks of his calor gas stove and the soup he will make on it. Baxter’s Chicken Broth he decides. He smiles as he places another mic stand into the cold turf. It is still early and Pat Nevin still has so much work to do…




  7. Sir Paul



    jist in fae the Jiggin.




    I dinna agree with Lenny’s attitude in this.



    Ah wish Ah could get Lenny… alain.. fur a few minutes.. and



    a wid gie him the Stripped Doon Version o’,



    “How the Coo ate the Cabbages”.



    Noo. Ah personally, hiv bin Interviewed by the Press.. miny and miny and miny a time..



    So.. Ah hiv a Very guid idea o how tae Duck…even, the maist weell Aimed and Loaded Question..



    Lenny,kid.. never let ’em know whit ye ur THINKIN’1



    and the best way tae dae that…is




    No tae say anything, remotley connected tae .. gien the Teeniest Hint at whit ..is oan yer mind.



    And whit ye…. REALLY,REALLY think aboot the Subject at haun.



    Yer replies tae their Probes and Teases.. must be couched.. in ..the manner



    whit is known in the Trade as..



    “Sardonic, Laconic… and Terse”



    And remember…



    “The Least Said… the Easiest Mended”



    Ma Favourite Reply… tae a question whit Ah could see Frum here tae Sunday.. wiz… a Hoat Potato…






    “It’s Not fur Me tae Say”



    followed by..



    “Guys, it is no Ma Joab tae Write YOUR Column…That is whit YOU get


    Paid Fur.”




  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Things I have not yet heard from press/radio/tv comentators


    Rangers have broken the law


    Rangers should do the right thing


    Rangers have been fraudulent


    Rangers have deprived the government


    I am not proud of Rangers


    Not in My name


    Rangers deserve to be punished


    The whole thing is unlawful and they should be closed as a business


    Sir David should lose his knighthood



    My point – not one piece of ownership from any of them




  9. Kojo,


    I tend to agree; keep yer powder dry ’til ye can see the Whytes of their eyes. Aye.



    HH Gerry

  10. Paul67



    Some interesting figures on KDS.



    Attendance figures – this season



    CFC = 50K


    TFOD = 45K


    The Rest = 70K



    I would add



    Div1 = 20-25K



    Consequently they are not 25% of Scottish football at the moment.


    Zero sum game, if the TFOD downsize and their crowds fall away the question then becomes –



    What will happen to the glory hunters?


    What will happen to the Sash Bashers?


    What will happen to the football fans?



    There was also a detailed list of the money paid out by SPL to all the teams in 2011/12, it ranged from £3.4mill to £1.4mill, my thoughts suggest that £23mill in total was paid out and that included a £13mill TV deal.



    You have to ask if the SPL are making the most of their product?



    ESPN / Sky pay £13mill with this moving to £16mill next season.



    ESPN have their standalone £11 per month / £130 pa offer.


    No idea of the Scottish subscriber figures.



    Sky take in £400-£500mill from Scotland.


    They return less than 2%, probably nearer 1% to the SPL.



    Not sure if the BBC highlights show is a standalone contract.


    My thoughts are that it is included in the ESPN / Sky contract.


    I think the BBC take in £200mill + with the licence fee in Scotland.



    Consequently if the TFOD don’t pay off their debts and SL3 beckons, Sky are in a bad situation if they decide to get all legal regarding the new 2012/13 contract.



    They have a lot to lose in Scotland if the renege and walk away.


    ESPN have a lot to lose as Scotland makes up a lot of their standalone custom.


    The BBC are already in trouble because of the gap in quality, professionalism and content their highlights package in Scotland compared to their other output.



    Fifth in a five horse race, behind just about everything



    MOTD 2


    FL Show


    Teuchter TV – Delayed Coverage


    MOTD 1





    Consequently with or without the TFOD things can’t get much worse. The BBC in Scotland are currently shocking both in what they put in and what they deliver.



    I want the TFOD to pay off their debts.


    However if they don’t the SL3 if they are lucky.


    If they lose support then so be it.



    It will be up to the rest to re-cycle the ex TFOD support and energise the local waverers. The media need to stop their Chicken Licken act, it is so obvious it is childish.

  11. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    TimJim says:



    18 February, 2012 at 13:57



    ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’ says:


    18 February, 2012 at 13:56


    Wit comb





    The bone comb he uses onhis oxters when he should have been meeting the GEF!

  12. HMRC say they could have liquidated the club but decided to go for administration instead. Why then did they try to wind-up Hearts for a much smaller debt?

  13. Duff and Duffer administrators live on Shortbread.



    * new information overnight.


    * HMRC want the club to survive.


    * someone let slip in background, tribunal outcome in April.



    summary –



    HMRC wants them operating at least till then

  14. 67 European Cup Winners



    You will hear none of this until the results of the Tax cases have been published.

  15. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Paul67 –


    Mrs 67ECW feeling unloved saying I spend more time ou your site than I do on her (metaphoricaly speaking)


    Of for a wee stroll with a grin on my face and and a spring in my step




  16. Anyone else got unique symptoms this week?



    I have been bursting into incontrollable song, dance, laughter.



    And another first for me is listening to “On The Ball” and “Sportsound”…………. and enjoying it!



    God bless Craig Whyte I say, long may his lum reek wi other folk’s coal.

  17. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Gerry






    another auld adage ,which should be written Behind Lenny’s Eyes..






    “Never BOTHER Trouble.. fur the Interest rate is pure.. USURY!”



    Heck, Ah know that thur is always the feeling oan this Sainted Forum that..



    Lenny should Stick it


    to the Press.. whenever he kin..






    Believe me… that is no the way tae Play this Game.



    Mebbe, in a Few Years.. Lenny wull Learn that Ah am Only gien him Sound,



    Solid, and Practical Advice..



    Martin O.. could handle the Pressies fairly easily and Smoothly..






    Martin’s Desk Side Manner, when Meeting the Press, is wan that Lennie, snould Study..





    yer pal..who likes you a loater

  18. saltires en sevilla on

    Brums holding on for replay



    Sadly sold Out of the jelly and ice cream in O’Neill’s in Woking



    Plenty Guinness ….thankfully



    C’mon the Killie







  19. Saint Stivs –



    On the HMRC point, I assume this is just what the administrators have claimed rather than any direct quote attributable to HMRC?