Lennon luxury of sharpening next week


These games all seem simple the morning after they are completed, but that only happens if the hard work is out on.

Sarajevo did enough to take the lead last night, lesser teams than Celtic would have stuttered, but that proved to be what the instigator needed.

Neil Lennon now has the luxury of using next week’s home leg to sharpen fitness where necessary, and perhaps to give one or two their first Celtic Park experience.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    CELTIC MAC on 10TH JULY 2019 3:20 PM



    Yep – and Baresi/Costacurta, with Maldini and Tassotti full backs.




  2. Melbourne Mick on

    Time to try and catch up on the sleep i missed last night


    looking for that wee dogger Jamesy.


    So toodleoothenoo.


    H.H Mick

  3. traditionalist88 on

    MELBOURNE MICK on 10TH JULY 2019 3:21 PM



    I did, wasnt too impressed when he signed but was composed and could defend.




  4. Melbourne Mick on




    Just caught you there, yes, and what about goals from corners?


    H.H Mick

  5. traditionalist88 on

    MELBOURNE MICK on 10TH JULY 2019 3:31 PM



    He scored 1 or 2 IIRC, wonder if he wants to come and coach!




  6. Fool Time Whistle on

    My Celtic TV pictures were frustratingly patchy…I’ve complained already.



    But we feilded a team designed to meet Sarajevo’s threats that would also allow us to exploit their weaknesses.


    As someone else said, this managing lark is easy peasy.



    We had a new back four last night – none of whom have English as their first language AND who all have a different language as their first language – Norwegian, Hebrew, Croatian, French.


    How do you say “Ma Baw” in Croatian?



    At 6’5″, 6’5″. 6’2″. and 5’11” – is that the tallest back four we’ve ever fielded?



    Actually it was a flexi back four/three – as fullbacks Ajer & Bolingoli/Hayes would alternate their attacks down either flank. I thought we contained them pretty well – once we adjusted and settled down. When 3 of your backline are converted midfielders you end up having more options coming out of defence. Bolingoli, Bitton & Ajer were all comfortable doing that last night.



    Once we went 2-1 up the opposition left some spaces by pushing on for an equalizer – we exploited that by putting on two speedy wingers. Morgan was almost unplayable for them & he is sure to become the Nir Bitton of our attack. He can play in so many positions and in so many tactical set ups: good short distance speed, good crosses at speed with either foot from either flank – from the byeline of from deep means he can’t be forced inside or out & onto his weaker foot. I hope he stays injury free because he could be a real asset for us this season.



    As for James Forrest – he’s always been a bit of an enigma. Unplayable one minute and rather invisible the next, losing the ball to the first challenger one minute then ghosting past 3 defenders the next. Last night was not his most effective game for us yet he still had an assist & with a lttle more composure could have scored when it was 1-1. And yes I did count 3 defenders around him consistently in that first half when legs were fresh and space was at a premium. It has to be a measure of the respect in which opposition hold him that they seek to mark him so closely in such numbers. I hope he & Sinclair benefit from the competition from Shved & Morgan.



    Competition in all positions can only benefit team performances – provided team spirit remains good.




  7. Go tell the Spartim on




    The scary thing about that Milan back four was that they believed they had an even better centre half (centre back for the young ones) who’s progress was blighted by serious injuries, step forward FIllipo Galli, i think he did play in the Milan drubbing of Barca but could never stay fit enough for more than a few games at a time. Franco Baresi, cost the equivalent of £5000 from Inter too, the stars must have aligned for Milan in those days

  8. Fool Time Whistle on

    Forgot to give a decent mention to Boli Bolingoli Mbombo.



    He signed for us last Wednesday, July 3 – met his new teammates on July 5 – travelled with the squad on July 8 & played for the first time on July 9.



    Well done Boli & hope the ankle gets better quickly.




  9. traditionalist88 on

    GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 10TH JULY 2019 3:48 PM



    Yeah I remember reading about him. Lentini(winger) suffered a similiar fate with persistent injuries.



    Unreal though, best defence I’ve seen, then Desailly stepped into it from a def mid position and it was like they were a defensive model that would continue forever. But all good things come to an end they say!



    I may be wrong, but I think there was one season under Capello Milan scored a paltry 36 league goals yet still won the league, their defence was that good.




  10. we should swoop in a steal Helander from under their blue noses! make a major statement of intent. We need center back cover and the big lad is a tall Johan Mjallby type.

  11. TRADITIONALIST88 on 10TH JULY 2019 2:58 PM



    I agree about two great players who moved from midfield to Centre Back but Gullit started out as a sweeper at Chelsea and Hoddle quickly moved him into midfield. Desailly started life as a CB, moved into midfield at Milan who had some of the greatest defenders ever to kick an opponent in the team at the time and then moved back to CB when he moved to Chelsea. Thats my recollection anyway. I think Desailly always saw himself as a defender.

  12. I know many people believe that ` everyone is entitled to an opinion` but is it fair to say that some opinions carry much more weight than others? Indeed, is it fair to say that opinions without any evidence are pointless?


    Do Sydney Tim and Breeny really believe that they know more than the professionals in the game?




    On those clips from unusual angles . To my mind, they show just how quick and accurate professional footballers need to be…..even in the apparently dreadful environs of Scottish football.




  13. TRADITIONALIST88 on 10TH JULY 2019 4:00 PM



    I remember lentini costing them a lot of money and being touted as a superstar in the making until injuries. Didn’t he have a car crash that he never fully recovered from?

  14. Trad88.


    It was confirmed to me on Sunday, but that wasn’t reason I mentioned it on here.


    It was the sadness and anger that I felt at what this poor man and his family have to put up with.

  15. Fool Time Whistle



    Not being pernickety …. but it was a back 3 that I saw.


    If you are saying Ajer and Holy Boli were full-backs…. then Boli was quite obviously far much more advanced up the park.



    The 1st half shape to me was :






    —Ajer Bitton Simounovic—-



    Forrest Brown McGregor Boli


    ———–Christie Johnston———







    This was borne out in our equalising goal. The width down the left present from Boli. Johnston was able to pick up more central advanced positions. Hence the goal from him, in a central position.

  16. Neil will have told the club of his situation and the club will be doing everything they can to help him and his family.



    I’m sure.

  17. TULLY57 on 10TH JULY 2019 2:51 PM



    Tully, agreed.


    Aitken was first-rate. But he had the potential to be a great player. After seeing him in the title-winning 4-2 game in 1979, Pat Crerand compared him to Duncan Edwards.

  18. traditionalist88 on




    Yes Lentini was in a bad car crash, though I think it may have been just before he signed for Milan, and they signed him anyway?




  19. Sevco, about to spend £4 million on Swede defender from Bologna.



    Are we allowed to question where they are getting finances from. Can probably question, but not likely to get an honest answer.



    No Champions league money.


    No high value player Sales.



    Cost of Gerrard and backroom team.


    16 players bought last summer


    4 in January


    8 this summer.


    That’s 28… on top of an inherited squad of 24 first team players.



    A first team wage bill, inclusive of 50+ players.



    Fck me, this is gona go off

  20. Another question for Sydney Tim and Breeny


    If James Forrest is so ineffective, why do so many teams put two and three defenders on him?



  21. Ruggyman



    Do you really think they are writing out a cheque for £4m? A guy with a £1.8m value on Transfermarket. It’ll be off the imminent signing of someone like Candeias, instalments, salaries and limits…

  22. Ruggyman


    Wherever they are getting it from, questions should be asked.


    Having said that, who said it was four million?




  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    James Forrest can be a very frustrating player to watch, particularly when he runs into dead ends, crosses the ball to no one in particular, or sclaffs his shot well wide of target. Unfortunately thats the type of winger we eventually end up with for as someone said earlier on if they were bang on perfect we would never be able to afford them.



    James Forrest is no more frustrating than say Scott Sinclair or Johnny Hayes, I’m delighted we have all 3 of them to chose from, hopefully they will play their part in another successful season, but surely we are able to criticise (when due) without fear of being called a sevconian. Like it or not CQN is all about different opinions. I’m fine with that, but not so much when we start insulting each other.

  24. So Filip Helander is a guy who is in the Swedish National team, has played in the Champions League & 80 plus games in Serie A. He’s contracted until 2022 having signed a long-term contract in August 2018. 4 million pounds sounds a low fee considering.



    That said I have never seen the lad play nor am I suggesting that the story has any validity.



    However, I can see why we would be happy with signing a player with that profile & price.

  25. Scaniel


    If you are lurking, I will be down in your neck of the woods staying over in Dumfries for 2 nights 20 & 21 Aug. Would be very happy to call in to the Donkey Sanctuary if convenient. Trust you are well.



  26. By the way, the source of the story comes from Sweden.



    In the dark over its validity. Especially considering what happened with Quintero!

  27. Canamalar


    I NFL has received credible threats, and Neil thought it best for him and his family, would he not have made a public statement himself?

  28. Celtic supporters only see what they want to see, especially in the case it seems, of James Forrest. At 27 he is all the ‘player of the year,’ he’ll ever be, but it won’t stop the Celtic boo bhoys, that form their own opinion, write on the internet and want to tell everyone, how wrong they are. The silent majority even some doubters hold good counsel, and go with the flow of a daisy chain of Celtic managers who are best placed to write his name first on virtually every team sheet, since Neil Lennon gave him his debut.




  29. Jimmynotpaul on

    Rock Tree Bhoy.


    I’m not so fine, with it, our double player of the year being criticised in the first competitive game of the season.


    A game which we won 3.1, a game in which that player, played a sublime pass for an assist.


    I find it strange that two posters ,would rather criticise James, for no obvious reason, rather than talk about a good overall team performance.

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