Lennon luxury of sharpening next week


These games all seem simple the morning after they are completed, but that only happens if the hard work is out on.

Sarajevo did enough to take the lead last night, lesser teams than Celtic would have stuttered, but that proved to be what the instigator needed.

Neil Lennon now has the luxury of using next week’s home leg to sharpen fitness where necessary, and perhaps to give one or two their first Celtic Park experience.

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  1. Peter Lawwell’s a Sell-Out!”



    TICKETS for the Audience Events at the Celtic FC Festival have been flying out the door and with the second Q&A with Neil Lennon now SOLD OUT, it’s shaping up to be a very exciting weekend.


    With spaces also filling up fast for the Audience Event with Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell (Saturday, July 27), act now to ensure you don’t miss your chance to hear first-hand from the man with the plan for moving the club forward!


    Entry to these Audience Events are free for supporters who have a ticket to attend the Festival on the day, however you must book your free ticket in advance to enter and guarantee your seat.


    Visit celticfcfestival.com to secure your place now.


    Throughout the weekend the Magners Fanzone will act as the social hub for the festival, where fans can kick-back, chill out and enjoy a cold drink and some live music.


    On the decks, we have former Celtic winger, Bobby Petta as well as Celtic Park’s resident DJ, Ciar plus a whole host of live musicians including; Liam McGrandles, Joe Gallagher and Kevin McDermott, keeping you entertained with your favourite Celtic songs, bringing that unrivalled Paradise matchday atmosphere to the SEC.


    If you haven’t yet secured tickets for the Celtic FC Festival, you can book online now at celticfcfestival.com, with tickets priced £15 for adults, £12.50 for concessions, £7.50 for juniors (aged 6-16) and completely FREE OF CHARGE for kids under six.


    With your first-team players appearing throughout the festival, and more legends still to be announced, here’s how the schedule is shaping up so far:


    Friday, July 26


    Lubo Moravcik, Tom Boyd, Murdo MacLeod, Jackie McNamara, NB Third Kit Reveal.


    Saturday, July 27


    Peter Lawwell, John Kennedy and Damien Duff, John Hartson, Simon Donnelly, Stephen McManus.


    Sunday, July 28


    Neil Lennon, Roy Aitken, Frank McAvennie.


    All Weekend


    Selfies with our stars & legends, Fanzone, live music, free family fun!


    We look forward to seeing you there for a fantastic celebration of Glasgow’s green and white!

  2. Why don’t you guys agree to disagree and give it a rest.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fool Time Whistle on

    RUGGYGMAN on 10TH JULY 2019 4:36 PM


    Fool Time Whistle



    Not being pernickety …. but it was a back 3 that I saw.





    No pernicketiness detected at all.



    Durng the game I commented to Maradominic that i thought it was a back 3 with Bitton as cover behind, but as the game wore on it seemed to me that the formation was deliberately fluid to allow either Bolingoli or Ajer to push up n their respective flanks. Whichever one could exploit the opposition at any one time.



    For me that was reflected in the part Ajer played for the second goal. This wasn’t the only time he got as far up the field as that and always on the right side.



    All this reminds me of Lisbon when we scored the first goal. Jim Craig has admitted that Jock told him and Tommy Gemmell that only one of them could push n and support the attack. One had to stay back ti help cover for Inter breakaways. On that one famous occasion Jim passed from the right wing level with the Inter penalty spot to the advancing TG who battered it from inside the D.




  4. Jamesie can be a frustrating player and I’ve criticised him on here in the past. However, when he found the energy to pick himself up after a heavy foul against him vs Shaktar to score at the death and take us into the Champions League a few years back, I swore never to critisise his contribution again. I think Brendan Rogers made him a better player and I think he will continue to see out his career at Celtic and become a true legend. His list of honours for our club speaks for itself.




    Thanks for the wee tip. It worked well. Too many on here will not give in or agree to disagree.


    I read earlier that Nir was great last night….I also read that he was poor..it’s just an opinion.


    BTW…this being typed with one hand as I am recovering from Rotator Cuff surgery. No bad, eh?

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I’m no a big fan of Bitton, but the first half yesterday he was excellent, disappeared a bit in the second half but then, defenders tend to do that when we’re attacking.




    You’re welcome!



    Hope the shoulder gets better soon too!



    Take care!

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    What was the mantra we see to use



    I am Neil Lennon



    Wow how that’s took a tumble eh

  9. Friesdorfer at 5:44. Just popped out from under my carapace now that the fitba has started. Used to quite enjoy the close season as there was no transfer deadline nonsense and other pursuits to enjoy- trips to Arran in the late 60s/early 70s were beyond brilliant. I suppose you Holy Cross doggers know what I mean. Must say, however, this windae isnae too bad.


    Followed the first half on CQN last night whilst putting grandson to bed and watched the second half on the telly. Thankfully wee Mikey equalised quick enough to prevent CQN going into complete meltdown. Second half was a bit of a stroll- which was nice.


    We would love to see and B in August. Calendar marked.


    We’re off to Dalyan on Friday for two weeks of sunshine and Efes. Going a bit later this year due to middle daughter’s nursing commitments. Might be a bit hot, but more sun=more Efes.

  10. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 10TH JULY 2019 6:21 PM


    2019 and BBC news running with……………………..




    Maurice Johnston the review




    “ The most high profile Rangers signing “




    It’s getting near the 12th

  11. Could not care less what the darkside are doing. If We get our targets correct and We spend the money We win the league. We dont need a centreback, We need a rightback to go into our team asap. I get that we can work on several deals at a time, but lets get our priorities rightback.




  12. Hearing fee agreed for Tommy Smith, subject to medical, deal should be completed by weekend.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  13. PHILBHOY on 10TH JULY 2019 6:41 PM


    Why don’t you guys agree to disagree and give it a rest.


    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    Well said that mhan.


    Lets enjoy a good result that a lot of us were a tad worried about. ☘️☘️

  14. CANMAN…



    Chill mate, not sure if I’ve met you but admire the fabulous fours work with Res 12.


    I was one of shareholder’s that put my name forward to back it.



    Keep up the good work. HH

  15. Fool Time Whistle on




    Possibly, but that elevates every leak into a virtue.



    Neil knows that every Celtic fan has his back on this sort of issue EVERY ONE – indeed it may be one of the few things that unites ALL Celtic fans.



    It is just as plausible that any leaking at this time compromises the health, safety & welfare of Neil and his family AND jeopardises what other necessary actions are required.



    Are we really saying that Neil HAS to do what he is told by the Police in this matter – even if he feels it is not in the best safety interests of his family? That is nonsense.



    Are we saying that IF he feels so set against the alleged “advice” of the Police that his only recourse is to ask pals to leak it to CQN – really?



    If i were a man in such a position I would call MY media conference to reveal it properly or at the very least release a statement. Perhaps Neil himself wants this kept quiet because he saw how things snowballed last time with copycat assaults, graffiti, items in the mail, threats to his life.


    The marching “season” has just concluded and perhaps any caution is connected with other events over the weekend where sectarianism was exposed. I don’t know but I do know that I will do & say nothing further until & unless Neil himself authorisies release of information.



    I hope that he & his family are safe & well.




  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    No sure if you’ve missed it but Lenny’s been told by the polis that for his and his family’s safety they should move, remember the last time that happened and your own reaction at the time?



    Why is it different this time ?

  17. Scaniel


    Great stuff M. Look forward to seeing you then. I know what you mean re the WIndae, can’t wait for it to be over. Thought we played much better in the second half, once French Eddy got his proper boots on. Hope to see a good run out on Sat, and then next Wed. Enjoy Dalyan and the Efes.



  18. CANALAMAR and TRAD88…


    Please stop with personal insults, if you can’t make your respective points civilly please exchange your e-mail addys with P67.

  19. CANMAN…



    I don’t doubt that things will only get worse for Lenny as the season goes on and we progress to nine/ten.



    I understand your concern, as all Celtic supporters will be.



    The hatred they have for Lenny will esculate to fever pitch and I do fear for his safety as the past has shown.



    I’ve met lenny on several occasions and he’s a gentleman.



    My sister was a headmistress in the westend and couldn’t speak more highly of him.



    Like yourself, it is major concern in this day and age our manager can’t walk the streets and socialise, sadly, that’s what brigadoon is really like. :(((

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Please review the whole conversation, and when you do I’ll accept your apology for singling me out for the warning.

  21. If the moderator deletes all relevant posts in the canamalar trad88 thread we’ll be back to page 1

  22. Thanks for the update lennybhoy.


    Tommy Smith is a player I’ve heard mentioned many times on English based radio stations but no idea about his qualities. Does anyone have any info on him?

  23. Latest update from Wimbledon:


    Andy and Serena are oot.


    Meanwhile, over on Centre Court the match between


    Canamalar and Traditionalist 88 which started last night has gone to a fifth set. It’s 2-2, with 4 breaks of serve, and the Umpire has just called for the roof to be closed and the lights to be put on.



    The last rally lasted 34 mins.It looks like an all-nighter folks!

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and fool time..,


    Show me all the posts condemning the terrorist threats and remind me how such news was receive last time, then tell me why I should not be disappointed with the lack of response to exactly the same news.

  25. Just had a quick look at Tommy Smith’s profile. Seems like a big solid English defender. These guys might lack a bit of class but they give everything every week.

  26. Go tell the Spartim on

    Somebody pinch me


    Are we really near signing a right back 🤔



    Cheers as ever Lennybhoy, normally I’d ask if you’d heard anything else but you post when you know 🍀

  27. Managed to catch up with last nights game earlier today. Sure it wasn’t perfect but how anyone can come on here and moan about individual players is beyond me.

  28. eddieinkirkmichael on

    So certain posters would ‘lead us to believe’,



    am I allowed to use that phrase or do I need to include specific posters and date and time of said post,



    that one of Celtics most naturally gifted players(imho) is, to paraphrase, a bit of a waste of space and a liability. WOW, just flipping WOW.


    It just goes to show that while we are all football fans some of us know heehaw about the actual game.

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