Lennon luxury of sharpening next week


These games all seem simple the morning after they are completed, but that only happens if the hard work is out on.

Sarajevo did enough to take the lead last night, lesser teams than Celtic would have stuttered, but that proved to be what the instigator needed.

Neil Lennon now has the luxury of using next week’s home leg to sharpen fitness where necessary, and perhaps to give one or two their first Celtic Park experience.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    If Tommy Smith did well against Championship opponents , he will do well in the SPFL.



    If he struggled in the EPL he is likely to struggle against similar quality in Europe.



    Anyway , he’s not even signed yet so we will have to wait and see.



    Just watched last night’s game for first time on freeview . Poor pitch , poor ref , agricultural opponents, decent performance and comfortable win. Made me wonder , reading some of last night’s posts from guys watching the match live , just what the hell they were watching.



    Then again , maybe knowing the score before watching helps the nerves somewhat!-))




    Certainly is true that championship standard players do well up here , sevco have a team full of them and we have seen others do really well at Aberdeen, Motherwell etc.


    Without over egging our guys too much I believe we have many players who would do perfectly well in the EPL. Tommy Smith wouldn’t be the first to find it difficult to cope with the competition within the squad at training.


    Anyway as you say he’s not even here yet.


    Agree with your assessment of last nights game.

  3. Good Evening Bhoys.. Apologies if this seems innappropriate, but I feel it adds to the discussion that our media was biased in the reporting of the midweek games and the playing down of the abuse and assaults on the public from last weeks anti Catholic parades……


    Taken from the Local Newspaper…


    By Edel Kenealy


    15:28, 9 JUL 2019



    Ruglonians awoke on Friday morning to find union jacks, England and Northern flags festooned across the town


    Police were called in to protect council staff tasked with removing flags that had been hoisted before an Orange parade in Rutherglen on Friday.



    A large number of Union Jacks and some England and Northern Ireland flags were erected on Cathcart Road, Chapel Street, Mill Road, parts of Main Street and at other locations as members of the Orange Order prepared to parade through the town on Saturday morning.


    But those who erected the flags did not seek or receive the necessary permission from South Lanarkshire Council, which instructed staff to take them down following complaints from a number of residents.


    However, groundsmen who had to use a cherry picker to scale lamp posts were subjected to a tirade of abuse from locals, including some drinking in nearby pubs.



    Gordon Mackay, head of roads and transportation at South Lanarkshire Council, said: “We had not received an application prior to Friday to erect these flags in Rutherglen, and nor have we received any such requests for the rest of the summer.



    “As a result, staff removed flags on Friday but, as they were doing so, one council employee was subjected to abuse by members of the public, at which point Police Scotland provided support.



    “No one, in any job or organisation, should have to suffer abuse as they go about their legitimate jobs and we would urge everyone to treat our employees with the respect they would wish for themselves.”



    Inspector Robert Bryce of Rutherglen police confirmed no one was arrested.



    He said: “We were called by the council on Friday just after 3pm in relation to members of staff removing the flags in Rutherglen. Some of the locals were not happy about it. Officers attended and spoke to locals and council staff.



    “The council employees felt they were verbally abused, the result being they needed the police there. There were no further issues.”



    The Reformer’s photographer was also abused at the scene.



    Inspector Bryce added: “It is not acceptable that someone who is doing their job is subjected to this kind of abuse. Thankfully it has not led to any violence or further public disorder.”



    Members of Orange and Purple District 20 traditionally parade in the town at the start of July to commemorate Prince William of Orange’s victory over King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.



    A spokesman for the organisation said he was not aware who put the flags up, or of the police’s involvement.



    He said: “The district lodge made no application for permission to erect any flags and had no intention of doing so for this year.



    “I hope police have dealt with the situation if council employees were abused because it is unacceptable to hear of such things.”



    Police Scotland confirmed the Orange Order walk on Saturday passed without incident in Rutherglen.



    Only Local condemnation???

  4. ANDYR53 @ 11:20 PM,



    Maybe someone should tell him it was King James VII.



    It is Scotland we’re talking about, King James II died in 1460.



    If you know your history…



    Hail Hail

  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    G’day from a very dreich looking Melbourne, thats me caught up on my


    missing sleep.


    That wee player of the year Jamesy has a lot to answer for, are we still


    talking about him?


    I mentioned last night that big Willie falconer, came as a striker to us but


    i’m sure we played him at centre back at some point and he was gash.


    But my mate just phoned from Glesgy and said i’m havering.


    Any oldies have memories of him?


    H.H Mick

  6. BR indeed seemed to change a bit part player in JF into a 1st team regular, he has benefited from our club stopping playing two strikers( we stopped that because about 5 years ago when we lost Hooper the old saying about a barn door appeared and no point playing two of them :( )




    I for one will be cheering if he can replicate his purple batch that he had in sep/oct last year.



    this is an important season for JF he must make space for himself and be an out for the ball, especially in Europe. once again he was one the guilty parties in both AEK games




    maybe he was ill at cup final. but the 16 year old ex celt had him in his pocket. which no top class Celtic players should be in that position




    thanks for all the abuse, I just see a part of our team that could be improved .



    Once again most of JF stats were for beginning of season




    Once again how many big bids do you hear for him zero




    My preference is to play Griff and eduard up front with Forrest as an out and out winger , getting to bye line and crossing, he is actually good at that, but zero point when we play one up front 4-3- 3

  7. SFTB posts:



    Peter Lawwell’s a Sell-Out!”




    TICKETS for the Audience Events at the Celtic FC Festival have been flying out the door and with the second Q&A with Neil Lennon now SOLD OUT, it’s shaping up to be a very exciting weekend.




    With spaces also filling up fast for the Audience Event with Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell (Saturday, July 27), act now to ensure you don’t miss your chance to hear first-hand from the man with the plan for moving the club forward!



    SFTB is the bold headline yours?



    Now I realise I’m not educated to your standard but with the education i did receive, that reads to me that the night with NFL is sold out but the one with Peter Lawwell isn’t. In other words spin or fake news.


    Now a more factual headline might read, NFL sells out whilst Lawwell hasn’t yet!



    I do hope someone who is surprised to be considered pro board isn’t spinning on behalf of big Peter. 😂 HH

  8. Who said that Celtic were trying to sign that Tommy Smith character anyway?



    Record baloney on a daily basis.

  9. I’m concerned about the Neil Lennon threats.


    I am not surprised that these threats should surface.


    After all, the potential perpetrators have form.


    Why the silence from the local police?


    Afraid they would lose their credibility with the local bigotry organizations?


    The kind who attack priests and helpless women on their annual waddles through the streets of the West of Scotland.


    The kind who have a retard gene preventing them from progressing from the 17th century rabid anti Catholicism.


    The kind who attack Catholic children on their way to school.


    Let’s face it, many of our law enforcement officers are members of these venerable Scottish institutions.


    They would rather throw Neil Lennon and anything connected with Celtic and Ireland under an Edinburgh tram, when they run.


    This is the under belly of Scottish society Tourist Scotland tries to ignore.


    A carbuncle on the underside of Scotland which prevents the realization of its full potential.


    Drain the swamp.

  10. Tommy Smith. What a player.


    Never known to shirk a tackle of take a prisoner.


    He is getting on a bit and his legs are no longer as good as Lustig’s.

  11. Interesting ratings from Celtic Star



    BANE – 7/10


    Villainous brilliance and villainous villainy in the first half – superb life-saving stop when he narrowed the angles on their clean break through, BUT shocking communication failure to gift them the corner from which they scored. Keepr’s fault – roar at Jozo to leave it. Second-half he still appeared a little uneasy. A shaky evening in the rain.



    BITTON – 7/10


    Competent, safe impression always given – fits in well on the backline with his footballing knowledge, can tackle and always good with the ball at his feet looking up for a break. Only ocassional casualness.


    AJER – 8/10


    Techno Viking revelled in the conditions, missing only his longship as the clouds emptied. He’s all about strength and fortitude – rarely loses a tackle or takes a risk; building towards being the perfect defensive stalwart with a real attacking threat. We won a BIG prize when Ronny Deila hooked this young Norse warrior. Skol!



    JOZO – 7.5/10


    Two great interceptions from their right-wing cut-backs first half. Terrific positional sense and timing. Did what he had to do at the corner mess-up; defender’s mantra, people – ‘Better out the park than in the net’. Bane failed to call properly so Jozo HAD to get a head on the ball as it came down from the laden skies.


    Continued to exact the best from his defensive line in very testing conditions. His game was all about positioning himself and his team-mates and getting things as near-clockwork as possible. Great controlling performance.


    BOLI – 7/10


    ‘Triple B’ as he shall be henceforth known by all thanks to Leigh Griffiths – ‘Big Boli Boli’. Plenty of power and energy and awareness – great sliding interception to stop a long ball finding their winger near half time. Caught wrongside only once early on, looks like he’s got the nous to fit in well. Stole Sincy’s hairstyle so was susbstituted early for poor etiquette and a barber’s visit.


    BROON – 8/10


    Calmness and quiet rage personified. Old heid kept the heid when we went one down. He rallied the bhoys and maintained focus. Enjoyed himself in the mid battlefield as they tried to stick the boot in. Was crucial in the second goal as he picked up a loose ball twenty yards out. But it’s what he does and he did it all with that captain’s strut.


    CALMAC – 7.5/10


    Sarajevo may feel they’ve been victims of alien abduction. Calmac probed their erses so much that their backline was visited by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the changing rooms. The ferry magnate played a great pivotal role in beside Broon, constantly taking the ball, turning and picking the pass. The only mystery was why we never profited directly from his cultured feet.





    Relentless darting around the lines, a total nightmare for the defensive block to deal with. He’s robust too, so the physical aspect took its toll on his markers. Could have got on the scoresheet late on, but was instrumental in the third with a flicked header. When his energy and timing are in sync we have a true star. Like the Christmas one…


    FORREST – 5/10


    Jesus, Jamesy. Frustrating lack of involvement first half, bar gifting them the ball to break early when Bane bailed us out. Then should have scored after a delightful link-up with Eddy but sclaffed wide with his right instead of clipping in with his left. Second half got no better. Yes, they tried to double-team him but he’s faced better opponents and prevailed. Ultimately, touch and choice and final ball were more unkempt-gash than boaby-flash.



    MIKEY J – 7/10


    Pure RAGIN’ as the rains completely RUINED his New Romantic bouffant. So angry he could barely see through the tears, he vented his fashionistas disappointment firstly by penning lyrics full of teenage goth angst, but then more importantly – on the ball; screaming in a vital belter of an equaliser.


    Lively and a real handful for Sarajevo. Sadly, his involvement was curtailed as his hair disaster proved too much emotionally – taken off mid-second half for an emergency hair appointment. Fingers crossed for a successful salon session. #PrayForMikeysMullet



    FRENCH EDDY – 7/10


    ‘Why’s he worth 9 mullyin?’ THAT’S why – periods of frowning gallic indifference eclipsed by flashes of mercurial magic. BAM! Tie-killing strike full of composure and class. Almost got another. Really enjoys scoring against Hearts, so nobody had the command of French to explain otherwise; just kept nodding and pointing at the


    Sarajevo tops saying, ‘Le Maroons bestardos? Oui…’




    HAYES – 6.5/10


    Luckily as Triple B fell, time-hopping mercenary Johnny quantum-leaped in from the Balkan War battlegrounds to cover. Another flawless shift from our favourite Victor comic character.


    MORGAN – 6/10


    His famous dad, Morgan Freeman, would be proud of young Morgan’s return after a season in the Sunderland shipyards. Trying hardto be our Mackem now (see what I did there fans of Tyne and Wear nomenclature?) and fired in a few decent crosses.


    SONIC – 7/10


    A cameo Pacino would be proud of. Scintillating ten minutes to frazzle a tired Sarajevo. The back-heel a school playground special and surely worth two points if UEFA would apply the rules properly for ‘fancies’.


    MANAGER – 8/10


    Brave selection. Brave tactics and formation. Got it spot-on. Evidently had done his due diligence to a tee despite a setback. But that was down to individual errors. Never let the players falter; had the discipline maintained. I suspect the game-plan went almost perfectly, vindicating his decisions and giving Lenny and the backroom staff a tremendous confidence boost.


    Moreover, the special ingredient so many of his critics overlook in Neil Lennon played a big part – that character which saw him excel as a player above his own presumed abilities, and that saw him through dark days of intimidation and bigotry as a manager. On nights like these, it’s more than an existential concept; it permeates from the touchline into the mindset of the men in the moment.


    Last night, every aspect of Lennon’s footballing qualities was exemplified. On and off-field. A great start.




    mm interesting I agree with the 5/10 cant afford players like that in Europe

  12. First thing my youngest boy asked me this morning ‘ Who’s your 3 best players in our team just now ‘ ?



    It’s normally ‘ Can I have breakfast ‘?



    ‘ Broony, KT and James Forrest ‘ was my reply whilst thinking Cal Mac should be in there somewhere/somehow.



    Anyway, got me thinking. It’s been a helluva longtime since the main players in a successful Celtic team were Scottish. It’s great to see.




  13. Can’t see how Sevco can spend £4M on a CB unless they’re using the same kinda money we used when we supposedly spent £3M on Dirk Boreggtier.



    We didn’t spend that number quoted on the Dutchman and neither will they for the CB.




  14. Usually when they quote a 4 million deal they are really talking about a 2-3 million pound fee with a 1-2 million pound contract in wages over 3 years or so.


    Still do not know where the money is coming from but perhaps they have some more dodgy credit lines and I would not be surprised if their multi millionaire manager is simply backing himself in some way to try and avoid his managerial career being labelled a dud before he can earn the huge lucrative contracts down south in years to come.


    However the Scottish media are busy this morning painting us out as a regected snubbed club and the other Sevco team as a a confident cash slashing deal closing outfit.


    They don’t fool anyone [that matters]

  15. SID



    I read the same information as you and I bolded the headline.



    In your desire to find something at fault here, you overlooked the main reason for the bolded headline I used.



    It was a weak joke on the play of words “Sell Out”. But, you probably won’t believe that anyway since you appointed yourself as my interpreter for the deranged.







    Since there is still room at the event, and there are many guys on here fascinated by the evil machinations of the CEO and The Board- her’s a chance to speak to him directly. And its a free ticket if you are going to the Festival.



    Me, I’m less than fascinated by the transfer dealings internally at the club and would prefer that questions were asked about Res. 12 but each to their own.

  16. Anybody know how many more Right Back rejections to go until Stephen O’Donnell’s turn?

  17. If we were after the lad Smith or not , it’s another one who is the type we need going by reports ,being as hard as nails , but also as usual were too late. We have nowhere near done the business we require , wouldn,t surprise me one bit if that’s our spending over .

  18. Good morning, warm and fresh in the Chilterns…



    Jame VII!? Apparently DR’s Edel is a lassie, apologies, she still doesn’t know Scottish History though, what school did she go to!?



    Good discussion on Striking Centre Halfs. Pretty sure Chris Sutton was a CH first. Could play both positions well.



    These guys are great assets. MO’N often tightened up the back in a game we were winning by changing Chris to defence.



    Great both ends of the field at set plays.



    Not sure on Falconer but vaguely remember him getting not so much game time up front and been used elsewhere. It was a lot tougher keeping up with Celtic from abroad in those days.



    Jock used Roy Aitken in a three man central defence in his last ever game (Jock’s). Ian Rush and Mark Hughes up front for Wales. Mark liked to put himself about a bit… was straightened out by big Roy in that game:))



    Saw this on facebook… Liverpool almost win possession with a high press against Crystal Palace, get themselves into a bit of a mess, then a great counter from Palace.



    The sort of Football you don’t see in Scotland…






    Hail Hail

  19. Sydney Tim



    I was the first to alert the blog to Sandman’s ratings being up- they are a great read and much missed from here.



    The main difference is that Sandman has a fairly balanced (I know, its a difficult concept innit?) towards his judgements. In other games he has rated James as magnificent and often as good, sometimes as average, and a few times as poor.



    Overall, if you have read him before, you would know that he is not in the “James is useless” club.



    And , as for the “I haven’t heard any transfer bids for him” argument, most of us would arch an eyebrow and ask if it is routine for the club to inform you of transfer enquiries?



    When a player does not want to move and is happy and loyal to his club, enquiries don’t get too far beyond the unofficial approach to the agent or officially asking permission of the club to speak to the player and being turned down, usually with the player’s approval. The press often do not get a smell of this.



    I would be surprised if James (and all other recently re-contracted players) does not have a contract clause stipulating what level of bid and what clubs and countries they might entertain or have to be informed about in future.



    James has fought off challenges to be first pick, alongside Sinky, from all his managers – Neil Lennon (twice), Ronny Deila and Brendan Rodgers. He has fought off challenges from very good players like Paddy Roberts, by outperforming them on the park and sending their football careers into a bit of a tailspin descent, hopefully temporary.



    He has real challenges this year from an emerging Mikey Johnston, a Scott Sinclair who looked very good in the Sarajevo game (hopefully not a flash in the pan) and from the new bling of Shved and Arzani (barely played due to injury).



    Above all, he will be challenged by young Karamoko, who looks to have the potential to be a level above Jamesie, but will he be willing to stay with us for more than a year or two?- I have my doubts.



    If we get players who have edged a player of James’s ability out of the team, then Celtic will be the winner.



    James Forrest has shown all of the weaknesses that his Celtic critics have seen in him. Over his development years and, especially, when clear of injury, he has worked to reduce these weaknesses and improve his strengths. He has earned the respect of all his coaches, all his team-mates and very many illustrious opponents.



    He has even earned grudging respect from many former critics- all bar those who have painted themselves into a corner in trying to defend an argument that applied in 2013 point with validity, 6 years after it has lost that validity.

  20. Also from FB:



    Well said broony 👏🍀 Glasgow Celtic Champions 💚



    “We’re the first club ever to win the Treble Treble, the first bunch of lads ever to do it,” said Brown in an exclusive interview with this week’s Celtic View the first of the new season.



    It’ll probably never be done again. The way we won it, they we performed, the way we played – we bullied teams into submissions with our play and fitness and approach.



    We played some great football throughout the run over the three years, and when the heat was on us, we dug deep and produced the results we were looking for. Winning it really was fantastic and a great way to cap off the last three years, at times against the odds, despite playing and performing at such a high level.



    We now need to make sure we kick on this year. We’ve had a good pre-season, and now our focus is on the European qualifiers and we want to push on from there.”



    That first week, in Stegersbach, it was much warmer than we’d expected. They were experiencing a mini-heat wave over there, and the first day was a double session. But that’s what it’s all about at pre-season.



    We did two hours or so of work before coming back in, getting some rest, avoiding sunstroke, and then going back at it for the second round. Like any other pre-season, there was a great intensity to everything over there, from start to finish. From day one until day 10, we looked at the stats and we were always hitting the figures that we wanted to hit.



    We’re passionate out on the training pitch. That’s always been the case and always will be the case, and that’s doubly true of training in the heat. But we’re equally always encouraging each other to do well. The better we do together as a team, the better everyone is likely to perform individually, and the better we’re going to perform on the park.”



    -Scott Brown 🍀🍀🍀



    Hail Hail

  21. As many others say , the right back position. Is a position that we have to get right


    The Center half was another position and the right amount of money was spent there. So tick


    What concerns me is the standard of player we are looking at ,


    We have spent 10m so far. Which leaves a good 19m from what we Brought in last year


    But it seems that 3m is all the Funds NL is getting


    That will leave a whopping 16m left in the balance sheet for AGM trumpeting


    To those that thought PL would and is supporting NL, then worrying those 3m bids are proving that assumption wrong



    Support NL. Money for players not for balance sheet

  22. SFtBs @ 09:02 am



    Since my eldest has been looking into the aul’ ancestery, I’ve got more interested in Irish history.



    Our Sept fought in the wars, we were on the side of the goodies.



    The key battle wasn’t the Battle of the Boyne but the very bluidy Battle of Aughrim, where some of the Sept died and others were taken prisoner to London.



    The commemoration that takes place on the 12th July was originally for that battle.



    However the Calendar changed and the date moved to the 20th July. So, what to do? Change the commemoration date? Still commemorate on the traditional date?



    Tough one…



    How about looking for a Battle around about the 12th… ah! The Boyne, much more of a decisive victory, so we’ll go with that…



    So your computer is wrong, the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne is not nor never has been the 12th…






    If you know your history…



    Hail Hail

  23. Traditionalist, My posts with Canamalar were separate to your spat with him and as I said at the start I didn’t want to get involved in what was happening between ye.


    As I intimated to Canamalar, he wouldn’t get a job in the Diplomatic Service but he is 100% Tim and even though I do disagree with him at times, I actually get on OK with him.


    I certainly don’t want to be associated with any name calling or slagging by either side.

  24. SFTB Thank you for the well put post



    Indeed when I watched him make his debut in 2010 I thought he was a young Bellemy



    He indeed struggled for many years with injury and inconstant performance


    The first 3 months of the season we all say they player we thought we saw 9 years ago


    He was unplayable. But sadly at ibrox in December he was invisible and mostly invisible for rest of season

  25. The lad George Balstock at Sheffield Utd, it would seem is next on the list.



    I remain convinced there is better value for money out with the English market.



    Revisit the Austrian League, scout the Serbian league, Croatia, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland



    And you’ll find a good £2.5 million right back.

  26. traditionalist88 on

    Yokohama FC sign Shunsuke Nakamura, 41, to join Kazuyoshi Miura, 52



    Japanese side Yokohama FC are putting their trust in experience as they put together what is surely one of the oldest attacking line-ups in football.



    At the age of 41, former Celtic attacking midfielder Shunsuke Nakamura – who made his professional debut in 1997 – has joined the J2 League side.



    But he is not even the oldest player at the club.



    That distinction is held by 52-year-old forward Kazuyoshi Miura, who signed a new contract with Yokohama in January.



    Miura, who has made two appearances this season, made his debut in 1986 at Brazilian side Santos and won the last of his 89 Japan caps 19 years ago.



    He broke Stanley Matthews’ record as the oldest professional to score a goal in 2017.



    Yokohama say Nakamura, who has joined from Jubilo Iwata in the Japanese top-flight J1 League, “will be a trump card for the club’s promotion this season”.



    The former Japan playmaker helped Celtic win three consecutive league titles during four years at Parkhead.



    PFA Scotland’s player of the year in 2007 also helped Celtic to a Scottish Cup victory and two League Cup wins.



    He moved to Espanyol in 2009, but left after one season to join Yokohama F Marinos, before joining Jubilo Iwata in 2017.

  27. What’s the difference between digging someone in the face, and appearing to strike someone on the face?



    Then three months after the assault it is laughingly celebrated as an actual punch.



    I maintain that blatant act of thuggery on the field of play,in any other country in the world, would warrant a 12 game ban, at the very least.



    Rest assured that the MIBs will be going into overdrive this season in their futile attempt to stop us.



    Corrupt to the core.



    HH. 🍀

  28. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Go tell.,


    The resumption of terror tactics agains our manager and his family demonstrate a no holds barred to derail Celtics 9 in a row.