Lennon luxury of sharpening next week


These games all seem simple the morning after they are completed, but that only happens if the hard work is out on.

Sarajevo did enough to take the lead last night, lesser teams than Celtic would have stuttered, but that proved to be what the instigator needed.

Neil Lennon now has the luxury of using next week’s home leg to sharpen fitness where necessary, and perhaps to give one or two their first Celtic Park experience.

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  1. Anyone having problems reloading a page which doesn’t update, either that or blog traffic is way down .

  2. I c


    I must admit , I am very much in the we should be in a better position camp .we knew mikel god bless him was struggling a wee bit , we should have been searching for his replacement . Brendan the supporter was gone . So we weren’t left in the lurch close season , I know the chief scout hopped it ,but a dossier on players was surely left . You know what really is a turn off is the constant rejection from players , already we have been rejected by how many players as it stands . Btw in my opinion We need more than a right back , but the door opens both ways , maybe some need to go . But this dithering beeds to stop .svout a player and if he is what we want within reason go get him in .We have lost good players on many occasions with our dithering and penny pinching ,we have a league to win here .and were being challenged

  3. Dessybhoy, the site is working better for some people when they are logged in. Dunno why.

  4. Matt Stewart on

    Out for a wee jog today and these structural alterations to the front of the main stand caught my eye.



    Hopefully they are only temporary and will be upgraded in the near future.



    But fair play, as a starter they deserve at least three out of three!






    Hail Hail




  5. jimtim on 11th July 2019 5:08 pm




    You can have 10 right backs on the list doesn’t mean we sign any of them, we’ve placed bids and been knocked back.



    In the last few years we’ve signed Gamboa, Tojan (on loan) and apparently got close to signing Castagne – all proof that we’ve at least been attempting to replace Lustig. But also highlighting how difficult it it is.




    Are you invited to Party on Saturday,I should Know whose coming But i’m not doing the inviting, if you Haven’t been asked yet, you are welcome to come.

  7. I know Old Tim 67 these moaning opinions is a joke some people are never satisfied


    they should just get behind the team on the park & give them their full support instead


    of moaning & groaning about it or as Jock Stein would say if someone is having a bad


    match give them your support & help them with encouragement & not moan & groan


    @ individual players one should be shouting come on such & such you can do better


    than that & stay focused on the task ahead concentrate young Man. Hail Hail Everyone


    & Come-On-The-Bhoy’s (YNWA)

  8. whitedoghunch on

    And Matt get there early giving him his dumps is going to bite into a fair chunk of the day/evening/night.

  9. The transfer market nowadays is a joke for s start players agents are wanting too much


    money the players are wanting too much money the market is full of mediocre & rubbish


    reject surplus to requirement players & one day that sly rolled TV money will burst & the


    Agents & Players + Managers will all soon have to learn how to speak fluent Chinese

  10. CELTIC MAC on 11TH JULY 2019 5:32 PM


    Mikey Johnson will become Celtic’s David Silva.





    I hope you are right Celtic Mac




    If there is plans to give me the dumps,I don’t think I could handle eighty thumps. I don’t know when I’ll get into Glasgow,but I’ve been warned not to get into the B/V before 4.30 pm, so I will make it in at 4.35pm. I’ll be in the Millenium so I may have a wee drink there first.

  12. Lennybhoy/Catman


    If any of you are about, anything in the pipeline for players joining?




    You know you are welcome, I’ve been looking for your tele number,but as usual I couln’t find it, If you are coming up ask wee mick if he fancies a wee dram.

  14. Pog



    Let us know how you get on, – iPhone is horrendous for access to CQN, at the moment, here.



    Straight to an advert with Java Script on, or off.

  15. There are times like the present when I’m gainfully employed that I can’t put up with the blog jumping all over the place, like many other posters, as time is at a premium. Other times when I’m in retirement mode I put up with it as I have time on my hands but there needs to be a serious overhaul of the tech on this site or it will die from frustration 😱

  16. *URGENT*


    This is an urgent message to the residents of Dumbreck and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, my daughter threw out my old settee, from my Dumbreck flat, at the weekend without realising that I had stashed £5 million pounds down the back of it.


    You will recognise the settee because it is old and it is booty-full 😉

  17. TURKEYBHOY on 11TH JULY 2019 2:21 PM


    Once again the Celtic support being led around by the nose by the Record.You know,that rag that no one reads.Aye right.Tommy Smith not in Stoke having a medical.In fact still in the Huddersfield training camp.


    Some actually turning on the guy already,having hardly seen him play.My main concern is the fact we are,according to Lenny,still in the hunt for a CH,as we let the Huns seemingly land a very decent CH,for around 2-3 million.International,80 games in Italy.6 foot 4.Like some others have mentioned on the RB situation,we seem to be very blikered in our recruitment.I hope this guy is a dud,but his CV should have alerted us to him.


    More to the point,just where are they getting the cash?This will be the 8th signing,I know mostly freebies,and the odd loan,but,if reports are true,this will be around 3.2 million spent,on transfers,and freebies require signing on fees.The annual wage bill for these extra players has to be around,minimum,5 -6million a year,to a club that will post already,shocking financial figures later in the year,without adding these on.Nothing coming in from transfers.Whats going on.



    Turkey Bhoy



    If Sevco’s so called new CB recruit is that great then how come the Italian Club he came from is


    letting him go @ around 4 Million? & how-come the Italian press where slating him? & Sevco’s


    additional 4 million is probably coming from their Europa Qualifiers intake & probably all their


    Season Card revenue is blown for this Season & slippery Dave King is also looking for more


    money laundering investments in his dodgy so called company it will all go pear shaped mark


    my words it will all end in tears time will tell & fools & money are easy parted that’s for sure


    & lets not waste money on other clubs surplus to requirements players or rubbish lets try


    & bring in quality addition’s not signings to appease certain individual opinions fact

  18. Last Season Sevco’s wage bill was around 17 Million our wage bill was around 60 Million fact


    There is no point in having over the top wage bills for mediocre & surplus to requirement


    We all have to operate within our financial constraint or we will be heading towards financial


    meltdown it’s logical & sensible approach not to throw caution to the wind & live like there


    is no tomorrow we need to box sensible

  19. Belfast Council has backed down to Loyalist intimidation. Loyalists had built a bonfire structure illegally on Council Property.


    Council refused permission & told them take it down, they told Council to Eff off. Council hired Contractor to take it down, Contractor’s details leaked to Loyalists who threatened them, result Contractor’s pull out. Loyalists threaten widespread violence if the PSNI or anyone else tries to interfere with their ‘Culture’ . PSNI advise that it is likely there will be guns on the streets with danger of serious injury or death. Result Council back down, so we have a big bonfire no doubt containing an effigy of the Pope, a Tri Colour or two plus a few more surprises and the lot will go up in flames. Well after all that is their culture.




    I’ll have to book-in to the Hotel after 2pm so I might be in around threeish,I’ve been warned by my two protectors not start drinking before 4.30 pm,but if your about,I can have a soft drink,and you can have what you want.



    I don’t know if your on their list but you can come to the Party later on in the day,your welcome.

  21. We also need to widen our Global Scouting research for players we can afford & attract


    there is too much money going into European football that it’s making it mission impossible


    to financially compete for example according to sly sports news 15 – 20 Million is nothing


    nowadays for a transfer fee to pay is that right okay when you come here sniffing around


    to try & get our best players on the cheap we should bear those remarks in mind they also


    think 25 Million will only buy you a half decent player (run of the mill) a mediocre player


    is that right okay those comments should also be noted that’s what I’m saying my point


    that we need look further afield cause of our financial constraints applying our trade in


    Scottish Football which is also fair assessment & a true fact about the football market


    World we all live in we have to operate within our means.

  22. THE_HUDDLE on 11TH JULY 2019 5:21 PM


    jimtim on 11th July 2019 5:08 pm






    You can have 10 right backs on the list doesn’t mean we sign any of them, we’ve placed bids and been knocked back.




    In the last few years we’ve signed Gamboa, Tojan (on loan) and apparently got close to signing Castagne – all proof that we’ve at least been attempting to replace Lustig. But also highlighting how difficult it it is.





    The huddle . Think we have been knocked back for all the RB’S we’ve went for . And hardly a thing to be shouting from the rooftops pal Gamboa and toljan , surely we will see new quality in soon .


    Just wish we would make our moves count.

  23. TRADITIONALIST88 on 11TH JULY 2019 9:36 AM


    I’ve deleted the above post and one other you addressed to CORKCELT, I posted last night having deleted several of your posts you addressed to CANALAMAR. Please stop with the personal insults.

  24. Moderator 2 on 11th July 2019 7:09 pm




    Have you mentioned to Paul67 about the site problems?? You have his ear I assume.

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