Lennon, master of sporting conflict, deserves Sunday


While these pages were full of “I hope we never play them” comments in the years immediately after 2012, Neil Lennon wanted his Celtic team to face Newco.  Neil foresaw what a well-organised Celtic machine would do before results like 5-1, 5-0, 4-0, 1-5 poured down on top of the Ibrox side.  He has waited over six years, but on Sunday, Celtic’s interim boss gets his chance.

A significant part of the reason Neil was so loved at Hibernian was because of his record in Edinburgh derbies, as well as against Celtic and Newco.  Hibs over-achieved in these games because Neil is a master of this kind of sporting conflict.  When there is a real edge to the occasion, there is no one better than Neil Lennon.

He will be counting down the hours until noon on Sunday.  The players will be more focussed and prepared than they have ever been, not one of them will be in any doubt of the outcome as they leave the tunnel.  They will be determined, full of the confidence of being at home, but most importantly, will know the boundaries they need to respect to deliver a great performance.

For all that he has gone through, Neil deserves this chance. I can’t wait to see him take it.

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  1. mike in toronto on

    If NFL decides not to stay on at Celtic after this season, I would love to see him take over the Scotland job … they wouldn’t get beat 3-0 in Khazakastan, but more importantly, zombie heads would explode all across Scotland … would look like the ending to Mars Attacks (but with blue exploding brains instead of green ones)




  2. Well, this is it, the day we leave the EU. Oh, forgot, ballsed up again. You really could not make it up. If you look at the serial cock up’s it really is very alarming.


    Theresa incorrectly called a General Election thinking she would skoosh it, wrong.


    Now with the help of the ulster bigots she clings on to power by the most slender of threads and is being held to ransom by them.


    I cannot recall a more inept, useless bunch of idiots, and hey, they make the rules and tax the crap out of us, frightening.


    My answer to it all is this. Following a recent survey of thousands of people, 86% said they had lost trust in MP’S, and I thought it would be 100%.


    When the next election comes along, all that is required by the electorate is to vote out all the incumbent MP’s, every one of them and start again. That would make them think , would it not. Either that or a revolution.


    My daughter has a very good friend who is French and she asked her what was the view of the French people and she laughed and said UK was a bit like Mavis in Coronation Street, dithering idiot whose punch line was “Ooh ,I don’t really know”. Made me laugh anyway.


    Sorry about the rant





  3. KL @ 11.43



    Brexit is just one of many manifestations of a desire in the electorate for simple solutions to complex issues — caught up in a world where personal ambition and individual gain are now the only games in town for the upper middle class, privately educated establishment elite.



    DC called for a referendum to save the Tory Party.


    The Brexit mob hoovered up the “stuff the lot of them” tribe who are not usually that bothered.



    There’s was not a vote against the EU per se but a cry of rage against austerity, against change and against a rigged system.



    And now we have this — a shambles surrounded by a catastrophe wrapped up in a tragedy.


    No matter what happens over the next weeks and months — one thing is guaranteed — JC is to blame.



    No mater what was written on the side of a bus.


    No matter that the vote in 2016 was rigged — status quo vs a Heinz variety of “leaves”.


    No matter that TM is without doubt the most incompetent major politician of recent memory and then some.



    People need someone to blame — and he is it regarding the media and the establishment.

  4. TM makes NC of 1938 vintage look like a titan in comparison to her achievements.


    At least the Munich Agreement lasted for 10 months

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