Less ball circulating, Christie, McGregor, and Boli mixture


Despite the win there were signs of July rustiness in Celtic against Sarajevo last night.  Early passing was unproductive and play was less structured than we are used to.  I got the feeling Lewis Morgan and James Forrest were told to take players on, instead of circulating the ball, which our wide players would have done previously, although it could be no more than Morgan playing his natural game, unfettered by team instructions.

This is a perfectly valid tactic but attacks we will inevitably break down more often.

Boli Bolingoli lost possession twice in the first seven minutes but then steadied.  Seconds after I noted how solid a performance he subsequently put in, he again lost possession, leading to the Sarajevo goal.

Very little can be interpreted from this so early in his Celtic career, but the player knows a similar error later in the competition could be costly.  That aside, he crossed well, made runs infield to create space on the wing and turned up in the No. 9 position when Odsonne Edouard dropped deep.

Oh how we missed Ryan Christie.  The opening goal was Celtic’s best play all night.  Edouard beat two players and got inside the box.  The ball broke to Christie, in a position few of his team-mates would be able to conjure a goal from, but that’s exactly what Ryan did.  It was a superb finish.

I made my mind up early last season that Callum McGregor was my PoTY, but the burden of carrying so much central midfield responsibility eventually told on him.  His winner last night was a goal from nothing – space outside the box that looked safe until he unleashed a shot.  This is what he can do – if he’s not run into the ground.

These games are all about getting the job done, hopefully without incurring the cost of injury or suspension, so Neil Lennon will be very satisfied.  It is clear we have a long way to do.  Christopher Jullien should help, so should the signing of a good right back.

Bring on the Nomme Kalju


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  1. Fool Time Whistle. FFS I didn’t do anything, I just sent a report of what happened. Would people stop congratulating me, it’s getting embarrassing.

  2. Fool Time Whistle on




    While I’m dishing out thanks..



    Thanks for posting the link to the Leicester City release about Danny Simpson.


    I would also endorse the sentiment that “he who is without sin cast the first stone”.



    From the words kindly transcribed by “Hot Smoked” (take a bow) we can see that this was a simple argument between a couple and that the prosecution was vindictive & unnecessary.



    Used to watch “Everybody loves Raymond”. In an episode where the six main adults are sitting at the dinner table the discussion settled on intra-marital interractions. Amy & Robert were still in the glow of just married, while Raymond & Debra were old hands who’d gone a few rounds over the years.


    Here’s the 2 minute video –






    Danny Simpson and his family need support not rejection or pre-judgement.




  3. Fool Time Whistle on

    See that Corkcelt, he’s a selfish barsteward.


    Never thinks about anyone but himself


    Call himself a Tim and aw’



    There, fixed it for you. – :o))

  4. Mike in Toronto on




    Posts like yours are why I still lurk here, and why I still hold out hope that Celtic will eventually do the right thing




  5. traditionalist88 on

    Unassuming modesty is the mark of a true great.










  6. Fool Time Whistle on

    The International Space Station reports a sub-nuclear type glow emanating from Southern Ireland.



    After consultation with the Irish Nuclear Authority they’re now satisfied that there is no risk of harm to anyone.



    Turns out Corkcelt’s just got a big “riddy”.




  7. traditionalist88 on

    CORKCELT on 18TH JULY 2019 3:34 PM



    Just a wee joke, seen your clarifying post ;)



    But well done for sharing…




  8. weebobbycollins on

    Corkcelt…I’m laughing. I understood from the start it was a copy and paste and I thanked you for posting it.


    It was indeed a generous gesture on the part of the club…even after explaining yourself the congrats and ‘well dones’ continued to be posted…your last post -‘I fecking give up’ had me laughing out loud…


    Take it on the chin my friend… :-)

  9. If anyone is in any doubt about the vagaries of Football just look at the Ryan Christie story. Signed for Celtic Sept 2015. Sent back on Loan to Inverness, got injured, was recalled to Celtic Dec 15. Got 5 games for Celtic.


    Following year another 5 . January ’17 sent on Loan to Aberdeen,


    Following June back to Aberdeen as a make weight when we signed Jonny Hayes.


    At that stage did any of us even imagine what the Celtic future held for the bhoy.


    Now probably one of our most important players.

  10. CORKIE :))



    Apologies , as my teachers said a long time ago , i would come to nothing because i don’t ? didn’t pay enough attention.



    Thanks for posting the cut n paste job .




    In fairness to that roastir NORRIE M , he singled him out for stardom straight away …..nearly choked typing that , lol

  12. Mike in Toronto on

    Hey … not buying the modesty bit … if CQN can have a St Stivs, why not a St Corkie?

  13. weebobbycollins on

    FrannyB67…ok…after I eat the rest of the loaf that’s been in the bread-box since June 2015…



    Oh! It’s turned blue…

  14. CORKCELT on 18TH JULY 2019 3:54 PM



    I have two memories when Ryan was at Inverness. On one occasion we were playing them on the final day of the season at CP, the year they won the Cup. He shoved Adam Matthews into an advertising board as he tried to shepherd the ball out of play. Brown and Izzy went looking for him after that and John Hughes sharply removed him from the field. He was gallus and fearless but didn’t impact the game. The following season we played them at CP. This time he was on the bench as we raced to a 4 goal lead. He came on and grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck, scoring one and creating another and causing all sorts of unrest. I am convinced that was the day he sealed his move to Celtic.

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    Has there been any confirmation on the “other” RB thon Israeli player?

  16. Ryan Christie always had something a little different, a little bit special compared to other players



    Kinda like Tom Rogic first time i saw him play



    His loan spell helped him mature, gain experience, bulk up and gain confidence in his ability



    I’m a sucker for a left footer there is something different about the way they control, pass and move the ball… watching Naka was like watching caramel melt




  17. If my old granny knew I was using a saints name as a cover I would be in trouble.



    No martyr me or a saint for that matter.



    I am that bored today I would even read updates from the gowf

  18. Watching Naka was like watching a caramel melt – what a great phrase must try and use that. Hail Hail Hebcelt



    Romain Perraud avoids wee diddy league and signs for Brest.




    What a tit, looks like he made a boob.. .Eh!

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    My mobdro is showing cartoons instead of premier sports and I’ve no been drinking😵😱

  21. Has Catman or Lennybhoy confirmed the rumoured new arrival(s)?







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