Lessons for Ronny, a shout for Hearts


There’s a wee lesson for Ronny Delia in not conceding ground too quickly after the final whistle. On first pass, TV pictures suggested Dedryck Boyata failed to make contact with the ball at Hamilton on Friday, it was only when Ronny saw pictures from the opposite angle, that he realised the player timed his challenge to the inch.

Unfortunately, this was after the manager’s post-match TV appearance, when he accepted the referees decision. No matter if you’ve seen an incident or not, it’s better to be circumspect than to dive in with a definitive comment immediately after a game. Whatever the outcome of Boyata’s appeal, at least referee Craig Thomson can be absolved from blame for making the same mistake as Ronny Deila.

There’s a big midweek card coming up in the Premiership. I’m hoping Hearts find form tonight against Inverness. If they win they are as close to Aberdeen (6 points, with same games played) as the Dons are to Celtic, with a better goal difference too. Aberdeen and Hearts have to play each other twice before the end of the season, my preference would be these games have a very competitive edge.

Speaking of Hearts, I was slightly uncomfortable with their statement regarding the racist abuse dished out to Kilmarnock player, Josh Magennis, “To clarify, this allegation does not involve the player’s colour, religion or sexuality”.  Is there a pecking order of bigotry I’m not aware of which deems anti-Irish abuse a lesser-offence?

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  1. Apropos of the Offensive Behaviour Act, has no one alluded to the fact that there has always been legislation in place to deal with sectarianism? It wasn’t enforced because only 1 lot broke that law. The current legislation was brought in simply to even up the score.



    (I’ve always wondered how many votes the governing party thought they would gain.)

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    EDDIEINKIRKMICHAEL-thank you for your considered reply last night,I don’t agree with most of it,but I asked for your reasons and you gave them. HH

  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Ive honestly never seen any poster on CQN, who wants Celtic to get beat.


    I could have missed it…but id be very surprised.


    My reaction to that, would be to tell them to feck right off.


    If Celtic were playing a team of 4yr olds….Id be wanting us to thrash them:)




  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Time for…The LIST.


    Cmon expose the lot of them.


    You cant get a yellow card for telling the truth:)


    Lets hear who the bad yins are.




  5. Well I’v seen them, one poster in here posted that our game in turkey he hoped we would get humped, and another posted basically that he could see where he was coming from? FACT.

  6. Allyhuntersgloves on

    A rare post but a few things.



    1. If you haven’t listened to Celtic Underground Pod with John Fallon, it’s a great listen, oh to have a player who supports Celtic and cares, like we had in John’s day.



    2. Why did we sign Carlton Cole? not for a target man, we don’t play that way, so why, Experience? someone suggested if we needed a backup striker with experience, there is a guy playing at Motherwell who was fantastic for us and would do a far far better job.



    3. Finally, and the reason I wanted to post. I now firmly believe we are going to lose the league. It has been evident for sometime that the team are going backwards. Panic and nervousness is the order of the day. Last Friday’s shambles confirmed what I had dreaded. The manager, nor his assistants is incapable of setting up a defence, every corner against us provides a chance, we are nervous, the players are nervous. The manager keeps playing guys out of position, on Friday he had Scott Allan start as an inside left, he can’t play there (normally its Stuart Armstrong who is not an inside left either). Stephan Johanson is not a holding midfielder (although Scott Browns performance on Friday was shocking, clearly not fit), We have nobody who can go past a man, nobody (well not on the park). He wont change the system and we are in free fall. Unless the board act now, this will be a disaster. The board must see what we see, pedestrian boring side to side football by a team bereft of confidence. The place is empty, I can count on my digits the number of games I have missed at Celtic park over 30 years, I am dragging myself to games, I keep telling myself I have seen worse, it isn’t as bad as the 9-in-a row years when I thought we would never win the league again, but you know what, it is, and it is for one reason, we are not much better than Aberdeen, Hearts or the new team and that is a disgrace and the reason Ronnie has to go and go now.

  7. So RD isn’t hte only one u-turning at Celtic Park these days. According to some PL all but drafted the OBFA himself and now this statement. Talk about a backtrack.

  8. coolmore mafia on

    When we were good, I’d always want the away team to score first so we could make a game of it.

  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Ive no doubt you dealt with that lunatic…with your usual:)


    I think i would have done the same.


    I feel sorry for anybody who wants us to get beat….they are obviously not right.


    Feck…you should have seen me as a kid, when Celtic got beat, there were real tears:)



    Cmon the Hoops




  10. traditionalist88 on

    The Green Man



    In Tonys world, theres an agenda against our Norwegian manager. Always an agenda.



    Never mind the fact that we all belted his name out in an attempt to show our support following a difficult start for him at CP and subsequent domestic improvement.



    You see what Tony doesn’t understand is that the word agenda implies that there is a pre-meditated campaign again Ronny Deila being played out in the stands and on the forums.



    What Tony does not see is that where he sees agenda, most other people can see a rational critique of the performance of our manager after almost 2 years in the role.



    Obviously, any one going over the score and hoping we lose or making personal attacks are clearly wrong. But for the 99% of posts raising valid points, Tony sees the 1% and factors in the tabloid newspapers.



    You can see why he’s angry…




  11. coolmore mafia on 1st March 2016 2:20 pm



    That alludes to something I’ve always said about MONs last season. The two best games in terms of drama and excitement were defeats. All the others just seemed like us steamrollering the opposition.

  12. Being in the privileged position of owning a season ticket and being on the home ticketing scheme and able to afford the £15 match fee and living, as I do, a short distance from Paradise, I will be attending our next two home matches.



    Much is made of our dwindling attendances at home matches. Much of it attributed to the lack of competition, lack of a club playing at The Bigotdome being in our league, lack of form by the team etc etc.



    Would anyone like to declare if they intend to boycott/ miss any of our next two home fixtures and why?



    I don’t mean guys who live in USA or suchlike, I mean anyone who normally would attend but has made a conscious decision to miss either of the next two home matches, for any reason.



    Like e.g. I can’t go on Wednesday coz I’m on the back shift, or I’m no going back coz the football is crap.


    Maybe , “I can’t attend Sunday because I always take mum out for lunch on Mothering Sunday”, or I cannot make a 12.00 noon kick off, or “it’s on the tv”.



    I am genuinely interested in what people are deserting Celtic games and why.


    However I don’t like the guesswork surrounding the dwindling attendances



    Anyone up for the challenge? Have you CHOSEN not to go and why?



    Have Grandad duties to attend to but will look in later to see if anyone has responded.



    Thanks in advance.










  13. thetimreaper on




    There is only one way we could lose the league, and that’s if you put money us ;)

  14. excathedra44 on

    Scottish news reporting individual arrested and charged with Xenophobic behaviour against a Kilmarnock footballer.


    Definition : ( having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.)



    By the definition a generalised use of charge,fits the bill, but avoids being specific.

  15. South Of Tunis on

    The Green Man.



    PAG .



    Remember my old man talking about them.A tale re being advised that he would burn in Hell in consequence of being an atheist..They were fond of attacking Moseley ‘ s twerps .The reason -the BUF’s support of a United Ireland.

  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    TD67…like everyone has his own views.


    I dont often agree with him:)


    However, on this one he is right, in respect of so-called fans who want Celtic to get beat..imo, he is right to say GIRUY.


    I just dont get how any Celtic fan would ever want the team beaten…in any circumstances.


    In fact, that is why i am such a moaning twat:)




  17. traditionalist88 on

    The Green Man



    Yep, still awaiting evidence of that mind you,




  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    You are always on the case.


    PAG/PAS were a bad lot indeed.


    And as you say….it wasnt Hearts shirts they were interested in, they preferred Black ones.


    Seems like the old habits die hard.




  19. Allyhuntersgloves on

    TonyDonnely, I don’t bet and I would never bet against Celtic anyway (my real name is not Ian Black ;-), I am telling you what I believe, this team is in free fall. I recently had a twitter conversation with Paul around the manager (last day of transfer window) and his view was you don’t change the manager at that time, when do you change him?, is it after we lose the league, is it after we get knocked out the CL qualifiers again, ? Peter Lawell / DD / The puppet board need to make the tough decision.

  20. eddieinkirkmichael on

    The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 1st March 2016 2:02 pm –



    There have been some posters that have expressed the view that they wouldn’t mind us getting beat if it hastened Ronny’s departure.

  21. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    And of course…a similar group in Glasgow at the same time.


    What a surprise eh:)




  22. coolmore mafia on




    I don’t have a season ticket as my work clashes with half the games, and I don’t know from one week to the next when i will be working as I’m self employed.



    However I still make it to a few games a season. The cost for me, usually £27-£29 , and a ticket for my son, followed by fuel, and other assorted expenses, sees me shelling out about £70 per game. It’s just a bit expensive and hard to justify to my wife.



    I know an arsenal fan whom has to spend £1000+ on his SB, so I appreciate its not as expensive as the EPL for example.



    I’d say £20 should be the maximum, £10 for under 16s

  23. Mistertaximan



    Thanks for looking that up, and very fair play to you, in your interpretation of the statement.



    Scary thought, the Directors of Hearts and Kilmarnock meeting, discussing, categorizing , differentiating, and clarifying for the masses racism, before anybody was tried, let alone found guilty ( or maybe not proven )



    A unique statement and yes, if viewed as progress we couldn’t have expected it in the dark side days.




  24. Lol, I give up, I’m away for a few pints and a laugh to my local, and take it out on the few Huns who frequent it, I’m in the mood.


    HH and lurking Huns GIRFUYs

  25. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    That is ridiculous.


    As much as i dislike DD, PL and Lackeys.


    I will never boo Celtic players, or the manager.


    I might not think RD is the right man, but while he is Celtic manager i will support him, i want RD to do well.


    imo…anybody that wants to see Celtic beat….is not right in the head:)





  26. I don’t believe we are in free fall but there is a nervousness about the squad. If we start well and get an early goal we are quite likely to play some great stuff but if we suffer a set-back we struggle.


    Most of our more serious failures came through being reduced to 10 men,


    I have absolutely no doubt at all that we will win the League, the Sheep are short two key men over next few weeks and they will struggle to even keep pace with us.


    There is a palpable unease amongst our Support and this appears to have spread to our support but our most pressing problem is that Brooney has suffered an alarming drop in form. If he was anyone else he would need dropping but he is the heartbeat of the team.


    If Brooney would just shave his head and give the Bassas that stare, we will be back in business.

  27. traditionalist88 on

    Its all well and good reacting to the 1% of numpties who say they hope we lose if it hastens Deilas departure.



    What about the 99% Tony? You know, the ones with valid, rational assessments of the management of our club over the last 2 years?

  28. I learn something new every day.


    Both in my personal life and professionally.



    We should all be open to learning new things.



    However in a professional context ,we should have a basic level of skill and knowledge.



    I would suggest that not making rash statements to the press ,immediately after a controversial incident is something that even a novice manager should know not to do.



    Deila’s level of naivety on this incident surprised me.



    A manager should never through a player to the wolves public ally.



    Even if it was ( and I don’t think it was ) a sending off.



    The most basic of man managers should know that you have to build team spirit and not shite on the very players that you need to go out on the park and perform for you.



    The fact that DEILA ignored this ,or was ignorant to it,just shows how inept he is.



    He is way out of his depth.



    Change in the summer is a must.




  29. South Of Tunis on

    The Green Man.



    There were elected PAS /PAG councillors on Edinburgh City Council.They . had connections with some nut jobs called The Scottish Democratic Fascist Party.They too didn’t like Moseley – far too tolerant of Catholics.Moseley is rumored to have despaired of the Scottish working class – far too hung up on religious sectarianism for his liking.





    Seems to me that the legal machinations surrounding Sevco/Fraudco are being reduced to a handleable package, so as to be cleared -up prior to their triumphal march back to the top-flight ‘where they belong’



    Individuals will be ‘rapped on the knuckles’ and a “Rangers soliloquy’ will be composed and broadcast by the Scottish media to the effect “well that was a bit of a carry on, glad it’s over, now let’s concentrate on a revival of Scottish Football”



    Continuing the ‘slimming down’ theme, I should like to turn my attention to Celtic Park.



    After our ‘scare’ in the nineties and our rescue by Fergus and others, there was an upsurge in interest and attendances – a kind of ‘seige-mentality’, much like what is happening down Ibrox way at the moment. We were quite able to fill our new capacity stadium on a regular basis and season tickets were around the 50,000 mark.



    This is no longer the case at Celtic Park. We have an increasingly fussy season-ticket base of around the mid-forties, a large minority who fail to utilise their ‘paid for’ seat on match days.



    If you can’t rely on those who have given their hard-earned cash to turn up, how on earth can you entice others to spend ‘new money’ and attend?



    We see many clubs in Europe outwith the ‘money freak’ that is the EPL – e.g. Juventus and now Milan, leaving large 60,000 plus stadia and moving to 40,000 plus new homes.



    I believe that Celtic should now be considering a ‘slimming-down’ to our stadium. It is soul-destroying to see large areas, either almost empty, or, worse, closed on match days.



    There is an apathy surrounding our support as the realisation that the richer football world is moving further and further away – the gap is now a chasm. In our present set-up we have no hope in bridging it, indeed it will continue to grow.



    A 40,000 re-configured stadium, with all modern facilities tailored to the ultimate match-day experience, is what we should be aiming for – skim the roofs of the three big stands, continue the instalation of the safe-standind areas, and let’s get a concentrated and compact atmosphere at all home games.



    The 60,000 stadium was right for its time, those times have changed – lets not hang on to it as a vanity symbol that we can use to bait the Ibrox dwellers – we are not, and cannot, be defined by them, or what they have, or do.

  31. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Im quite calm..i think we will win the league ok.


    We wanted a bit of competition…we have it.


    There is no point making drastic changes right now….it would only create chaos.


    However, come the end of the season, there will be decisions to make on many fronts.


    The future of RD and whether he can make us competitive in Europe?


    And, will the PLC challenge the cheating?


    Crunch Time very soon.




  32. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Allyhuntersgloves on 1st March 2016 2:17 pm – The 1st 7 years of RFC(IL) equalling 9iar we finished 3,5,3,3,3,4,4, so we weren’t even the second best team in Scotland mate. Last season we won the league and a cup, this season we have won 19, lost 3 and drawn 5 while scoring more goals than any other teams in Europe apart from 2. On 13 occasions we have scored more than 3 goals in a game. Your assertion that this team is worse than the teams that came 5th and 4th in the league doesn’t stand up to even basic scrutiny.



    During this season at least 23% of our 1st team squad has been unavailable due to injury, we had to bring in new centre halfs, Boyata was a gamble who hasn’t progressed as was hoped and I believe going forward Jozo Šimunović and Erik Sviatchenko will be our main CH partnership but because of injuries they haven’t played together yet and we are forced to play the likes of Ambrose/Boyata who are prone to critical lapses in concentration.


    Teams that don’t have a settled CH partnership are always going to be vulnerable at set pieces, Look at last season once VVD and Deyneyer settled in there was no beating them.