Lessons for Ronny, a shout for Hearts


There’s a wee lesson for Ronny Delia in not conceding ground too quickly after the final whistle. On first pass, TV pictures suggested Dedryck Boyata failed to make contact with the ball at Hamilton on Friday, it was only when Ronny saw pictures from the opposite angle, that he realised the player timed his challenge to the inch.

Unfortunately, this was after the manager’s post-match TV appearance, when he accepted the referees decision. No matter if you’ve seen an incident or not, it’s better to be circumspect than to dive in with a definitive comment immediately after a game. Whatever the outcome of Boyata’s appeal, at least referee Craig Thomson can be absolved from blame for making the same mistake as Ronny Deila.

There’s a big midweek card coming up in the Premiership. I’m hoping Hearts find form tonight against Inverness. If they win they are as close to Aberdeen (6 points, with same games played) as the Dons are to Celtic, with a better goal difference too. Aberdeen and Hearts have to play each other twice before the end of the season, my preference would be these games have a very competitive edge.

Speaking of Hearts, I was slightly uncomfortable with their statement regarding the racist abuse dished out to Kilmarnock player, Josh Magennis, “To clarify, this allegation does not involve the player’s colour, religion or sexuality”.  Is there a pecking order of bigotry I’m not aware of which deems anti-Irish abuse a lesser-offence?

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  1. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Yeah, rather scary that the PSA considered the Blackshirts as ideologically soft.


    They thought Moseley was not the right kind of Fascist.


    Not the right kind of Blackshirt.


    I bet there are still a few on the Edinburgh Council to this day:)




  2. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on




    ” To clarify, this allegation does not involve the player’s colour, religion or sexuality. ”



    Why did Hearts mention colour, religion and sexuality?




  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Masty…Corkcelt….CQN Historians



    If you are still about.


    Here’s a nice wee insight.



    Hope the link works.




  4. South Of Tunis on




    My old man tells a tale of him and some CP pals attending a PAS rally in Edinburgh .Intention was to disrupt it but they ended up being too entertained by one of the speakers to bother.A female who owned a second hand shop in Edinburgh.A toon councillor..According to my old man , a better comedy turn than most of the acts at the Glasgow Empire.

  5. Allyhuntersgloves on

    Dear eddiin….., thanks for your reply, may I reference the quote lies damn lies and statistics.



    While your stats are correct, there is no doubt that the standard we were up against (and not just from Rangers FC (IL)) was much higher during their dominance. There is also no doubt that the relative financial advantage they had over us through their tax regime and borrowing latitude gave them a huge advantage. We currently have that type of financial advantage over our competition. This manager has signed 23 players, yet we have no cover at right back, no true back up striker and no left winger. I also read we have signed 81 players since Gordon Strachan left.



    Our team, like the rest of Scottish football has regressed, however it has been shown elsewhere in Europe (and even in England) that good coaching is essential and can make up for finance, that is why Aberdeen are doing so well and we are not. They should be nowhere near us in a league title race.



    It is my opinion that this is the worse Celtic TEAM I have seen since 93/94. We have some very good players, but we are a soft touch, we play so many guys out of position and so many guys who are off form. We had some very good teams during their NIAR but the quality we were up against was, as I say, better, we are currently up against really really poor teams yet play boring side to side football with no ability to take a man on. Our rigid system is easy to set up against and we will continue to ship goals and points under this regime (as Paul pointed out in his blog yesterday)



    I am sorry but I disagree with your synopsis on set pieces, its not just about Centre Half’s. Look at Young Brophys goal on Friday (a dyed in the wool Celtic lad incidentally) left unmarked in the box as the ball was knocked out, thats not the centre halfs job, thats basic defending from the team.

  6. Eddieinkirkmichael



    Teams that don’t have a settled CH partnership are always going to be vulnerable at set pieces, Look at last season once VVD and Deyneyer settled in there was no beating them. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/lessons-for-ronny-a-shout-for-hearts/comment-page-2/#comments




    That sentence should be made into Post Its and stuck on the head of every Celtic supporter.


    The lack of a settled CF pairing is the reason our defense lacks solidity.


    Anyone remember how long it took Alan Stubbs to settle in? Season two I think. I’m sure there are other examples.


    I have yet to see my first choice CFs get a run.

  7. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I always think a player with `talent` has a chance of making the grade. GMS, Ciftci and Forrest all have talent so I live in hope. Carlton Cole and Kazim-Richards do not inspire that hope in me.


    I also feel more confident with an `intelligent` Manager. I believe Ronny is intelligent so I continue to expect success.


    One question that needs answering. Why does the MSSM really have it in for Ronny? EVERY opportunity is taken and wildly exaggerated. Why? I know it is because he is a Celtic Manager but he is being particularly ridiculed. Do the MSSM want rid of him because they suspect he may be the real deal?



  8. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    The Church of Scotland Report in 1923 ‘The Menace of the Irish Race to our Scottish Nationality’….rather sums up the attitudes in that period.


    It was only in 1980 i think…that they got around to making a half-hearted apology.


    Brutal minds at work.




  9. Allyhuntersgloves on

    Dear Bourne…………



    I assume you are referring to my statement, although its not clear.



    Rather than throw in barbed comments, what is you’re opinion of this Celtic team v others you have seen? (and I mean team rather than individual players)

  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Mr Pastry



    Can we no just build a massive dookit overlooking CP…we can get at least a dozen supporters in on match days:)


    That would help…surely:)




  11. South Of Tunis on




    Brutal minds?.Just seen Trump quoting Mussolini..



    Break over – back to work – way down south.

  12. Just in quickly.



    Well done Celtic on making today’s statement on the OBaF Act. It’s taken a while but the club now seem to be backing the campaign and appreciate how futile and discriminatory the legislation is.



    I was disgusted when I saw the statement from Hearts on Sunday. Thank you for highlighting it Paul.

  13. Auldheid on 1st March 2016 3:27 pm



    We’ll never have a settled central defence if we continue buy players with the purpose of selling at a profit within 12-24 months or bring in temporary short term (1 year) loanees.


    When did we last have the same first choice central defensive partnership in successive seasons? Possibly Caldwell & McManus?

  14. Dear Allyhunters



    I reckon the current team would wipe the floor with the 1988 centenary side, ( bearing in mind they are all cracking on a bit now )



    © Bertie Auld ?



    I don’t think you can compare Celtic sides, from different times, even if you do it’s only possible in our minds.



    Football moves on, and they don’t even wear proper black boots anymore.



    We can only support the current Celtic side, if pushed I couldn’t mount an argument that we are a ‘good Celtic team’ let alone formidable.

  15. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Massive plywood terrace for the bar.


    But nae Buckfast:)


    And ye can send messages roon glesga, via pigeon.






  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Friday Night….Dookit Disco for the Grey Brigade…..stay over in the Dookit and catch the match live on Saturday:)




  17. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    The Dookit…perfect for the malcontents.


    And you can bring your own kebab, magic mushrooms, and lager:)




  18. traditionalist88 on

    ItaliaBhoy on 1st March 2016 4:33 pm








    Provisionally accepted the role, according to a KDS poster who seems to be ‘trusted’…




  19. EuroChamps67



    Asking why have people stopped going.



    I am a season ticket holder and go every home game, I’ll be there for the next 2 and those thereafter.



    For some I get it’s cash but you cannot give season tickets away for free now.



    For me the issues we face relate to many thing, the biggest in my view is the EPL on the door step.



    Attending games is habitual and that applies to going or not going. Those who have stopped are now getting their fix from the never ending football coverage by SKY and BTSport.



    In any workplace I guarantee people speak as much about Man U V Arsenal, Barcelona V Seville or whatever was on SKY as they do about Celtic.



    It’s not just the games, the number of adverts for betting on football is incredible, all EPL.



    Even people attending our games look at their phones more than the game and talk about the EPL ‘Spurs have just scored, my coupon this my coupon that etc etc.



    To be honest I cannot see many coming back.

  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    A pass…give it three days and there will afghan carpets and bongs galore.


    The Dookit will be like Glastonbury:)


    We can also put wheels on it, doubles as a siege machine when the Huns show up:)




  21. Gary 67



    In today’s football I’d kill for two years settled CF pairing.



    The only way is buy players who won’t move which means not quality or too old.

  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Tricolour flying over the Dookit.


    Sure to be a few celebs like Gerard Butler, and Pope Francis dropping by.


    Hope the auld yin disny arrive in that mad looking van that he usually drives about.


    The Huns will slash the tyres:)




  23. Captain Beefheart on

    Gene Clark. Yes!



    Find a song of his called Dark of my moon. A really moving track.



    Handsome Family’s Singing Bones is a brilliant modern country record. Dark as hell and funny also.