Lessons for Ronny, a shout for Hearts


There’s a wee lesson for Ronny Delia in not conceding ground too quickly after the final whistle. On first pass, TV pictures suggested Dedryck Boyata failed to make contact with the ball at Hamilton on Friday, it was only when Ronny saw pictures from the opposite angle, that he realised the player timed his challenge to the inch.

Unfortunately, this was after the manager’s post-match TV appearance, when he accepted the referees decision. No matter if you’ve seen an incident or not, it’s better to be circumspect than to dive in with a definitive comment immediately after a game. Whatever the outcome of Boyata’s appeal, at least referee Craig Thomson can be absolved from blame for making the same mistake as Ronny Deila.

There’s a big midweek card coming up in the Premiership. I’m hoping Hearts find form tonight against Inverness. If they win they are as close to Aberdeen (6 points, with same games played) as the Dons are to Celtic, with a better goal difference too. Aberdeen and Hearts have to play each other twice before the end of the season, my preference would be these games have a very competitive edge.

Speaking of Hearts, I was slightly uncomfortable with their statement regarding the racist abuse dished out to Kilmarnock player, Josh Magennis, “To clarify, this allegation does not involve the player’s colour, religion or sexuality”.  Is there a pecking order of bigotry I’m not aware of which deems anti-Irish abuse a lesser-offence?

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    I am guessing Tholstoy


    Could have read war and peace in half the time.

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    I wizny me – honest ;)




    Willie collum returns to top flight football this weekend. .. Guess what televised tie he is rewarded with. …

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    corkcelt on 1st March 2016 7:47 pm



    By the time he got to the end, he had forgotten his own name:))

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    Sevco subs this evening



    Burt Miller Shiels Ball Bell Law, McKay,



    Sneaky burt miller

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    Last time I posting…somebody ranted for two days of cut and paste nonsense.


    In case anyone fogged over..here is my post





    Sometimes I agree with kevj’s posts


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    Sometimes I agree neganons posts


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    Sometimes I think Ronny should go


    Other times I don’t….



    Huns are died tho


    Poetry’s no




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    Not sure why you had to copy n paste all that as I don’t subscribe to the rag but can see all the comments on every article, not that you would want to read most of them though….

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    kikinthenakas on 1st March 2016 8:05 pm – I couldn’t find the end of the page to post anything, my finger got sore holding the scroll button and had to take a break before I got repetitive strain syndrome.

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    Now I remember why I don’t visit this place that often anymore – anyway watching the Leicester game and they’ve went 2-1 up – I remember we had fight and endeavour like that

  11. thetimreaper on

    Looking forward to tomorrow night, hopefully Hartley and his boys have one eye on the weekend.

  12. we talk about who we should be attracting as a manager but have we ever appointed a Celtic manager with a better cv than moyes?



    not that I’m not behind Ronny prove me and most of us wrong. I remember being certain that Lenny didn’t have it Just before he turned things round. When I comes to Celtic and stuff like this I love being proved wrong

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    The 20 minute hiatus after Jobo indicates that Tims are busily reading the comments section.








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  15. KevJ



    Not sure what your health issues are.



    But I wish you a mighty strength to beat them.




  16. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Sipsini….. Thank you for asking after me a few days ago….I did respond……. I am hunkie dorrie and trust you are too …..like yourself, I’ve been very busy at work, and tend to lurk more these days. ….HH

  17. 67 European Cup Winners on

    BlantyreKev on 1st March 2016 7:18 pm


    Very unfair comparison – It like me saying Ronny would win the EPL with Everton because he has won things with Celtic ??



    Moyes is a million miles better than RD – but ironically thats why he wont be the next Celtic Manager – too knowledgable for PL to deal with




  18. Interesting re ST holders.



    What percentage of CQN,ers are ST holders.



    We love lists




  19. Firstly a big well done to Celtic for joining the anti OB campaign. Now keep it up and be active in campaigning.



    The signs from the SNP are that they are not for turning. We shall see.



    As for the mangling of words around the hearts Irish racism. What is it I say again?



    Scotland is an institutionally racist country…………….



    Seems that day after day more and more evidence emerges……

  20. SID, I don’t think Boyata will have his appeal upheld. Ronny’s intervention confirmed that it the decision was open to interpretation. That being the case I doubt the appeal committee will cross the referee.

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Regarding Everton and not qualifying for the champions league.



    In the second leg against Villareal, Everton had a goal disallowed , which if it stood, would have seen them qualify.



    I was no liker of Moyes as a player for us mainly as he was played at right back more than centre half but he is a good manager and would at least get our defence plus the midfield sorted out.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TINYTIM on 1ST MARCH 2016 8:39 PM





    Not sure what your health issues are.



    But I wish you a mighty strength to beat them.









    Kev J.



    I echo those sentiments from T.T.

  23. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 1ST MARCH 2016 8:44 PM



    too knowledgable for PL to deal with



    What does that mean? Moyes worked with one hand tied behind his back at Everton, then went to united where he became part of the biggest football machine. He’s had a big dose of reality in Spain



    He’s not stupid, he knows what’s possible at Celtic these days, unlike some of our fans. It’s why I don’t think he’ll take the job, it you can be sure peter lawwell isn’t scared to offer him it on the terms that suit Celtic

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Kevj, sorry , I meant to say earlier, the best of luck at your hospital appointment on Thursday. Hopefully you don’t need your hip replaced.

  25. 67 European Cup Winners on

    On the subject of our Manager – I am not a fan and have never got past Legia Warsaw – I have accepted he needs time and I have waited and watched for improvement – but sadly not seen much


    But I cannot work out the strategy Celtic are working too – we seem to be buying any player who has yet to grow hair on their balls – seemingly building for the long term


    i’m not complaining about the youth recruitment – but I don’t understand who is requesting we buy this type of player


    Is it Ronny ? if it is – then looks like he is here for a while


    Is it Peter ? if it is – then it looks like Ronny is off (but who is Peter buying for ??



    Confused ??




  26. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Was it you that posted that pile of drivel?



    If so, what in the name of God have you been drinking?

  27. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 1ST MARCH 2016 8:58 PM



    Of course it’s not Ronny. It’s been our strategy for years, Ronny’s appointment, whether it has worked out or not was always part of that

  28. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I don’t know whether the card will be rescinded, but I don’t think Ronny’s initial comment will harm the appeal.



    On the contrary, it shows that it was a difficult decision to make, at first glance, therefore there is no sleight on the ref, when viewed from another angle.



    However, the non flagging linesman is another story!

  29. 67 European Cup Winners on

    celtic40me on 1st March 2016 8:53 pm


    I think we are saying the same ting !!


    My point is – I think Peter L has a huge influence on the team Manager players back room staff and what Peter says goes


    Example (and its only an example) Manager wants/needs a strong experienced holding midfielder (cover for Brown) PL buys Allan (nothing wrong with Allen but we now have at least 6 young meant to be fast light weight skillful footballers) but still no strong experienced holding midfielder



    Moyes would challenge PL as to who when he is buying a holding midfield player



    Moyes would be good for Celtic maybe not so good for Peter – thats why we wont get him




  30. thomthethim for Oscar OK on 1st March 2016 9:06 pm



    surprised he didnay PASTE himself in with that operation… :-)

  31. 67ECW,



    Spot on, Lawwell does not want a manager who challenges his football authority at the club. No self respecting manager will take the Celtic job with a control freak CEO/Director of Football running the show.



    In terms of compensation Lawwell has now got a manager on circa £350k approx. 1/3 of his £1M/annum package. The thought of paying a manager higher than himself will have him awake at night in a cold sweat.



    Deila was scouted for a no 2 role and ended up with the main gig as he was a cheap option. Lawwell treated Deila as his puppet by appointing his staff for him. In addition Lawwell has Chief Scout John Parks reporting to himself so he can review all signing options. If anybody believes that Deila is signing guys like Carlton Cole they are seriously deluded. This was a Lawwell panic buy.



    Lawwells systematic downsizing of the team, quality of player and management team has resulted in £60M of lost CL revenue and complete apathy from the support to the mess he has created.



    Lawwell is the only person at Celtic Park still in the CL fast lane. MON advised as Lawwell came on board to get used to life in the slow lane. Lawwell ensured that prediction came true — except it wouldn’t apply to himself.



    As long as Lawwell is rewarding himself for CL failure and the rest of the club suffers the club will be the loser. Lawwells approach has left us weaker than when our major competitor went out of business. Personal gain has superseded putting a unfathomable gap between ourselves and Sevco.



    Lawwell can look around the empty stadium tomorrow and Sunday and see the fruits of his labour as we chase a double. Frightening what has been done to our club.