Lessons for Ronny, a shout for Hearts


There’s a wee lesson for Ronny Delia in not conceding ground too quickly after the final whistle. On first pass, TV pictures suggested Dedryck Boyata failed to make contact with the ball at Hamilton on Friday, it was only when Ronny saw pictures from the opposite angle, that he realised the player timed his challenge to the inch.

Unfortunately, this was after the manager’s post-match TV appearance, when he accepted the referees decision. No matter if you’ve seen an incident or not, it’s better to be circumspect than to dive in with a definitive comment immediately after a game. Whatever the outcome of Boyata’s appeal, at least referee Craig Thomson can be absolved from blame for making the same mistake as Ronny Deila.

There’s a big midweek card coming up in the Premiership. I’m hoping Hearts find form tonight against Inverness. If they win they are as close to Aberdeen (6 points, with same games played) as the Dons are to Celtic, with a better goal difference too. Aberdeen and Hearts have to play each other twice before the end of the season, my preference would be these games have a very competitive edge.

Speaking of Hearts, I was slightly uncomfortable with their statement regarding the racist abuse dished out to Kilmarnock player, Josh Magennis, “To clarify, this allegation does not involve the player’s colour, religion or sexuality”.  Is there a pecking order of bigotry I’m not aware of which deems anti-Irish abuse a lesser-offence?

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  1. Just catching up


    Kev J, thoughts and prayers will be with you,


    A wee prayer to St Jude will see ou all right :-))



    Euro champs


    I will be there tomorrow night


    Not on Sunday


    Will contribute not one other penny to any SFA sponsored competition


    Celtic do not receive all the money for Sunday game, and I will not found anyone else particularly anything towards a totally corrupt and biased ( in my opinion ) SFA


    Hope that is reason enough to excuse me for Sunday :-))



    Hail Hail

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    JAMES1955 on 1ST MARCH 2016 9:13 PM


    thomthethim for Oscar OK on 1st March 2016 9:06 pm







    surprised he didnay PASTE himself in with that operation… :-)





    He’s probably lying down recuperating, or else gone into hiding.



    He used to be so sensible, too!



    A huge well, it comes to us all and I guess I’m getting a bit that way myself !!

  3. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 1ST MARCH 2016 9:11 PM


    celtic40me on 1st March 2016 8:53 pm



    I think we are saying the same ting



    We’re not. Peter lawwell wants the best man for Celtic, which is the best thing for Celtic – the two things aren’t mutually exclusive. But I don’t think you understand that



    Celtic needs a manager who appreciates the constraints that Celtic and peter lawwell operate under, I hope moyes is intelligent to appreciate that and, just as importantly is prepared to work with us on that.



    If he’s wanting to come in and call the shots and has unrealistic expectations about what we can and can’t do then he’s not the right man for us, regardless of who the CEO is

  4. Should read



    We’re not. Peter lawwell wants the best man for Celtic, which is the best thing for him – the two things aren’t mutually exclusive. But I don’t think you understand that

  5. West End of East End on

    Can’t really put my finger on it but I don’t think lucky cody rates our Peter….

  6. Macjay



    I was only kidding!!!! :-)



    Thanks for that. I found the general ignorance about the Act truly astonishing.

  7. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Had enough of the crud on this blog. Haven’t read a single post of this thread.



    I’m responding to the stupid Celtic fans who’ve collected themselves to man the barricades against Rugby Park rip-off prices.



    Stay away please. I’ll enjoy the game if it’s just me and Celtic supporters there.



    I work as many shifts as other bastards decide I should. When I’m not working, I look to see where and when Celtic are playing. Can I get there? Usually, yes. Great.

  8. 31003 on 1st March 2016 9:22 pm



    Omg……wtf wiz that post a’ aboot?



    aboot 36 an a hauf inches…. :-)



    The CQN Bible.

  9. 67 European Cup Winners on

    celtic40me on 1st March 2016 9:20 pm


    Forgive the pathetic example – but you don’t want the CEO of Ford doing the electrics on a Fiesta !!



    Peter’s job is to run the business and let the people he appoints run their department – all within pre agreed budgets


    Its how successful companies are run



    The minute the CEO of Ford wants to be an electrician – Ford are in trouble



    Hope that makes some sort of sense after a bottle of red !!




  10. The rumours about who’s actually signing or identifying players has been around since before Ronny. It really would be helpful to know how the club is going about signing prospective targets.

  11. thetimreaper on

    One thing about the EPL, the delivery from set pieces from every team is superb.

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Has Stubbs lost the dressing room?



    They were doing fine till Stokes joined them.

  13. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Ok, I’ll keep going.



    Celtic supporters go to the game to watch Celtic.



    Yes, my God. Some players will miss a pass, lose a challenge, cross long, cross short(surely not), shoot wide, shoot high, leak a goal.



    They wear the hoops I follow.



    Celtic forever.

  14. Train to Glasgow booked


    Room in Glasgow booked


    Can you buy ticket intown or need to go to ticket office?


    Is ticket office opened till just before kick off


    Will probably go to BV for a refreshment before travelling to PARADISE




  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    Even I don`t drink at 7.30 a.m.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HAMILTONTIM on 1ST MARCH 2016 9:25 PM






    I was only kidding!!!! :-)






    Now he tells me.




  17. thetimreaper on




    You can buy tickets in the Celtic shops, there is one on Argyle Street.

  18. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on 1st March 2016 9:39 pm



    Ok, I’ll keep going.


    Celtic supporters go to the game to watch Celtic.


    Yes, my God. Some players will miss a pass, lose a challenge, cross long, cross short(surely not), shoot wide, shoot high, leak a goal.


    They wear the hoops I follow.


    Celtic forever.




    You are not alone.

  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    james1955 on 1st March 2016 9:46 pm



    Obviously, thanks for that.



    I bite my digital tongue so much here because I’ll concede no recourse to dirty, stinkin’ lurking huns and failed Celtic fans. Everytime, everywhere, everyplace.



    Celtic forever.

  20. Lucky Cody – so much hysterical heresay – not one shred of evidence – Lawwell on the receiving end od so much ill-iformed bile – if only yiu knew what it takes to run our club – but of course you don’t.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THOMTHETHIM et al.



    I was merely responding to a request from a respected fellow C.Q.N. er .






    HAMILTONTIM on 1ST MARCH 2016 7:10 PM





    I can’t access the comments is there any chance you could copy and paste them please?



    Heading out so hopefully I’ll pick up later.






    O.K. ?

  22. 67



    What you are describing is a modern, grown up, corporate structure adopted by all well run football clubs, which we are.



    We have a very well defined management structure, if not publicly defined as some demand, which means that the manager of the fit all team has input into player recruitment but doesn’t have input into medium and long term company strategy. He manages and coaches the team, identifies areas that need strengthening and sticks to football anything much beyond that leads to short termism, incohesive financial strategy and succession problems like we saw when Mon left.



    There seems to be a prevailing belief, even a truism on here that peter lawwell is insecure about his position so he won’t appoint someone that will challenge him, yet he’s so powerful that he can appoint who he likes. He wants a yes man at the expense of Celtic, he’ll sacrifice success for Celtic for his ego and his bonus



    It’s bat shit crazy, the sort of illogical anti establishment rubbish that sometimes makes our support and often this blog (with apologies to paul who could never be accused of it) look really bloody stupid

  23. Oh well, even huns! (Still not sure about him) writing our cup expectations off.





    This article might well be regarded as a novelty item. The focus will be on the Scottish Cup quarter finals. As one would expect from a Rangers oriented site, my first port of call will be the tie against Dundee at Ibrox on Saturday. Despite being comprehensively beaten by St.Johnstone in the League Cup, Mr Warburton dismissed this as a blip. It was our only home defeat this season and the shortcomings of the squad and the tactics were evident to everyone who attended the match. Should the team have improved with the additions of Forrester and O’Halloran, we might be able to make a fist of it on Saturday. If we are going to challenge for a Europa Cup slot next season, three points against mid-table teams such as Dundee at home will be mandatory. On 1st July the two Accrington Stanley Bosman signings will report for pre-season training. Should Rangers not advance to the semi-finals I would have serious misgivings about their chances of making an impact next season. Of being as our career criminal chairman so eloquently put it: a solid second to Celtic. Rangers are not playing with the freedom that was a feature of their play earlier in the season. On paper Dundee look stronger but in my opinion it will be too close to call. Of the four ties this is the most attractive and will attract the biggest support. When Rangers are playing at Ibrox the referees are intimidated. Decisions against Rangers are at a premium, which will favour the home club. No defeats in a year of league football suggests that the big decisions have not gone against Rangers.



    Ross County, having seen of Celtic in the League Cup semi-final, will be favourites to prevail against Dundee United who have been in free fall since selling their best players to CFC. I expect the home team to prevail.



    Sunday’s midday kick off will be hosted at Celtic Park with Greenock Morton as the visitors. The Greenock team put paid to the last glimmer of automatic promotion hopes for Alan Subbs’ team at Easter Road, with a comprehensive 3-0 rout. On paper CFC would be favourites, but we should factor in the Willie Collum effect. Mr Collum allowed ICT to cheat their way to an undeserved victory against Aberdeen. This is his first game in the limelight having been ‘protected’ by John Fleming by spending some time refereeing Scottish Championship fodder games. If Delia should play Ambrose or the equally inept Boyata, CFC will be reduced to 10 men and Morton will prevail. If Delia continues to believe he can get a tune out of these liabilities, he should not be surprised when he receives his P45 at season’s end. Even Kiernan and Wilson, whom I don’t rate, are superior to any CFC central defensive pairing.



    Last but certainly not least is the tie that pits Hibs against the biggest cheats in Scottish Football, ICT. John Hughes’ team are so adept at diving in the box that they must practice it for hours on end. Should Mark Oxley find himself in a one-on- one situation with Mbuyi-Mutombo, Fisher or Ferguson, he should not in any circumstances try to narrow the angle by approaching them as they are not attempting to score. They are looking for a penalty, which they will convert against the Hibs reserve keeper when Oxley is sent off. At the other end of the park they have two goalkeepers with defender Josh Meekings prepared to put in a shift as necessary. Should Hibs have the misfortune of having either Main or McLean officiating, they should practice at training with ten men and rest Stokes unless they want to be reduced to 9 men. This is by far the easiest tie to call. The ICT cheats will prevail.



    A scenario could exist where Rangers could be drawn against Morton, ICT or Ross County in the semi-final. Our chums at the SFA would give us Morton and clear our path to a final against the ICT cheats. Mr Warburton has a much better chance of real silverware this season than he realizes. Rangers, also known as the SFA’s eleven, have friends in high places.



    Night all. HH

  24. Mr Pastry,



    Can you elaborate on your inside knowledge of “what it takes to run Celtic” ?



    Are you Director of the smooth running pie operation ?

  25. Dear God, what a depressing place this is. No no gear, IMO, the go-to place for balanced Celtic comment.


    Does anyone seriously think PL wants anything other than the best for Celtic? If you think he doesn’t you’re nuts.


    He’s a Celtic man through and through; as much as anyone on this site – albeit paid more than the rest of us.


    We’re not where we want to be for sure but forget the entitlement views. They belong to the Huns. We’re not there, it hurts but that makes the pleasure winning all the more enjoyable.


    Tomorrow I’ll wake up a Tim. That’ll do me.