Lessons from Jerry Maguire


News that a striker reneged on a verbal commitment to join the club 24 hours before deadline day should surprise no one.  Think back to that line from Jerry Maguire, when Jerry’s girlfriend hears he had secured a representative deal on a handshake, not an actual contract.  The agent’s reminder of Lesson One in business was sharp.

Last minute change of plans happen, but only when you’re doing last minute business.  We are now 10 hours away from the deadline and in desperate need for what we’ve been in desperate need…. to replace the long departed Gary Hooper.  It would be wrong to think that Scepovic was the only striker we were pursuing, so we’re not starting from scratch, but he was first choice.

The ball is still in play, not panicking yet.

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  1. Regarding Loanees:


    From the SPFL rules we can only have 4 players on loan [temporary transfer], maximum, at any one time. And a maximum of 5 over the course of the entire season.



    We already have four…







    78. Subject to Regulations 81 and 86, a Club


    (i) shall not during any part of a Season have more than four Players Registered to it on the basis of temporary transfers and of those Players not more than one shall not be an Under 21 Player …



    79. Subject to Regulations 81 and 86, the maximum permitted number of temporary transfers to any Club from 1st July in any year to 30th June in the following year is five.



    I’m worried we have overcommitted now by going solely down that option, with no further contingency available, even in the New Year window. Unless, we buy players of course.

  2. Traditionalist88


    12:29 on


    1 September, 2014



    Rumours again we’re in for Peter Pawlett



    Do we want someone whose previous experience was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar?

  3. ockthehorse ‏@johnndouglas 3m


    Reuters Europe-New York Red Bulls announce transfer for undisclosed fee to Celtic subject to international clearance of David Villa Sanchez

  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    bournesouprecipe 12:24 on 1 September, 2014








    Don’t think it matters, we didn’t used to comment on players that were contracted to other clubs.



    I think we should revert to that, as this protracted mess has shown, with medicals allegedly in Paris and now today according to the ET in Madrid.



    It’s a shame for RD and he’ll learn how to deal with the SMSM.






    That was his exact quote.



    A lot of mistakes are being made at Celtic just now, but RD did not step out of line with anything he said about the Serbian.




  5. Hrvatski Jim


    12:36 on


    Rumours again we’re in for Peter Pawlett



    At least he comes with a ready made song! Unfortunately there will be no one at CP to sing it!!

  6. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on

    Hey fellas



    So we’re here again, eah? Deadline day. Anyone else hate this as much as me?



    Under no illusions about how the latest On Fields of Green is going to go down on this site. I would advise those who hate the stuff I post, or those who think I have a personal vendetta against Lawwell, to skip this one entirely. Do yourselves some good, cause I warn you in advance that you’re not going to like it one bit.



    This is my disclaimer against the somewhat ludicrous claim I’ve read around here by some lately that I am “ramming my opinions down their throat.”



    This is a link. You are under no obligation to follow it.




  7. Berget………………………………………………………………………………..

  8. Jerry Maguire:” Have you ever gotten the feeling that you aren’t completely embarassed yet, but you glimpse tomorrow’s embarrassment? “

  9. Bourne



    From previous. No he didn’t. He gave a straight bat answer showing a bit of respect to the fans keen to know where we were.



    With facts staring at you you’re still peddling the same nonsense.

  10. Re Scepovic- ” 3rd party ownership scuppered the deal….” at least someone in the transfer department is being creative….a load of sh#$e fed to a sympathetic hack,dearie me,is that the best you can do?.When did the Transfer Window open?

  11. Jerry Maguire was a great film…



    But the other example you could take from it is



    “Show me the money”



    We’re doomed in the Europa League without a striker but the worst thing we could do is make a panic signing

  12. Silver City 1888 on

    The panic will start in nine and a half hours. Keeping my plastic underwear on just in case.


    I’m reminded of the first ever Only an Excuse. “It isn’t time for panic buying at Celtic Park… just panic.”

  13. hrvatski jim



    12:36 on 1 September, 2014





    12:29 on


    1 September, 2014



    Rumours again we’re in for Peter Pawlett



    Do we want someone whose previous experience was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar?




  14. tomtheleedstim



    Jerry Maguire was a chick flickdressed up as a sports movie.


    Terrible film. The attitude of the American sports stars was the sign of things to come in football. They care about money first and everything second!




  15. Paul, by ` Keep it going.` I meant stand by the raison d`etre of CQN. The Celtic support, as reflected by many on here , have gone down greatly in my estimation. That doesn`t mean they are suddenly bad people but it does mean that many Celtic supporters are no different than any other team`s supporters. Even worse, some are actually sounding like Huns in their inability to accept defeat. No doubt they will rationalise that but there is very little criticism after a victory.


    So, Paul, keep up the good work . The MSSM is still virulently anti-Celtic and CQN is needed as much as ever. Indeed, it is now needed to counteract the negativity of too many Celtic fans as well.Sad.



  16. My friends in Celtic,



    We heard on the previous article this morning how “Rangers” used to entice their potential signings VIP jets blah, blah.



    I give you Mario Jardel. Now that was a farce although we did get to see his stunning wife.




  17. I disagree Paul.



    We are now on deadline day and focusing all our attention on finding a striker.



    The striker deal should have been sorted long before now so we could be focusing on finding a left back or a central midfield enforcer.

  18. Just Another Tim on

    A £2.4million, 24 year old Spanish Second Division journeyman with 9 clubs in his short career was our first choice?? who the hell is our 2nd and 3rd choices? God help us!

  19. Jelle Vossen to Middlesbrough?



    “Boro hope to complete an audacious double signing in the next 24 hours.



    The club are close to finally landing long term Belgian target Jelle Vossen and are also optimistic of landing Dutch winger Yanic Wildschut.



    Boro were close to signing versatile striker Vossen this time last year but couldn’t agree a fee with his club Genk.



    However, following a new round of talks, the club look like finally getting their man.



    The 25-year-old could initially join on a long-term loan with a view to a permanent signing further down the line.



    Aitor Karanka revealed after today’s game that Boro are in talks with Vossen.”




  20. bournesouprecipe on




    I don’t think he stepped out of line.



    But I think with circumspection and after the Scepovic affair he’ll give a different answer in the future about transfer deals, in this modern era.



    IMHO given the player hadn’t even made it to Scotland less information would have been better.

  21. Tom McLaughlin



    We have a policy that no signing targets are spoken about until the deal is done.



    Last week when PLs strategy is exposed as keech following Maribor failure.



    Lawwell pulls The Serbian striker out of the hat.



    Transpires it was more keech.



    Why do you think Lawwell broke his policy on discussing unsigned targets at that point in time?

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on

    The speculation today has been and will be fantastic to read – reality is nobody knows anything – including me


    But I like speculating


    VVD will be sold today – if I was Poyet or Pardew or Keoman knowing Celtic have just lost a striker I would be offering Fletcher Sunderland/Ben Afra Newcastle/not sure who at Southampton plus cash for Virgil




  23. As a regular at Pittodrie. Niall McGinn is better than Pawlette… Griffiths is better than both of them.

  24. I don’t think Hooper would happen but it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility, I heard Norwich only upped his wages by 5k a week when he left us! ! Still think plenty of championship teams would pay him silly money though! !

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