Lessons learned from Friday experiment


After every experimental line-up (such as Friday’s), it’s tempting to ask what the manager learned from the experience.

The partnerships on the left and right wings didn’t look right.  Emilio Izaguirre didn’t overlap as often as usual and Stuart Armstrong was less effective than normal.  A lack of space impacted the James Forrest-Adam Matthews partnership on the right.  Forrest was manhandled until he switched left or got inside the box, when he was able to play unhindered.

Ineffectiveness on the wings led to the same up front.  Anthony Stokes doesn’t get to play centre forward too often and didn’t really get much of a chance on Friday.  Stokes anonymity was the most glaring aspect of the game but I suspect the responsibility lies elsewhere.

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  1. RIP Turnbull Hutton



    A man of integrity who was not going to have his principles overturned where others did their best to bend the rules



    A man who will be sadly missed, may god be with his family at this sad time

  2. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Sad to hear about Turnbull Hutton’s passing, thoughts are with his family.


    Don’t know whether to be sorry or angry that he died while the corrupt, self-serving blazers are still in place.



    A minutes applause on Wednesday is the least we can do.




  3. Very sad news.



    I don’t know what his health was like but all that business and the aftermath would not have helped at all.

  4. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Just logged on and reading posts about Turnbull Hutton. I would like to add my condolences to his family. A brave man who stood by his principles in the face of intimidation. R.I.P.

  5. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    Sad to hear that.


    He was the type of man who should be at the head of the SFA.


    No fear or favour.


    You will be missed, Turnbull Hutton RIP.

  6. Parkheadcumsalford: Morning. Went over to GAA last night after posting so ju from last night. The Paul Brady version with pics of Homes of Donegal super.



    Cloghercelt: I know College Green well, ran the Trinity team for 10 years. The head librarian is a huge Tim. He was on the news a few weeks ago about some famous book that was brought back to Ireland.I also worked in Guinness Mahon and would still be in College Green at least once a week.


    Going into O’Connell Street today for the Rising enactment.



    Lennybhoy, I was taking a guy over for the cup final, but something cropped up. Tell you later.







  7. Rest in Peace Turnbull Hutton.



    A man of honesty and principal. You will be sadly missed

  8. I was in Dublin at the weekend due to no. 1 son wanting to look round UCD and taking in the Leinster Bath EC quarter final (which was grim but at least they won).



    Anyway, on Sunday lunchtime, we hoped to visit Kilmainham Gaol.



    We got there round 12 to be told that we could only go in as part of a tour and that the earliest available one was at 3 pm.



    Basically, the lady who was quite helpful, said that they’re incredibly busy these days.



    So anybody wanting to visit who’s not a local, should plan to get there round breakfast time.

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Turnbull Hutton. A man of principal. He will be missed. Yet another loss of integrity to the Scottish game. Condolences to his family and friends.




  10. RIP Turnbull Hutton


    Let his epitaph be….


    “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”


    Turnbull did something while those who were in a position to do something and should have done something, did nothing to what should be their eternal shame.


    HH Turnbull Hutton

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Turnbull Hutton was a brave man who stood up to cheats




    GEAROID 1998



    Beautifully put,bud. A man with the balls to back his convictions.



    Few and far between in Scottish football,and now sadly one less.

  13. RIP Turnbull Hutton


    Your legacy should be a template, to which, any who wish govern Scottish football must adhere.




  14. bournesouprecipe



    His question is as yet still unanswered and by the looks of it will remain so.



    “What kind of game are we running here?”

  15. Professor Green on




    We Stayed at the Skt Petri Hotel which was very good. 5 minutes walk from the metro stop direct From the airport. It’s not a big city so you are within walking to all the major sights no matter where you stay in the centre. I’m sure your toddler will enjoy Tivoli gardens. Nice and warm in June so some nice cafes/restaurants to sit out and enjoy the local brew

  16. gerryfaethebrig….



    Just saw your reply to tbj, I mind you said you were getting married when we met at Cqn11…about the only thing I remember of the night…:)



    Congrats to your goodself and of course your goodlady.Hail Hail

  17. “[We are being] bullied, railroaded and lied to. We are being lied to by the Scottish FA and the SPL. We are being threatened and bullied. It is not football as I know it.



    It was a ridiculous document which came out last week whereby the threat was there that if you don’t vote for an acceptance into the First Division, a breakaway SPL2 will come along and those who didn’t vote wouldn’t be invited.



    What kind of game are we running here? It is corrupt.”



    R.I.P. Turnbull Hutton

  18. glendalystonsils on

    starry plough



    TH asked a rhetorical question. He knew, as we all do, that the game being run here is a festering corruption and an insult to fair play and natural justice. Totally skewed in favour of a club which deserves no favours.

  19. Sad to hear of Turnbull Hutton’s passing.



    He wasn’t afraid to say what many didn’t want to hear.

  20. The Mother




    I do not grudge them: Lord, I do not grudge


    My two strong sons that I have seen go out


    To break their strength and die, they and a few,


    In bloody protest for a glorious thing,


    They shall be spoken of among their people,


    The generations shall remember them,


    And call them blessed;


    But I will speak their names to my own heart


    In the long nights;


    The little names that were familiar once


    Round my dead hearth.


    Lord, thou art hard on mothers:


    We suffer in their coming and their going;


    And tho’ I grudge them not, I weary, weary


    Of the long sorrow–And yet I have my joy:


    My sons were faithful, and they fought.




    — Padraic H Pearse

  21. leftclicktic on

    Who in our game will now step up to the plate and lead the fight against our corrupt administrators?


    I wish I could say with confidence I had any idea ,but sadly and heart breakingly I DO NOT.


    Till later all

  22. HT


    Kathleen Largeys version at the start of the Four Green Fields album excellent.

  23. leftclicktic on

    I do not include supporters in the above statement,It should never have been left to supporters to fight the fight .

  24. R.I.P Turnbull Hutton…..he didn’t need the hand shake or the back door keys…..he would have cleaned the place out……….a man of honour

  25. gearoid1998



    I studied it, amongst others, for my O Level English exam. Wonderfully emotive and inspiring.